Eye of the Bomb
(Written on April 27th. 1995)
(Revised in 1997)

With a thunderous roar I shatter the silence
Nearby windows rain down shards of death
from my influence.
Patterns of life will change...shift...distort...
perhaps permanently.

In a blinding flash, I steal your security.
Fear me everywhere, for I may be there.
Whether you suffer from paranoia or die in my flames
makes little difference to me...either way,
you are mine.

With a wave of white heat I burn your buildings.
Once familiar offices become twisted tombs.
Friendly corridors wither under the torch
of my unholy heat.
I am the flame which claims the young and innocent.
I am the dirge to which the martyrs march.

On an altar of crushed concrete, I sacrifice your innocence.
Never again will you stare through electronic screens
and think it will never happen here
For I strike not at the cities of Israel, Germany, or Britain.
I lash out at the heart of America.