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Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
By GlassRainbows


I walked through the door, stomping my feet on the mat to rid myself of snow and whatever else today
had decided to throw at me. Once I was sure my shoes were free of fluffy white snow, I stepped on
the hardwood floor, unzipped my coat, and threw it in the coat closet. Where was I? At my parents
house for the first Christmas we were having all together again. It was just my mother, my other
mother, my sister, and my sister's girlfriend. If I had gotten it the way I wanted it, my previous
boyfriend of ten years would be standing right here beside me, holding my hand and grinning. But
that all went down the drain not even two weeks ago, when we had this huge argument that led to the
breaking up of Kristy and Patrick. Tragic... And I hate talking or even thinking about it, so I'm
moving on as quickly as possible.

"Mum!" I shout into the seemingly vacant house. "Kassidy! Ashley!"

"Jesus Fugg, Kristy, I'm standing right here!" Ashley yelled back, closing the door behind her. She
did her little stamp out snow dance and stripped off her coat. "I'm pretty sure they're in the
kitchen." Ash gave me a look, "Where's Patrick?"

I bit my lip. "Not here?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I can see that. Spending the holidays with the family, right? It's hard out there
on the road for months at a time. It's fun, but you get grouchy after a while, ya know?"

The cool thing about my sister's girlfriend was that she is a tour manager so she knows how most of
these things work. She's also the manager of a semi-famous rock chick band that goes by the name of
Rebels Over America Raging (ROAR for short [catchy, right?]) but she's only there for them most of
the time for shows, to hunt out sweet record deals, to find studios for them to do their first album
in. Ashley also finds a way to get Kassidy these little odd jobs during tours, such as photographer
or running merchandise stand, so it keeps my sister occupied whenever.

We both shared a silent moment before waltzing into the kitchen to find my two mothers and my sister
preparing chocolate chip cookies and eating some of the cookie dough. They were dancing around the
kitchen, laughing and singing with the music on the radio. It was a pop punk rock station playing
rocky Christmas tunes, currently playing 'Christmas Time (Is Here Again)' by The Beatles. Sandra,
one of my mothers, carefully inserted the cookie pan into the oven while humming the final verses of
the song while my other mother, Eliza, sang it loud and proud. My sister, Kassidy, finished mixing
and smiled at her finished work.

Kassidy turned her head to look at Ashley and I and a sunshine beam lit up her face so quickly, I
thought she might combust into flames. "Ashley!" she squealed and ran into her girlfriend's arms. My
sister planted a nice kiss right on Ashley's lips. When they were done with their embrace, Kassidy
moved on over to me, giving me a sisterly hug and a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "It's amazing to see
you, Kristy! Wait... Where's Patrick?"

"Patrick has decided to stay home this Christmas," I said a little harshly, just so no one else
would talk about it. The best thing every one could do was to just shut the hell up about him.

On the radio, the song changed to 'Don't Shoot Me, Santa' by The Killers. We all got past the fact
that Patrick wasn't here and Eliza wrapped me up in a darling hug. Then we all dove into cooking a
little bit before setting the table, which was Kassidy's and my job. We went around the table,
setting down the plates first.

Kassidy put down a plate. "So what really happened to Patrick? He dump you? You dump him? What?"

I set down a fork, nearly slammed it down on the table. "I don't see how that's any of your
business, Kassidy."

"Well, it is my business when you're acting all out of wack and glaring at us whenever we kiss or
hold hands or whatever," she grumbled. "What happened, Kristy? I want to know. Did he hurt you? Do
you want me to beat him up? You know I'm taller than him." She cracked her knuckles menacingly.
"Well, practically every one is taller than him."

I shot her a glare. "Height never mattered."

She smirked. "Well, I just think it's kinda strange when a guy has to stand on his tippy toes to
kiss his girlfriend."

My jaw dropped and I began to chuckle. "He never had to do that. We are roughly the same size. Maybe
I'm half an inch taller, but that's it."

We laughed and finished setting the table. That was when Sandra and Eliza brought in some of the
foods we would be feasting on tonight, Christmas Eve 2009, such as a big bowl of tossed salad, baked
macaroni and cheese, corn and green beans mixed together, dinner rolls, bacon (yes, bacon), and then
our main dish: ham. Yum. I'm so glad I'm no longer a vegetarian.

