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My Son In Law
By elvara hrolfswiffe


Louisa could barely contain her excitement as the plane neared landing into Calgary airport. She had been plotting and planning this holiday for months if not years. She smiled up at the steward who came to check that her seat-belt was secured as the plane started its descent into the city. The pilot had already told them it was a balmy 10 C and Louisa was relieved that she'd packed a couple of extra jumpers. Most of the passengers leaped to their feet as soon as they were able to leave. Louisa just waited patiently for the crowd to disperse before picking up her hand luggage and heading down the walkway to immigration. She had already made sure all the paperwork was easily accessible for the drugs she was carrying. Being well over fifty had its problems, and insulin was only one of them. Her passport was checked over thoroughly. She'd done a lot of traveling since she'd been widowed six years before. She still missed Pete like mad; they'd had a wonderful marriage that had lasted nearly thirty years. He'd made her promise to keep living after he'd gone and she'd kept that promise: hence this trip.

Coming through the gate she looked for Honehe. They had been friends for years, having met on a fanfiction site for which they both wrote stories. They had never met, but it had been the Cheyenne woman, who had been on the end of the phone, during the night when Louisa had first lost her husband. It had been Honehe who had celebrated with her when her youngest had been accepted as a researcher in Africa, working with big cats and it had been Honehe that had watched over the computer as her eldest had taken her vows with the love of her life.

They had been BFF (best friends forever) without having ever met. Now, Louisa had three whole weeks of girlie gossip and silly giggly times to enjoy.

Honehe kept looking at the arrivals board. Trust Louisa to do things differently. She was that sort of woman. Most people who flew into Calgary took the easy route: UK to Toronto and then onwards, but not Louisa. She had found a direct flight from Glasgow, so had flown down from the little island she lived on and then straight to Calgary. She said she wanted to spend every minute possible in Calgary not waiting for connections.

And there she was, long auburn hair, flowing down her back from where it had escaped the sensible bun she habitually wore. If you looked at her, you would never believe she was well over fifty. She came across as so much younger. Women her age just shouldn't look good in a tour tee shirt and jeans. It wasn't fair for the rest of the females in the world. Not that she would admit it. She still thought she was over-weight.

Louisa started jumping up and down the minute she saw her friend. There were squeals and hugs as the women met in the flesh for the first time. The two pull-along hold-alls abandoned on the floor for a few minutes as dark brown eyes looked into cinnamon and then there were more squeals.

They didn't stop talking all the way to Honehe's apartment. Louisa soon settled into the guest room and took a shower. She'd been traveling for nearly twenty-four hours and knew she needed it.

Food was next and then sleep. Good friends understood the need for sleep. Louisa never required much, she had been able to get by on less than six for years; couple that with the ability to sleep anywhere and a nap was all she really needed.

It wasn't long before both women were up and talking again. They had so much to catch up on, photos of grandchildren were pulled out and ahhhed over.

“Your daughter makes beautiful babies,” Honehe commented as she looked at the latest pictures of her friend's grandchildren. The eldest lad had curly dark locks that most women would kill for, and was stuffing his face with cake.

“That one was taken at the twins' birthday party.” Louisa handed over another photograph. “That's Darla and that's Sophia. They have their papa wrapped around their little fingers already. It doesn't seem possible that they are two and a half now. I haven't seen them for months.”

“Does Lizzie know you've come to see me?” Honehe asked with a grin.

“Nope. I phone her once a week and that's all. She doesn't need her mother interfering in her life. She's happy and that's all that matters,” Louisa answered honestly. “I had enough problems with my mother and I swore I wouldn't cause the sort of trouble I had. Anyway she'll find out soon enough, I'll email her after the concert.”

Honehe burst out laughing, nearly spraying her coffee all over the room. The concert was what Louisa had used as an excuse to come to Calgary. This grandmother was into Scandinavian rock and had been for years. She'd seen a lot of the really big groups and there was a Scand-fest on at the Saddledome. Honehe had managed to get front-row tickets for the pair of them. It was going to be an amazing day out. The music started at noon the following day and they would be rocking til 2 AM or later. Honehe's nephews had been so jealous when they'd found out that the two women had tickets for the opening night. The fest was on for three days and the boys hadn't managed to get any tickets at all. They were far too expensive. Brennan and William had made her promise to, at least, pick each of them up a tee shirt. Honehe had agreed with a grin.

Morning came all too quickly for the two women. It hadn't helped that they'd stayed up talking until nearly midnight. Louisa had taken her insulin shot before crawling into bed. She wasn't going to let anything spoil this holiday.

William and Brennan were already at the condo when Louisa came into the breakfast room. She elicited a wolf whistle from one of the young men when they saw her all dressed up. She was ready to rock. The black velvet bustier was topped with a leather jacket and the blood red velvet skirt was buttoned up just enough to keep it decent leaving a flash of leg and high heeled lace up boots. Louisa didn't look like anyone's Grandmother at that point.

“The boys came to say hello, bitch because we have tickets, and ask, again for souvenirs,” Honehe said as she passed Louisa a plate of toast.

“Honehe says you want one of the tee shirts. I'll see what I can manage,” Louisa promised them both. “And thank you for the whistle. Good to know I pass muster,” she added with a smile before turning to Honehe, “Never mind getting home, we'll see if we can't pick up a nice couple of toy boys to play with,” then burst out laughing at the twin looks of shock on their faces. “I'm getting old, but I'm not dead yet. And if you blush at that never read what I write to your aunt, you'll stay that colour permanently,” she added.

Honehe spent the whole ride telling Louisa about all the sights in the city, there was so much to do. Louisa was really looking forward to her adventure. They had even arranged to go riding one day. It had been years since she had been on a horse, but the countryside looked so inviting.

The Saddledome station was filled to over flowing when they arrived. Honehe had arranged for them to have lunch in one of the restaurants before the concert. The food was gorgeous, but Louisa was anxious to get down to the arena and start spending money.

All over, there were posters of the bands that were playing: Ragnarok, Hammerfall, Him, Apocalyptica, Tyr, all the really big names on the Scandinavian rock music scene. Louisa pushed her way through the crowds and picked out two tees for the Honehe's nephews. She would give them to the boys the next time she saw them. They were of The Rasmus, who were due to play the following day. Brennan had told Louisa they were one of his favourite groups. She hoped they'd be pleased.

The bell sounded a warning that the music was about to start so the two women made their way in straight to the front. They were going to be eye to groin with most of the lead singers.

