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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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New Regrets
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The lies

Chapter Twenty Two: New Regrets


``So, how exactly do I do this?'' Joe muttered to himself as he entered the bank. ``Hey, it's me, I want a huge chunk of cash for no reason?'' He walked up to the line and shuffled nervously. ``I hope I don't get arrested...'' Soon it was his turn and he walked up to the female teller. ``Uh, hi.'' He smiled.

``Hello. What can I do for you?'' She smiled politely. She was young with red hair pulled in an upward ponytail, big freckles and brown eyes.

``Well, I want to make a cash withdrawal.''

``Mm hmm.'' She smiled, reaching for some blank withdrawal checks.

``Uhh, for 500,000 dollars.'' He said quietly but at least one male teller heard him and turned with a raised eyebrow.

``Um,'' The red-head stuttered. ``C-Cash?'' She looked at the male teller. He approached behind her and cleared his throat. He was older than the red-head and Joe could see based on her actions he was her superior.

``Is there a problem, Claire?'' He asked, taking a quick look at Joe then back to her.

``W-Well,'' She fumbled with her ponytail. ``This man wants a cash withdrawal of half of million in cash.'' She finished in a whisper. ``Can he do that?''

The older male teller touched Claire's shoulder with a warm smile. 'Perhaps more than just a superior...' Joe thought.

``Why don't you let me handle this, dear.'' She nodded and gave her seat to the older male, but he remained standing, staring Joe down. He was quite taller than him. Ugh, why did he and his friends have to be so tiny? Although, his short stature was made up in other places. Joe chuckled and caught himself with a cough.

``That is an awful big amount for a cash withdrawal.'' The man stated. Joe noticed his name tag said Joe Mullins. Huh, his name was Joe too. Funny. He also noticed that Claire had the same last name. Daughter or wife? He couldn't tell. Though she didn't look a thing like him.

``Uh, well, I'm buying a house. By owner. A friend of mine. We already settled it and we just want less hassles. Lots of people buy houses with cash out here. Why can't I?''

The man nodded in thought and began playing with the blank checks. ``I see. Still, we need more than just you filling out one of these. We need all the confirmation that the account is yours and paperwork signed. We don't just hand over half a million in cash.''

``I understand, Sir. I just want to get my dream house. It's so awesome. There's a jacuzzi in the kitchen!'' Joe laughed but Mullins didn't seem amused. He sighed and forced a smile.

``Uh huh. Let's bring up your account, then. I'll need your identification.''

Joe nodded and handed over his license. He gave his password and all his account info, and Mullins was able to verify that Joe was who he said he was. After all that he forced a better smile. ``Well, I'll be right back with your paperwork. Claire will show you to a table.''

Joe nodded and the pretty red-head walked up to him with a genuine smile. She led him to a private cubicle and sat him down. ``I hope you don't think I'm rude, but I noticed you and him have the same last name.'' He asked her.

She raised her eyebrows and giggled. ``Yes, we do.'' She walked away and Joe pouted.

``Aw...darn it.'' He crossed his arms and sighed, waiting for like what seemed forever to get his paperwork.

He watched as people came and went, such as a large woman with two kids, scolding them the whole time and then letting them play with the coffee maker. Another older gentleman, suffering from an obvious cold, catching himself to stifle a sneeze every couple of minutes. What was really gross was he touched the coffee pot after blowing his nose. Joe grimaced, but then chuckled when the kids touched it after him. Oh, but he felt bad. That poor woman...

Finally, Mullins returned with his paperwork. He sat down across the table from him and set it all up. ``You'll need to sign all these. Then we can be on our way.''

``I got a question,'' Joe began as Mullins popped a pen. ``How do I walk out of here with it? Do you give me a bag?'' Mullins stared st him. ``I've never done this before.''

``We can supply a bag.'' Mullins stated, giving Joe the pen.

``I have a backpack in my car. I'd rather use that.'' Joe said fiddling with the pen.

``Yes. Your choice.''

``Oh, well, then I need to get it.'' Joe jumped up and ran to his car, retrieving the pack, and running back, panting as he fell in the chair. ``Here it is.'' He laughed.

Mullins blinked and adjusted his dark-framed glasses. ``Perfect place for 500,000 dollars in cash.'' Joe bit the inside of his mouth and didn't respond to the older man's obvious shot. For some reason this guy didn't like him much.

