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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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No One Can Be Caged Forever
By Forbidden Shadow


Me No Own Naruto

No One Can Be Caged Forever
By: Forbidden Shadow

You walked silently through your clan's complex. The stars shone brightly in the dark sky, no moon was out tonight, only the disappearing stars.

You just got back from a mission with your cell. It was an A class mission so you were quiet exhausted.

Silently you looked around the corner you were sticking to. Your two teammates and you sensei were behind you, waiting for your signal. Scanning the area, you made sure it was clear before you gave the okay.

Swiftly you ran through the hall and stopped at a pair of twin doors which had a pair of gold Chinese style dragons on them. You pushed open the doors to find a terrified plump man hiding in the corner of the room. You knew the mission wouldn't be this easy so you put up your guard. At that second, shurikens and senbon needles headed your way. Easily you jumped out of the way as did your teammates.

In front of you were four B-class rouge ninjas. You couldn't tell what they looked like because their clothing hid their features but their eyes. You were able to tell they were rouge ninjas because the information you were given said that the man you were to kill hired them.

One of them smirked and you were able to tell that he was the leader.

Your teammate Tala Kage looked at the one next to him, most likely the second in command. She had brown hair tied back in a braid that reached her mid back and silver eyes. She wore all black clothing because of the mission you were on. She was the quiet type and really didn't like to talk. Her specialty was dark and fire type jutsus.

Next to her was Koji Ookami. He talked more than Tala but still was a bit of the silent type. He had dark blue hair that reached his shoulders and was tied in a low ponytail. He had onyx colored eyes and specialized in water jutsus. He too wore all black.

Your sensei's name was Hikari Fuyudori. His eyes were a light blue and he had white hair even though he was only 23. He was outgoing but was serious when need be. He specialized in air jutsus and ice jutsus. He wore black just like everyone else.

Then there was you. Your name was ____ (fn) Tenshi. A lower member of the Tenshi clan. You had ___(hc) and gold eyes. Everyone in the Tenshi Clan had gold eyes. You specialized in light jutsus and summoning. Of course you were able to do other elemental techniques but you were stronger in light techniques.

The four rogue ninjas came after the four of you. The leader went after you while the second in command went after Tala. The other two went after Koji and your sensei.

"Well, well, well. It seems here we have a member of the Tenshi Clan. Are you part of the lower house?" Your opponent taunted as the two of you clashed with kunais. You glared at him and jumped back. You didn't want to continue this battle any longer so you used your kunai to cut your right hand. You then slammed your right hand on the floor.

"Summoning no jutsu, Mouko!" There was a puff of smoke as a large white tiger appeared. The rogue ninja never stood a chance because that white tiger was the leader of the tigers.

After the rogue ninja leader was dead, his comrades looked in horror which gave Tala, Koji and your sensei the chance to finish their battles.

Tala used her scythe to slice off her opponent's head while Koji plunged his katana in his opponent's heart. Your sensei used a kunai to slash at his opponent's throat.

The four of you looked at the petrified tubby man as he begged for his life.

Tala took a look at your face and noticed something was wrong. She sighed and motioned for you, Koji and your sensei to go outside.

"Are you sure?" you heard your sensei ask her. You didn't hear a response but knew that she nodded her head.

Koji put a hand on your shoulder to bring you out of the daze you had been in since that rouge ninja mentioned you were part of the Tenshi Clan. The truth is you hate your clan and you were thinking about the seal over your heart that marked you as a lower member of the clan.

The truth is The Hyuuga Clan of Konoha got its idea of the main and branch houses from the Tenshi Clan. The Tenshi Clan was one of the oldest clans in the world.

Long ago, the Hyuuga Clan came in contact with the Tenshi Clan and decided to do what they did to protect their clan. They saw how long your clan had lasted over the years and adapted the seal. The only difference is they put it on the branch member's forehead instead of over their heart.

You walked outside with Koji and your sensei, when you reached the cold air of the night you heard a scream

Koji cringed a little while your sensei closed his eyes.

Tala came out with her scythe which was now stained with more blood.