The roar of the crowd as the first group ran out was deafening. Louisa and Honehe rocked out with everyone else, screaming and singing as Apocalyptica dominated the stage.

There was a break between sets when both women took advantage to get drinks and use other facilities. Then HIM came on. There was no way they were going to miss a minute of this. The lead singer was hot. Very hot. Ville Valo strode onto the stage as though he owned it and the young girl next to Louisa started screaming out his name.

“Do you see how tight those leather pants are?” she asked Louisa as the opening bars of Solitary Man filled the arena.

Louisa looked across at Honehe. “You know one of the nicest things about my little house?” she asked her friend above the music.

Honehe shook her head. “No.”

“Only one bathroom and if you're very lucky, and quick, you can catch your son-in-law coming out of the shower.”

Honehe roared with laughter. “You are a wicked woman,” she scolded.

The band was fantastic and the crowds were behind them the whole way. They seemed to play every one of Louisa's favourite tracks as she screamed herself hoarse.

Honehe laughed at the sheer joie de vive her friend was showing; it was good to see her so happy.

The opening bars of Rebel Yell sounded out as Ville Valo shrugged off his shirt and threw it back stage, showing off his amazing body and tattoos. There were new ones of course. There normally were.

“Can you imagine having your hands on that!” the girl next door asked again as Ville started to walk backwards along the line of the audience. He'd stop every few steps and get someone to sing a word or two into the mike.

As he came close, Louisa reached out and pinched his bum, hard.

The rock star stood up, ready to object to the man-handling. “Bloody hell. What the fuck are you doing here!” he demanded.

Security came running over, thinking there was a problem. The music had stopped dead as soon as he had spoken. Honehe collapsed in hysterics. She was hanging onto the seat, trying to catch her breath back as the two huge guards arrived to sort out the problem, whatever it was. Ville held up a hand to stop them from grabbing the women.

“Make sure they get backstage after the show,” he ordered, still in shock. “And don't let them get into any trouble. I know what those two are like together.”

Louisa tried to act innocent as the security guards looked her over suspiciously.

“Sorry about that folks. Unexpected visitors.” He grinned at Louisa before kissing her on the cheek. “My mother-in-law.”

The squeal of joy from backstage could be plainly heard as Elizabeth, his wife of six years realised her mother had flown over from Scotland to see them.

“I've just thought, if you're here, we've got a babysitter for tonight and I might get some.” Unfortunately for Ville, he hadn't switched off the mike the way he had thought and Elizabeth heard every word, as did everyone in the audience.

Louisa started laughing even harder as his mistake sank through to his brain when the cat-calls started. With great effort he got back into the music, continuing where he'd left off with Rebel Yell.

The girl who had been sitting next to Louisa kept staring at her, open mouthed as Mige and Linde waved down at her, blowing kisses as they did so.

The show ended all too soon for most, Louisa and Honehe stayed in their seats as the crowds surged forward towards the exits, crowding around them in an effort to get away quickly.

The two security guards were grinning as they led the two women back stage through a door marked Janitor's cupboard. Elizabeth grabbed her mother before she had cleared the doorway. Honehe, having to wait for a few minutes until they had stopped hugging and were actually making sense when they spoke, looked around with amusement. It was a big cupboard.

“I'm Ville,” the tall man introduced himself as Louisa was crouching down getting sticky hugs from three little ones. “And you must be Honehe,”

Honehe smiled. “Yep, that's me,” she answered the incredibly beautiful man, standing in front of her.

“How long have you two been plotting this?” he asked as he passed her a soda.

Honehe looked at the label. It was one of her favourites. How had he known?

“Ever since the Scand fest was announced. Louisa noticed the dates and we started organising things.”

Ville looked a little confused. Honehe tried not to laugh; Louisa had said he wouldn't remember. He was useless with dates. “It's your wedding anniversary on Saturday. We thought you might like a few days off from the kids.”

Honehe watched as Ville processed what she'd said. He always forgot things like that, and he was always in trouble for it.

Panic was setting in; she could see it in his famous eyes.

“It's alright. We checked with your tour manager and you are booked into the Gold floor at the Chateau Lake Louise next week. We've organised a limo to take you both as well. All you have to do is make out you sorted it all and then pay the bill.”

“Lizzy will know it wasn't me,” he said honestly, watching his wife as she laughed with her mother. He loved to see her so happy.

“Yes, most probably, but she'll pretend she doesn't. Now enjoy,” Honehe instructed.

“Yes, Ma'am,” he answered her with a laugh. “I didn't believe Lizzy when she said you and Louisa were that much alike.”

“Well, we are. You make our girl happy, let us help occasionally. We're not trying to interfere. If we were, we would have told Elizabeth about the booking, rather than you,” Honehe tried to explain.

“Well, I thank you. It would have upset Lizzy if I had forgotten completely and it is very kind of you both to arrange this,” he told his Anoppi's friend in his accented English. Louisa could have told Honehe his accent got stronger when he was emotional, but Honehe guessed anyway. He had expressive eyes if you were lucky enough to get close.

Louisa had finished her first set of hugs and cuddles with the children by the time he made his way over to the two women.

“Lizzy, your mother has offered to have the children for a few days and has arranged for us to go to one of the best hotels in the area for a second honeymoon.”

Louisa looked up sharply. “You were supposed to pretend it was your idea. I knew you'd forget the date.”

Lizzy laughed. “Ville gave me his present last month. He's written a song for me. It's going to be on the new album. And I knew what he was like with dates when I married him, mum. I would have known.”

Louisa sulked and it was Ville's turn to laugh. “That is where you get it from, Lizzy. I have never seen the pair of you look more alike,” he said, taking the sleeping boy from his Grandmother's arms.

“What are you getting out of this, Mum?” Elizabeth asked suspiciously. She knew her mother adored the children, but it seemed a lot of effort to go to.

“I have a whole week with my three wonderful grand babies. I must admit Ville makes beautiful babies, and if I'm really lucky I might have more of them to spoil in another nine months; if he gets something out and manages to knock you up again.”

“Mother!!!” Lizzy exclaimed, blushing scarlet.

But Honehe and Ville kept laughing. That was the thing with Louisa, no matter how hard things were in her life, she kept laughing.

Petr snuggled further into his father's arms and continued sleeping.

Sophia and Darla cuddled into their Gramdy's side, hugging her close. All they knew was that they had most of their favourite people around them. They watched as the adults laughed and joked, Mama and Isa kissed one another, before they were swept up into arms and carried out to the car that would take them to the Regency Hyatt hotel.

