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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Dare Mo
By David Johnson


Dare Mo

The characters in this story are the creation of Rumiko Takahashi.
No offense intended.

David Johnston

"Man, what a dump!" Ranma assessed as he looked at the bar. It was
fairly large, but poorly maintained. The windows were too dirty to
see inside and there was a stench in the air from the fishing
trawlers at the near-by docks. "Why would she run to a place like

"Think, boy!" Genma growled. "At her age, without identification,
this is the only kind of place that would hire her."

"Why'd she run away anyway? She didn't even leave a note."

Genma looked at him gloweringly, and said "If you can't figure it
out boy, I can't see how you expect me to. With your relationship
you _should_ understand her better than anyone else could ever hope

"Yeah...well...she was getting kind of weird before she left," Ranma
answered sheepishly.

"It doesn't matter. We have an obligation to fulfill. Let's go get

As they entered, it wasn't hard to pick her out. A ring of patrons
surrounded her as she faced off against an opponent at least twice
her weight. He wasn't totally unskilled either. Genma quietly
said, "Military hand to hand...I'd say American Marine Corps."
Ranma accepted that with a nod. His father was still better at
instantly assessing the style of an opponent. For all Ranma's speed
and skill, the old man still had a breadth of experience that would
take Ranma years to match, and a dockside bar had a far more diverse
clientele than Ranma's mix of Nerima sparring partners.

She wasn't bothering to try anything fancy though, just side
stepping her opponents attacks, then taking the openings revealed by
his attacks. Her opponent was taking a lot of punishment, but had
an almost Ryoga-like staying power. Tiring a little, she made a
mistake and her opponent instantly knocked her down. Ranma tensed,
the old "rescue the damsel in distress" reflex sparking, but he
didn't really need his father's warning hand on his shoulder to
restrain himself. She didn't need help, and he didn't need to give
her new reason to resent him.

She rolled backwards up to her feet, grinning in appreciation as she
wiped a bit of blood off her lip with her thumb, then leapt forward
and demolished her opponent in flashily proper style before
smoothing her short skirt and going to work... serving drinks. The
audience cheered as her opponent ordered a round of drinks for
everyone who watched, apparently the penalty for losing.

Ranma and Genma took seats at a table and waited for her. A flash
of some unknown emotion from her eyes told Ranma she hadn't
overlooked them, but she didn't seem in any great hurry to take
their order, leaving them until last. Just as well, as far as Ranma
was concerned. He still didn't know what to say to her. If there
was one thing that Ranma had learned over the past year or so, it
was that he couldn't count on the right things to come out of his
mouth when needed. He was still wondering if it was something (or
everything) he'd said that caused her to walk out. He just hadn't
stopped to think about her feelings. Yeah, like he ever bothered to
think about anyone's feelings, until they were actually crying.
Sometimes he really hated himself.

Eventually she got around to their table. She looked at them as if
they were strangers and said, "What are you drinking?"

Ranma snorted, "Real funny." and she glared at him as she repeated
the question with deadly restrained fury.

Genma shook his head a little at Ranma and answered with Buddha-like
calm, "Saki and a ginger ale, and we'd like to talk to you a

She looked at him, wilted a little, and replied, "Wait until my
break. I'll talk to you then."

She was a good bar maid. Speedy, efficient, cheerful, no sign that
she had anything on her mind. Although the bar was full of drunken
rough customers, they all behaved themselves around her. It was a
little less than an hour when she came back and sat down. Several
of the patrons looked noticeably startled, and peered at the men she
was joining.

"So, what was that?" Ranma asked, jerking his head at her opponent,
who appeared to have forgotten his defeat and was now relaxing with
a group of gaijin sailors.

She shrugged and grinned, "The first night I was working here,
somebody got fresh. Things sorta worked out so that every night
when I start my shift, they pick out a contender to take me on, then
leave me alone for the resta the night. I don't mind. It's good
training, but I'm startin' to figure out why Amazon tribal law ended
up so weird." It looked like he'd said the right thing, she was
relaxing as she asked, "So, how'd you track me down, anyway?"

