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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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The Next Day
By I'mTheFuckingWildOne



So talking to Adam didn't really help me figure out if I looked like a virgin or not. He just gave
me the 'don't care what anyone thinks' speech. I mean, it doesn't really bother me, but I'm just
curious is all. Wouldn't you be?

I shook my head, throwing away the thought and continued putting on eyeliner as I stood in my
bathroom. I walked back in my room, putting on a old black ripped up harley davidson shirt and a
pair of loose jeans with holes in the knees, along with a pair of black slightly low top boots.
Seconds later I heard Adam honking his horn for me to come outside. I quickly grabbed my things and
ran out the door. "Hey," I said getting into the car.

Once again, we sat in silence on our way to my school, that is until the car started making strange
noises and smoking. Adam cursed as he came to a stop and shut off the car then got out. I undid my
seatbelt as I realized we were at the side of my shcool and got out of the car, along with my
backpack hanging on my shoulder. I ran my hand through my hair as I watched him lift the hood. "Son
of bitch." Adam muttered staring fiercely at his car.

"Damn, you're fucked." I chuckled, making Adam look over to me as he was leaning over the car.

"Yeah, so are you for a ride." Adam smirked up towards my directions.

"I got legs," I said and kicked his behind. Which ony caused him to lunge at me. I jogged quickly
away, but failing when he took ahold of my forearm pulling me to him. "Truths!" I laughed, hiding my
face in my hands.

"Fine," he rolled his eyes and chuckled squeezing me in a hug.

"Trying to kill me with a hug is not truths!" He laughed letting go and I grabbed my bag. "Have fun
with your car!" I said as I walked backwards for a moment then turned heading to the school.

"Fuck you!" I heard him shout.

"Tara!" I heard a second after. I looked in the direction it came from and saw the group of older
teens I had lately became familiar with, both Matts, Valary, and Zack.

I walked towards their location and said a quite "hi" along with a smile.

"So you and that guy are extremely adorable." Valary said with a slight smirk from where she stood,
her boyfriend's arm slung over her shoulders. I glanced over at Matt and he smiled somewhat.

I gave a chuckle and ran my hand through my black hair, looking down then back up. "Uh, thanks, I

"Are you sure he's not your boyfriend?" Wendt asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Zack nodded
along with a smirk.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure," I chuckled.

"Well, I think you two would make a cute couple." Valary smiled and I looked over to Matt seeing him
arch an eyebrow at his girlfriend.

"Yeah, and I bet that guy would make a cute couple with some big hairy dude in prison too." Matt
said making everyone laugh.

"He's got a good point." I chuckled, looking at Valary and she smiled shaking her head. After
laughter died down, I took a deep breath exhaling it. "Well, I gotta urinate, I'm gonna," I jestered
behind me to the school, and chuckled. I made eyecontact with Matt and he smiled at me. "B-bye," I
said and turned walking away.


Staring at the book, I had just checked out from the library, I walked down the main hallway of
huntington. Looking away from the book, I caught sight of a person, more running than walking.
"Tara-Cherry-Tara-Cherry-Tara!" Jimmy's words seemed to blend together after a moment.

He almost tackled me with a hug, luckily we didn't fall, but I dropped my book and hall pass. "Hi,
Jimmy," I managed to say.

He finally let me go, a sigh of relief escaped from my mouth. "What are you doing out of class,
young lady?"

I bent down picking up the things I had dropped. "Library," I said simply. "And you sir?"

"Fuck class," he laughed.

I chuckled. "Go to class, Jimmy," I said attempting to walking away, but he grabbed my arm, stopping

"Come on, Fuck class," Jimmy smiled, looking down at me.

I chewed on the inside of my cheek debating on whether I should ditch or not. "But what about my

He took the hall pass from my hand, staring at it intently for a second he chuckled. "Ms. Clemen's
study hall?" I nodded. "Watch this." Jimmy said walking away, the hall pass still in his possession.
I quickly followed after him, and we came to a stop when we were at Ms. Clemen's door. "Stay here."
Jimmy walked in the classroom as if it was nothing.

Watching from the small window outside the door, I saw him place the pass on the hook of the wall.
Some kids glancing at him, confused, but Ms. Clemen payed no nevermind. Jimmy then picked up my
backpack and walked out the door. He smiled handing me my backpack, I took it, as my mouth sat
somewhat ajar. "How the fuck?"

