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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Calm Before The Storm
By Just 2 Dream of You


IMPORTANT: I have edited chapter 21 for a very good reason. Malcolm originally asked for five million. I changed it to twenty five million. Anyone in Hollywood could pay five. I saw that ``The Situation'' from Jersey Shore earned ten million for no reason at all. I now see that these boys probably have more money than some simple girl in Kansas would know what to do with. -sighs- I feel like an idiot...So feel free to re-read chap 21 but nothing else was changed. Just know that Malcolm originally asked for twenty five million dollars instead of five...Thank you.


Between The Lies

Chapter Twenty Three: Calm Before The Storm


``We're going for a ride now.'' Malcolm stated as he undid September's binds behind her back.

``Why?'' She breathed out as the rope was untied off her wrists.

``You don't think I'm gonna meet moneybags here, do you?'' He stood her up and placed the barrel of a gun to her head. ``Let's go, beautiful.''

``Dude, really.'' Joe started tentatively. ``Do you think that Malcolm is gonna pay you or whatever? He's gonna hang you out to dry.'' The officer said nothing as they traveled down a road that Joe didn't recognize. He sighed and sat backwards in his seat. Boy, was he screwed.

``So, let me get this straight,'' Detective Corso started. ``You sent your friend out to pay off a dangerous man, who has already kidnapped one woman and threatened others, and you didn't once think of law enforcement?''

Patrick and Andy sat across from Corso looking like children being scolded by their school principal. Andy played with his thumbs and Patrick shifted nervously in his seat.

Corso sighed heavily and tore off his gray framed glassed, rubbing his temples and sliding his hands into his salt and pepper hair. ``I don't believe this. When I came to Hughes' apartment and told you two about this...I didn't expect--''

``Look, sir,'' Patrick interrupted. ``Malcolm told me that one of your officers was working for him and would know anything we did. What was I supposed to do?''

Corso rolled his eyes. ``You were supposed to do what you are doing now; not send a civilian to bid for this woman's freedom! What did you think this was? A movie? A daytime soap?''

``They guy could've followed us!'' Andy squeaked.

``And what makes you think he hasn't now?'' Corso batted back.

Patrick looked around. ``Because...we think he followed Joe and took him?''

Corso sat back and pursed his lips in thought. ``Well, then we would have a better chance of finding him if that's the case. We only had two officers watching the Hughes' place. One to stay and one to follow.''

``Just two? This guy was on the loose and you posted two guys on her place?'' Patrick snapped out of character.

``Are you really going to question our procedures when you've endangered not one, but two people, one of which your friend?''

Patrick bit his bottom lip and sunk in his chair. ``It's just that two...''

``Perhaps we could have kept Miss Hughes here against her will, hmm? Be in direct violation of her rights? That's not how it works, and even if we deem drastic measures of that level are necessary, we still don't hold people captive. We can only do so much, Mister Stump.''

Patrick swallowed and nodded somberly.

``What we can do is find out which officer is M.I.A.. Then we move from there.'' Corso stood up and looked at them to remain where they were. ``Stay here.'' He left them in his office and shut the door behind him.

``Great...'' Patrick breathed out.

``Well, at least he knows it could be one of his cops.'' Andy half smiled.

Patrick thought about it. ``But what if it isn't? What if we're wrong?''

Andy's knee bobbed up and down, twitching while he sighed heavily. ``Then we're screwed.''

Joe felt his stomach drop as the car approached an apartment building of some kind. It was obviously abandoned and condemned with falling windows and rotted wood--he could almost hear the pain of the building as the wind swept through it.

The car stopped in a parking lot behind the building and the cop just sat there for a few seconds before picking up his cell phone again and dialing. ``Yeah, we're here.'' He glanced back at Joe. ``Ya got the goods for me?''

Malcolm chuckled on the other end. 'You can do whatever you want to her. She ain't mine.'

The officer nodded. ``Good. We'll be up in five.'' He shut the phone and looked at Joe, taking his pistil and holstering it on his belt. ``Time to go. Any tricks, you and the girl die.''

He unlocked the door and Joe shakily stepped out, clutching his briefcase for dear life as the cop grabbed him and handcuffed them together. ``Hey!'' Joe exclaimed but the cop said nothing and simply drug him unwillingly to the inside of the rotted building.