After a marijuana minute, we stood around the table, locked hands, and Sandra began grace. When we
were done with that little dinner opener thingy, we sat and started to help ourselves to the food of
our choice. I spooned out a good sized serving of baked macaroni and cheese on to my plate and then
passed it over to Kassidy. I grabbed some of the other foods and then dug in. Delicious. Ever since
I was a kid, I never really liked ham, but today it tasted so much better.

The music floated in the background, filling in that empty space between quiet conversation. The DJ
announced that a Blink-182 song will be playing next, 'I Won't Be Home For Christmas'. Eliza
politely chatted with Ashley about her job, like what the next tour would be and what she was
planning to do with ROAR and what recording company Ash was thinking of signing them to. Kassidy
clung to her girlfriend's every word, looking as proud as ever.

Eliza finished up that conversation and gave me a small smile. "And how are things with you and

Coming from the stereo, I could hear one of the top songs this holiday season, right in the middle.
The words and the vocals stuck out like a sore thumb, a very sore thumb with a thousand open wounds
all over it, all bleeding heavily. 'Don't come home for Christmas. You're the last thing I wanna
see. Underneath the tree. Merry Christmas, I could care less.' My fork slipped right out of my hand
and I stood. 'Happy New Years baby. You owe me the best gift I will ever ask for. Don't call me up
when the snow comes down. It's the only thing I want this year.' As much as I wanted it to stop, the
song kept playing right through the verse. I never got to hear the chorus start again.

I was out the door, wearing my coat and boots and scarf again. Back out into the snowstorm.

In the center of Chicago was where the snow was really coming down in layers. Almost everything was
closed, gas stations and fast food resturants. The only things I could see that were open were the
few cafes that Patrick had taken me to for a few cute dates and meet-ups. One in particular was
called The Red Rose which served amazing holiday chocolate chip cake and good hot chocolate, both of
which I could use right about now. Quickly, I approached the store and opened the door, letting the
rush of warm air ambush my face. Thankful that The Red Rose was open, I waved to the couple working
that night, a gay couple sweet as sugar.

Mattie, the funny and cuter one, gave me a smile. "Happy Christmas, my little Kristalyn. Chocolate
cake? It's on the house." He winked at me. I nodded and he cut me off a decent sized slice.

I stripped off my coat and put it on the coat rack supplied just for these kind of nights.

As he prepared my cake and I got over to the counter, his boyfriend (also adorable and funny, but
really more down-to-earth), Tyler, smiled. "Your man is over there." He nodded his head in the
direction of the corner. My man...? Oh, jesus. I was going to have to face that tonight? I slightly
turned my head to look at him.

He was just as gorgeous as ever. There was a book open in front of him and his glasses were barely
on him. After a moment, Patrick pushed the frame back up to where it was supposed to be

"Wow," I whispered out loud. I looked back at Tyler. "Yeah. Can I also get a hot chocolate with
extra marshmallows and a strawberry?"

Tyler grinned. "Sure, honey. Sliced or whole?"

"Uhh... Sliced in halves, please."

My cake was put in front of me on the counter. Mattie placed his hand over mine, snapping me out of
my little daze going down memory lane. "Are you okay, Kristalyn? You seem like you're about to blow

Tyler snickered and set my cup down on the counter. "That's a nice thing to say to a customer,
Mattie. You might as well have said she has a green palor to her ski- Uhh... You remember where the
bathroom is, right?"

From the corner of my eye, I saw Patrick turn a page and slide a bookmark in to the chapter spot.
Once again, he readjusted his glasses, took a long sip of his coffee, and then grabbed a small pack
of sugar and mix it in slowly with a spoon. The glass clinked lightly and he hummed a little tune.

"Yeah," I answered after a moment. I looked at my food and drink. "Thanks for the cake," I paid and
found a seat as far away from Patrick as possible. While I chomped down on the heavenly cake and
sliced strawberries, Tyler and Mattie had troubled looks on their faces. And my ex boyfriend of ten
years was completely unaware that I was in the same room as him.

When my cake was completely gone and there was only a quarter left of my hot chocolate left in my
cup, I stood up quietly. Mattie came over almost immediately with his little tray to put the cup and
plate on. "Are you mad at him, Kristy?"