Louisa carried Sophia in, while Lizzy held onto Darla, as Linde opened the doors for the beasts of burden. It was the work of minutes to slip the children into their beds, nannies taking over to babysit while the adults went back down to the party that had started in the bar.

“Its good to see you, Mama,” Lizzy said, wrapping her arms around the older woman. “Now, come and play groupie downstairs. You never know, you might catch yourself a rock star this time.”

Louisa laughed at the expression on her eldest daughter's face. It was sheer mischief. They were still laughing as they went into the bar, amongst the first to make it in. Honehe was sitting at one of the tables, a glass of wine in front of her, and a couple more waiting for the girls to join her.

There was a younger woman looking expectantly around the room, before walking up to the bar and getting herself a drink and sulkily sitting at one of the stools there. Lizzie watched her suspiciously

“Problems?” Louisa asked, noticing the change in her daughter's demeanor.

“Not really, I never doubt Ville, but it gets a bit much, well, just wait and see,” she answered quietly.

The men arrived en masse, laughing and joking, all still flying high from the adrenalin rush from being on stage. Louisa watched closely as the drinks were handed round. Ville had had problems in the past; she needed to make sure everything was as it should be for her daughter.

As the men arrived, the tart at the bar pulled her top lower and her skirt higher. Louisa had to bite the inside of her cheeks to keep from laughing at the obvious and childish attempt to get the attention of the rock stars.

“Now, I wonder if any of them will be desperate enough to take her up on the offer of a quick shag? From the looks of her it would have to be quick as well. I'm sure she has a curfew she has to make. It is a school night after all.”

Lizzy and Honehe sprayed their wine all over the table. Louisa was in the mood to play. The situation was about to get entertaining.

“This is how I ended up married in the first place.” Lizzy reminded her mother primly, eyes sparkling with mirth.

“Yep, I remember, I'm old not senile,” she added as she got up and headed towards the bar.

Honehe and Lizzy looked at one another. “Do you think we should go and help?”

“Mama, Ville or the tart?” Lizzy asked

“We could just go over and watch?” suggested the older woman.

Lizzy's eyes sparkled and they jumped out of their seats and headed to where they could easily see and hear what was about to happen.

Ville handed around the drinks, taking the diet cola for himself. Signalling the barman, he asked for the wine list. Scanning it quickly he ordered a bottle of Louis Roderer Vintage Cristal at over $300 a bottle; it was Louisa's favourite and he loved spoiling his mother-in-law. He pointed at the table where the women had been sitting, but they were no longer there. Looking round for them, he saw Honehe and Lizzy half hiding behind one of the pillars, giggling. His heart fell a little, that expression on his wife normally meant trouble for someone. He hoped it wasn't him.

The girl at the bar seemed to have something in her eye from the way she was fluttering her lashes. Ville froze. He hated the way women threw themselves at him,. He cast a look at Lizzy, hoping for rescue, but his wife shook her head and pointed at Louisa. So that was what all the giggling was about. The girls had already seen the groupie and were about to deal with it. Ville hoped he didn't get caught in the cross fire.

“I love you,” he mouthed silently at Lizzy, needing her to know. He had never been unfaithful to the young woman, who had stormed into his heart holding onto her mother's skirts, and he never would. It just wasn't his style.

“Hi, I'm Candi,” the girl purred as Ville picked up the tray holding the champagne and glasses. “Is that for me?” she giggled. Ville felt every hair on the back of his neck stand up. What made these women think they knew him? And that he would even appreciate such a false come on?

Louisa came up behind Ville; he knew it was her. There was no one else who dared pinch his bum like that. She reached an arm around his waist and grabbed the bottle from the tray.

“You spoil me,” Louisa whispered in his ear. “I will have to make it up to you properly later,” she said seductively as she kissed his cheek and sashayed off towards the table where the girls had been sitting.

Mige and Gas were trying, unsuccessfully, not to laugh at the expression on the bimbo's face.

“She's old,” Candi exclaimed. “You deserve better!”

“Oh, he gets better, and with someone who won't break with one shove,” Louisa had returned. “Now listen little one, it's a school night and you really should be toddling off home. You wouldn't want the boys to get into trouble for corrupting a minor, now would you? No, I thought not. I'm sure your mother is worried about you this late at night.” She held out the girl's jacket and helped her on with it. “We wouldn't want you to get cold, now would we? There we go,” and with a mother's practised ease, she hurried the women out of the bar and towards the main doors of the hotel. “Hurry home, child. and don't talk to any strange people you don't know.”

Candi had been escorted out of places before, but never with such finesse. She stood in the night air wondering who the woman was and how she had managed it. The doorman signalled a cab for her and made sure she got into it before turning to help Louisa back into the hotel.

“Nicely done, Madam,” he said with a grin.

“I have two daughters and a son. Believe me, removing teenagers from where they're not wanted is a knack I acquired a long time ago,” Louisa replied before slipping her own jacket off her shoulders and heading back to the bar. That gorgeous son-in-law of hers had treated her to a bottle of her favourite champagne and she wasn't about to waste it.

The doorman watched as Louisa crossed the foyer of the hotel. Whoever had done the tattoos that decorated the woman's shoulders was a superb artist. They enhanced the older woman's body rather than distracted from it. He continued to watch until she vanished into the bar that had been set aside for the guests that had taken over the top three floors of the hotel. It was going to be a long night for the bar staff.

Linde wondered into the room, looking around, and he spotted Louisa immediately. He'd become fond of the woman when she'd come on tour with them once, she'd taken the time to spend with his own daughter, making sure she was alright and hadn't got bored. It had warmed him to her warped sense of humour and peculiar outlook on the world.

Creeping up behind her he hugged her close. Louisa squealed in surprise when a set of arms wrapped themselves around her waist. She turned to see who needed telling off before hugging the blonde back. Linde kissed the auburn haired woman on the cheek.

“Caused a stir tonight, didn't you?” he laughed. “I've never seen Ville loose his concentration quite so quickly before.”

“But it was such fun,” Louisa laughed. “I wanted to surprise you all, and Lizzy and Ville need the break. And I have to admit to loving these parties. All these sexy men, holding me close. Now if I could only get one to take me home with him...”

Elizabeth blushed again. “Mother, will you behave?” she wasn't really embarrassed, it was a game they played.

“Yep, I've booked it for a day when I'm 94, until then, a big fat NO.” Louisa had no shame in some things.

Everyone laughed at the reply, it was so typical Louisa.

