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By Complexmind


Disclaimer: *Insert a witty sentence that says that I don't own them and this didn't happen*

Ryan Ross:

George Ryan Ross III is a lyricist, he has been since he was able to write and understand double meanings, sarcasm, and situational irony. In other words, he's been a lyricist for a very long time.

So, it seems like a strange occurrence when he doesn't know what to say. People think that since he can make words twist and dance so easily on the page of a notebook, logically, words dance on his tongue as well. Only, that's not the case.

Some people don't like talking to him because he takes so long to respond to comments and questions. It's because he likes to think of his answer and make sure that the words are right. And when you're in the middle of a conversation that isn't really appreciated very much.

That's why he likes writing so much better. The pencil or pen never make him make up his mind when it comes to putting words down, the paper lets him take anything he didn't want said back, and he has as much time as he wants to think about the exact words he wants. If he had as much time as he needed during conversations he really would be eloquent like people immediately assume he is.

But, there aren't very many people who will give him time to think about his answers and his words. So, he stays quiet while the better prepared people talk for him.

People accuse him of being an ass for not answering them, although it's never because he's ignoring them, he either didn't hear them or was still mulling over a response, and it drives most people completely insane.

So, to say the least, he's not really understood.

Brendon Urie:

Brendon Boyd Urie is truly a musician. He knows how to play over ten different instruments and whenever he sees music it only takes him a few look-throughs to figure it out. Give him another hour or so and he'll probably have it down and ready to cover on stage. Music just makes sense to him and he has a smooth grace with it. So of course people think that he's able to be that way with people. But that's not the case.

That's because people don't make sense like music does, they don't have a scale or time signatures that tell you where they'll be, when, and for how long. So rather than try to figure them out, he stays away. Not physically, mentally.

He tunes out so easily that people always wonder if he's ever really there, or if he's always locked up in his own mind. The answer is usually the second option. He'll come out when they have to do public things; then he puts on an act and pretends that he knows exactly what he's doing. But once that's done and he doesn't have to pretend anymore, he retreats back into his mind.

A lot of people think it's rude that he doesn't acknowledge them when they come into a room or when they try to talk to him. He doesn't mean to be, he's just too busy with his thoughts to pay attention to the people he's not watching. There aren't very many people that let him stay quiet in his world.

That's why he likes music so much better, he isn't awkward with it, he knows exactly what to do; and it makes sense.

To say the least, no one understands him.

Both of them:

Ryan doesn't care if Brendon spaces out. Brendon doesn't care that Ryan takes a long time to respond. In some ways, they're perfect for each other. Neither one of them minds the others' shortcomings.

But the other anomaly of this relationship is that their shortcomings are pushed to the side when they're together.

Ryan is able to talk as elegantly and clearly without much thought just like when he writes and Brendon feels less intimidated and doesn't need to be in his own world. They can sit together and talk for hours without Brendon spacing out or Ryan wishing he had his notebook with him.

Another thing that makes them absolutely perfect for each other is the way they think. All of the conversations they have are “out there” to other people but make perfect sense to them.

Most of these conversations start off with a cryptic statement -that appears to make no sense- made by one of them with a response tacked on by the other.

When Brendon and Ryan talk, most people stop paying attention because they can't keep up with what the other two are saying and what they mean when they say these things.

These conversations rarely touch on the personal emotions of the other though. That is an area where the “shortcomings” come back into the equation. Ryan takes long pauses to think of words that come out jumbled anyway and Brendon starts to withdraw back into his safe place. So they normally stay away from those things.

This would be a bigger problem if they were together. But they aren't. Although everyone thinks that if they were, they could help each other with their “problems”.

Unfortunately, the two boys in question aren't aware of any of this. They know that people think that those parts of their personalities are problems that need to be corrected or looked at by a professional; they don't know that people think that they need to be together.