I shook my head and attempted my rush out the door. I slid my arms in the sleaves of my coat.

"Kristy, you should-" But I didn't exactly hear anything after that. My eyes were connected with
Patrick's. After maybe six seconds of quietness, I had to look away. He stood and opened his mouth
to say words, but I was out the door and back into the cold, wispy winds and blizzard. And that was
the last I saw of him that day.

"Hey, baby," he groaned. "Could you get my phone?"

With an aggitated sigh, I rolled off of his chest, trying desperately to ignore my headache, and
grabbed his phone from my night stand. Tiredly, I handed it to him. He had trouble finding the talk
button so I pressed it for him and even held the phone next to his ear because he had this stupid
tendency to fall asleep while holding a phone in bed with a hang-over.

While he talked with whatever friend he met last night, I managed to wiggle away from him and find
clothes to put on. When I was finished, I looked back at him and saw that he was now sitting up and
talking animatedly to whoever and slipping on boxers and pants at the same time, allowing me to see
just a little bit of his ass before he got the jeans all the way up. I turned back to my wall and
smirked to myself.

"You look hot, baby," my boyfriend, Alex MacDonald, told me as I clipped my bra in the back. "But I
liked you way better just a few minutes ago." I felt his hands on my shoulders, his lips on my hair,
his nose nuzzling my neck. "Mmm... I love the after smell of sex the next morning on you. It's so
delightful." Alex began to kiss my neck and I closed my eyes when I felt his tongue touch my skin.
His hands crept up like large spiders, unclipping my bra once again.

"ALEX!!!" I heard a male shout from the living room downstairs. "Get your ass down here before our
flight to Boston leaves without you!!"

He pulled back and cursed under his breath. "Shit... All right!" Alex pulled back and gave me a kiss
on the cheek. "I'll be back next month, okay, babe?" He pulled on his pants again and found a shirt
to wear.

"Before Valentine's Day, right?" I asked, sliding a shirt on over my once again clipped bra.

"Ehh... Maybe. It depends on how bad things get up there, ya know. If I'm not back before
Valentine's Day, then you get to beat the crap out of me when I get back. And before you ask, yes,
rape is also an option." My boyfriend winked at me. "I will call you as soon as I land in Boston,
kay, babe?"

I nodded and smiled. "Good lu-"

Door slammed. I heard him run down the stairs and then exchange a few words on the first level of
his house. Front door opened and shut. And that is all there was to it. Alex just disappeared on
business for the first time since we've been together, in Boston, in Massachusettes. Too far from

After a moment of letting that sink in, I applied some eyeliner, brushed out my hair, and then
grabbed my phone. I slid on my Vans with ease and then grabbed my coat.

January of 2010 was what this was. And so far, it has been god awful. Ashley and Kassidy were going
through a small rough patch about the touring manager thing and how Kass wasn't able to come with
her this time, Sandra and Eliza strongly disapproved of Alex (or so Kassidy tells me), Alex wasn't
going to be here on Valetnine's Day most likely, and my little store was not getting looked at by
some of my oldest and fun costumers. Everything was just slipping and falling out of proportion.

I locked the door behind me and shoved my hands in my pockets. My air was visible as I walked down
the street towards town, out of the suburbs. This would have been much more of a pleasant walk with
someone by my side, but who would I walk with? I didn't know any of our neighbors, my friends were
non-existant, and the strangers were not even prowling the streets like they always did at this time
of day. For once while on the streets, I was totally alone. What a thrilling feeling.

Once I was inside the outer parts of the city, I managed to get a cab to drop me off at The Red
Rose. Even though it was a major non-avoidance warning, I still loved to go there to visit Mattie
and Tyler and their newest employee, Jessica. I paid the driver and stepped inside the cute little
cafe. Tyler and Jessica were behind the counter while Mattie was bussing tables. The place was
decently packed today, but they always had room for their favorite costumers. I approached the
counter and gave Mattie a small grin before placing my order of hot chocolate and some more
chocolate cake.

