Dear readers,

I was attempting to post a new story, and it messed it up, so I went to delete it, and it ERRORED again, this error resulting in the loss of all my old stories. For whatever reason, trying to delete only one story, made it delete every single story I'd ever posted. And due to computer failure, I no longer even have the majority of the older stories.

Most of the completed ones, can ever be reposted, because I lost them all when my old computer crashed. I have bits and pieces of a few of them saved here and there, but the whole works were only on FanWorks anymore, because of the computer issues. I hadn't had time to copy and save them from the site to the new computer.

And now, no one will ever be able to read any of them again, with the exception of Anything But Ordinary and If You Believe, which I have all the chapters for. But the majority of the older works are gone forever.

I'll be reposting Story of Us, An Apple For The Teacher and the new story, Jagged Little Pill, for people to read, but aside from those, my older works will not be available any longer, for which I'm sorry. I don't have a way to fix it.

If you want me to repost Anything But Ordinary or If You Believe, those completed works can be reposted as well, but anything else is permanently gone. I'm depressed.