Here, I stand, out in the light

With a small simple plastid on my face

But, if you truly knew me

You can see it was a fake smile

Why is it fake?


Slowly, the light turns to gray

I back away from it

Not wanting to be in it

But, it doesnIt

The gray slowly gets darker

Turning into a black hue

All around me


The darkness surrounds me

And I donLet me out!

Help me!

I don

I see the light again

ItBut... something feels different


No, I donI donI don't want to se it

I change my mind

I like the dark

I want to stay

Leave me in the dark

Just leave me here, alone

I want to stay here

Here, in the cold and the dark

Keep that light away from me

Darkness has became my newest friend

It has became my home

The light goes away, once again

And I am stuck in the darkness

The darkness, where I belong in

Here, my smile isnYes, this is where I want to be

My new home

This is where IIn the dark


Okay, I know it's not all that good. Don't need to tell me that, just
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