Neither of the boys is aware that there's someone who can help them, or that they really need any help for that matter. They know that being with each other makes them feel better but they don't think anything of it. It never occurs to them that they could actually be helping each other. But again, they don't think that they need help.

They don't think this because they've been like this as long as they can remember clearly. Ryan has never had a way with words in front of other people and other people have never made sense to Brendon. Except for when they met.

When Ryan met Brendon for the first time he thought he could feel a cloud move out of his mind. When Spencer left them alone for a few minutes to get them snacks he'd talked to Brendon without much hesitation or pause for the whole time.

When Brendon met Ryan he felt like he made more sense than any other person he'd ever met and when they started talking he found out that it was true.

That tradition has continued. Neither of them feels awkward or different when they're talking to each other. And they know for a fact that they don't need special help, they just need someone to understand. And being with each other is as close as they can get.

Why don't they notice how perfect for each other they are? No one really knows. Why don't they realize that they are the understanding that each one needs? No one has an answer for that question either. Will they ever realize either thing? Maybe.

The Morning:

“Hi Ryan,” Brendon greets his friend as he comes out of the bunks and sits down on the couch with him. Brendon had been awake almost all night and had gotten three hours of sleep. He isn't sure why, he'd just been in one of those moods.

“Good morning Brendon,” Ryan says, rubbing his eyes. He'd gotten too much sleep, over eight hours didn't work for him, and now he feels similar to a zombie.

That is all that they say for now. Brendon chews on a spoonful of cereal and Ryan stares into space, contemplating if he should eat now or later.

“Do you want some cereal?” Brendon asks, holding his bowl out to Ryan. “I got a little too much.” It's a big bowl that had been filled to the top.

“Thanks,” the other one responds taking a few pieces and putting them in his mouth.

This is normal. If it was Spencer or Jon on the other side of the couch, Ryan would be saying the same things, and Brendon would probably offer them something to eat too. But both Jon and Spencer are asleep and soon the two boys will probably talk the way only they can.

Jon and Spencer are the most desperate for Ryan and Brendon to be together. Ever since the idea occurred to them they have been trying to make it happen. So far they've been unsuccessful. Brendon and Ryan are blind to how good it would be for both of them. But Jon and Spencer are still trying; they're determined to make it happen.

“Do you ever want to be a bird, Brendon?” Ryan asks.

Brendon gazes at the far wall and sighs dreamily. “Yes. I want to know what it's like to fly.”

Ryan nods.

“But when I'm with you it feels like I am a bird,” Brendon says quietly, so quietly that Ryan isn't sure if he hears it right. He decides to respond anyway.

“Really?” He's never had anyone say something nice like that to him before. Enough people say nice things to him, but none of it is in his language. Only Brendon ever manages to say things in his language anyway.

Brendon nods, embarrassed, and Ryan smiles. When you ask Brendon a question he answers it, even if he doesn't want to, he answers it honestly, that is one of the things Ryan likes most about him.

“I feel the same,” he responds, because it's true and he wants to make his friend feel better.

This time Brendon smiles and leans in closer to Ryan and rests his head on his shoulder. This is something they do often too; they sit close and talk quietly and be together; drinking in the feeling of another human, another human who actually understands.

Brendon pushes his face into Ryan's neck and Ryan lets out a soft sigh, leaning to rest his head on top of the other boy's.

Spencer walks out of the bunk area and smiles at the sight of Brendon and Ryan together on the couch cuddling and whispering seeming nonsense to each other. He knows that the words make sense to them but he's given up on understanding it a long time ago. Instead he watches for a few minutes and keeps thinking about ways to make them realize just how much they need each other.

The two on the couch are silent now.

Late morning:

All of them are awake now and they're all watching a movie, scattered in different places around the bus. Spencer's lying on the couch, Ryan's in a chair, Jon is sitting on the arm of the couch, and Brendon's lying on the floor.

Later today they have a show to play and for now they're resting up for it. That's the official story anyway. In reality they don't feel like working, so they decided to watch a movie before they absolutely need to start practicing and thinking about how they're going to do things for the show tonight.

