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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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The Sacrifice
By Forbidden Shadow


The Sacrifice

By Forbidden Shadow


It was just another normal day for you. You were inside your house which was located in Sunagakure, and was relaxing on the couch reading your favorite book.

It has been exactly one year since you arrived in Sunagakure. You can remember the day when you first arrived.


Your body hurt all over the place. There were numerous cuts and bruises all over. Your cloths were ripped and torn. Somehow you managed to escape from your village Tokoyamigakure, The Village hidden in everlasting darkness. It was recently attacked by the Ikou Clan. The Ikou clan used to be part of Tokoyamigakure, but they were banished. They soon gained many followers and launched a surprise attack.

The Atamakabu, which is the leader of your village, sacrificed his life for yours which surprise you. He told you that the Ikou Clan had formed an alliance with the Akatsuki and in return for their help they would give them you. You see, you are not only a shinobi of Tokoyamigakure, but you are also a Jin-chuuriki because you hold a demon inside of you. Inside of you is the Mononoke, the wolf demon. No one but the villagers of your village knew of the mononoke, until the Ikou Clan told the Akatsuki about you.

After the Atamakabu sacrificed himself, you quickly ran to the nearest village which happened to be Suna. You were followed by some of the Ikou Clan members but you were able to get rid of them.

Temari just happened to returning from Konoha and found you lying in a pool of your own blood. She saw that your forehead protector had the kanji of darkness carved into it.

She had recently heard a rumor that Tokoyamigakure was attacked. She brought you in the village and you were soon healed by the med-nins. After 2 days you regained consciousness and Gaara came to see you. He told you that your village had been completely destroyed and that only you survived.

When members of the Ikou Clan came to get you they were quickly taken care of and so was the rest of the Ikou Clan. After that, the Akatsuki laid low and you didn't hear anything of them since. You became friends with Gaara quickly and you were happy when you found out he became Kazekage.

~End of Flashback~

You smiled as you remembered when he first became Kazekage. You gave him a party after he was appointed and only Temari and Kankuro were there. It was a small party but it looked like Gaara was having fun, from what you could tell.

Another memory came to mind. It was your birthday.


It was the day of your birthday and you were just sitting on one of the swings in Suna. No one knew it was your birthday for you didn't tell anyone. Back in Tokoyamigakure no one celebrated your birthday because that was the day the mononoke was sealed within you and everyone treated you like you were lower than trash.

A sad smile found its way to your lips as you lowered your head. You looked up when you saw a pair of feet.

“Temari? What are you doing here?”

She told you to follow her because Gaara wanted to see you. You followed her and found yourself at a vacant house. A look of confusion appeared on your face as you entered the house. You sensed several presences and got ready to attack just in case. The lights were off and at the moment you entered you heard several chorus “Surprise!!!!!”

Your eyes widened when you saw the Happy Birthday banner and presents and a giant cake of your favorite flavor.

You turned to Temari who said Happy Birthday. Kankuro, Gaara, Baki and several other of your friends were there.

For presents you received some cloths, new ninja gear, some money, and the house you were in. Everyone pitched in so you could have your own place. After everyone but Temari, Kankuro and Gaara left, Gaara gave you his present which was a necklace with a crystal attached to it. Your eyes widened when you saw it and Gaara placed it around your neck. Temari and Kankuro smiled when they saw you kissed him on the check and he blushed a little.

~End Flashback~

That was one of the best days of your life. The next day you thought you should tell them your secret.


You had asked Gaara, Temari and Kankuro to wait in Gaara's office because you had to tell them something.

When you entered they saw that you were a bit nervous. Finally you took a deep breath.

“There's something I need to tell you guys…..Only the people who lived in my village knew of this and I thought it would only be fair if I told you…..” You closed your eyes, trying to get the words out. “Like Gaara-kun I have something inside of me, I hold a demon, the mononoke.”

You looked away for fear of seeing rejection. You heard footsteps and then they stopped. Temari and Kankuro both placed a hand on each of your shoulders and smiled.

“We don't hate you, if that's what you're thinking.” Temari said.

After Kankuro said “Yea, if that's your secret who cares, your like family to us now.”