"Mission complete." She stated quietly. The four of you then headed back to you village. Gyoukougakure, the Village hidden in the light of dawn. The village was created by the Tenshi Clan and more clans joined the village over the years, such as the Kage Clan, the Ookami Clan and the Fuyudori Clan.

As you reached the village gates you looked at the ninjas standing guard, they nodded at you four as you entered the village.

"You three get a good night's sleep, you deserve it." You sensei said to all of you. The three of you nodded as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"+yawn+ Well I'm heading home, catch you two tomorrow." Koji said good night and headed off to his house. You and Tala stood in silence for a moment till she spoke up.

"Forget what the baka said, and don't let it get to you." She sighed "I may not act like I care for you and Koji sometimes but I do. Just remember that there are people that do care for you."

You smiled a little. "Alright." You then smirked "That's the most you have ever said in a short period of time."

Tala just shrugged and headed off to her house while you headed to your clan's housing complex.

~End of Flashback~

You quietly entered your room and shed yourself of your mission clothing and took a short shower. After you changed and finally went to bed.

_The _Next_Day_

You woke up around seven and took another quick shower and did whatever you needed to do to get ready for a new day.

After you changed you headed out of your room and walked down the hallway. As you were walking a figure headed your way. It was a female and she had black hair and gold eyes. She appeared about 15, just like yourself. She wore a pink kimono with black sakura petals and a white sash and just like all the other ninja in your village she had a headband with a ring that looked like a halo carved into it. But instead of wearing it on her forehead she wore it around her neck.

You tried to ignore her but she stepped in your way.

"Hello ______(fn)." She said in a sickly sweet voice.

You glared at her and tried to get past her but she wouldn't let you.

"Out of my way." Vemon dripped from your voice, she still didn't move and glared at you.

"When I speak to you, you are to respond 'Yes Naomi-sama?'. Know your place, dear cousin."

You looked to the ground and gritted out through your clenched teeth "Yes Naomi-sama."

She looked pleased and walked down the hall that you just came from.

You see, you my friend are part of the lower house of the Tenshi Clan, thus you have a pair of devil's wings over your heart. This bound you to the Upper house, which, if one member made a simple hand sign could stop the blood flow to your heart and put you in serious pain or could kill you.

Naomi was part of the Upper house and she was also your cousin. Your mother and her father were siblings, but fate hates you and because your mother was born second she was put into the lower house. Your uncle was the Clan's head and had authority. He decided who became ninja and who didn't within your clan. He was also the leader of Gyoukougakure.

Unfortunately a few years ago, your mother died of a terrible illness and left you alone. You father died when you were four on an S-Class mission.

Some say that the Tenshi Clan is one of the strongest and merciful clans there are, but they are all fools. The upper house only puts on that illusion. The clan should really be called the Akuma Clan because your clan were no angels, they were really devils.

At the front gate of the complex stood Tala her scythe on her back as she leaned against the wall, with her eyes closed. She was most likely waiting for you. You smiled a little but then frowned when you saw some of the upper house members glare at her.

The truth is the Tenshi Clan never wanted the Kage Clan to join the village. Reason being, you had no idea. It was some feud from long ago, but the Kage Clan blackmailed the Tenshi Clan and that's how they are part of the village.

"Hey Tala." You greeted as you finally reached her.

She opened her eyes and smiled, standing up straight.

"What's up?"

She sighed and motioned for you to follow her.

The two of you headed toward the village gate and along the way she told you what was going on.

"I doubt that upper house of yours told you that we have some visitors from Konohagakure." You shook you head no, so she continued on.

"Well we have some visitors from Konohagakure, they are from the Hyuuga Clan. They are here to represent Konohagakure and form an alliance with Gyoukougakure. "

You looked surprised when she told you, "The Hyuuga Clan?"

"Yes." The two of you reached the village gates and saw your sensei and Koji already there.

"Hey ___(fn), Tala." Your sensei greeted the two of you.

"So what are we supposed to do, guard the visitors?" you asked.

"Ah, I see Tala has filled you in on everything. Well yes. The Hyuuga headperson and several others will arrive any second and we are to guard them.