“Is Spencer asleep?” Ryan asks, looking over at his friend who hasn't moved for the past ten minutes.

Jon and Brendon turn their heads to look.

“I can't really tell…” Jon trails off, craning his head to try and see Spencer's eyes since Spencer has his hair falling in his face and his chin resting on his arm.

Brendon doesn't bother looking any closer though. He stands up, walks over to the couch, and sits down on Spencer's back.

Immediately Spencer jumps and tries to turn to see what or who is on his back. When he realizes it's just Brendon he shoves him off and settles back down into the couch cushions.

“He was,” Brendon says to Ryan from his place on the floor while Ryan's laughing the same way that he has been for the whole ordeal.

Spencer mutters something about Brendon being a jackass, making Ryan laugh harder and Jon and Brendon start laughing.

Brendon's comfortable enough around the other two to not be entirely closed up in his mind all the time. He can only be completely open with Ryan though, he knows that, Spencer and Jon know that, but he's not sure if Ryan knows that. Maybe he should tell him? Or maybe not.

Ryan can speak freely with the other two, they get annoyed after a while of him thinking of an answer to a question but they accept him more than other people, just not as much as Brendon. He knows that Brendon's only totally open with him and he wonders if he should tell Brendon how glad he is that he accepts his need to think about his words. Maybe some other time when they're alone.

“Are you two even paying attention?” Jon asks looking at Ryan and Brendon. Oh, he knows that they're thinking, probably about each other, and he wants to call it to attention.

“I, uh, yeah I'm, er, I heard you,” Ryan says, startled and blinking.

As expected, Brendon doesn't respond, he's too far gone in his mind and he's either blocking them out or he's too focused that he didn't hear them. Jon just grins and watches his friend's facial expressions change according to his thoughts.

“We'll just leave him alone then,” Spencer says with a small smile, Brendon sitting on him already forgiven.

Around noon:

They were pulling into the town that had their venue and all four of them were hungry. After a quick drive around before going to the hotel they picked where they wanted to go. So when they were checked into rooms and had taken their luggage inside, they piled into a rental car and drove to the Olive Garden they'd seen.

The four of them are led to their seats and sit down in a booth in the noisier part of the restaurant. Right away the waitress takes their drink orders and leaves to let them pick what they want to eat.

Right now they don't bother to talk because they know it'll be useless until the party of eleven at the next table over leave. And by the looks of it, they don't have to wait too much longer, most of them are drunk and it looks like whoever's birthday it is is one of them.

The waitress comes back with their drinks and asks if they're ready to order. They nod and place their orders and watch out of the corners of their eyes to see the loud table near them emptying.

When the table is completely empty they feel like they can talk.

They don't talk about anything too serious or too important, and their food comes soon enough. They're all really hungry so they don't talk at all when it comes and just eat it in silence.

When they're done they're too full to talk much and just pile into the rental and drive back to the hotel.


They all hang out at the hotel in Spencer and Jon's room, watching the TV and talking about the show.

Whenever they have enough time to actually sleep in a hotel Spencer and Jon always room together, hoping that something will happen between Ryan and Brendon in their room. So far it hasn't been working but they're not going to stop trying any time soon.

“Can we go swimming after the show?” Brendon asks from his place on the floor, leaning against Jon's bed.

Jon looks down at Brendon. “Do you really want to go swimming after the show? When we're all exhausted?” He's not really opposed to swimming; he's just confused because usually Brendon's the most drained after a show.

Brendon shrugs and looks up at Jon. “It would be a good way to cool down, it would be fun, and it's not like we have to really exercise or anything, we can just walk around and float in the water.”

“I'm up for it, it sounds fun,” Spencer chimes from his place on his bed. “What do you think Ryan?” he asks, looking down at the boy who is on the floor leaning against his bed.

“I don't care, I'll be fine with either,” he says in his monotone after thinking for a few moments.

