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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By Amyyy26


She stood in front of the expensive lingerie shop with two options on her mind. Take a chance, or carry on with things how they were.

On one hand, taking a chance seemed like the obvious thing to do - but also the more dangerous in her mind. If everything went wrong, she could make her and Brian's situation worse. On the other hand, leaving things how they were was equally as destructive, they weren't moving forward and things were becoming heavily stagnant.

Her eyes flitted between the various outfits that were lined up in the window: red satin, pink silk, corsets, babydolls, hosiery, bras, knickers, strange crotchless trousers, and things that looked like whips - there was everything imaginable. She frantically bit at her bottom lip, desperate to make a decision before she changed her mind on the idea all together. It was more of an S&M shop than lingerie, she thought, but she knew she had to give Brian another shot. She had to give them both another try at making it work.

There was a soft chiming from a bell above the door as she entered the shop. The inside was extremely different to the exterior. It was deep red, styled similarly to Moulin Rouge. There were heavy drapes on the walls, amazing chandeliers, plush carpets, and soft classical music playing in the background.

She was approached by a heavily made up girl who must have been in her twenties, stick thin bleach blonde hair, and a condescending smile that made Ellie feel very out of place. As politely as she could, she dismissed the girl of her assistance, tucked her sunglasses down the front of her dress, and began searching through the endless racks of garments, some stacked three high.

There were some extravagant pieces that looked like they required eight hands instead of two to even get into them, some that left very little to the imagination, and some that were downright weird.

She spent the next hour or so locked in a changing room, trying on an array of items, from pink fully camis, to patent black matching bra and pant sets. She didn't feel comfortable in any of them, but she knew she had to make an effort for Brian, for the both of them.

The mess of clothing around her feet made her want to weep - why was it so difficult to choose something to wear? It wasn't like she had no idea what Brian liked to see her in, dressing up used to be such a bit part of their sex life.

There was an angry shriek from the sales assistant, informing Ellie that the shop would soon be closing. Sighing heavily, she made an executive decision to buy a simple black babydoll with fluffy detail around the sweetheart neckline, a matching ivory bra and pant set, with intricate black detailing on the cups and waistline, and finally several sets of assorted patterned black stockings.

Taking the pastel pink and black striped bag from the snappy sales assistant, she left the shop realising it was getting dark outside. She hadn't taken any consideration as to what time it was, she'd been so busy nervously trying to pick an outfit to make herself appear attractive and in need of ravishing. Checking her phone, it read almost half past six. Because it was nearing winter it was always getting darker earlier on. The house that she and Brian shared wasn't far from the centre of town where she was, and the night was mild enough to walk without getting cold. She hitched her bag up over her shoulder, and pounded the pavement home.


She fumbled with the bunch of keys that rested in her hand, looking for the grand silver key with a customized floral design on the top that allowed her access to the house. The door slowly creaked open as she listened for any noise coming from within that would signal Brian was home. There was a slight humming in the distance, and indication to Ellie that he was down in the converted basement, probably working on a new guitar piece for a song. Taking the opportunity whilst he was absent, she slipped upstairs to the second room on the right, their bedroom. She unloaded the items from the shop on the bed and examined which one to wear first. There would be plenty of other nights to wear the rest, but she had to pick the best for tonight - first impressions count. It didn't come as a surprise to her that she felt nervous about sleeping with Brian, it felt like they were dating all over again. She had the same empty pit in her stomach the first few times her and Brian were intimate, it was something so new and exciting. She knew deep down that he loved her, and that he loved how she looked even when she wore the simplest of outfits, but for this to work she really needed him to see her how he once used to - desirable.

Slipping into the matching bra and pants set, she examined herself in the full length mirror that stood beside their King Sized bed. She was an insecure person when it came to her looks, and no matter how beautiful the lingerie was, she felt she didn't match up to it at all. With a few small tweaks to the positioning of the fabric, she gave in and accepted she looked how she looked.

Her favourite pair of black Louboutin stiletto's were removed from the wardrobe, and placed on her delicate size five feet. She gave herself one last glimpse in the mirror before making her way down to the basement, the pit in her stomach growing in size with each step she took.

The coldness of the air in the house hit her skin and made her hair stand on end as she entered the hallway. She'd never realised just how cold the house was, it never used to be.

She balanced herself against the banister as she made her way down the stairs, being careful not to trip on the burgundy carpet, or over her own feet. As her heel hit the tiled floor of the entranceway she braced herself, worried that Brian would have heard some movement and come to inspect. She didn't want to surprise to be ruined by her heavy feet.

The soles of the shoes gently clicked along the tile, sending hollow echoes through the surrounding rooms. With her arms outspread to the walls as she crept down the hallway, her heart started beating erratically. The basement door was wide open, and she could see a faint light coming from beyond the stairs that led downwards. The soft thrumming of the guitar made her smile, Brian's skills on the guitar was one of the many reasons she had fallen in love with him, and he never stopped amazing her with what he could do.