"Speak of the devil, here they come." Koji pointed to the group that just entered the village.

When the group reached you, your sensei was the first one to speak, "Hello Hiashi-san."

Hiashi looked at your sensei and nodded, "Hello Hikari-san, it's been too long."

"Hikari-sensei, how do you know Hiashi-san?" Koji spoke up. Really none of you know much of your sensei because he was quite secretive of his past.

"Good question Koji, you see I have had a few missions in Konoha and that's how I know Hiashi-san." Your sensei smiled.

Tala rolled her eyes. "Like we would know that."

There was a moment of silence until Hiashi spoke up again. "Before we go anywhere we should introduce ourselves. As you know I am Hiashi, there are my two daughters Hanabi and Hinata and this is Neji." There were some other members, most likely branch, but you were able to tell that the boy named Neji was from the branch house, also he was pretty hot.

'Wait did I just think that Neji was hot....I did, bad thoughts, bad thoughts, get out of my head.'

After that little inner battle your sensei did introductions for your group. "My name is Hikari Fuyudori, this is Koji Ookami" he pointed to Koji, "Tala Kage" he pointed to Tala, "and ___(fn) Tenshi." He pointed to you.

Hiashi nodded and then there was a shriek or something like that that called your name. "____(fn) there you are, I have been looking for you everywhere!" It was Naomi.

You looked at her but out of the corner of your eye you saw Tala glare at her while Koji stepped behind Tala.

The thing is Naomi has been trying to get Koji to go out with her but Koji liked Tala and no one knew but you, Tala liked Koji.

When Naomi saw Koji, she squealed and ran over to him and clung on his arm. Everyone but you and Tala sweat dropped. You glared at her while Tala started to growl. "Get your hands off him." She threatened but Naomi only stuck out her tongue while Koji had a look that said 'help me'.

You inwardly sighed as you decided to help him. As sweetly as you possibly could you said "Yes Naomi-sama, you wanted me?" The Hyuuga members looked slightly surprised as Naomi unclung herself and walked over to you.

"Yes ___(fn) I was looking for you. Father has a new mission for you and your cell. First you are to escort the Hyuugas to our complex and while Hiashi-san is talking with father your cell is to eliminate the rogue ninjas spotted in the area around the village." She smiled sweetly at you as your sensei stepped in which you were grateful for.

"What type of ninjas?" He asked with a serious face.

"I believe father said they were level S-class rogue ninjas." Some of the Hyuuga members had shocked faces.

Tala then spoke up, "We never faced level S before." She glared at Naomi. "Shouldn't the ANBU handle this?

"Father said your cell did so magnificent on the last mission that you would do great on this one. Tala, you're a member of the Kage Clan, you shouldn't have a problem with this." She smiled a sickeningly sweet smile at Tala, who growled in return. You, as well, glared at your relative,

"Koji please be careful on this mission." With that she left to most likely cause trouble for other lower house members.

"Well why don't we show you the way to the Tenshi Complex." Your sensei said breaking the silence. You walked silently next to Tala and Koji right behind your sensei. The Hyuugas were right behind you.

Neji kept looking at you, you could feel his eyes on your form.

Sighing, you turned to Tala and Koji. Tala closed her eyes then opened them again. You had a feeling something really bad was going to happen and it seemed as though Tala and Koji had read your mind.

"Yes I already know." Tala said quietly. Koji agreed and nodded his head. Your group got along pretty well. Even through all the crap that your clan put you through, they always helped you out.

As you were walking, you past the Kage Complex entrance. Everyone looked up in surprise when Tala was tackled to the ground but the impact didn't hurt her because she took her scythe off her back before the impact. The group looked on in surprise at the figure on top of Tala.

"Aneki, guess what, guess what!" The figure looked like a smaller version of Tala. You laughed a little when you saw Tala's face. For once it held a look of surprise.

Neji heard your laugh and he glanced over at you. He felt his face heat up a little bit.

Finally Tala got over the shock and Koji helped her up. He then handed her, her scythe. Tala then looked at her seven year old version of herself. "What is it Amaya?" she asked calmly

The little girl known as Amaya squealed and jumped up and down pulling out a headband. "Lookie, lookie, now I'm a genin. I graduated at the top of my class."