The night went too quickly. Louisa was soon dancing with anyone who asked. Those who didn't know her well, assumed that she was drunk, but she wasn't. The three girls had shared the bottle of champagne, Lizzy only having one glass, but that was it. Lars, the lead singer from Ragnarok was one of her more regular partners.

Gas was chatting on the phone when she came over for a kiss. Tanya, his wife, stiffened at the sound of a woman's voice asking her husband for a dance, until she recognised it. “Louisa's there?!” she yelled at the top of her voice. “Give her a huge hug for me and ask her to come and visit soon. The kids would love to see her,” she told her husband, the excitement in her voice obvious.

Gas wondered how Louisa had done it. Every wife and girlfriend showed no jealousy about them talking to Louisa, maybe it was the way she spent time playing with the children or the fact she didn't hide her enjoyment of life. She'd gone shopping with them, babysat for them, treated them with respect and had always been a good friend. She'd flirted, but only the same way she did with Ville, there was nothing in it but a bit of ego boosting. He swung his phone round so that Tanya could see Louisa dancing with Lars, they were jiving to some cheesy 1950's track, Louisa knew all the words, of course.

Ville set up a jug of water on the table as Louisa sat down. There were cans of soda all over the place and food had been set up for them to pick at. Suddenly the sound of Louisa's phone alarm broke through all the chat and laughter. Louisa pulled a face as she reached for her bag.

“Anyone squeamish?” she asked as she pulled out a hypodermic pen and started twisting the top. A needle was unsheathed and shoved into a bared thigh. You could see by the tightening of Louisa's jaw that it was hurting her, but she counted slowly to ten before pulling the needle out and putting the whole lot back in her bag. Looking up at the shocked looks on some of the faces surrounding her, she grinned. “What's up with you lot. In the music business and never seen anyone shoot up before?” she asked wickedly.

Lars stood up and walked away in disgust. He had no time for junkies. Louisa's eyes saddened slightly as she watched him head for the bar. She thought she understood, some people didn't handle illness well. Oh well, never mind. Ville brought her over a plate of food, wrinkling his nose up at the meat and fish on it.

“Come on Finnish boy, feed the witch before she passes out,” Louisa laughed and bit into the fresh bread. “Must admit it is nice to be officially sick, you get the handsomest men waiting on you.”

“It's just that it embarrassed him when you passed out on top of him that time, Mama.” Lizzy laughed.

Honehe looked puzzled, this was one story she hadn't heard before.

“Mama and I were shopping, we'd been busy all day and Ville was supposed to book the table for dinner. He hadn't managed to get in for seven, when Mama had to eat, and had booked it for eight. Mama was trying to be all sophisticated and didn't want to snack before we went out. If she does she's ill the next day, so off we went and we're just about to get out of the taxi when Mama goes all woozy. Ville thought she was joking around and stepped away from her, only for mama to land on top of him as she passed out. Some tabloid got hold of a photo and the headline read that Ville's girlfriend had been so drunk she'd been unconscious.”

“Worse thing was the buggers kept me in hospital for two days. All I needed was fish and chips,” Louisa grouched and then laughed. “At least I was the envy of many. I had a soft landing.”

Honehe squeezed her hand, she knew how much Louisa hated her diabetes, hated the fact that the illness dictated her diet and her schedule. She hated it when it stopped her living life to its fullest. Hated the fact that she had to eat at certain times and her life depended on her shoving a needle into her body once a day.

“Come on, eat your breakfast then I'm taking you home to bed. You've got grandchildren to play with tomorrow, today,” she corrected, looking at the clock.

Louisa smiled and kept eating. “Need anything else?” Lizzy asked as her mother finished off the food she'd been brought.

“No, not need thanks love and I'm saving the treats for ice cream tomorrow. Honehe says there's a place that does over a thousand flavours. It sounds like the sort of thing I should introduce the children to. Grandmother's duty and all that,” Louisa told her daughter happily. “But I'd kill for a cup of tea,” she added. “All this partying is a bit much for an old lady like me.”

The laughter echoed around the room at Louisa's comments. She might be older than most, but she wasn't the oldest. Lars, for one, was older.

“Hey handsome, any chance of tickets for tonight? We could only get them for last night?” Louisa asked Ville as they were headed out of the bar.

“How many, Lou?” he asked as he sent a text to his management company to organise it.

“Four,” Louisa replied, “We'll give those nephews of yours a treat, shall we? The Rasmus are playing.” she said to Honehe.

Lars was still sitting at the bar after Ville left with Lizzy to see Honehe and Louisa off. He was actually disappointed that the woman relied on drugs to keep her high, for some reason he expected better from someone he'd heard so much about. Gas was finishing off his drink and the barman was clearing up.

“Good evening, Sirs?” he said as he collected the empties.

“Yeah, it was great, wonderful to see Louisa again,” Gas added. “You seem to be enjoying her company?” he added to Lars.

“Was until I saw her shoot up. Surprised you guys let her near the children with that stuff in her body,” Lars said bitterly. His ex had been an addict and it had ruined his son's life.

“Louisa, drugs?” Gas actually seemed puzzled.

“The insulin,” Linde said as he came up. “Coffee, please?” he asked the barman. “She's diabetic, not that she lets it slow her down. She uses it as an excuse to keep living.”

Lars felt confused, “But she said...”

“It's her way of dealing with it. She lost her husband young, Rose, her youngest, hadn't even finished school. She raised three amazing people and continued to help anyone and everyone who needed it. But she hates the drugs. Hates them with a passion, you can't believe. Hates that she has no choice about taking them, so she deals,” Linde explained. He'd spent an evening trying to persuade Louisa to give up eating so much food, convinced she would be healthier without it. Louisa had actually broken down in tears and explained she had no choice about how much and when she ate. It had been the only time he'd ever seen her not smiling and laughing.

“She loves life and brought up her kids the same way. Do you know how Ville and Elizabeth met?” he asked.

Lars shook his head, how did anyone meet their future spouse?

“Louisa had taken her daughters to a gig to celebrate Lizzy finishing her degree. All three were dressed up much the same way as Louisa was tonight. The concert was about to start when someone collapsed in the foyer. Louisa swung into action, she started CPR without even thinking, shouting for a first aider. They got the defib machine out and Louisa has the pads on the man as though she'd been doing it for years. She doesn't stop, for fifteen minutes she's keeping the guy alive, doing what she has to until the ambulance arrives, then gives a report like it's her job. She got him back. They showed us the trace later. The guy had officially been dead, but she fought and brought him back. But she's missed the first part of the gig.”

