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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Not So Fun Concert
By Ekky Vengeance


The Not So Fun Concert.

Jimmy, Brian, Matt, Zack, Johnny and the Berry's we waiting by the bus.
"Okay sound check in 30 minutes." Val said.
"Kay we will be ready." Matt said to her.
"Hey Jason." I said sticking my fist out like we normally do but he didn't pound it he was looking at me then he looked around.
"Okay fine don't talk to me then." I said and turned to Jimmy.
"So what is the plan?" I asked Jimmy curiously. I had never seen the Berry's so serious and Brian and Zack looked like they could kill.
"Gena should be here with Matt in five minutes." Zack said.
"Wait why is Matt coming I thought the note was about me?" I asked scared.
"Well you are dating Matt so we are taking precautions. You will be back stage with Jason instead of selling merch with Val you got that?" Jimmy asked sternly.
Gena pulled up and Matt and her got out of the car. I felt something around my wrist and screamed. Everyone jumped and all the guys looked at me.
"It's just me. I am making it so you can't go anywhere without me." Jason said and I looked down at my wrist. He had tied a piece of rope around my right wrist and his left one.
"What if I have to go to the bathroom because you DEFINATELY aren't going in with me." I said loud enough to get everyones attention.
"If you have to go Gena or Leana will accompany you but otherwise you stick with Jason. Please Baby girl." Jimmy said I could see the fear in his eyes and that scared me. My brother isn't the type of guy that gets scared easily and it takes a lot more for it to show. The fact he was scared and it was showing was bad. I was getting terrified.
"Well lets go inside." M. Shadows said. I wanted to call him Matt but he has this thing that he will ban me for three months if I use his real name so I had to call him M. Shadows. Brian who didn't care what I called him as long as I didn't call him Dora looked scary. Him and Shads weren't comfortable with me being around the guys in the other bands. Jimmy was fine with it because I was with Jason. He was a dumb ass at times but when one of his family was in trouble or someone was going to pick a fight he could be the scarious mother fucker in the world.
"Hey Shads are you planning on doing A Little Piece of Heaven?" I asked.
"Well I was thinking about it. If we do Rev, Lea or Val will have to do the chick part." Matt said.
"Can I do it. Like in practice. You know I can do it. Please." I said batting my eyelashes at him.
"We'll see. I have to talk to your brother about that." He said in an adult voice and manner.
"Hey Rev I need to talk to you about Erica." Matt called to Jimmy.
"What's up?" He asked.
"She wants to go A Little Piece of Heaven and she wants to sing the chick part." Matt said all business like.
"Well I guess that would be alright as long as your alright with it." Jimmy said.
"Yeah I am fine with it. It will probably be the last song so it should be fine." Matt said and went to talk to Val.
"Concert starts in five so you and Jason need to go sit down." Jimmy said and I frowned.
"Okay. I love you James." I said.
"I love you to miss Erica and please don't leave Jason's side unless you absolutely have to." He said and hugged me then kissed my forehead. He let go and whispered something in Jason's ear then walked out on stage. The first song was Warmness on the Soul. It was one of my favorite songs. I listened and drummed and Jason did his air guitar.
"Jay dude we should start our own air band!" I said.
"Yeah and we could be DEhumanized." He laughed. It was always fun to mess around with Jason. We never had a dull moment. With Jason and his jokes and my smartassness we were always laughing. Jason was looking at the set list when I heard a noise.
"Gena is that you?" I called out. I waited for an answer but got non. Then a guy walked out.
"Who are you? I know you aren't supposed to be here. You aren't security." I said frightened. The creepy guy took a step towards us.
"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!" Jason yelled. There was no music because Matt had wanted to talk to the fans. The guys all came running from the stage.
"You better leave before this gets ugly." Zack said while Matt, Brian, and Johnny were holding Jimmy back. Jason pulled on the rope so I was behind him. Zack growled and the guy took off running.
"I'm sorry but you definitely aren't going on stage now Erica I am sorry but not after this." Matt said I could hear the anger in his voice. His eyes held a look of evil. Leana came over to us.
"What the fuck is going on! Why aren't you on stage?" Leana asked.
"I'll tell you. You guys need to get back on stage." Jason said and Matt nodded. Jimmy gave me a tight hug before leaving. Brian, Zack and Johnny gave me a quick hug and followed Matt was last to leave.
"I know you brought your tazer. I know you have it on you. Don't hesitate to use it. Even if we are with you. I give you MY permission to use it don't worry about what anyone else says we all want you safe." Matt said and hugged me and walked to the stage. Matt Berry came back stage and sat with us. I buried my face in Jason's shoulder and tears came. I heard Brompton Cocktail start. I listened to the music to calm myself down. The songs that followed were We Come Out At Night, MIA, and Critical Acclaim.
"We are going to play one more song." Matt said and the crowd screamed.
Johnny came back from the stage.
"Jason get Erica a mic please. Erica you get to sing on A Little Piece of Heaven." He said taking my hand. I grabbed the mic from Jason and followed Johnny on stage. I hugged Zack on the way by.
"You are lucky I got Matt to let you do this." Zack whispered in my ear.
"Thanks." I said and turned to Jimmy. He winked at me and pointed at Matt. I turned and walked over to Matt. The music started. I started to get butterflies. I can't do this I can't chicken out. I turned to look at Matt my eyes were wide. He put one hand on my shoulder and I took a deep breath. Then it was time for me to sing. With as scared and nervous that I was I sounded great. The song ended but not quick enough.
"We love playing here in our home state. Thank you everyone who came out and supported us. This was a great show." Matt said.
"Yeah. Please everyone give our Poison Princess a round of applause!" Brian said.
"Yeah she is the reason we did A Little Piece Of Heaven." Zack said.
"Vengeance shut the fuck up." I said.
"Don't use that language!" Johnny said. The whole crowd laughed.
"Short Shit don't push me. Remember that you are stuck with me." I said and gave him an evil glare.
"Yeah Christ don't push my baby sister around she will push back HARDER." Jimmy said and Brian laughed.
"What?" Someone up in the pit said.
"Great going Rev!" I said.
"Oh yeah well our Poison Princess here is Rev's little sister." Matt said and I punched him.
"Well we better get off now we got lots to do." I said.
"Yeah your homework." Johnny said and I walked over to him. Brian took off his guitar and set it down and then came over to me and Johnny.
"Really Christ you wanna start talking. How about I punch you in the face and see how well you talk then." I said
"Go ahead." Johnny said but before I could punch him Brian stepped in the way. I stopped and the crowed laughed.
"Syn can you take the kids back stage?" Jimmy asked getting up from the drums. Brian nodded and grabbed my arm and Johnny's and pulled us back stage.
"Bri can I hit him yet?" I asked.
"No. You brought your tazer didn't you?" He asked.
"Yeah. Lea said I could. I am not going to taze him though. I brought it for safety reasons only." I said.
"I know but I can feel it in your pocket." Brian said.
"Oh. Oops. Oh well. Don't tell Jimmy. I will when I get caught with it." I said.