Genma said, "You may not be aware of it, but since that little
ritual started, this bar has become a stop on the Street Fighter

"Huhn. I thought the quality of the opposition was going up," she
acknowledged, without much concern.

Genma frowned, "Anything Goes wasn't intended to be the evening
entertainment for a pack of drunkards."

She snorted, "Far as I can tell, it was intended to be a way for
perverts to grope women and steal food and underwear."

Genma shook his head, "The Master was always a man of great
appetites, but they didn't always consume him. He took a wrong turn
in his development as an Artist. I wouldn't like to see you make
the same kind of mistake."

"Right." Her mood seemed to have swung again, back toward cynical
resentment, if not toward the strangled rage with which she first
greeted them. Her eyes were narrow as she looked at Genma, "I
suppose I could always wander around, promise to get married to a
half dozen guys, then run out on each of 'em once I've soaked 'em
for as much as I can get. Would that fit in with honour of the

Genma remained unshaken, "It's the hope of every teacher, and every
father, that he can persuade the next generation to do better than
the last. I made choices I regret, and how I started making them
began in places like this."

Ranma was unsettled. He hadn't expected her to be so...volatile, so
unpredictable. She'd changed more than he'd expected. He couldn't
help staring at her lips. Was that...

"Lipstick? Is that what your staring at?" She answered his
thoughts, "Not exactly what you'd expect a kawaikunee tomboy to be
wearing, is it? Much less a..." She broke off rather than finish
that thought. She shrugged and explained, "The boss wanted it, and
I get more tips. If you think back, you wore it once or twice, so
why not?" She grinned again, enjoying his discomfort, and changed
the subject, "So, what's a nice _boy_ like you doing in a place like

Ranma swallowed, "I...we want you to come back."

"For what? So I can get shoved outta the way while you make your
marriage plans? Ukyo tells me you _still_ haven't done anything
about it. What are ya waiting for? Me to be a bridesmaid?"

Ranma looked startled, "You've been in touch with Ukyo?"

"She's my friend too, you know. Now that there isn't an engagement
in the way, maybe a better friend to me than she was"

Ranma shrugged, and said, "I just can't figure out why she didn't
tell me."

She copied the shrug, "I told her I wanted to be left alone. She
could relate to that."

He looked intently into her blue eyes, "No. I know you better than
that. You don't wanna be alone. That's the last thing you want. I
know enough about you to know that."

She looked down, "I want _you_ to leave me alone."

"Why do you hate me so much? We're-"

She was on her feet, her chair flying backward as she interrupted,
"RANMA NO BAKA!" Suddenly everyone was openly staring at them.
"You idiot! How can someone so stupid be- How could I have ever
been-" She looked at the interested bar patrons and snarled, "What
are YOU looking at!" Everyone suddenly became very interested in
their drinks.

Ranma said with irritation, "Look, I'm sorry, alright? I know you
got the raw end of this deal but there's nothing I can do about who
got the short end of the straw. But you don't haveta be out here on
your own." He waved a hand at the bar surrounding them. "Is this
really what you want?"

"There are worse options. Looking at your face every day ain't what
I want either!"

"And what's wrong with my face?"

"That's enough!" Genma snapped. "Be quiet, boy. We came here to
bring her back to the family, not to provoke her." He turned to
her, "Please sit down again and let me explain."

She laughed bitterly and ran fingers through her red hair, "Family?
What family? I'm nobody. I was never born, remember?"

"You are my...child. For all the magic involved in bringing you
into existence, you carry my blood, and my teaching," Genma sighed.
"I was once a rootless wanderer with no family, myself. My parents
died when I was young and I survived on my own on my ability to
steal and to fight. But my lack of family and limited education
were handicaps that I still struggle to overcome. For your own
sake, you must return to school, and despite your ability, it would
be better if you didn't abandon us."

Despite her best efforts, a plaintive tone crept into her voice,
"You abandoned me!"

"We didn't pay enough attention to you and your problems when you
began your separate existence, that is true. We were too focused on
trying once again to rush Ranma, that is to say your brother, and
Akane to the altar."