“How did the guy do? Did you ever find out?” Lars asked.

“He was fine, thanks to Louisa,” Linde answered softly. “So we give her tickets for the following night, it was the least we could do. And invited them backstage to meet us all. She spent most of the time talking to Olivia, who had been pushed aside by aides and reporters wanting an interview. She was the only one who noticed my daughter was lonely. Even I hadn't. Lizzy is just chatting away to everyone and Rose is talking about the degree she wanted to do. They were natural with us. Ville asked to see Lizzy again and she thought he was joking with her. Still doesn't realise just how beautiful she is. And the rest is history. Louisa supported them the whole time. Stood up to those who complained Ville was nearly twenty years Lizzy's senior, stood by them and backed them completely. Danced at their wedding and flew out to be with Lizzy when she had Petr. She really is the nice person she appears to be. What you get is what you see with Louisa.” Linde and Gas walked off leaving Lars to his thoughts. He had really misjudged the woman.

Brennan and William were round at their aunt's condo far too early the next morning. They had promised to help out with the car that seemed to be mistiming and were surprised to find Honehe only just up when they arrived at eleven.

“Remind me never to go out with that woman again,” Honehe groused as she put on the coffee and started on breakfast. “We ended up in a bar, dancing with some strange men.”

Brennan looked horrified at his aunt. “You did what?” he asked, unable to believe his ears.

“Went out drinking and dancing until we were poured into a taxi by some hunk or other and sent home,” Louisa said as she came into the room, smiling at the two young men. “Now pressies. The Rasmus Tees for good boys, who don't give their aunt, or her friend, too much grief for partying.”

She handed over the bag she was carrying. “And you can wear them tonight. We're taking you out to dinner and to meet my family.”

Brennan looked at his brother, why would they want to meet Louisa's family? “Dinner sounds nice,” William said politely “But we'll have to ask dad and mum.”

“That's fine, and don't worry, if you're bored, we won't make you stay. We'll get you home safe. You had better stay here the night though, Ned will only get mad if you roll in too late.” Honehe added as she handed coffee round, trying desperately not to catch Louisa's eye.

The boys politely escorted the two women onto the C train and watched as it headed towards the Saddledome.

“Are we eating here? Cause you have to have tickets to get in,” Brennan told the two older women.

“We know that and we've got them. We managed to get tickets for tonight, thought we'd give you a treat,” Honehe answered only to get hugged by her nephews. Their friends at school had been going on and on about the gig for months and now they were going to be there.

The quartet made their way through the crowds and Louisa gave their names to the man at the gate who handed over four VIP passes.

William and Brennan kept staring at the tags in their hands, and Honehe laughed as she put them over the boys heads and let Louisa lead them through the crowds. The merchandising area was as busy as ever. The boys were looking enviously at the HIM and The Rasmus stuff. They had a little money on them, but were surprised when Honehe told them not to buy anything just yet.

“Wait til afterwards, save you carrying it all,” Louisa told them as she led them through into the main arena. It was already crowded. William checked their seat numbers again. There weren't any. It just said VIP area and that was all.

“Louisa, where are we headed?” he asked as the woman in jeans and a tee shirt that read 'if you think my son-in-law is cute, you should see my grandson' headed down the main aisle.

“This way, VIP's inside the cage.” she laughed as she showed her pass to the security guard. It was the same one as last night.

“I was told to keep a close eye on you,” he reminded her with a laugh. “You're trouble.”

“Ahh, isn't that sweet. Honehe, he remembered me,” Louisa laughed.

There were just four seats inside the barriers, with a table already set with soft drinks for the four of them. There were also tour jackets over the back of the chairs. William and Brennan wanted to ask questions, but the screams of the crowd drowned them out as The Rasmus took to the stage.

Louisa didn't sit still at all; she was up and dancing the whole time. Screaming and shouting with the rest of the audience. It confused the two lads even more when Lauri Yl?nen waved and blew kisses to Louisa, which she happily blew back.

Next up were Apocolyptica, the Finnish cellists started off with Bittersweet. William and Brennan were almost overwhelmed when Ville Valo came out to sing vocals with Lauri from The Rasmus, then they went into 'Not Strong Enough' and Louisa was still dancing and singing. William wondered where she got the energy from.

Finally Ragnarok took over the stage; Louisa looked up into the face of the man she'd spent the evening dancing with and the shutters came down over her soul. She wasn't going to let him see just how much he'd upset her with his attitude. She sat back down and took a swig of the diet cola that had been left for her.

Lars noticed Louisa turn her head away as the lights came on. He deserved it. He sang his heart out that night, trying to make it up to the woman down in the audience. He must have succeeded at one point because Louisa was up and dancing again before the end of the set.

When it was finally over Brennan and William started to gather together the stuff that had collected around them, ready to leave.

Louisa hadn't shifted off her chair. She was resting and breathing heavily. Unlike the younger members of the audience she had danced solidly for the whole show.

Rubbing her calf muscles she grinned up at Honehe. “My legs ache,” she moaned. “Ready to go play nice with the in-laws?” she asked the boys.

William tried to be polite and nod. He had no desire to go and sit somewhere, meeting strangers, when he was still flying high from the adrenalin rush of listening to some of his favourite groups.

Honehe was smirking. There was no other word for it. His aunt was smirking like it was Christmas morning and she knew what was in his stocking. Louisa picked up her own jacket and flung it round her shoulders before walking away from the exits and towards and the entrance that led to the backstage area. She waited for Brennan and William to catch up before signalling the security gorilla that had been watching them carefully.

The two lads were about to point out her mistake when a twenty something woman, full of curves, came running towards them. Her long honey blonde hair nearly reached the top of her bum and Brennan was enjoying the view. Unlike the skinny to slim girls that had been in the audience, this one looked like a real woman. She threw her arms around Louisa and was hugging her tightly.

“Enjoy the show?” she asked, her eyes alight with mischief. I got them to sing Bittersweet for you. I know you love it,” she added, laughing.

“It was wonderful. Now Lizzie, this is Brennan and William. They've been polite enough not to grouse about meeting my family. Boys, this is my eldest daughter, Elizabeth.” Louisa introduced them to one another.

The two young men shook hands politely as they said hello.

“Come on, Mum. The car's waiting for us. The others went ahead,” she grinned as she led the four of them off to the exit by the stage.

William hung back a little. “Honehe, if we get too bored can we go home?” he asked his aunt quietly.