Your eyes widened and you looked over to Gaara who nodded.

~End Flashback~

You now had a normal life and your new family didn't care if you held a demon or not. A smile found its way to you lips. After a few minutes you decided to get a drink of water, that was until you sensed something.

You quickly put the book down and headed up to the roof of your house. Your eyes widened because you saw Gaara fighting a clay-like bird with a figure on top of it. You recognized the coat the figure wore. It was a member of the Akatsuki.

`I have to help him.' You thought as you quickly ran inside and grabbed your weapons. After you quickly secured them in place you ran back onto the roof, but by the time you ran back outside the giant clay bird had Gaara and was flying out of the village.

You cursed and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. You saw the bird had landed and then take flight again so you only moved faster. Soon you reached the village's boundaries.

As you exited the village you saw the dead bodies by the entrance.

“Who did this?” you whispered silently to yourself. “Was it the Akatsuki?”

As you went quickly through the cracked wall of the gate you saw Kankuro lying on the ground. He looked in bad shape and near him were his puppets which were completely broken. You rushed over to him and quickly looked him over. It seems he was poisoned.

If he was poisoned then it could only be one person, Sasori. Then that means that Deidara was the one who had Gaara.

“Kankuro! All you alright!?!? Speak to me!” He lifted his head a little when he heard your voice.

“You must rescue Gaara...” He chocked out.

“You're poisoned, you need help!” You said back but he only shook his head.

“Don't worry about me….you must rescue Gaara, I'll be fine.” He squeezed his eyes in pain.

“If you're sure….”

“The poison won't kill me yet, now go!” You nodded and stood back up. You took a few steps forward and sniffed the air trying to find Gaara's scent. Having the mononoke inside of you did give you advantages. After a minute of sniffing the air you caught Gaara's scent and started running toward that direction.

`Okay that attack was by the Akatsuki, which means they are after the demon inside of Gaara but if they extract the Shukaku from him……' You eyes widened at the thought and rushed even faster.

You weren't going to let Gaara die.

The scenery passed by so quickly as you jumped from the desert sand to a tree where the forest began. As you were running your mind kept wandering around all of your thoughts.

`Most likely because of the new alliance with Konoha, and with Gaara's abduction, Baki most likely ordered that the sand's fastest bird, Takamaru quickly deliver a message of help to Konoha immediately. But there is a problem. Traveling from Konoha would take three days and I know that time is against us. But if I distract the Akatsuki long enough for the rescue team to come then I will be able to save Gaara. I'll let them take the mononoke first.'

Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, they took you in and you told them your secret. They didn't turn you away, they accepted you. You were able to get close to Gaara because you shared similar pain. None of the Villagers in your old home tried to kill you but they did try to get rid of you. The mononoke inside of you did try to take over from time to time. So it was hard for you to sleep. Sometimes you sat on the rooftop with Gaara.

You won't let Gaara die. He was one just like you. Sure at first you heard the stories of him and his bloodlust but then he decided to change. He became Kazekage to protect the village that despised him. It takes a lot of strength and that's what you admired about him.

Finally you arrived at your destination which was a large cave. Because you came so fast the boulder that closed the cave didn't fully close yet. It was almost closed so you carefully slipped into the cave before it did.

The Akatsuki members looked at you surprised. Deidara and Sasori, the two who took Gaara got ready to attack you but one of the other Akatsuki members stopped them.

“You are a brave girl for following us.” He seemed to be the leader but you couldn't tell what he looked like. All you could see was his outline and his spiky hair which you couldn't tell what color it was.

“Let Gaara go.” Your voice dripped with venom. You wouldn't let them have their way.

The two Akatsuki members who took Gaara only laughed.

“Why would we do that?” Sasori the reptile looking one asked you with amusement.

“Because I have …” you paused for a moment and took a deep breathe “Because if you do I will, willingly give you the mononoke.”

“I thought you looked familiar.” The leader replied with amusement. You glared at him as you heard a few gasps but you only ignored them. You glanced at Gaara who was lying on the ground unconscious.

“The head of the Ikou clan gave us a photo of you. The clan failed to retrieve you and we didn't need them so now they are all dead.” The leader looked at you. “If you care for him that much that you want to meet him at the gate of death for him then fine, you can go first.”