Brendon's the only one who doesn't seem confused by Ryan's need to think an answer as simple as that one through. “Oh come on Ry, it'll be fun,” he says.

“I'm sure it will be, still, I'm neutral on the subject,” he says after a moment's pause.

“Well we win then, we'll count Ryan as a half and in the rules of democracy we outvote you Jon,” Spencer says with a laugh.

“I wasn't opposed to it in the first place, I just wondered why Brendon would want to go swimming after drowning in sweat on stage,” Jon grumbles, turning his attention back to the television and Patrick and Spongebob.


“Come on guys, we need to go and set up,” Spencer says impatiently from the doorway.

“Calm down, we're coming,” Jon says, joining Spencer and watching Brendon rub his eyes as he wakes up and Ryan get done messing with his hair in the mirror in the bathroom.

At the venue, about six-forty five:

At the venue the backdrop is already set up and all they have to do is get all of their equipment and instruments and make sure the lights and other electronics are working.

Onstage: At the moment Brendon is by the piano, tuning it. Ryan is sitting on an amplifier with his guitar, running through the set list quietly. Spencer is adjusting the microphones around his drum set. And Jon is sitting on the edge of the stage, talking to Zack. All of them are dedicated to making this show as good as they can. Then they go backstage to start getting themselves ready for the show.

Backstage: Ryan is busy putting on eyeliner, or `guyliner' if you ask him. Brendon is sitting on the couch with his iPod in his ears, mouthing the words to the songs. Spencer is standing by the clothes rack, looking at different shirts and holding them up to see if they look good with his pants, even though it doesn't really matter since his legs will be invisible behind the drums, but no one tells him that. Jon is watching his band mates, laughing as Spencer shoves another shirt back onto the rack.

Showtime, Seven-thirty:

They walk onstage when the lights go off. Some of the people in the front see their silhouettes and start screaming, which makes everyone else scream.

The four of them think that it would be funny if they sent decoys out to see if the people would start screaming; then have the lights come up and they all realize that they were screaming about techs, who definitely deserve the screaming but never get it. Then they just popped out of the sides with no warning.

Nonetheless, they walk out and smile at the screaming, the lights come up and the show starts. This is what they've been waiting for all day.

Aftershow (I didn't feel like writing the show, you understand):

They walk backstage and collapse in random places. Ryan's the only one who makes it to the couch. Spencer makes it to the makeup counter. Jon sits down on a box that has who-knows-what in it. Brendon just slides down the wall by the door.

“Do you still want to go swimming, Bren?” Jon asks.

Brendon nods vigorously and pulls his sweaty shirt off.

Spencer smirks and follows suit, putting a different shirt and pants on.

Ryan sighs and pushes himself off the couch to change into different clothes.

The hotel:

The four of them all change into their swimming trunks when they get back to their rooms and meet in the hallway.

“It's like ten-thirty, I feel ridiculous,” Jon complains.

They ignore him and walk downstairs and through the lobby. There are signs, but the smell pulls them forward too until they come to a door that requires a key card.

Ryan pulls his out, and it's a good thing he did because Brendon didn't even think about it and they would have to sleep in Jon and Spencer's room otherwise.

When the light flashes green they push the handle down and walk into the room.

As expected, it's empty and the water is lapping at the sides of the pool invitingly.

And even though they're exhausted, they waste no time getting in and paddling around.

The water feels good and Brendon was right, it's an excellent way to cool down some more. Besides, the feeling of water all around your body, and it sliding past you as you swim through it, is a beautiful sensation.

They don't do any really intense moving around. No laps or lengths or races. Instead, they swim or float leisurely, talking casually.

After a while, Jon says that he wants to go up to bed, Spencer goes with him because he has their key card and he wants to take a shower and relax while watching TV.

Brendon is still enjoying the pool though and Ryan is having fun watching him enjoy himself. They don't often get to relax and just be like this and the two of them are embracing it.