Tala raised one of her eyebrows. "When did this happen?"

"Yesterday, auntie said that you couldn't come because you were on a really important mission." Amaya then looked toward the ground. "But I really wish you were there, I remember that momma and papa said I could be as strong as you if I tried really hard."

You saw Tala place a hand on Amaya's head and smile. "A shinobi is loyal to his or her comrades and never gives up." Amaya's eyes lit up. "I will always protect my comrades and never give up!" She then glanced at Hiashi and the other Hyuuga members. She then bowed "Hello Hiashi-san." Hiashi smiled at the little girl and patted her on the head.

"We should really get going." Your sensei stated as the group then started on it's way again.

Finally you arrived at the Tenshi Complex. Your uncle was waiting at the entrance. He had black hair and was wearing a simple black kimono. When you reached him he greeted Hiashi. "Hello Hiashi-san, it's been quite a long time hasn't it."

"Yes it has, Damian-san." Damian led Hiashi into one of the many rooms of the complex. When they entered the room, one of the lower house members led Neji and the others to another room. Most likely to serve tea. Before Neji entered the room, he took another glance toward you as you headed away from the complex.

The four of you headed out of the village and to the area of where the rogue ninjas were sited.

The four of you waited there for about an hour until you sensed a presence. Shurikens, kunais and senbon needles came at your group from all directions. You dodged most of them but still got hit by several of them. You looked around for the others but you didn't see them anywhere. You weren't even in the same area anymore.

You found yourself standing on a cliff that overlooked the ocean. The water below was raging and the wind was harsh. You looked around the area and saw two figures on the ground. You ran quickly over and saw Koji and Tala and they weren't breathing. A little ways away was your sensei. He wasn't breathing either. Your eyes widened as some tears started to fill your eyes.

You walked over to Tala and put you hand on her neck. It wasn't an illusion. This was real........

You fell to your knees. They were the ones that kept you living. They were the closest thing you had to a real family. They cared for you and helped you through any hard times. Now they were gone.

~At the Tenshi Complex~

Damian had invited Neji, Hinata and Hanabi to join him, Naomi and Hiashi for some tea. So they were all in the same room. It was peaceful as Hiashi and Damian talked about random subjects.

It has been a few hours since your cell had left for the mission but nobody was worried when they should be. At that sudden moment one of the lower house members burst into the room.

"Damian-sama, I'm so sorry to interrupt but a member of the Kage Clan is here. She claims to be Tala's sister and she says that something is terribly wrong. Some of the other lower house members beside myself have sensed that something is wrong. We fear that ___(fn) and the others are in terrible danger."

Neji felt his stomach turn after he heard what had happened to you. He looked over to Damian to see what he would do.

Damian kept a calm face as he took another sip of his tea. He then looked at the lower house member. "Send our tracker nins and several ANBU."

"Damian-sama! How can you be so calm!" she exclaimed.

He returned her outburst with a deadly glare.

The lower house member looked at him in fear and bowed low, apologizing.

"Send the tracker nins and several ANBU." She nodded and was about to leave until Hiashi spoke up. "Why don't we help? Neji will you please assist in the search?"

Neji stood up. "Of course."

"Don't trouble yourself Hiashi-san. They are capable of taking care of themselves." Naomi said as she looked to him.

"I'll help." Neji then followed the lower house member out. He had a bad feeling as well.

~With You~
You felt a figure behind you but you were too slow. It pinned you to a nearby tree holding you by your throat. You grabbed a kunai and stabbed the figure in the arm causing it to drop you. You took a few seconds to let the oxygen fill your lungs. The figure backed away as it clutched its arm.

You looked at the figure as three other figures appeared. You glared at them.

"You killed my friends.........." Your eyes became pupil less and were just plain gold. Your ___(color) chakra flared. The figures backed away in complete fear. You did several hand jutsus as your chakra took the shape of a giant tiger with angel like wings. You jumped on its back, anger consumed your entire being.