You glared once more at the leader and nodded. You then walked over to Gaara. Picking him up you placed him by the wall and took off all your weapons. Taking off your necklace which was the crystal Gaara gave you, you put it around Gaara's neck and walked back toward the middle.


It was night once again and it was one of the nights you couldn't sleep. It seems the mononoke wanted to try to escape and that would only happen if you went to sleep.

You went to the roof for some fresh air and spotted Gaara already there.

“Hey Gaara.” You said quietly.

He turned his head to look at you as you walked over. You sat down next to him and looked up at the stars.

“The stars are pretty tonight.” You stated as you looked at the twinkling lights.

He nodded and looked up as well.

“You know Gaara-kun…” He looked at you. “You are one of the strongest people I know and I promise I will protect you. You are my family now and I will always protect my family.”

A look of surprise came over his face as you looked at him. Your eyes were closed and you smiled.

~End Flashback~

You glanced once more at Gaara's form with a regretful look as a tear slipped down your face. `Gaara, I will not allow you to die. You have a bright future ahead of you.' You silently thought as you closed your eyes.

Moments later the process began. You screamed because of the immense pain coursing through your body. The Akatsuki members were using their charka and stone statue in front of you to extract the mononoke.

Soon you fell unconscious.

~Gaara's Mind~

“Where am I?” Gaara said to himself as he wandered around the dark abyss. He had no idea where he was.

“Gaara.” He snapped his head around to where the source of the voice came from.

You were inside his mind and had a sorry look on your face.

Gaara called out your name and you only gave him a sad smile.

“Gaara I don't have much time...” He looked surprised but you continued. “I wanted to return the kindness you gave to me. Gaara you must live and fulfill your dream. The Akatsuki was after the demon Shukaku which resides in you. But when a demon is extracted from its host, the host dies and you mustn't die. It's not your time yet. Right now the Mononoke is being extracted from my body, but your body is safe. It will take them three days and by that time the rescue team from Konoha will arrive.” Tears started to flow down from you face. “Gaara live on. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain. I will always be with you…..” Your body started to fade as Gaara reached out to you and called out your name once again.

“Gaara you are my family I told you I would protect you. Goodbye Gaara and arigatou.” Your body then faded completely.

~Three Days Later~

After three days the rescue team arrived. The team consisted of Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Chiyo, Gai, Lee, Neji and TenTen.

Chiyo and Sakura defeated the Akatsuki Member Sasori the puppet master while TenTen, Neji, Lee and Gai were busy dealing with their clones. Naruto and Kakashi defeated Deidara by sending him to another dimension but they weren't sure if Deidara was alive or not.

They all found Gaara hidden inside of the cave for the Akatsuki wanted to take precautions for they wanted to extract the Shukaku as well but didn't get the chance to retrieve him. They then found your body as well.

After a few moments Gaara finally regained consciousness and quickly looked around and saw you body next to his. Everyone had a sad look on their face when they saw Gaara look at your body.

Your face was pale and your skin was cold to the touch. His eyes widened when he remembered the dream. He was alive because the Shukaku was not extracted from him. He was alive because of you. You sacrificed the mononoke to save him.

Gaara felt something around his neck and saw it was the crystal he gave to you. In the crystal he swore that he could see your smiling face. He gripped it in his hand and closed his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw that it was Kankuro's. Temari was standing right next to him.

He looked down at the crystal once more. You sacrificed yourself so he could live and continue to be Kazekage. He knew that you were with him because you never broke a promise.


Atamakabu- means chief, leader

Tokoyamigakure- Means Village Hidden in Everlasting Darkness

Ikou- means power, authority, influence

Jin-chuuriki- someone who holds a demon inside of him/her

I made it longer so how was it???

I know what really happens but this is what played in my mind while I was reading it. I was crying it was sooooo sad. That's why I did an alternate story part. If you did read it then you know what happens but this was what played in my head after I read that the Shukaku was extracted from Gaara.

Please no flames. If there are flames I'll just use them to roast marshmallows and make smores.

Please Review!!!


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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