Authors note:

Heyyyy guys! I'm glad you like it so far, the first two chapters were just small introductions to all the characters. This chapter will be much longer and it will switch point of views so I am dedicating this one to Rita for her dedication to my stories and for pushing me to continue writing! Thanks to her you get to enjoy this! (I hope you enjoy it anyway) Here is chapter 2!

Alex's POV

I sighed heavily as I counted the bills in my hand. Tonight had been slow and it was closing in on midnight. I had made just over two hundred and fifty dollars and all I wanted to do was go home. I knew the girls would make about the same so I would hand over a hundred. I still needed to sleep so I could make breakfast for my mother and my brothers. Mom was getting sick and I knew before long she would pass, but that didn't matter as long as my brothers were safe. I had a terrible feeling in my gut. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what.

I fell back into the group as we headed for our respective homes.

Brian's POV

I watched the woman I was destined to kill walk back into her small group. She was carrying anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars in her small hand. I wanted nothing more than to protect her with all that I am, to be her savior, to keep her away from all the dangers that could potentially harm her. I knew that I was one of those dangers, but I never wanted to be. I wanted to be her hero. I was suddenly jerked out of my immediate thoughts by an elbow nudging me.

“They're leaving, Brian come on.”

I followed Zack's orders with an unhappy sigh. I would have to end her tonight if my fellow murderers had anything to do with it.

Rita's POV

The five of us began our journey home in silence. I knew tomorrow would be the day my fears of being killed would come to an end and I could finally be happy. I could live my life the way I wanted.

“Hey, Lina, do you think Donavan sent anyone for-”

My sentence was cut short by a strong hand cupping my mouth. I knew that this wouldn't end well as I struggled against him to no avail. I was pulled into the darkness letting out muffled cries and screams. I felt the tears well up in my eyes thinking about how this would end for me. It didn't look very nice in my head. I would die tonight, and no one would know I even existed except for the scum in the alley that would miss their daily fix. I screamed one last time before everything faded to black.

Matt's POV

I the angel known as Rita gently and dragged her into a shadowed alley, cutting off her sweet raspy voice with my rough hand. I pulled her against me before silencing her completely so I could take her back to the mansion the five of us lived in. I hated the things I was going to have to do to the poor girl once we got there. I knew that she would feel every little incision I made into her soft porcelain skin and every slice into her muscles. She was beautiful, I memorized every inch of her slender 5'5 frame. She had long red brown hair, several piercings, but none tainted her heart-shaped face. She had milky white skin with not one imperfection. She was my angel.

“Please don't make me harm her... Please?” I prayed silently to the god I no longer believed in.

Ren's POV

I gasped silently at the scene unfolding before me, preparing to run for my life that meant nothing to me. I got two steps away before I was grabbed and tugged away; I fought, landing a few good blows. I didn't faze him at all. I managed to yell a muffled, “Let me the FUCK go!” as I was being dragged by the unknown man. He then began whispering sweet pleas in my ear, trying to calm me. I shut my mouth for his pleasure, but as I did everything grew black around me.

Jimmy's POV

I watched the beauty named Ren prepare to run as I grabbed her from behind much like Matt had, but I held on much more violently trying to fight off her blows. She continued to try and rip out of my firm grip, but I wouldn't allow that. After her violence turned to words I began whispering to her, calming her slightly although her muscles were still tense. I gently put her in an unconscious state. I studied her peaceful features; she had a long thick mass of blackness emerging from her head, tanned skin that looked as if the sun had kissed it, full pink lips. I didn't want to ravage her body the way I would. I never wanted to be the one to kill the sweet being I was holding as if she might snap with one false move.

Kasey's POV

I stood as still paralyzed in fear of the things taking place. I couldn't move, though my mind screamed for me to move my feet were still. My thoughts were jumbled in a frightened mess as a large hand grabbed my waist removing me from my place. I didn't fight just lay limp, leaning into my captor. I let him drag me away as he silenced the near silent sobs I didn't know had started. The man whispered gentle apologies as my tears slid down his gloved hand. He released my mouth, but held me to him.

“Please don't hurt me...” Was all I managed before blackness over took my sight.

Johnny's POV

I slipped a strong arm around my victim's waist as I pulled her to my chest. She didn't fight like I thought she would, but remained as still as any human in this situation could. She was silent except for the sobs I silenced while I dragged her into the darkness. I then removed my hand.

“I'm so sorry my love, but it is time for you to sleep...”

“Please don't hurt me...” Was the only thing I heard before I quieted her fears for the time being.