"Ever since Christmas Eve, you have been addicted to our chocolate cake, hon," Tyler grinned as he
cut me a slice. He handed over the cake and I smiled. Tyler then glanced around the cafe and leaned
in a little closer to me, making complete eye contact with me. "Kristalyn, I don't mean to be a
party pooper or anything, but there is a certain guy here that you may not be on the best terms
with. He is in the only available table, which is where you both always sat while you were dating.
Before you pay, tell me if you want to leave or not because of this."

"Dammit," I cursed under my breath. "I'm not leaving. I want my cake."

"Well, don't forget your hot chocolate either." He slid me a cup over the counter. "Careful, it's

I walked quietly over to the table of doom, feeling two sets of eyes on me, one from Tyler and the
other from Mattie. Carefully, I put down my plate of cake and saw Patrick look up slightly from his
book to glance at my hand and my cake, then following upwards to look at my face. Without a single
word, I also set down my mug of hot chocolate and then pulled out my chair. We sat in silence for a
few long minutes that felt more like hours.

Patrick seemed as if he was holding his breath. I barely glanced at the counter when I saw that
Jessica, Tyler, and Mattie had their eyes fixed on me intently. I guess Tyler filled her in on the

"So... how have you been, Patrick?" I asked, taking my fork and managing to break myself off a small
piece. I waited a moment for his answer. I think he was too shocked to get words out.

But when he did, it was a little high-pitched, sounded kinda creepy, like he was about to get sick.
"I've been fine. How have you been?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Patrick, are you okay? You seem like you're about to blow chunks and I need
to know if you are so I can hide my cake from the line of fire."

He cracked a small smile.

So maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be. ~~~

~~~When I finished my cake and my third cup of hot chocolate, Patrick and I decided that we were
finished with the coffee and chocolate. I wrote my new number on his arm and he wrote his on my
hand. After we both paid for our beverages and my cake, we headed out into the cold snow filled day.

"Hey, uh, Kristy," Patrick said when I reached the corner of The Red Rose. I paused and turned
around to face him, standing right there. Oh, how did I miss that face... "I know you live out of
the city, ya know." He began to stumble over his words. "And I've got my car so if you want me to
drop you off anywhere, I'm free to-"

I giggled. "Patrick, I'm going to the store. Remember that place? I'm short a guy today and I am
running..." I checked my watch. "Only two hours late."

He grinned unsuringly. "I'll drive?"

I smiled as well and rolled my eyes. "Sure thing. Still have the old Blue Baby?"

We walked down the sidewalk and made small talk, just like any other ex-couple would do. Unimportant
things were said, like the style of my hair nowadays or the way he had gotten about two inches
taller and was able to look directly into my eyes instead of up. And as for the drive over to Greene
and Julius, it was filled with his soft humming to songs I didn't know from the radio.

He dropped me off, wished me luck with my business, promised he'd call sometime soon, and then was
off. And that concluded my day with my ex-boyfriend, the famous and lovely as ever Patrick Stump.

It was Saturday and I was with Kassidy at mine and Alex's house. She didn't know about Patrick and I
talking yet, and in return, she gave me practically everything about Ashley, even the four piercings
I didn't know and didn't need to know about. We were sitting on the couch, barely engrossed in a
movie we had seen at least two dozen times when my phone rang a tune that Kassidy had known forever:
"That's What You Get" by -who else?- Paramore. The only reason she knew it was because it used to be
Patrick's ringtone when we were dating. And that was him now.

With a happy laugh of release, I fished in my pocket for my phone and grabbed it. I put it to my ear
and said a glad hello.

"Good afternoon, Kristy," Patrick said, matching my cheery tone. "Are we still up for tomorrow?
Tyler and Mattie keep pestering me about it and they want to hear for themselves."

"Am I on speaker?" I questioned with a small smile.

Patrick chuckled. "Indeed you are."

I rolled my eyes. "Then, Tyler, Mattie?"

"Yessums?!" I heard them both say at the same time.

"I will be at The Red Rose tomorrow afternoon, right on time like I always am." I chuckled as
Patrick began to say something to the gay couple. And then I glanced up at Kassidy, who had her eyes
popping right out of their sockets and her jaw was dropped. "Uhm, I gotta call you ba-"

OHMYFUCINGGOD!!" She beat me on the shoulder with a sofa pillow. "WHEN DID YOU START TALKING?!
continued on and I began to laugh uncontrollably while smacking the pillow away.

I put the phone on speaker and she stopped.

"Am I on speaker? Kristy? Are you dead? What happened?" Patrick asked on the other line.

"Oh my God!" Kassidy squealed. "Patrick! I've missed you sooooo much! You are tons better than
Kristy's new boyfriend! He's stupid and he can't sing and he tells the worst jokes and the only
thing he can do right is play PS2 games and beat me! That's it! I miss you! When can I see you? I
wanna see you soon! We have to continue our pillow war and we have to make cookies again!"

Patrick was silent for a moment. "Uhhhh.... It's all really up to Kristy, I guess..."

I heard Tyler scoff in the background. "Patrick, if you do not get you behind down to Kristy's place
right now, I will charge you twenty extra dollars for that coffee mug you dropped."

"Kristy?" Patrick said in a questioning tone. "Can I come over?"

"Of course you can, Patrick. Let me just-"

FACEBOOK THIS RIGHT NOW!!" Kassidy got up and ran in the direction of the nearest computer, shouting
"OHMYFUCKINGGOD!! PATRICK STUMP IS COMING OVER!! YESS!!" all the way. It was quite amusing actually
to see her super ADD-ness take control of her. I didn't have a doubt on my mind that she was going
to tackle Patrick as soon as he came through the door.

I took my phone off speaker and I'm sure he did the same. I heard a car door slam and an engine
start in the background of the phone. "So Kristy, I guess you should tell me where you live.
Otherwise, I'll end up at your parent's house."

I gave him my address and then turned off the movie, fixed the couch, and sighed. Wow. This was
happening. Before today, Patrick didn't know of Alex or us living together. I'll have to thank
Kassidy later.

He knocked on the door politely. I answered it. Kass came running in from the other room and tackled
him to the floor. Patrick landed with an 'oomph' and it made me laugh. Kassidy gave him a kiss on
the cheek and hugged him tightly. "YAYYY!! IT'S PATRICK!!"

The rest of the day was... I guess I could say that it was insane and wonderful and hilarious and
filled with beating Patrick on the Xbox, but no words could exactly describe how it was, except for
