My Slender

X -x-x-x-x- X

She had spent hours online researching, making sure she had all her facts straight. If she was going to do this right, she needed to be prepared. After she was finished, she shut the computer off and headed for her car.

Driving down the road, she had one thing on her mind; She was going to find him.

She parked near the dreaded forest and took her trusty flashlight in with her. Anyone who dare venture into it was not heard from again and there were rumors the last person left notes for anyone who went in, with clues of what to do.

She kept walking, feeling very at ease until she found a piece of paper stuck to a tree. It said, ``Follows.''

'Ah, so he follows you,' she thought as she took it. 'Good to know.' Right after she took that paper, she suddenly began to feel uneasy. Like she could hear something building, but she didn't know what.

Soon she neared an orange rock and found another piece of paper. This one said, ``Don't look or it takes you.'' She quirked an eyebrow up and let out a hollow chuckle.

``Indeed, does he, now?'' She asked the air. ``Following and taking, hmm...'' She continued her trek, feeling she was being watched, and sure she was seeing something in the trees. She neared a bathroom and walked in, turning all sorts of corners before finding a third note.

``Always watches. No Eyes.'' A shiver went up her spine. She grabbed it and began to walk out.

As she exited the bathrooms, her head began to feel fuzzy, the world fogging in and out. She turned, and saw a figure maybe twenty feet from her. He was tall and thin with long arms, dressed in a black business suit. Pale skin and no hair; It was him! She gasped and froze, gripping the flashlight, the world was getting more distorted.

She panted and gathered up her courage! Now was her chance!

``IT'S YOU!'' She squealed as she ran right up to him, giggling with delight. ``I found you! I knew if I took your notes you'd come! I can't believe it!'' The fuzzy stuff stopped as she ended up just a few feet in front of him and she regarded that he in fact had no face. She didn't care.

``Oh, please, please take me away!'' She pleaded to him. ``I can't stand this world I live in! Wars, disease, crime all around; it sucks. Please take me away with you!'' He simply stood there, not moving and he had no expression on his ``face'' so she had no idea if he heard her.

``Please...'' She whispered, dropping the flashlight, it hitting the ground between her feet creating an eerie glow on her body. ``Please...take me...'' Her fingers began to open the buttons on her shirt, one by one and she could tell he was watching. The mere fact she wasn't dead proved that. ``Right here. Take me, Slender Man...''

She pulled open the rest of her shirt, the buttons flying off into the grass as her large breasts sprung forth, bouncing out from the fabric. The cold air hit her exposed flesh in just the right way, her tiny nubs becoming pink with anticipation.

She stood, her heart pounding, just waiting for him to do something - anything! And then...she blinked, and in that split second, he disappeared. She blinked and he was gone.

The fuzzy feeling was no more and the air felt lighter. ``Huh?'' She looked down and saw all eight pages at her feet. ``What? Wait! No! Come back! Please take me with you!'' She whirled around trying to see him again, but there was nothing but trees. ``Slender Man?! Slendy?!'' She shouted to the fog. There was nothing and she growled in frustration.

``I'll give you twenty dollars!''