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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Avenged Sevenfold

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By amber ryan


Spotted in a full crowd

I am only ten minutes away from seeing Avenged Sevenfold for the first time. I am also in a perfect
position to see the guys, front row!

From their music they sound awesome but i am not the type to look up what they look like. I don't
feel the
need to, with me - the music does the talking not the image.

It says 1 minute to the show now, I'm starting to get an adrenaline in the pit of my stomach and
slight nerves.
I had heard they were good looking but i'll be the judge of that.

30 seconds..........
counting down the time.......

And it's show time! Fuck yeah!
The guys start coming out, right before my eyes a guy with a white v neck tee and a sonic the
hedgehog haircut comes out.
the girl next to me is shouting syn so i guess that is his name (obviously not real though)
Followed is 2 more members, a guy with spiked hair and a misfits tee and another guy, quite short
with a 'hawk.
Then here comes the drummer, he is a very skinny but quite average heighted guy with curly hair.
And finally here comes the singer. He had a pair of aviators, a bandana and a hat on.

'Critical acclaim' starts to blast through the arena. They are just as good live as on the records.

Same goes for the rest of their hits and then just after 'Sieze the day'. The lead singer, i heard
was named m. shadows started interacting with the crowd. He starts scanning the crowd for fan signs

and starts reading a couple out and sign said 'fuck me Johnny' He started to laugh
replied 'johnny, we found you a girl'. Then he takes his aviators off and i see just how much of a
beautiful male human being he is and i start getting nervous again. I don't know why but i do.
He starts scanning the crowd again and says he is going to look at some of the beautiful ladies
this evening.

All of a sudden as i'm watching M. shadows, he looks over in this sections direction and walks over

having a good look and i look into his eyes and he does the same. We stared at each other for like
10 seconds
until Syn shoved him. He looks at syn and looks back at me. I decided to wink for a laugh and i
started to giggle,
i noticed him smirk and carried on.

So the show finishes and i see M.Shadows walk off stage and walk over to a man stage side. The man
walks over to this section
and shouts over to me 'Excuse me, Miss Brunette chick with the Pantera tee on. Could you come with
me? don't worry you're not in trouble.
I have been requested to escort you backstage. is that okay with you?.' I agree and head backstage.
I am placed into a room and told to wait.
I start to wonder why i am requested backstage and daydream a little, Not realising i spaced out i
see the Lead singer of the band M.Shadows
stood in front of me looking at me weird. I just reply ' Sorry about that, i spaced out a little
thinking why the fuck somebody like you, no offense. i
mean like a rockstar would ask me to come backstage. I'm not special'. He is biting his lip. I wave
my hand over his eyes and he says 'what?!?' and looks
in my eyes and laughts. 'sorry, You're extremely beautiful. I just wanted the opportunity to hand
out with you maybe for the night. If you'd like to'
I agree to this and we hand out for a while. I catch Matt as he introduced himself as, Look at my
cleavage sometimes. I just think you sneaky bastard so i just
come out with a blunt question 'After seeing you look at my tits a few times, I'm guessing you want
to see them or even fuck me. just so you know i'm not a dirty
groupie who fucks people for kicks'. He replys ' You caught me huh, sorry! i wasn't meant to stare
at them but they are pretty nice so couldn't resist. I never said you were
a whore. I just want to get to know you. That's all'

So we hang out for like an hour. He's been flirting around 3 quarters of the time. Such a man! I
love his confidence though. I come out with another blunt comment
'You're pretty sexy for a rockstar, just so ya know!' he laughs and says 'Thank you, you're pretty
fucking damn sexy yourself. why do you think i keep staring at you'
I smile. That was sweet! The shape of the sofa begins to give me an aching set of shoulders near the
blade. He notices this and offers to give me a massage. i accept his
offer and he begins doing it. After about 10 minutes on that area, he says 'any more areas you want
me to massage for you' I say there is 2, One is my mouth and One is my tongue, You got any
methods for helping with that'. He smirks and then bites lip and lifts me up and sits me on the edge
of a table and Kisses me, after about 20 seconds he starts licking my bottom lip for entrance.
I grant him entry very happily and we begin a full on make out session. You can hear matt and i moan
the odd time and we come up for air. Somebody walks into the room just as Matts hand starts making
it's way up my
skirt to remove my panties. We get up and Matt grabs my hand and drags me to the bus.