“No problem. If you don't want to stay while we all talk I'll give you my key and pay for the cab myself,” she reassured him, but Brennan wondered about the look on his aunt's face, it was almost as though she had a secret. William had missed it. He just didn't want to hang around the olds for the rest of the evening. Even if it was already passed his curfew.

Neither teenager was expecting the limo that was waiting for them. Or the fact that they were hurried into the most expensive hotel in Calgary. There were reporters trying to take pictures, being held back by an irate doorman who smiled at Louisa as she went into the foyer.

“We've kept the riff-raff out tonight,” he grinned as Louisa laughed with him.

“No house-keeping for me, you spoil all my fun. Now, where are the boys?” She could hear the music pouring out of the bar. “Never mind. I think I can guess,” she said as she and Lizzy led the way towards a bar that seemed to be cordoned off.

'Closed for private party' read a notice held on a velvet rope. Louisa moved it aside and beckoned for her own guests to follow. The doors opened to allow the sound of the party to flood the foyer causing more than a few heads to turn. Some long haired rocker came out. His back turned to the group heading in as he talked to someone still in the room.

“Joacim, shift that butt of yours and let a lady or three through,” Louisa said laughingly.

The man turned quickly to see who had talked to him. “Lou!” he shouted at the top of his voice.

Honehe's nephews stood in shock as the lead singer of Hammerfall swept Louisa up into his arms and twirled her around. “Ville said you were here. It is good to see you again.”

“Thank you, Joacin, now put me down so I can go and annoy my son-in-law,” Louisa said, kissing the man on the cheek.

Laughing he did as he was asked, holding the door open for the little group to go through.

William and Brennan were still in deep shock as they looked around the room. Honehe was being greeted by rock stars, their aunt knew these people. Louisa was getting hugged left and right. A very skinny woman had wrapped her arms around Louisa and was talking non-stop at her. Louisa was laughing at whatever was being said.

Honehe leaned over to her nephews. “Bored yet?” she asked, “Or do you want to hang around with Lou's family?”

Neither teenager was capable of giving a coherent response. They were still staring wide eyed around the room like a couple of kids let loose in a toy store.

Finally Brennan managed to squeak out, “Louisa's family?”

Honehe laughed. “Yep. Lizzy's married to Ville Valo, you may have heard of him, sings with some rock band or other.”

“Some rock band? Honehe, his face is plastered all over my room and you never said anything.” William looked at his aunt in horror. “You never told us you knew him., he added accusingly.

“Well, you didn't seem interested in knowing what my best friend's daughter and her husband were up to, and you shouldn't. But we'd thought we'd surprise you. Now, go enjoy yourselves and don't make a fool out of Louisa or me. No star struck teenage routine please,” Honehe warned them as she shoved them further into the room. Lizzy grabbed her hand before she could do anything else and led her over towards the very skinny blonde Louisa had been talking to.

“Mutte, this is your other partner in crime, Honehe. This is our tour manager, Mutte,” Lizzy said before she ran into her husband's arms.

Louisa watched the pair of them with a wonderful, serene smile on her face. Even after six years of marriage it was obvious how much the pair still loved each other, if anything it was growing stronger and stronger. She was still playing voyeur when Lars came up behind her.

“I owe you an apology,” he said to Louisa, causing her to spin round to look at him.

“Whatever for? Because you don't like the diabetes? Don't worry about it, not everyone can handle that sort of illness.” Louisa went to move off from the very good looking singer. She'd always had a thing for tall, long haired, brunettes.

“No, because I thought you were really taking more illicit drugs than insulin and I was disgusted that anyone that high was allowed near children,” he told her honestly.

“The high's all natural. Elizabeth could have told you that,” she laughed. “Someone set you straight?” she asked as she looked up into his face, searching for the answer.

Lars nodded. “Now am I forgiven and do I get a dance tonight?” he asked, flashing his grey eyes at Louisa.

Louisa nodded, “If you're asking, I'm dancing,” she replied, recalling a phrase from her youth.

The two of them made their way hand in hand towards the area that had been set aside for dancing. Lizzy watched as her mother laughed and joked with the man who was obviously smitten with her.

“Its good to see her so happy. I'm glad she pulled this on us,” she told Ville as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Your mother is a wise woman. Didn't she say something about me knocking you up again?” Ville smirked at the expression on Lizzie's face. He loved it when he got her to blush like that.

Lizzie snuggled deeper into his embrace. “Would you like more children? You always said two were enough and then I had twins.” Lizzie looked up into those famous green eyes that held such love in them for her.

“I didn't think I could handle any more than two and be a good dad to them,” he explained softly. “But you make it all seem so easy.”

Lizzy laughed out loud. “I should hope so. It's what I was trained for. I did get a first class honours degree in child care, Mr. Valo.”

“The perfect qualification for looking after me, but what about the children?” he shot back at her, eyes dancing. “We'll talk about it when we're away,” he promised Lizzy. She had always wanted a huge family; it wasn't as though he couldn't afford to look after more children and there was something incredibly sexy about seeing her huge with his child in her body. Louisa was right, they should think about it very seriously, the three they had had brought them nothing but joy.

Louisa was dancing with Lars again, laughing when the alarm in her bag went off. She pulled a face, when Lizzy held the bag up high, and swore loudly.

“I won't freak and run away like a wuss this time,” Lars promised.

Louisa laughed. “And I won't claim that it's anything other than what it is this time. I don't blame you for hiding from Smack, its nasty stuff.”

“My ex is still in and out of rehab the whole time. Screwed up my boy while she was about it,” Lards told Louisa as she stabbed the needle into her leg.

“Not a good memory. I've been on this stuff since I was pregnant with Rose, nearly killed her with my useless body.” Louisa didn't mean for her bitterness to show through, but she appreciated the comforting hand laid on her arm. “Thanks. Now let's feed me before I turn into some sort of hell hound. You really don't want to see me when I've had my shot and can't get food. It confirms every mother-in-law joke there ever was.”

Lizzy brought over a plate piled high with food and put it down in front of her mother. “Thanks for the trip, Mama. He's considering it.” She couldn't hide her excitement.

“Why do I get the feeling Ville has been out manoeuvred by a couple of scheming females?” Lars asked, grinning at the matching expressions on the two women's faces.

