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Help & Tools >> Frequently Asked Questions About Using the User Console

Q: How do I change my Personal Information?

A: Click the "Settings" Link on the menu to the left. Change any personal information and settings in the form supplied, then click the "SAVE SETTINGS" button to make sure they get updated.

Q: How do I change my E-mail Address?

A: To change your user email address on the site, first click "SETTINGS" then scroll down to the second form. Enter your new e-mail address then click the button to perform the change.

Your account will be put into INACTIVE mode until you follow the link the activation e-mail to reactivate it. If the email does not show up within the specified 20 minute period, use the "RE-SEND ACTIVATION EMAIL" link in the user login area to resend the activation message.

Q: You don't Have the Category of Fan Fiction or Fan Art I want to Post! How do I get you to add it?

A: Click the "Nominate a Category" Link on the Menu, then fill in What the name of the new Category, and where it belongs. (I.E. "Harry Potter would be a new Category, BOOKS would be a new Genre). Then Click the Nominate New Category Button. The New category will be sent to me, I will evaluate it and if its not one we have and is reasonable, I will add it as soon as possible

Q: How do I turn off the Announcement E-Mails?

A: To turn off the announcement emails that are sent out whenever the site has new news, login into your account, then click "SETTINGS" and scroll down. Towards the bottom there are three check boxes, uncheck the box for "Announcements" to disable announcement emails.

Q: I want to do something on a fanworks piece on the site, but, when I go to log in, I have to browse all the way back again. Is there a faster way to get back to what I was last looking at?

A: Yes. In your MY ACCOUNT area, there is a toolbar, just below the one marked "MAIL." On that tool bar there is a button marked, "Return to last Page Viewed." By clicking this button you will be returned to the last page you were viewing before either logging in, or having entered your user area to check PMs or other activities.

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