There were so many places he needed to sign it was ridiculous, but needed if he wanted his cash. At one point Mullins got up and walked to the coffee machine. Another casualty of the germ-bag. This time Joe was happy. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Claire came up to him.

He spoke low but Joe could still hear him. ``These Hollywood people, they just waltz up in here and...'' Mullins sighed. ``This guy is such an idiot, he's carrying half a million in a backpack...buying a house in cash and we can barely afford our bills.'' He sighed and Joe watched as Claire touched Mullins' arm.

``We'll be okay...'' She whispered.

``And on top of that I have to get judgment from half the town--''

``We'll be okay.'' She squeezed his arm and kissed his cheek, reaching for a cup of coffee.

``You're not supposed to have caffeine, remember?'' He chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

``Oh, right.'' She touched her stomach and it was then that Joe noticed she had a bump. ``Sorry, honey.'' She walked off and Mullins shook his head, a true smile on his features.

Joe smirked in return. Okay, he was a judgmental jerk but was struggling to support a young wife and soon-to-be-born child. He'd let it slide.

Mullins came back with his steaming cup of germ-covered coffee and sat down, looking more relaxed. ``So, how are you doing?'' He seemed kinder and Joe smiled in return.

``I'm about done. Thank you for helping me out. This house isn't for me, it's for a friend. I'd do anything for him.'' He finished, clicking the pen and handing the papers to Mullins.

Mullins' brow raised with a smile. ``Oh. That's nice. Uh, okay, I'll be back with your...Ehm, do you want me to take your bag and carry it in the back?''

``Uh, actually, is there a briefcase or something? Like can I buy one or...?''

``Yes, you can. Our best is 75.00$.''

Joe chuckled and nodded. It was so cliché to be carrying the money out in a briefcase but it was better than the cliché of the backpack. ``I'll take it!'' He reached in his wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. ``I was gonna buy something nice for myself but this is more important. Use this, and keep the change if you can. I don't need it.'' He blushed and sighed as Mullins took the bill and cleared his throat.

``Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.'' He left and Joe was alone again.

The germ-bag was leaving a private room with a loud ``ASSSSSSSHHHHEEEEWWWW!'' Apologizing to all as he left quickly. Joe shook his head. He watched as a fine looking young woman entered, shaking her round hips, walking with confidence to the front and pulling out her purse. After a few minutes he saw her become flustered as she almost shouted.

``Frozen!'' She lowered her voice and Joe watched as her world crumbled. She ran out in tears and Joe shrugged.

``Daddy must have cut her off.'' He mused out loud.

After fifteen minutes, Mullins returned and handed him a metal briefcase, opening it to show the cash. Joe gasped quietly as he saw the bills all neatly lined and assorted. Mullins shut the case and explained how the code lock on it worked. The code was a simple number to remember since it was stock. 1-1-0.

Joe nodded. ``I think I can remember that.''

Mullins chuckled. ``Would you like me to show you how you can change it?''

Joe shook his head. ``Nah, my friend can have it and he can figure it out.''

Mullins smirked and locked it. ``Ah, I see. Thank you and good luck. Hope it all works out.''

Joe grabbed the case and smiled wide. `` No, thank you and good luck with your new baby.'' Before Mullins could respond Joe turned and walked out, looking very important with his big silver briefcase. He was about twenty feet from his car when a man bumped Joe hard on the arm, knocking him off balance and making him stumble.

Joe watched as the guy came towards him and sneered. He flashed a badge and Joe groaned. ``We've been watching you. All of you. Ya wanna tell me why you entered a bank and came out with...that?'' He finished pointing at the case.

``I bought a GQ case. Awesome, huh? Only banks have the good ones.'' Joe joked, but the cop wasn't having it.

``If you know something we don't then we're gonna have a problem.''

Joe sighed. ``Sir...''

``I think you need to come with me.'' Joe went to protest but the cop cut him off. ``Now.'' They walked to the officer's plain car and Joe sighed as he was instructed to the backseat.

The officer settled in and turned to face Joe. ``Did you get all of the money?'' He asked bluntly.

Joe blinked. ``Huh?''

``All 500,000?''

Joe looked down in thought. He looked back up and gulped. ``You're not a cop, are you?''

The man grinned. ``Oh, but I am. Now answer the question.''

Joe shook his head. Of course. How else would Malcolm know of a cop in a plain car? Because the guy he had watching Sam's place WAS a cop! ``Yes. All of it.'' Joe opened the case and the cop raised his brows.

``Huh. Good job.'' He turned and started the car and Joe shut the case and locked it.