one which I hate using now. I've used it so much to describe these days with my ex boyfriend, it was
getting pretty sickening.

Perfect. Exactly what it was.

The time came for Kassidy to go back home to help Eliza with cooking dinner and that left Patrick
and I all alone. What a scary thought.

"So how'd you guys meet?" Patrick asked, sitting down on the sofa and closing his eyes. He laced his
fingers behind his head and let out a relaxed and content sigh. When I didn't answer, he opened his
eyes to look at me. "Are you okay?"

I sat down on the far end of the couch. "We met through friends at a New Year's Eve party." I
relived the night in my head for a moment: us getting drunk, flirting endlessly, kissing in the New
Year and then running into an empty room filled with empty alcohol bottles and cans to have
mind-blowing and drunk sex. That had been our first date. And then two weeks later, I move into his
place. That was our sixth date. Today, we would have been together for three weeks. Pathetic and
stupid, isn't it?

And then I thought about the magical relationship Patrick and I had. Our first date had been a
winter dance the school had thrown for the students. Our second date was friendly and opening more
secrets in the air. For our third date, we shared our first kiss. Around date number six, we went to
the movies and had popcorn and held hands and whispered sentiments into each other's ear. I didn't
lose my virginity until I was 16, which felt like forever ago. Patrick respected my boundaries, only
talked to me about sex sometimes, but that was when he wanted to clarify that he wasn't going to do
anything that I didn't want to do. He was unlike Alex, who had forced me into intercourse almost
three times now. I missed Patrick more than I missed anything else.

Patrick touched my cheek, wiping away a liquid that I didn't even notice. He raised an eyebrow.
"Kristy..." And then he wrapped his arms around me, warm and friendly and everything that I have
missed. This was my boyfriend of ten years, my best friend of thirteen long years. He was the one
that understood me for most of the time and I understood him most of the time. We had shared
secrets, had our major and minor arguments, threatened our very friendship and everything rotating
around. But here we were, standing semi-strong and trusting. We had been through a lot together.
Patrick had seen me cry on numerous occasions and I had seen him cry about twenty times throughout
the entire I had known him.

As we sat there on the couch of my current boyfriend's, my fingers laced with his and fit snugly,
just like they used to. My tears had slowed and now, we were just holding each other for the things
we missed. I pulled back slightly and smiled slightly at him, "Patrick, I've missed you so much. The
guy I'm with now, he just doesn't know anything about anything. You were completely real and..."

"I ....understand," Patrick said softly.

My lips were trembling next to his, my breath coming out in slow, jagged puffs of air. We nearly
touched, when he door opened and my current boyfriend walked inside to break us up. His jaw dropped
and the flowers he had in his hand fell to the floor.

Oh no....

Patrick and I shot up off the couch like guilty schoolchildren. He cleared his throat as he always
did in awkward situations. He walked away from me slowly and said that he would see me around, then
ducked around Alex and went out the door, slamming it behind him.

Alex looked at the door and then at me with the same shock on his face. He pointed his thumb in the
direction of Patrick. "Who was that guy?"

I cleared my throat. "That was just an, ahem, old friend." Innocently, I played with a strand of my
hair. "I thought you weren't supposed to be back for another two weeks?"

"Plans changed," Alex simply said. He finally looked at me. "That was him, wasn't it?" He
took a step towards me.

"What? No." I scoffed.

He looked pissed. "Then who was it, Kristy? Cuz it sure as hell wasn't any one I know! THAT WAS HIM,
WASN'T IT?!" I didn't have time to say anything. "DON'T LIE TO ME, KRISTY!! THAT WAS THAT FUCKING
raised his hand. Skin collided against skin, sending me reeling not into the sofa behind me, but
into the side table with the lamp on and a candle lit. My arm smashed the lamp, sending that to the
floor along with me. Hot wax poured over my chest, which was not exactly covered today thanks to a V
neck line I decided to wear this morning. This all happened fast. I heard him finish his sentence.

But no, this was not enough for him. He pulled me up by my shirt and punched me in the nose, sending
WERE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!" Alex smacked me a few more times, punching me here and there. I couldn't
feel my face, except for that it was in a great deal of pain. But when he began to unbutton my
jeans, I just couldn't take it any more. I screamed so loud it hurt my own ears. He put his hand
over my mouth to silence me. When he saw that wasn't working, he ripped off a piece of my shirt and
stuffed it in my mouth and then bound my hands together with the lace from his shoe to the table
behind me, which was bolted down to the floor. So now I was helpless.

I shut my eyes tightly and readied myself for this. ~~~