She quietly moved down the old wooden staircase, bringing her eyes to rest on the sight of Brian's bare chest sat in the centre of the room. He sat on top a large pile of cushions of various sizes and patterns, a blanket loosely wrapped around his feet. The lead from his guitar led across the room to a stand of amps, two across by two high. Another lead for his headphones ran across his tattooed torso, to a connection leading back to the amps. His jeans were ripped and tattered, just how she liked them. His hair was perfectly styled around the headphones, as if they weren't even there. His fingers gently plucked at each string as he moved his head in time with the notes. She stood there in the doorframe in complete awe of him, he was beautiful. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she realised she only seemed to find him attractive when she wasn't in bed with him. That wasn't right.

The dim light from the back corner of the room cast romantic shadows over his toned arms and chest that tightened and flexed as he moved his hands around the guitar. His head was fully down, engrossed in the music he was creating, so he didn't notice Ellie stood watching him.

After watching him for a few minutes, she slowly started to move her way across to him. She let her feet come to rest just within Brian's peripheral vision, causing him to stop strumming and cast a devilishly raunchy look up her toned legs, her flat stomach, her perfect breasts, finally resting at her beautiful face.

The butterflies were back in her stomach, and each one in turn was doing somersaults of a high calibre. She could see her chest bounce as her heartbeat went wild, praying that Brian would take the bait.

He readjusted the position of the guitar in his lap, clearing his throat.

“That's uh….” He coughed again. “.…new underwear?”

“How could you tell?” She replied, a smile playing on her lips.

He begins to frown, the warmth escaping his eyes. He looks her up and down once more, and returns his eyes to the guitar in his lap.

She takes her right hand and places it gently on his shoulder, feeling him still beneath her touch. Her delicate fingers slowly trace the outline of his jaw before he catches them between his teeth, growling softly. His reaction takes her by surprise - he'd never done anything like that before. The emotion in his eyes hadn't changed, he still appeared cold. He slowly removed his teeth from her skin before turning his attention to the guitar once again.

Shaking off the reaction, she knelt in front of him this time, making sure their knees were touching, and that her legs were splayed. She was determined to connect with Brian, and so she kept her own eyes on his the whole time. She placed one hand on the body of the guitar before gently pulling it towards her and out of his grasp. A disgruntled, muffled groan resonated in his throat.

He removed the headphones from around his neck, and finally gave in to Ellie's penetrating stare. Forcefully looking up at her, she suddenly felt very unwanted in the basement - Brian's place of sanctuary.

Her loose red curls fell around her breasts as she leant forward to kiss him, placing her hands on his inner thighs to steady herself. She hesitated pulling back when she sensed some deliberation from Brian, but knew she had to persist. She squeezed the flesh beneath her fingers, trying to lure him in to some state of arousal. She purred against his lips as she manically peppered him with kisses, desperate for some sort of reaction.

Her stomach flipped when she felt a strong grip around her upper arms, only to find herself begin pushed backward, a strong and serious look playing upon Brian's face.

He ran his hands through his hair.

“Not tonight.” He admonished.

“Don't you want me touching you?” she whispered.

She took the silence as a no, but continued anyway.

Leaning forward she pressed her lips against his once more, tangling her fingers in his hair at the nape of his neck. A low groan escaped his mouth, reluctantly placing two hands on her hips. Using his own strength, he lifted her from her knees and placed her so she straddled his lap. Entwining his hands in her hair, he gently pulled backwards to reveal her neck. Nipping at it lightly, he growled against her skin. She inhaled his aftershave, and remembered the first time she'd smelt peaches and cinnamon - it was heavenly. His hands moved across her lower back, pressing her against him as they continued to kiss. She bucked her hips forward against his growing erection, urging him to move faster.

“Brian.” she gasped.

He chuckled against her lips as he took her tongue for his own. He made easy work of her bra clasp, and soon the fabric was in a crumpled heap beside them.

“Brian, please.”

His hands moved to her breasts, cupping them individually. His fingers played with her nipples as they hardened beneath his touch. He lowered his mouth to them, taking each one in turn. Swirling his tongue around the puckered flesh, he slowly teased her as he gently nibbled and sucked.

“Brian, please.”

Gliding his hands upwards to cup her face, he left one last kiss on her lips.

“I said, not tonight.”

Ellie scowled into thin air at Brian's words. The wave of embarrassment that washed over her felt like a tsunami. She knew she had been wrong to take the chance. She knew it wouldn't work.

She threw Brian a dirty look before removing herself from his lap, angrily wiping away the stray tears that had started to fall.

“So that's it, is it? This is what it'll be like from now on? You're going to get what you want and then discard me?” she says bluntly.

He snorts. “I just don't want to do it tonight, what's the big deal?”

“I've put myself out there for you tonight and you don't want me? Do you know how that makes me feel?”

She stood huddled in a shadowy part of the room, her arms crossed against her chest. She didn't want Brian looking at her anymore. She felt ugly.

She wiped at her nose with the back of her hand, angry with herself for getting upset.

“I'm trying my best to make this work Brian, but I can't do it without you.”

He stared blankly back at her as he rested on his hands outstretched behind him.

“Fine, have it your way.”

The stairs creaked as she stomped her way back to the main house, clutching at her chest to stop the pain of realising her one and only love didn't want her anymore.

How could she have been so stupid?


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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