“Ryan, remember when I told you that you make me feel like a bird?” Brendon asks, swimming up beside where his best friend is supporting himself along the wall of the pool.

Ryan nods and smiles, remembering the moment. It made him feel happy that Brendon could ever feel that way around him; actually thinking about Brendon at all makes him feel happy.

“I-I think I know why,” he says cautiously.

“Does there have to be a reason why?” barely any pause.

Brendon nods insistently. “I don't feel that way with anyone else but you, I thought that there must have been a reason and I think I figured it out.”

“Okay, enlighten me.”

“I don't know if it's the same for you though.”

“But I feel the same way, why wouldn't it be the same?”

“I don't know, it just might not be,” now Brendon is looking down at the surface of the pool, wishing that he never brought it up.

There's a long pause before Ryan answers again. “I... I... I still want to know though. So c-could you tell me?” He had the words in his head but they didn't come out the way that he wanted them to, just like they did with other people when he didn't think about the words.

Brendon doesn't say anything. Instead he takes a big gulp of air and goes back underneath the surface, swimming away.

Startled, Ryan takes a moment to react. But when he realizes what just happened he goes after his friend, staying above water.

On the other side of the pool Brendon surfaces only to be met with Ryan right in front of him, cornering him into the sides of the pool. There's a determined glint in his eyes and Brendon knows that he's not going to get away this time.

“Tell me,” Ryan demands, overly curious at this point.

Brendon takes another deep breath but instead of going underwater he leans forward and kisses Ryan right on the lips. To his surprise, and pleasure, Ryan doesn't move away but rather he leans into the kiss and kisses back.

In the heat of the moment, Brendon turns him and Ryan around so Ryan's the one in the corner. Then he pushes forward so he's pressed fully against Ryan's body.

In response, Ryan links his fingers behind Brendon's neck and continues to kiss him back. Now he realizes just what conclusion Brendon had come to.

Suddenly Brendon pulls away and Ryan frowns.

“Stop, wait. Ryan, I've figured it out, now I know that I was right when the thought occurred to me on stage. But. I need to know that you feel the same way. I know you care, but I just need to know if you're as in love as I am right now,” Brendon pants, getting his breath back. He loves Ryan more than he can bear and he needs to know that the other boy isn't just returning the kiss as a reflex; that he means it too.

Ryan stops moving for a second. The way that he felt when Brendon kissed him was…indescribable and he knew that he could never have imagined a feeling like that. When he realized what Brendon's conclusion was he realized that he felt the exact same way. He's realized that he's also in love with his best friend, and now he has to show it.

Rather than use words he moves forward and brings Brendon into a sweet, slow kiss, unlike the faster one that they'd just shared. He's happy when Brendon kisses back but he's the one to pull away this time a few seconds later.

“I am so in love right now that it's melted away so that all I'm left with is love, the way it's supposed to be,” he says, fingers still linked behind Brendon's neck as their foreheads rest against each other.

Brendon smiles, feeling his heart lift a little bit. He can't think about anything but the way he feels when he's with Ryan or when he thinks about him or when he even touches him the littlest bit. He leans forward a little and presses his lips to his best friend's and leaves them there, unmoving.

Ryan returns the pressure and does the same by not moving his lips.

They remain that way for a minute or two before they realize exactly where they are and they start laughing, Brendon moves away so that Ryan can get out of the pool then he follows him.

They dry off and leave the pool area to go back up to their room. In the elevator they look over at each other every now and again and grin like idiots. Why they're doing that and not one pressing the other to the wall in a fiery passion of some kind…no one really knows.

Hotel room:

In the room they both strip down to their boxers and sit on their beds, looking at each other.

“So does this mean that we're going to start dating and when it falls apart, the band does too?” Ryan asks after a few minutes.

“Why does it have to fall apart?” Brendon asks. He's disappointed to hear Ryan say that, he was under the impression that Ryan was head over heels too.