He laughed as he walked away, and I started right on his heels. "Kids don't see how aloof that woman
is. I noticed a lot more than people think." I giggled throwing my backpack over my shoulder and he
took ahold of my hand pulling me as he began to run. "Come on!"


After a few twists, turns and some stairs, we were on one of the roofs of hungington. I looked
around, as Jimmy ran off toward the ledge. It was pretty much what most roofs looked like on
buildings, but strangely I was still amazed. "Tara," Jimmy said getting my attention. "Come

I quickly jogged over dropping my bag in the process. "It that the basketball team?" I asked peering
over to where the outside basketball court was. The day before all basketball games the team got
excused from half of their classes to practice. I only knew this because Matt was on the team and I
kind of payed close attention. I mean, I didn't go to every game to see him or anything, but I'll
admit I went a few times to watch him play. Hey gotta do something amusing with some down time.

I noticed Matt instantly. I feel he would stick out even if I didn't want to mount him, just the way
he looks, I don't know. "Yep," Jimmy said. I glanced over a him, as he leaned on the ledge with his
elbows. He looked over and up at me, with a smirk. "You know I got kicked off the team," he said as
he stayed in the same position swaying back and forth.

"That sucks," I said leaning my body against the ledge. "Why?"

"Let's just say, I have a hard time being good." He looked over to me and I smirked making him

"Well, I have a hard time believing that." I chuckled, he laughed again. I kept my eyes on Matt,
only because I couldn't help it. Even though we were kind of far away, it was still a great view of
him playing.

"Do you like Matt?" The question made my neck almost snap when I turned to look at him.

"No," I tried to say nonchantly, but failed miserably.

"Oh, it just seems like it from the way you look it him." He casually looked over at me. "I notice a
lot more than people think." He said, a smirk sat pleasantly on his features, I ran my hand through
my hair turning attention to the teens playing basketball. I lost track of where Matt was so I just
gazed. "Know what time it is?" Jimmy asked after several moments later, staring out.

I glanced at my black studded watch. "It's like one fifteen."

Jimmy stood up straight, grabbing my wrist, watching the watch. It felt like forever until he
laughed and let go. "Watch this," he smilled pointing out towards the court.

A moment later the sprinklers came on close to the court, but unfortantly instead of the clear
water, a dark crimson liquid came shooting out all over the teammates and coach. Jimmy and I laughed
as we watched them all run around freaking out. "What is that?" I managed to say through my

After his laughter came to a stop, he asnwered. "Just some red dye." He chuckled one last time.
"Come on, we can make it to our last period."


Now the end of the day, I walked out of the doors of the school, suddenly I was picked up and thrown
over a shoulder. I let yelp escape from my lips. "Put me the fuck down!" I said unsure of who had
just picked me up.

I heard familiar laughter from Jimmy, and I relaxed. "And this tiny lady," Jimmy said setting me
down on my feet. "Watched the whole thing with me."

I looked around seeing the familiar group of older teenagers, waiting for Brian to come pick them
up. I gave a quick wave as Jimmy put his arm around my shoulder. "How did that happen?" Valary asked
from her spot between Matt and Cameron.

My eyes gazed over to Matt as Jimmy explained and Matt smiled taking a step over to me. "I'm staind
fuckin red," he chuckled taking off his hoodie, showing me his arm. I laughed, taking hold of his
arm slightly turning it to see spots of the red. I then let go of his arm as he said "my whole side
has red all over it." He suddenly lifted the side of his plain black shirt, to show more of the

My eyes caught sight of his boxers sticking out the top of his baggy pants, and then my eyes slowly
made their way up his smooth looking flesh up to the side of his ribs. Every inch looked perfect,
besides the red blotches. "Damn," I chuckled. "Didn't Jimmy tell you he was gonna do it?"

Matt had dropped his shirt back down, and was putting his hoodie back on. "Yeah, but I sorta missed
judged where I shoulda been standing to be out of the line of fire." He smiled looking down.

I laughed, and he looked back at me. "That's karma." He smiled nodding, his dimples showing.

"Hey dipshits!" I suddenly heard and we all peered over at where the sound came from, seeing Brian
walking up. "Ya'll ready to go?"

"Yeah, but little Tara here, is coming with." Matt said setting his arm on my shoulder.

My knees started shaking from the timidness running through me. I tried my best to stop from
shaking. "No, I can walk home, it's fine."

"Well we weren't planning on taking you home, anyway, so you're coming." A smile sat on his face as
he began to pull me to the car. I could only give in from the sight of those fucking dimples.