``Just great...'' He murmured as the car pulled out.


Patrick sighed heavily as he paced the room.

``Dude, just chill.'' Andy tried to ease him.

``It's been an hour already! How long does it take to--''

``Oh, come on!'' Andy laughed. ``He can't just walk up in there and say, 'Here's my license, now gimme half a million in cash!''' Andy laughed some more as Patrick sighed in frustration.

He ran his hand through his hair and rolled his eyes as he saw several strands lost in his palm. ``I need to stop doing that.''

``Yeah, you'll lose it quicker.'' Andy retorted.

``Actually, it's a family trait and I'm the slowest for some reason. My dad was completely bald by my age and my brother is getting there.''

``Lucky you? Perhaps the rock gods blessed you.'' Andy joked and Patrick sat down on the couch.

``Yeah, sure.''

Joe watched as the cop silenced his radio and pulled out a cell phone. After a few seconds someone answered. Joe could hear them say something. It sounded like a male saying 'what.'

``I got him. He's got the cash.'' After a few seconds of the male responding the cop hung up.

``Was that Malcolm?'' Joe asked calmly.

He said nothing and Joe clutched his briefcase. Was he really gonna give up 500,000 dollars of his own money to save a stranger? He looked around. It certainly looked like it.

Patrick jumped as Andy's phone went off. He had it so he promptly answered. ``Hello?''

'Patrick?' He recognized the voice as Kate's.

``Oh, hi. Yeah, Andy told me you had his number. I know everything and we're gonna take care of it. September's gonna be okay.''

'Gonna? If you're gonna take care of it then why did Malcolm just call me and tell me he didn't need me anymore? Wouldn't he say that if it was already done?'

Patrick appeared confused but then gasped louder than he ever had in his life. ``Andy! Call Joe! Call Joe right now!''

Andy jumped and picked up Patrick's cell and dialed Joe.

'Joe? Who's Joe? Patrick, what--What's going on?' Kate asked frantically.

``Kate, I gotta go. I'll call you later, I promise!'' He hung up before she could protest and panted as Andy shook his head.


``His phone is on?''


``Try again.''

Joe watched the back of the cop's head as his phone rang again. He knew he couldn't answer it, but he could try. He slowly reached into the front pocket and just as he fingered the top of it the cop spoke.

``Give it to me.''

Joe sighed. He reluctantly handed the phone to the crooked officer as the car stopped at a light. He grabbed it and threw it out the window,


``It was either the phone or you.'' The cop stated as he showed off his holstered gun.

``Yeah, in the middle of traffic you'd shoot me.'' Joe sat back in his seat and the cop said nothing as his foot hit the gas again.

``Still no answer,'' Andy shuddered.

``Oh, God...what have I done? Malcolm's got him. We...We have to go to the cops!''

``But if we do he could hurt Sam or Bree!'' Andy cried.

``We won't go to the cars outside their place, we'll go to the station.'' Then it dawned on him. ``Wait, how would he know Joe left...unless...''

``He was watching your place too.'' Andy finished, shaking visibly.

Patrick rubbed his scalp again, not caring about the discarded hairs. ``I...I don't know what to do...'' He whispered and put his head in his hands.

Andy sat next to him and chewed the inside part of his lip piercing. He could hear Patrick cry softly and sighed. ``Let's go to the station. We don't have a choice anymore.'' He stated calmly.

Patrick nodded in his hands and quickly stood up, wiping his face and sniffing. ``Let's go.''

September exhaled gruffly as Malcolm entered the room, laughing as giddy as a schoolboy. ``Well, my dear, my money is on the way. The rich friend of your lover got it for me after all.''

Tem slumped. ``Yay.'' She looked away from him. Kate must have called Sam and Sam called her boyfriend. Tem shook her head morosely. ``Just what I wanted; To be rescued by Fall Out Boy.''



A/N: Don't eat me, I know it's short...I feel ashamed about the length but I have to cut it for the rescue. Also, my internet is severely damaged and I'm having all sorts of trouble lately. -sighs- I'm having writer's block again but I think I'm getting my groove back. I need to carefully plan this.

I'm sorry for my shortest chapter ever on here, hope y'all don't hate me...

BTW, download the 2 versions of Spotlight on Patrick's website NOW! I choose New Regrets as my vote. What's yours? Did you vote? I wonder how he's getting the votes compiled. Obviously Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are being flooded with them, so he must have a lot of people helping him!

Okay, Please...?


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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