Patrick jumped up as Corso came back in, a tried and drained expression on his face. ``Go home.''

``What, that's it? You can't be serious--'' He started before the tired look disappeared and was replaced with fury.

``This is police business! You've already fucked this up enough already! GO HOME!'' He shoved the door open and it slammed into the wall. ``Interfere again and I'll have you all arrested.''

Patrick almost growled out at him but shook his head. He sighed and stormed out, leaving Andy alone with the angry detective. He gulped and grabbed his jacket. ``We're really sorry...'' He quickly walked out and Corso shut the door behind him.

``Stupid kids...''

``DAMN IT!'' Patrick shouted, hitting his fists into his car.

``Hey, stop! You're acting like Pete!'' Andy half joked, to stir him out of it.

``Andy, this is serious! We may have gotten Joe killed, not to mention September who's just as innocent! I can't believe I'd be this stupid...''

Andy wanted to ask why Patrick didn't just go to the cops in the first place but then he remembered that Malcolm threatened Sam and Bree.

Patrick looked up and ran his hand through his hair. He looked off to the side and realized that someone was filming them. ``Shit.'' He whispered.

``What?'' Andy leaned in.

``A photog is here.''

``What, no!'' Andy went to look around but Patrick stopped him.

``Shh, I'll handle this.'' Patrick could see the guy, filming with small digital camera and as soon as he was spotted he walked away. Patrick gritted his teeth. ``Aw, hell no you don't. You're not gonna post this all over the internet and get my friend killed.'' He chased after the guy and Andy frantically followed.

They chased him down the street and around the corner. He was running to his car and Patrick knew that if he caught him before he drove away he could stop him. He just hoped he was the only one. Honestly, he hadn't been followed in a long time, and neither had Andy or any of them lately.

The photog reached his car and was fumbling with the lock when Patrick ran up to him. The guy stammered and stumbled, dropping his keys on the ground. Patrick promptly grabbed him and spun him around.

``All right, dirt bag. Why are you here?''

``Lemme go, man!'' He yelled. Patrick then noticed this guy was a kid. Barely out of high school. Probably an amateur trying to get quick money.

``Just delete that stuff you filmed on your camera and anything else and I will.'' Patrick offered.

``No way!'' Definitely a kid.

Andy ran up and became wide eyed. ``Dude, people are staring. We're near a police station, you idiot! Let him go!''

Patrick loosened his grip but not by much. ``Look, if you release whatever story you're writing, someone could die.''

The kid looked unaffected and rolled his eyes. ``Like me, right? Whatever. I know your buddy is in jail and you're just covering.''

``What buddy? What do you mean?'' Andy asked.

``I saw the cops pick up Joe. I know something is going on, and I have to admit this is cool, but kinda lame. Like you're gonna stop me? You'll end up in jail next!'' He then proceeded to laugh in Patrick's face.

Patrick sighed. ``You have no idea what's going on!'' He shouted tightening his grip again.

``Hey! Douchebag! I can't believe I ever liked you guys...''

Patrick payed it no mind and continued. ``You saw the cops pick up Joe? Where?''

``The bank on West 53rd.'' The kid grumbled.

Andy and Patrick exchanged looks. ``And they brought him here?'' Andy asked.

``Well, I don't know...exactly. I assumed he did.''

Patrick raised an eyebrow. ``He?''

``It was just one car. It was a plain one but I could tell based on the plate and stuff. And the cop showed a badge. He put Joe in the back and drove off. I tried to follow but I lost him along the way. So I just came here. When you two showed up I knew I had something then. I figured I could at least get TMZ to buy it.''

Patrick let him go and rubbed the bridge of his nose. ``So you have no idea where this cop went...We're back to square one...''

The kid looked confused and crossed his arms. ``There's more going on here, isn't there?''

``Please, just don't release this to the public.'' Andy pleaded.

``If you wanna know where Joe is I can call my partner.''

Patrick blinked and looked up. ``Partner?''

``Yeah, we were doing it together. He followed with me. And we took different streets. He texted me saying that he had him, so I came here.''

``When was the last time you heard from him?''

The kid gasped a little. ``Come to think of it, about an hour ago. Which is weird. I assumed Joe was here and my buddy took a break. I guess I didn't think?''