The rogue ninjas backed away even more as you and your tiger advanced on them. With one swipe of the tiger's paw, the ninja were dead and so the tiger disappeared as you lay on the ground, exhausted.

You took another look at your teammates, and finally darkness consumed your mind.

Few minutes later Neji and the search party found you and the others.

When you finally did wake up you found yourself in your room with a lower branch member at your side. When she saw that you had woken up she left to inform Damian.

When she left you sat up and looked around. 'Wait, what happened to the others?' You were about to get up until your door opened. It was Neji.

"How are you feeling?" He asked you as he kneeled down next to you.

You stared at him for a moment but then quickly looked at your lap. Neji sensed that something was wrong and he figured it must have been your teammates.

"___(fn), your teammates...."

"Are dead I know." Tears filled your eyes.

"No, their not." You looked at him in surprise.

"They're a...alive?" You looked at him, eyes begging that he wasn't kidding.

He pulled you into a hug as you cried tears of happiness instead of sadness. You pulled away when you felt yourself calm down. When you looked up at Neji you quickly looked down as a blush formed. "S...sorry."

"Don't be." After Neji said that your door opened again revealing Damian.

" look better ___(fn). How are you feeling?"

"Better, Damian-sama" you whispered as you looked down at your lap again.

Neji looked a little pissed off because Damian was the one to send you off on such a hard mission.

Damian then nodded and left the room.


"Yes, ___(fn)?" Neji looked at you.

"What happened?" He understood your question and started to explain.

"The rogue ninja that you were after knew several forbidden techniques. One technique puts the person into a deep death-like sleep, causing the person to appear dead. Your teammates won the mental battle inside their mind. If they didn't then they would have died."

You nodded signaling that you understood.

~A week has passed.................

A week has passed since the incident. Negotiations with Konoha have finally ended and the Hyuugas were leaving today. The thing was you didn't want Neji to leave. He made you happy by just being next to you.

You were walking down the path in the local park and you saw Koji and Tala sitting together on a bench. You don't know what happened that day but it seemed to bring them closer much to Naomi's displeasure.

Tala noticed you coming their way so the both of them turned to face you.

"How are the two lovebirds?" You questioned and laughed when Tala tried to hide her blush but in the end she couldn't.

Another change came and that was Tala was talking more. "I wouldn't be talking __(fn). It's obvious that you like Neji." She huffed crossing her arms over her chest.

Koji just laughed and you soon joined in that was until Tala smacked him upside the head. You continued to laugh as Koji asked why he deserved that.

"You two seem better." A voice said behind you. You jumped in surprise only to see Neji.

Tala raised and eyebrow and stood up from the bench, pulling Koji up with her.

"Well we would love to stay and chat but we have things to do, right Koji?" Koji looked at Tala confused but she glared back at him until he finally got the message. "Yeah, see ya." Tala and Koji walked away leaving you confused and while Neji shook his head, amused.

Neji took a seat on an unoccupied bench. You sat next to him.

The two of you sat in silence until you spoke up.
"You're leaving soon, aren't you?" It was more of a statement than a question. You were saddened by the fact that he was leaving.

"Yeah." He replied quietly.

You sighed and looked back up at him only to find his face centimeters from your own. You were about to say something but couldn't because a pair of lips covered your own.

After the shock, you wrapped your arms around his neck as he wrapped his own around your waist. Your lips parted just slightly but it gave Neji the chance to dive his tongue into your mouth. His tongue explored every part of your mouth as he won the battle of dominance. Unfortunately, the need for air grew as you both parted.


"___(fn) you have made me change, I love you." You smiled and threw your arms around his neck.

"I love you too, Neji!"

The two of you spent the last few hours together until he had to depart back to Konoha.

You promised each other that you would see each other again and since Konohagakure and Gyoukougakure are now allies, you were certain that you would see each other again. You waved goodbye to him while Tala and Koji watched you. They smiled because you are happier than you have ever been in your entire life.


FS~ So what do you think. I tried to keep Neji in character. Please review and any flames I'll just use to make smores with my friends Hiei, and Kai.

Hiei- +eating sweetsnow- Hn

Kai- hn

FS~Please review!


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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