"-and that was a real great idea too. If things had gone any
smoother, we could have invited the riot squad," Ranma-kun muttered.

Ranma-chan ignored him, "You were adjusting just fine. There just
wasn't any place in your lives for me. So...I left."

"I will make a place in our lives for you. I have already been
investigating how to falsify a past for you. Nabiki's rates for
this have been very reasonable. You will be able to return to
school. Nodoka has already indicated that she support my choice if
I were to adopt you."

"You mean 'Ranko Tendo'?"

"You would be Ranko Saotome, or if you insist, Ranma Saotome, but
then you have to expect to be constantly called Ranma-chan." Genma
noticed the look of distaste that crossed her face and erupted,
"Face reality! You are sitting across from me in makeup, a skirt,
and I have no doubt that you are wearing a bra after seeing your
fight. At this point, it's a waste of time for you to pretend that
you are the same person you were before Jyusenkyo, or even a few
months ago, before you were split apart."


Ranma-kun couldn't wait any longer, and broke in, "So you gonna come
back or not? I'll promise to keep my face out of your sight, if
that'll help."

She shook her head, "There's something I have to try first.
Jyusenkyo. It's my last chance to get back some of what I lost.
That's what I've been saving up for, here."

Genma nodded, "That's sensible, I suppose."

"No, it's not!" Ranma protested. "All it's gonna do is cause even
more trouble. Haven't we had enough magic? There's no telling what
a second dip will do you."

"That's easy for you to say, now that you're free of it! But I'm
not. I don't wanna be trapped like this forever, and neither would
you," her voice was soft as she finished. "Even if it's a longshot,
I have to try."

"Yeah, I guess so. So you'll come back afterward, however it turns

"Maybe...probably...yeah...yeah I will," Ranma-chan reluctantly

"Good. I'll purchase two tickets to Hong Kong in the morning,"
Genma announced.

"Whaddaya mean, two!" the Ranmas chorused.

"If my child is going to travel across China, I might as well
accompany...her. Particularly since I wouldn't mind a visit to
Jyusenkyou myself, and I can use some company on the way. I've got
enough money that with whatever you saved over the last couple of
months, we can leave immediately. Fair enough?"

Ranma-chan just nodded, her eyes sparkling a little with unshed


Somebody posted a semi-sympathetic view of Genma, and so I thought
I'd post the only fic I know of which really shows Genma in a
favourable light.

Ranma-Chan Streetfighter Stats

Name: Ranma-(chan) Saotome
Style: Anything Goes Kempo
School: Saotome School

Strength: 3 Charisma: 4 Perception: 4

Dexterity: 6 Manipulation: 1 Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 4 Wits: 4

Alertness 4 Blind Fighting 1 Mysteries 2
Intimidation 2 Stealth 3 Style Lore 2
Streetwise 1 Survival 3
Subterfuge 2

Glory: 5 Punch 5
Honor: 3 Kick 5
Chi: 5 Block 5
Willpower: 6 Athletics 6
Health: 18 Focus 4

Wins: 23
KOs: 20
Draws: 0
Losses: 0
Rank: 5th (out of ten)

Special Manuevers
Hundred Hand Slap (Tenshin Amaguriken)
Jumping Tenshin Amaguriken
Triple Strike
Flying Thrust Kick
Punch Defense
Wall Spring
Fireball (Mouko Takabisha)
Hiryu Shoten Ha

Combos: Jumping Short Kick to Fierce Punch
Block to Hiryu Shoten Ha
Block to Triple Strike
Jab to Tenshin Amaguriken (Dizzy)
Mouko Takabisha to Jumping Roundhouse

Hiryu Shoten Ha
Prerequisites: Block 5, Focus 3, Air Throw
Power Points: Kempo/Kung Fu 4
This technique takes the offensive force being used against the user
and redirects it into a column of air thrusting upwards, propelling
the target up one story for each success the user scores, rolling a
number of dice equal to that of the interrupted attack. Used
indoors it can cause structural collapse with 4 or more successes

Cost: 1 Chi/1 Will
Speed: -1
Damage: By falling chart.
Move: 0


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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