"Well I think he already knows. He didn't want you to bring it because he didn't want Jason to get a hold of it." Brian said and I laughed.
"Yeah you guys would have some problems then." I said.
"Yeah I have already been tazed by you I don't need to get tazed again." He said and I laughed. I remember when I first got my tazer Brian wanted me to taze him. I did after he said he wouldn't be mad at all. I still felt bad after I did though.
"So now our soap opera is done lets get back to the bus." Matt said.
"Hey Jim I need to pee." I said.
"Okay lets go find Lea and she will take you to the bathroom." Jimmy said.
"Okay." I said.
"Erica remember what I said." Matt said.
"Okay Matt." I said.
"What did you say?" Jimmy asked.
"That if something doesn't feel right then don't be afraid to fight or anything she thinks she needs to do." Matt said.
"Oh okay." He said and I smiled. We walked to the merch booth and Lea was there with Val.
"Lea can you take Erica to the bathroom?" Jimmy asked.
"Yeah." She said and she got up and we walked away.
"You still have your tazer?" Lea asked.
"Yeah. Matt knows. He said to taze on sight and not to hesitate." I said.
"Matt is a good man and he always has been." She said with a smile.
"Yeah I have known him my whole life and he has always been like a brother to me no matter what was going on." I said.
"Well he has been your brothers best friend for like ever." Lea said and I laughed.
"Yeah. I know." I said as we arrived at the bathrooms. We went in and I went in the first stall. I put down a protector and then sat down to pee. My phone vibrated I grabbed it out of my pocket and opened it. It was a text message from Jimmy.
We have packed up and me brian and matt will be out side the bathroom waiting to take ya to the bus.
I flushed the toilet and walked out.
"Lea they are outside waiting for us." I said as I washed my hands.
"Okay." She said I grabbed a paper towel and started to dry my hands.
"Ready?" I asked her.
"Yeah." She said and we walked out. Jimmy was standing right there.
"God is this the fucking Secret Service of Avenged Sevenfold?" I asked.
"Pretty much but I wanna call it Lips of Syn Service." Brian said with a smile.
"No I think it should be Keep My Sister Safe!" Jimmy said irritated.
"Whatever can we just get to the bus?" I asked.
"Yeah." Jimmy said they set up a circle thing around me. Brian held my left hand Jimmy held my right and Matt walked in front. Lea got the job of following. It took 15 minutes to get to the bus which should have taken only 7. Jason met us half way and was doing ninja rolls to the bus.
"I am only doing this to take the stress of the Poison Princess...Who came up with that?" Jason asked.
"Umm I did. Jimmy is The Reverend Tholomew Plague so it makes sense me being the POISON. Princess is something that Jimmy has always called me so I made it part of my name and it has been my signature since I got my phone." I said.
"Oh okay so what are the arrangements for tonight?" Jason asked.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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