“Every relationship that I've ever been in has ended like that,” Ryan says quietly, obviously not wanting to think about it.

“Isn't that how it works for everyone? And then they eventually find that one person and the two stay together forever. That's how long I hope it will last with you,” Brendon says, moving over to Ryan's bed to sit beside him.

“Forever? Really, you want to be with me that long?” Ryan asks, looking over at Brendon with a slightly hopeful expression.

“Well I don't really have a choice. That's how long love lasts,” he says with a warm smile. A few seconds later he speaks again, “Are you saying that you don't want it to work out, that you don't want to be with me that long?” He knows that he shouldn't be sad and that he's not necessarily right but he can't help but let his sadness seep into his words.

Ryan's eyes widen and he feels a wave of despair wash over him. Brendon thinks that he doesn't love him? That he doesn't want to spend every waking moment with him? He has to show him or tell him how he feels and that those questions came out wrong. The words are coming together and they're in his head, perfectly strung out and graceful and elegant; now the next step is to get them out of his mouth unscathed.

He takes Brendon's hands in his own and looks the other boy in his deep, brown eyes. Ryan pauses for a breath and to gather all of the words. “I. Didn't mean it that way. I-I was…just questioning my own feelings again. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings because I didn't mean to. I can't imagine going more than a few hours without you being close by. I do love you, more than even I can express in words. You mean more than the world to me and I hope that we do last forever.”

There, he'd gotten it out and it wasn't completely mangled. Ryan smiles as the boy across from him processes what he's just heard.

“Brendon?” he prompts quietly after a few seconds of silence that have seemed like forever.

In answer Brendon grabs Ryan's face and kisses him fiercely. Despite being surprised by the sudden and unexpected kiss Ryan returns it just as hungrily, wrapping his fingers around Brendon's wrists.

Brendon pulls away and puts his forehead against Ryan's, looking him straight in the eyes.

“I love you, I love you, I love you like never before,” he sings quietly.

“There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark,” Ryan sings back.

Brendon nuzzles his face into the crook between Ryan's neck and shoulder and presses a soft kiss there. “I love you so much,” he whispers into his neck.

Ryan smiles and lays a hand on Brendon's head. Then he pulls Brendon a little closer and inches up to the head of the bed. He pulls the blanket away and lies down underneath it, bringing Brendon down beside him. “I love you too. Forever.”

He watches Brendon smile. “Forever.”

There's a sweet silence. “And by the way, `Rolling in the Deep' isn't really a happy love song,” Brendon adds.

Ryan smiles and shakes his head. “The line I sang sounds like it though. It's the first thing that came to me,” he responds. “Deal with what you get.”

“I'm going to require you to come up with something better,” Brendon says seriously, but his eyes are sparkling, telling Ryan that he's joking.

Ryan rolls his eyes and thinks for a second. “Okay. I want you to want me, I need you to need me,” he sings.

Brendon smiles and closes his eyes. “That's much better.” He settles down into the pillow and moves closer to Ryan who wraps his arms around him and shuts his eyes as well.

“Goodnight,” Ryan whispers into Brendon's ear.

Brendon smiles to himself and makes himself more comfortable in Ryan's chest. It feels like this was supposed to happen. He has always been most comfortable around Ryan. Ryan's the only person who makes perfect sense to him. And he knows that Ryan can talk around him and sound like the eloquent lyricist that he is.

Next morning:

“Where the fuck are they?” Spencer asks looking at the door to Brendon and Ryan's room.

“Don't we have one of their keycards, you know for emergencies and stuff?” Jon asks.

“Yeah, I think that we do. Let me go look,” Spencer responds, going into their room to look for the keycard to the closed door. He finds it and brings it out.

He walks over to the door and slides the card. When the light flashes green he pushes the handle down and pushes the door in.

The sight that he's greeted with makes him turn and gesture to Jon excitedly. “Come over here now!” he says in an excited whisper.

“What?” he asks as he comes closer and looks inside.