"Throw all your backpacks and shit, in the trunk." Brian said opening the trunk. Everyone started
putting their things in and I glanced over at Brian. The corner of his mouth kicked up, and he held
out his arms for a hug. I smiled and went in for a hug. "How's my Cherry doin?"

I pulled away, smirking. "Fine, just fuckin fine." I said and threw my backpack into the trunk
walking to the side of the car. I didn't pay any attention to his reaction or if he even had one.
But then I suddenly wondered how we were going to fit seven people in a 1990 Cadillac DeVille?

"How the fuck are we suspposed to do this?" Zack asked, looking at Brian as he walked around to the
drivers side.

"Well, I guess some people are gonna be sitting on laps." Brian smirked getting into the drivers

"Shotgun!" Jimmy shouted jumping into the passengers seat.

The rest of us standing outside the car looked at each other. "Well obviously girls are going on
laps." I swallowed, as people started piling in the car. I couldn't shake the nervous feeling from
myself. It wasn't that I was scared or anything, it was just that I am an anxiety fill teenager.

Matt and Valary were by the door on the right, in the car, then Cameron in the middle, and Zack by
the left side door. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, I hesitated a second and then got in
sitting awkwardly at first on Zack's lap. "Everybody in? Good. Let's get the fuck outta here!"


"Tara, would you like a cigarette?" I heard Valary say, making me look away from the window. I saw
Valary sitting in her spot on Matt's lap, holding a single cigarette.

I nodded leaning over, and took ahold of it, as an ongoing conversation continued between everyone
else. Popping it in my mouth, I reached in my pocket for my trusty lighter, that I always had on me.
Positioning to light the cigarette, when Brian suddenly hit a bump, knocking the lighter out of my
hand. "Son of a blue ball bitch," I muttered, looking at the floor of the car.

Leaning over still looking down, I slipped forward a tad. Zack grabbed my hips, holding tightly,
making sure I didn't fall, I think. I sat up straight right as Cameron said "Zack's gropping

Zack quickly slipped his hands from my waist as everyones eyes sat on us, besides Brians, he only
glanced in the review mirror for a moment. I looked around at the eyes on me for moment. "Anybody
got a lighter?" I said casually.

"Zacky, we do not molest people." I heard Brian say from the drivers seat infront of me.

"I wasn't doing that!" Zack somewhat shouted as I toyed with the cigarette in my hand. "She slid, I
was making sure she didn't fall forward."

"Yeah, I bet." Valary said, making me look over in her direction, seeing a smirk on her face.

"Well, of course he wouldn't want her to move from on top of his dick." Jimmy said causing everyone
to laugh, I tried my hardest to not laugh. I could only imagine Zack's face.

"Tara, blink if Zack's got a boner." Cameron said chuckled and everyone else did the same.

I laughed covering my face with my hand. "Oh my god, was that a blink?" Jimmy said turning looking
at me.

"Does anyone have a fuckin lighter!?" I shouted, dropping my hand from my face.


"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!" Cameron kept getting louder and louder as
he repeated himself. Music was blaring, but all I could hear was him.

I was slightly turned sizeways on Zack's lap. So I only had to turn my head to a short extent to
look at him, which is what I did. I could see the look of annoyance on his features and I snapped my
eyes to stare at Cameron. "If you don't shut the fuck up I'm going to kick the living shit outta
you." I said somewhat slowly and in a stern voice.

A few chuckles were heard through out the car and Cameron glared at me. "Like your little munchkin
ass could." He smirked at me. "ARE WE FUCKIN THERE YEEET?!"

"Cam, I will hold you down so she can kick your ass, if you don't shut your mouth." Matt suddenly
spoke, and I looked over at him.

Matt gave me a quick smile, before Valary turned back at him chuckling. I watched as she kissed his
cheek and I turned towards the window, gazing out as we passed trees. Surprisingly enough, seeing
her hold on him, kiss him or vise versa, it didn't really bother me. I mean, first of all I had no
right to be jealous or anything. Yes, I did have a crush on him, but I didn't really no much about
him and if I don't know anything about someone I can't feel too much.

"So where are we going anyway?" I whispered to Zack. I was facing more towards the window so I could
look at him.

"A party." He whispered back, into my ear. I felt a slight chill from it and I could tell he
noticed, because the corner on his mouth perked up a bit. I felt my face heat up as I tried my
hardest not to smile. "You're cute," he muttered under his breath, looking at the window and I
turned forward, smiling to myself.

Ummmm. Sorry for any fuck ups.
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The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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