Patrick sighed heavily. ``Can you call him?''

``Sure, I guess.'' He took out a cell and dialed. After a few seconds another male answered.

'Dude, where are you?'

``The station--where are you?''

'The cop didn't take him to the station, he took him to a condemned building. I think he's doing drugs or something and that case he had is payment--or hookers or something.'

``Whoa, really?'' He turned away from Patrick and Andy. ``That explains it. His friends are here at the station and they are acting REALLY weird.''

``Excuse me.'' Patrick grabbed the phone from him.

``Hey, motherfucker, give it back!'' Andy stopped the kid from punching Patrick and held him to the car again. ``Dammit, let me go! I'll scream for the cops!''

``Shut up!'' Patrick scolded. ``Where is Joe?''

'Uhh....who is this?'

Patrick thought a minute. ``This is Detective Lee Corso and you are involved in a police investigation. If you don't tell me where you are I will have your friend arrested for obstruction of justice and I'll put out a warrant for you.''

'Whoa, whoa! Okay, okay! I'm at...221's called Oak Grove's abandoned. That's all I know--I swear! I'm down the street so they wouldn't see me. The cop and Joe went inside about ten minutes ago. Please, don't hurt us, we didn't know!'

``I'll consider it,'' And Patrick hung up feeling pretty damn cool. ``I'll pay you a large amount of money if you keep this quiet.''

``Yeah, right! No effin' way!'' The kid defied.

Patrick rolled his eyes. ``What if I told you I could get you in to do an exclusive interview with Jessica Simpson while she's recording her new Christmas album?'' The kid frowned. ``And you'll have the only interview?''

``Pretty good for a newbie.'' Andy added.

The kid smiled. ``Jessica, huh? She is pretty hot. Okay, fine. I won't tell anyone, but I want to be THE only one that gets her.''

``Fine. I'll set it up. I have your number.'' Patrick threw him the phone and looked at Andy. ``We gotta go, now.''

``Uh, thanks for liking us, kid. See ya!'' They ran off leaving a befuddled young man.

``Wait 'til my girlfriend hears this one. Jessica Simpson!''

``You can't set up an interview with Jessica! You don't even know her!'' Andy yelled as they ran.

``Pete does.'' Patrick defended.

``Yeah, and he barely does. How are you gonna convince Pete to convince Ashlee to convince Jessica?!''

``Easy. I'll tell him what happened here today. He'll do it.'' Patrick panted as he reached his car which was parked right outside the station.

``Wait. We should go inside and just tell the detective what is going on.''

Patrick sighed. He had a choice, sure enough. Sit back and let the cops handle it and pray that Joe came out alive, or try to fix it. He had to admit finding Sam at that hair salon was a lucky fluke. He shook his head and just as he was about to go inside a whole bunch of vehicles screeched from the back of the station and roared down the street. He looked up and saw Corso coming down the stairs.

They met eyes and Patrick chuckled. ``Lemme guess, 221 Melville?''

``How did...? Never mind. I don't want to know. Just stay out of our way.'' Corso huffed.

``With all due respect, no. I AM coming. Wanna stop me? Chain me to the station.'' Corso looked like he was about to explode and Patrick came up to him. ``Please, sir. It's my fault. I just need to know he's okay...''

Corso sighed and shook his head with a groan. ``Ohhh...fine, but ride with me and you won't be going inside. I'm only doing this because I know if I don't you'll just come along anyway, and I don't have time for this.'' Andy and Patrick looked at each other with hope and followed Corso to his car.



A/N: Another achingly short chapter after over a month of no updates...I'm just a lazy ass.

Really, I'm sorry. I have tons of reasons (excuses). First, my Christmas sucked and was basically canceled due to a cold and an angry mom. Then depression set in. Then I got sucked into reading stuff for an anime I thought was finally dead in my head but came back to take my time for a few weeks.

Then I realized I have no freaking clue how to progress with this story. Pretty much from chap 15 on is this story line...I didn't plan it and, yeah, I dunno what to do with it. I blame too many views of Taken on my part for this.

And last but not least, my internet is spotty at best and I can't trust it from day to day.

So, yes, many excuses. I'm sorry...This is all I've written since December and I just don't know...


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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