He smiles at the sight of Brendon and Ryan curled up together in the same bed with Brendon's face buried in Ryan's chest. “Finally,” he says in exasperation at their blindness.

“Right?” Spencer asks, half-turning to him. Then he turns back to the door and goes inside the room a little bit, Jon follows and lets the door shut. “Wake up little lovebirds,” Spencer calls out.

The two twitch a little and Ryan rolls over, squinting to see them. He doesn't seem concerned at all that they're witnessing him and Brendon's very intimate moment.

“Bren,” he whispers, nudging the boy sleeping next to him.

Slowly Brendon opens his eyes and blinks lazily at the two standing in the doorway. “Surprise,” he mutters pushing himself into a sitting position and rubbing his eyes.

Ryan follows after him and stretches.

“Please, this is no surprise. This is something that we've wanted to happen for a while now,” Jon says.

“Okay then,” Ryan says, sitting up a little more to kiss Brendon.

“Aw, you two are so cute. Now get ready, I'm hungry,” Spencer says.

A few months later:

The boys stand in the wings and wait for the lights to go out completely.

Brendon looks at Ryan excitedly and Ryan smiles back giving him a deep kiss.

The two of them are still going strong and it's been a while. They haven't officially come out to the public yet but they've been considering it recently.

Besides it's going to be a little bit harder now that they both have gold bands around the ring fingers of their left hands. It's a little surprising how observant fans can be and how big a deal they can make out of the smallest things.

No they aren't married yet, Ryan only proposed yesterday. They're thinking a grand New York wedding. After all, it's just been legalized and New York is a goldmine of inspiration and talent, a suitable place for their marriage.

The lights are finally off and the two boys give each other grins in the dark that they can't see but they can feel.

They move out and take their places. The lights come up and the cheers go with them.

As soon as the initial wave of screaming is over they jump into the opening number.

The concert goes on flawlessly and it's at the time when they do a slower song to cool down a little. No one wants to get heatstroke. It's a hundred degrees outside, they're under lights, they're wearing rather heavy clothes, and the room is a little small so the heat from all of the bodies doesn't help.

“And now, it's time for me to do this,” Brendon says into the microphone after the song. He walks directly over to Ryan and the crowd is totally silent.

When he's right in front of Ryan he cups his face in his hands and kisses him, deep and passionate and in front of a room of a little over three hundred people. And it's one of the best feelings in the world.

The screams are almost deafening. From the front they can hear fans pledging their support and their continued love.

“Thank you, I'm glad you accept,” Ryan says into the mic in front of him. He had not expected that at all but he approves of it fully. If you're going to show them something, give them a show.

Then the show continues like it did before. Brendon finds himself gravitating to the side of the stage that Ryan's on. Yes, he walks away and around, but he can't stay away for long and before he knows it he's right back by his side.


And that's the end of their story.


You want to know what happens later on?

*Fake exasperated sigh* Fine.

Ending take two:

Three months later the plane touches down in New York City.

Brendon and Ryan are sitting next to each other, fully aware of what's going to happen tomorrow. They're both excited and nervous.

On the plane with them are Spencer and Jon and all of their friends from Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, and My Chemical Romance. Or in other words: All of the people who have known that they need each other from the beginning.

Their families are along too.

Brendon's siblings were all pretty accepting when he told them and his parents came around to the idea about a month ago.

Ryan's mom is also on the plane, happy that her son finally found someone to spend his life with, and that it's someone that she likes too.

And as for the shortcomings, everyone was right. Once they were together they vanished almost completely, even when they aren't constantly around each other, though it's rare to see one without the other nearby.

At the airport, their group splits in half. All of Brendon's family, and about half of the friends along with Jon go to one hotel while Ryan's mom, the other half of the friends, and Spencer go to another one.

All of the other guys are intent on keeping the tradition of them not seeing each other before the wedding. Ryan and Brendon don't really care but they've decided to humor their friends.