“I swear we haven't plotted anything,” Lizzy said honestly before heading off to find her beautiful husband again. And he was beautiful, even at nearly fifty, the man still took her breath away when she looked at him. He had from the first moment she'd seen him in the flesh. Lizzy thought back to that magical weekend. Mama had said she would treat them to anything she wanted to celebrate the end of her exams. She asked for a whole weekend of fun. Something for each of them. They had started at the zoo for Rose and then the museum for her; and finally a rock gig for Mama. The gig had to be heavy; that was the only condition. Mama had surprised her with tickets to see HIM in one of the intimate concerts to launch the new album. How she got them Lizzy did not want to know. They had been waiting to go into the arena, when a man collapsed behind them. Mama, being Mama, had to help and they had done their best. Thank whoever was listening, because they had got the guy back. Mama's training as a nurse had saved yet another life. As a thank you, Ville had sent them tickets for the following night, and had invited them backstage. The rest, as they say, was history. She hadn't been able to keep her eyes off him all night.

And Ville had felt the same he said. He had invited her out for a meal, and eventually Lizzy had said yes, to lunch. Ville had been stunned at how wise the young woman had been. She hadn't been impressed by his wealth or his status, she'd asked about his home, his parents, his hobbies. She'd been interested in him, not HIM. She grew more and more beautiful the more he saw of her. It had been less than a month from their first meeting to the day Ville had flown to Orkney to visit Louisa in her own home. He'd had to hire a boat to get across to the little island she lived on and then had walked from the pier to her house. To do the honourable thing and ask if there were any objections to him seeking Lizzy's hand in marriage. Louisa had been very surprised to get any visitor, let alone this one. She'd fed him, and listened to him talk and then supported him in his courtship of her eldest daughter. Ville would always respect and love Louisa for the way she had treated him when he came into her family.

Now he was watching her dance with Lars. She never danced with him. It was one of her quirks. He'd asked her about it one time when she'd been visiting them in Helsinki. And her answer said a lot about the woman she was.

“I flirt when I dance, Ville. I can't help it, it's the way I am and I am never going to do that to you or my daughter, especially my daughter. I had enough of that from my own mother.”

William and Brennan watched warily as their aunt approached, she'd been chatting to Burton for quite a while and now came to seek them out.

“Do you two want to stay for a while, or has hanging with Louisa's family become too much of a bore?” she asked, teasing the two teenagers.

“Can we stay?” Brennan begged. “Please. We won't cause any trouble.”

“If you did, kids, we'll sic Louisa on you, she terrifies the life out of most of us,” Mutte laughed.

The evening was everything that two boys could have ever dreamed of. They spent the evening talking to everyone and everyone was kind and friendly. They never felt that they were in the way or a nuisance. All too soon it was over and they were heading home. It was only when they literally fell into their beds they realised that they hadn't got an autograph or their tee-shirts. But never mind. They had an amazing night to remember.

Sunday saw Louisa and Honehe spend the day at the zoo with Louisa's grandchildren. Kidnapped from their parents, but not from their nannies. Lizzy and Ville had the day to themselves.

Monday morning Brennan and William were sitting in home room at school when their names were called out. They had forgotten all about the field trip to the Performing Arts School in the excitement of the weekend.

“So what did you two weirdos do this weekend?” David, the class bully, asked as he shoved them out of the way.

William and Brennan caught each other's eye and smirked. “We spent the weekend at our aunt's house, helping her and a friend babysit some kids.”

“Yeah, took 'em to the zoo.”

Maggie, one of their classmates, smiled at them. “That was kind of you,” she said.

“I hope they paid you well,” someone else said.

“Oh we got dinner out of it, and Aunty Honehe says if we are good she might treat us to a night out as well. She has the coolest friends,” William said, warming to the young woman.

“You really are freaks,” David told them nastily. “Who wants to spend time with olds?”

Brennan lifted an eyebrow at the boy as he shoved his way down the bus.

“Hey, Maggie. I didn't know you liked Hammerfall,” William said, pointing at the badge on her bag.

“Yeah, they're great, but I really love Ragnarok. Lars is so delicious and his voice.”

The three of them continued to talk all the way to the School. Maggie was almost green with jealousy when William and Brennan admitted they'd been to Scan rock the Friday before.

“As if you got tickets for that!” David scoffed.

“We got VIP tickets and met Ville Valo,” Brennan defended his brother and himself.

That led to more tormenting as they got off the bus.

The teacher called them to attention. “We're going into the main lecture room where we have a surprise for you. A master-class from a real rock musician.”

The whole group started chattering, wondering who would be talking to them.

“It's more likely to be a session musician than anyone famous.” Maggie said thoughtfully.

They all settled quickly. David kept kicking the back of the chairs in which they were seated, “It might be your friend Vile,” he taunted.

“It's pronounced Vil-ley.” Maggie said the name slowly, as if she was talking to an idiot. “And he's gorgeous.”

“He's married,” William laughed. “With kids.”

“I know,” Maggie groaned. “Lucky woman. Can you imagine waking up next to him in the morning?” she added to the girl sitting the other side of her.

Claire, her friend, agreed. “I like Burton. He always seems sweet.”

The class quietened down as the doors opened and Ville Valo walked in. Beanie hat on and made up to look every inch the rock star.

The whispers ran around the room as he stepped up to the podium.

David kicked the back of Brennan's chair again. “Aren't you going to say hello to your friend?” he asked, causing more laughter amongst his cronies.

The lecture was intriguing. Ville talked about the hard work it was on tour, and the fact that touring took him away from his family for up to nine months every other year.

“It's not all pretty girls and parties,” he told his audience.

“Could have fooled me,” William whispered to Brennan.

“Anything you want to discuss with the rest of the class?” their teacher asked, embarrassing both boys.

“No, Sir.” William answered, angry at getting caught.

“If I was going to give one piece of advice, learn to play your instruments before you worry about your make-up.” Ville finished off the main part of his lecture.

There was laughter all round but despite the protests it was over.

“Mr. Valo has an extremely important appointment later today and it was most kind of him to spare us these couple of hours” their teacher said as the applause started up.

Ville was sitting on the stage, talking to various of the kids as they approached him. He seemed genuinely interested in what was being said. Maggie looked at him shyly. She would kill for an autograph. William came up one side of her and Claire the other.

“Go on,” Claire encouraged. “What's the worst he can say? No?”

Maggie shook her head. “He's busy talking to David, we'll never get in there.” she said quietly. David frightened her a little. He bullied everyone.

Ville Valo grinned slightly to himself. He could see the boys hanging back. He hadn't been oblivious to the tensions in the room. Grabbing the bag he'd brought with him, he headed over to where they were standing with a couple of very pretty girls.