When we get on the bus, Matt pushes me on the seating area and places himself between my legs and
laying on top of me whilst proceeding to make out with me furiously and growls when he can't get my
tee off without me sitting
up. he gets up and tells me to get up and i do. He bends on his knees and grabs hold of my left leg,
holding it behind the knee and starts kissing the inside of my thigh. Puts the left leg down and
proceed to do the same with the right leg
and while doing the right leg looks up at me smirking while kissing/biting at my thigh. he lifts his
upper body up so his upper body is as high up as possible and kisses just above my panty line. he
unhooks grabs the hem of my skirt and pulls it off.
he kisses over each of my hips and starts biting near my clit over my panties and licking at it. he
stops doing thsi after 1 min and takes my panties off. He grabs my right leg and lifts it to the
knee to get better access to my pussy. He looks takes his other hand
to my pussy and gets his fingers and spreads my lips and pushes his face into my pussy. he starts
off by licking up and then pulls back 'god, you taste so fucking good, mmm' and pushed his face hard
into my pussy again and starts nibbling and licking my clit and puts
a finger in my hole. Then he keeps doing the same while adding another finger. I am about to hit an
orgasm due to how good it felt! i started moaning from the moment he put his tongue to my
pussy.....'mmmm matt....omg, that feels so fucking good. mmmm oooooh'.
Then I feel an orgasm rush through me and matt licks it up and looks at me while doing it with
lustful eyes and stops doing it after my pussy is cleaned up. He says 'damn your fucking pussy is
the best tasting pussy ever! mmm very nice!'.

'Next thing i know, he grabs both legs and puts them over his shoulders so my pussy is in his face.
he looks up at me and says 'I'm gonna make you fucking come again baby'
I bit my lip and smile afterwards. He pushes my body against the buses wall and i grabbed back of
his head for steadiness. He puts his face to my pussy again and this time it felt better than
before. he did mostly the same things with this tongue but cause of his position, if made it feel a
lot closer.
I hit another orgasm within a minute. It was so fucking good!. 'Told you i'd make you cum again', he
said while bringing me down.

I tell him 'Now it's my turn for some fun'. I grab hold of the hem of his tee whilst making out with
him and stop for a moment to pull it off. proceed to making out with him again whilst running my
hand over his hard boner through his trousers. He groans whilst we're making out. we stop and i
smirk at him and unhook his button
on his trousers and unzip the sip and grab both his pants and boxers and drag them off rather
eagerly. i look at his cock and start to drool. its so big, it is sure to pleasure. I tell him to
sit down and start to lower my head and look up into his eyes while trying to show i'm smirking. I
lick at eye part of his cock up and down and pump at his cock with my hands.
He starts moaning slightly and eyes still locked on me. and lift my head then put my mouth as far
down his cock as i can and he starts moaning louder saying 'OOH that feels good' i do it again a
couple of times and start taking almost half of his cock in my mouth whilst pumping at the rest of
it with my hands. Now his eyes are closed and his moaning and breathing gets louder and faster.
he starts moaning my name very loudly as i suck kind of harder. I notice his balls becoming bigger
meaning he was going to blow so i took his balls in my mouth one at a time and start pumping away
whilst mouth over his head sucking hardly. Then he blows in my mouth. I leave it in there for a
little bit to see what it tastes like and then decided to swallow cause it tasted like sugary
I lick clean his cum off his cock and get up.

He gets up rather fast and before i know it, he's bent me over the table and fucking me doggy style
hard and fast. It feels fucking fanstastic. I start moaning loudly whilst breathing fast. He trys
getting faster, if thats possible. I start screaming his name and he leans over to whisper in my ear
'you like that gorgeous' and i can only reply with mmmmhmmmmmmmm and then he pulls out.
'Get your ass to the bedroom at the back of the bus now!'he says rather seductively but forcefully.
I obey my orders and lay back wair for him behind me. He comes in and i do the come and get me sign
to him. He jumps on top of me and says 'you're gonna fucking kill me with how fucking good you are
in bed babe!' i smile and say it's not over yet. He pushed me on my right side and proceeds to fuck
in the spooning position with my leg in the air and then pushed my leg down after 10 mins. we both
start moaning at the feel of this harmoniously. both moaning like a sex ballad and loud as ever!.
After a while we get bored with that so i say 'let me take it from here' and he grins widely.

I get on top of him and fuck him slowly in the girl on top position and get faster and faster ever
so often. he is moaning and loving the view of watching my boobs bounce. Hes biting his lip and
blows inside of me after 15 mins.
I also decide to turn around and fuck him in the reverse cowgirl position. This position feels so
fucking good and i took him whole cock in me in this position. I orgasmed again. so I told him to
'Fuck me in the ass'
He just says 'mmm, with pleasure'. he flips me over and grabs the lube and adds a little to his cock
for sliding in easier.
I get positioned and he takes me slow at first and then faster and faster. WE both orgasm after 20
mins and we decide to finish by 69 each other to clean the juice off each other.
We 69 for 5 mins and stop. We lay down next to each other and pass out.

When we awaken, Matt sees me in his shower and joins me. No sex though. Just a shower and we talk in
there. Matt asked me for my number, I doubt he will call me but i can always hope.
He says i was the best fuck he'd ever had. I smile at this and admit it's exactly the same for me.

I have to admit one other thing. he has a skilled tongue too, hes sexy as hell. he's a fantastic

*after a week, Matt called Natalie and they began going on dates when he stopped touring. They
currently are now engaged after a year and 3 months together and they are planning to get married.
also they still have the best sex with each other their lives could ever imagine :)


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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