Everyone wakes up bright and early to start setting up the location. Ryan and Brendon are confined to their rooms and their phones are taken away so they have to wait for later to even speak with each other. Needless to say, they find this rather annoying, but they go along with it.

One of the big concerns was passersby who might be fans and might come and start screaming about their fantasy couple getting married. So, they decided to have it late at night.

New York is the city that never sleeps though, so they're going to have it on a rooftop. Before you start thinking `Really a wedding on a rooftop at night in New York City?' please remember who we're talking about here and who they're accompanied by.

Several hours later, at around elven o clock, everyone gathers on the top of another different hotel in Manhattan. The aisle is lit by candles on stands, and there's enough light from below them that they don't need too many.

Ryan emerges from the staircase and meets his mom; he's followed by Spencer who's his best man and who goes down the aisle first. After a few seconds, he follows with his arm linked with his mom's.

Up by the altar his mom kisses him on the cheek and sits down in the front row seat that's reserved for her. Then he takes his place by Spencer.

A minute or two later, Brendon and his best man Jon come out of the stairwell. And just because he's the one that comes up last doesn't mean that he's the bride or more feminine one, it just means that he lost the coin toss. Yes, that's how they decided who would walk the aisle first. Romantic right?

His mom is also there and he holds out his arm for her to take. Jon goes down first, nods at Ryan and Spencer and takes his place by the altar.

Brendon follows shortly after, shows his mom her seat after he gets a big hug from her, and he takes his place.

They are so excited to finally get to see each other after more than twelve hours that they beam at each other and have to hold themselves back from springing on the other one.

Then the ceremony begins and once the minister is done with the official stuff the moment they've been waiting for comes.

Brendon takes his ring, slides it onto Ryan's left hand, and says his self-written vows. “Forever.”

Everyone wonders what the rest of the vows are but when it's completely silent they just kind of nod slowly.

Ryan smiles, takes his ring and puts it onto Brendon's left hand, and then he gives his vows. “Forever.”

Really it should be no surprise to anyone that their vow is the same thing. And they should realize that that word means more to the two of them than any others that they could have used.

The two just smile at each other and without the minister's permission they fall into each other's arms and kiss like the world's going to end tomorrow. Not quite making out, but it's not really a chaste kiss either. It's somewhere in between.

The minister simply laughs a little bit and tells them to continue what they're doing until they see it fit to leave. Of course their friends are all cracking up, whistling, and yelling things that should embarrass them but don't.

Eventually they both run out of air and they pull away to smile at each other.

“Let's get out of here,” Brendon whispers so only Ryan can hear him.

Ryan nods and they turn to face their friends who are, yes, giving them a standing ovation. No, this is not a classic wedding. They decide to play along and they bow before walking back down the aisle and going through the metal hatch to get to the stairs.

They wait in the hallway until everyone else has come through. Gerard says something about a party and they all go into the elevator to go down to the ballroom where they've planned to have the reception.

Of course there's an open bar which makes the speeches very entertaining.

Ryan laughs his ass off while one of Brendon's brothers slurs out a story about when they were kids and Brendon's face gets redder by the second.

All of their friends have similar stories, some that they love remembering and some that they wish they could purge from their memories forever.

And then of course it's time for the couple's first dance.

They saved money on a band or DJ by performing themselves and having their friends perform. You know, you might as well use the talent that's gathered in the room.

The least drunk people in the room; and that's saying something, go up to the stage and begin playing and singing `In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel.

Luckily the singer, Patrick, isn't drunk so he's not slurring anything and they can fully appreciate the song.

They didn't have any say in what the song was so they smile when it comes up and they look right into each other's eyes just like they're supposed to for the couple's first dance.

It's absolutely perfect and they don't even really remember when it ended, just that it did with them standing as close together as possible and a sweet kiss.

And, as you've probably guessed, they've managed forever. Because, really, they help each other and they need to be together; it's been obvious since the day they first met.



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