“William, Brennan, You forgot your jackets when you left the party on Saturday morning. I got the guys to sign them for you.” Ville said as he handed over the bag. “And thanks for helping out with the kids at the Zoo. Elizabeth and I really appreciated the quiet time. I'll see you next weekend for the Banff gigs, yes?”

“We'll be there,” Brennan said with a grin, looking straight at David, who was staring at the brothers.

“I think my Mother-in-law and your Aunt are planning a trip out to some ice fields. You would think that Elizabeth would have enough of snow and ice in Finland. But no, she wishes to take the children for a trip. We will also be going to the hot springs, so bring whatever you think you will need.”

“Ville, could I ask a favour?” Brennan asked as Ville turned to talk to someone, who had been trying to get his attention.

“Anything, well, within reason,” he laughed turning back.

“Could you give my friend Maggie an autograph?” Brennan signalled for the suddenly shy girl to come across.

“Hi, Maggie. Is this one as crazy as his aunt?” Ville asked the blushing girl as he signed her school bag.

“Hey. I resent that. You're the one related to Louisa,” William joked, causing Ville to burst out laughing.

“Too true. Now, she is a crazy lady. I married the sane one in the family,” Ville joked. “See you Saturday, boys. I've got to go; the car's arriving soon for Elizabeth and me.”

“I wouldn't want to be anywhere near you if you miss that. Honehe would kill all of us.” Brennan stepped back to allow Ville to leave with the escort.

David didn't say a word all the way back to school. He just kept looking at William and Brennan.

“How the fuck do you know him?” he finally asked, still awe struck.

Brennan tried not to smirk as he pretended to look a little confused. “Who?” he finally managed to get out.

“Valo,” David growled. “How the fuck do you know Ville Valo?”

“He was at my Aunt's this weekend. I said earlier that we were helping keep an eye on her friend's grandchildren.” William looked at the guy as though he was stupid.

Maggie worked it out. “Your Aunt's friend is his wife's mother. Oh wow. You actually know Ville.”

“Believe me, hanging with the olds in my family is great fun. We were partying all Friday night with the guys from Scan rock, and you're right about Burton,” William said to Claire. “He is really nice. Linde told us to take our guitars up with us this weekend. Said he'd try and give us a lesson, and we can sit in on the jamming sessions they normally have in the afternoon.”

“You know Ville Valo?” David repeated, almost unable to take in the fact that the two Cheyenne brothers he'd tormented the hell out of, and got away with it, actually knew rock stars.

As they got back into the school, William's cell phone went off. He checked the text message quickly, before he could be caught.

“Ville says if you want to invite those two girls that were fluttering around the pair of you, you are more than welcome. Pick them and you up at my place Friday, Honehe.”

He burst out laughing as he read it. “Hey, Claire, fancy helping babysit this weekend?” he called out loudly. My aunt wants to know if you're interested in coming with us.”

Claire and Maggie stared at each other in open mouthed shock. “For real?” Maggie finally asked.

“For real. I told Louisa we'd help with the kids a bit. It's not tough, they have a nanny and Louisa is a very hands on gran, but it's nice to have an extra pair of hands or two when they're running about.”

“We'll have to check with our folks, but I'd love to.” Claire smiled up at William and Brennan. “This isn't some sort of sick joke is it? A way to get back at the weird girls?”

“No, it isn't,” William said. “The message was from my aunt. Ville wanted to know if we'd like to invite you.”

The girls nodded before squealing like mad. A trip to Banff to see Scan Rock, and to party with Scan rock. William and Brennan watched as the reality of it hit home. The girls were going to meet everyone.

Louisa's holiday was over far too quickly. She'd spent time with her beloved friend, introduced the two halves of her family to each other, played with her grandchildren. Best of all she held back Lizzy's hair while her daughter threw up at the smell of fresh coffee.

“This is all your fault,” Lizzy groused when she was finally able to sit up properly.

“I would have thought it was more the fault of that beautiful man you married. All I did was babysit the children so you could go and take a walk or something. A nice meal out. What was the spa like?”

“How would I know?” Lizzy asked laughingly. “I never got out of bed for three days.”

“Hussy,” Louisa told her daughter with mock ferocity.

“I'm the hussy? Me? And where were you last night? Which bed was my meek and chaste mother sleeping in? Because it wasn't her own.” Lizzy held on to Louisa tightly as another wave of sickness came over her.

“I was in the hotel and I came down for breakfast,” Louisa said primly before bursting into laughter. “But I didn't get much sleep; I'll admit that much and I needed the jacuzzi this morning. I'm getting too old for gymnastics.”

“I really don't want to know that much detail, Mama. But are you going to see Lars again?” Lizzy was worried. The music business wasn't conducive to long and happy relationships. She and Ville worked hard to keep their marriage alive.

“He's going to be recording an album in the UK soon and there is the European tour coming up. So yes, we will be seeing each other again. Thank you for being worried enough to ask,” Louisa said as she rubbed her hand up and down her daughter's arm, letting Lizzy rest her head against her shoulder, just as she did as a child. “And just think. I'll be in Helsinki in about eight and a half months. Just for a month or so. You'd better warn air traffic control to watch out for low flying broomsticks.”

As her plane took off, heading back towards Europe, Louisa rested her head against the support. She'd had the most wonderful three weeks. Honehe's nephews weren't getting tormented quite so much at school, and were looking forward to a holiday job helping out on tour in America. The two girls they brought with them to Banff had been nice as well. Honehe was plotting and planning a return visit to the UK. They'd spend a few weeks playing tourist. Ville and Lizzy seemed as much in love as they always had. And she had a new boyfriend of her own. What were her other two children going to say? She laughed to herself. Rose would roll her eyes and get back to feeding whatever cub she was hand rearing, grateful that Lizzy was supplying the grandchildren to keep Louisa from interfering with her life; and she thought Stevie would be happy for her. If not, Sherry, his wife, would bring him round. It would be a good excuse for him to design another tattoo for her back anyway.

The plane climbed higher and higher, speeding her away from the Canadian skies. It had been a great holiday. Now back to reality and working on a tiny island far in the north of Scotland.

The stewardess covered the middle aged woman over with a blanket and turned out the light that shone from overhead. She'd already said something about having spent some time with her grandchildren. The woman looked worn out but there was a lovely peaceful smile on her face, as though she'd been given the secrets to the universe.

They'd be landing in Glasgow in just over eight hours. Time to wake the sleeping woman then.

Louisa turned over in her sleep. First class flights were such a luxury, you got a bed. It had been kind of Ville to upgrade her ticket was her last conscious thought as the plane sped through the night.


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