~~~What felt like hours, he finally stopped and kissed me on the cheek. "See, Krista-doll, all
things you do have a consequence. Everything." Alex untied me and let me curl into a naked fetal
position. "Get up, hon." He tapped me on my lower back, a sore spot of mine now from the rug burn.
"Get your ass up!" Alex ripped me up and dragged me into a bathroom, turned on the water up as high
as it could go and left me there to clean myself and cry pointless tears.

I wish I had Patrick. I wish I had never left him. I wish I would have stayed in his arms, left with
him when Alex came in. I wish I would have told him all the things Alex did to me when he was upset.
But no. Wishing got me no where.

When I knew I couldn't feel my toes and I was clean, for the most part, I stepped out of the shower,
wrapped a towel around my waist, and then opened the door to let the air rush at me. I tip-toed to
the room Alex and I slept in and saw that he was waiting for me on the bed. The lamp beside him was
turned on. Light poured over his shirtless body and his glasses were on and he was reading a book.
With shaking knees, I stepped inside and went right over to the dresser we shared. I grabbed under
garments and sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I dressed silently. Crawled into bed beside him. Nothing
was said. He turned off the light. ~~~

~~~I was sure he was sleeping. His breathing had slowed, he clung to his favorite pillow, and the
previously swallowed sleeping pills always knock him out. I climbed out of bed, swift and quiet as a
ninja, packed a bag full of my clothes, my money and about twenty dollars of his, my cell phone, and
everything I needed to survive a walk over to the only place I knew where to go with this problem
still fresh in my head.

I practically ran when I hit the pavement outside. I was putting some things behind me and it was
for the best.

Eliza knocked on my open bedroom door, holding a tray with a bowl of soup on it and crackers. She
walked over and set it down on my night side table where an empty ibuprofen bottle sat. After she
set it down, she gave me a little rueful smile. "Careful, it's hot." And that was it. No words of
hope or whatever else. That concluded I was hopeless as most are. Thanks, mom.

I ignored the inviting smells coming from the soup bowl and pulled the blankets further over my
head. Darkness. Warm, hot, messy darkness. I wish it were colder so it would feel like I was locked
in a basement.

Another knock on the door and intrusion snapped me out of the small trance I was in. I heard the
door shut. My heart started pounding heavily. What if it were Alex to drag me away? What if he came
back for more? What if-

"Kristy?" a familiar voice asked. "Kristy? Are you sleeping?" A pause. "I brought you some flowers,
in case you were wondering what the noise is..." I heard the sound of crinkling paper, then it
stopped. "I know you're not sleeping, Kristy. I heard you whispering before I came in..." I heard a
chair scrape against the floor, stopping at my bedside where the soup and tray were. "Sandra called
me, told me you had been a little under the weather and didn't know what to do, so I'm here now."

I pulled the blankets down some so I could see Patrick's insanely beautiful face.

He smiled softly. "Kristy, you are as pale as a ghost. When was the last time you ate anything?"

I blinked. I actually had to think back nearly two weeks, the day after the incident. The incident
no one knew about except for Alex and I.

"Really? That long ago?" Patrick shook his head but kept the smile on his face. It was filled with
so much pain. I had to look away.

There was a very long pause, one that made me think.

"Kristy, you have to talk to me," he pleaded now, all traces of smiles gone now. "What happened that
made you stop doing everything? You can't eat. You can't sleep and when you do, you scream loud
enough for the neighbors to hear. What did he-" A sob broke from his chest. "What did he do to you
after I left? I shouldn't have left. I'm so sorry, Kristy. I should have stayed and explained
things... I heard him yelling at you from the parking lot and the only thing I could do was to leave
as fast as possible. I can't believe I'm that selfish... to leave you there, in so much pain. I'm so
sorry, Kristy."

I wasn't used to seeing this and it begin to burn me to witness him cry like this. I wanted to tell
him everything, but no words came from my mouth. My saliva dried up and I cleared my throat. Patrick
wiped away his tears roughly and looked at me. I took his hand and that was it. This was the very
beginning of a miraculous second start. Scene two, act two. And I wasn't going to let myself screw
it up again.

Author's Note:::::::::::::
-------- Hello my loves!! :DD
Since it is beyond Christmas (today is currently Thursday, December 30, 2010) and this was supposed
to be posted on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I figured I should post and finish this as quickly
as possible. That meant A LOT of late night hours sitting in front of a computer screen that does
not have internet connection [just in case i ever got distracted] typing this up. It may be long and
such, but that's because this was orginally going to be my first single chaptered thingamajig and
then I wanted it to be multi-chaptered and then I was back to single chaptered. I couldn't make up
my mind!! >.< So now that I finished this document with a grandslam of who cares how many
paragraphs and sentences [this is the first story i believe i did not use a semi-colon in] i figured
i should post :D

And here are some random things I should have added in the beginning of the story--->
----> Kristy's full name is in fact Kristalyn Juliet Greene. She is 24 and owns her own retail
store. She is the only female in her family who is not lesbian. <----
----> Her sister is Kassidy Scott Greene. She is also 24. She was Sandra's real child before
Sandra met Eliza. Kristy still thinks of her as a full-blood sister. Kassidy and Ashley broke up
someone in the paragraphs above. <----
----> The picture of Kristy's boyfriend, Alex, reminds me of that one guy from All Time Low. He
was introduced to Kristy through Ashley. Alex is a tour roadie and that's why he was back early:
irregular hours. <----
----> Patrick Vaugh Stump's original name was Patrick Martin Stumo. He has an older brother and
sister (Megan and Kevin). His parent's split when he was 8. Patrick hates to be called 'Pat' because
that was his mother's (Patricia) nickname. <----

Happiness in a bag :DD
I finished Yule Shoot Your Eye Out.
I hope you enjoyed it. Post the comments and tell me what you thought of it. If I get a lot of love,
I may just post the unofficial chapter ;)


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