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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> My Chemical Romance >> Don't Ever Let Go, Because You're The Only Thing Keeping Me Sane.(Krystal's P.O.V)

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Thirteen
By Krissy_Lynn


Krystal's P.O.V

         I woke up snuggled up in Ray's arms. I stretched slightly, and looked around, Frankie was sitting in the living room. Alex and Mikey were no where in sight. Everything was silent, and I heard Alex and Mikey talking.

         "Mikey! Psst...Mikey!" Alex called.

         "What?" I heard Mikey ask from in the kitchen. I heard Alex walk down the stairs.

         "I need a shirt." Alex spoke softly, but loud enough to hear.

         "I don't think you do." Mikey tried to whisper, but I could still hear.

         "Mikey, I'm being serious."

         "So am I." I could hear his grin.

         "I think you should just walk around in a towel all of the time."

         "Yeah, cause that wouldn't be weird at all. Mikey, I freaking need a shirt."

         "Naw, I think you can wait a little bit."

         "Not really."

         There was a silence, so I could only guess what was going on. I looked over and Frankie was walking into the kitchen.

         "Dudes, this could turn into a porn scene." Frankie said walking in.

         "Why must we always be interrupted?" Mikey asked.

         "Because you always choose to be 'intimate' at stupid times." Frankie replied, I could hear him pouring a cup of coffee.

         I heard Mikey and Alex walk upstairs, and Frankie walked back into the living room. I sat up slowly and yawned. I turned and looked at Frankie. I felt Ray sit up behind me.

         "Do I wanna know?" I asked.

         " you wanna know?" Frankie took a sip of his coffee.

         "How bad was it?"

         "Alex was in a towel, on the counter, Mikey inbetween her legs, Mikey was horny." Frankie laughed slightly.

         "Great, I'm going to need therapy after hearing everything I did, and the mental image I am getting."

         Alex and Mikey walked back downstairs. I turned and glared. Ray laughed and picked up my hand, and held it.

"I heard everything." I spoke, pointing at me. "If I have to go to therapy, you're paying for it."

         "Pfft, Mikey said everything that would cause you to go to therapy." Alex replied.

         "True. You sir, will be getting my therapy bill." I pointed at Mikey.

         Alex laughed and sat beside Mikey on the couch. I glared, then laughed too.

         "So, what are we doing today?" I asked, after about five minutes of silence.

         "I don't know. What do you think we should do?" Ray asked.

         "How Jersey Shore...all day?" Frankie asked.

         "Um...I like that show, but no." Alex stated.

         "How about we...go to my house? We can have a little hot tub party thing! And I can call Gerard, and he can come over too!" Frankie shouted, bouncing up and down.

         "Alright, that sounds fun." Mikey said.

         "Of course it does. Now, c'mon, let's go!" Frankie ran to the front door and put his shoes on.
         "Dude, we have to get our stuff." Mikey said, looking at Frankie.

         "Oh, okay. But hurry." he said, rolling his eyes.

         Alex and Mikey went upstairs to collect their things. Alex came down first.

         "Aren't girls supposed to take longer than guys?" Frankie asked, looking at Alex.

         "What is that supposed to mean?" Alex asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

         "I mean, Mikey is taking longer than you, and girls are always supposed to take longer than guys." Frankie shrugged.

         "Not always!" I shouted, glaring at him.

         "Yeah, Frankie. Mikey's like a diva, if you ask me." Ray said, and everyone started laughing.

         "What? Are you laughing at my expense again?" Mikey asked, coming downstairs.

         "When are we not?" Frankie asked. "Now, come on, I called Gerard, he said he's gonna be over in about ten minutes."

         We all walked out to the street and Mikey locked the door. I took ahold of Ray's hand and we watched to Frankie's house, which was like 5 houses down. I always laughed at the fact that Mikey and Frankie lived so close.

         When we got to Frankie's house, we all stepped in then walked out to the backyard. It was still cool.

         "I'm jealous." I heard Alex mutter, I laughed silently.

         "You should be." Frankie winked, and laughed.

         We all got our bathing suits on then hopped in the hot tub. About five minutes later, I heard someone walk in. It was Gerard. I waved and he waved back. He smiled when he saw Ray holding my hand. I smiled back.

         "Hey, Gerard!" Mikey called and waved to him. He walked over and kneeled beside Mikey.

         "Hey, Mikey." he said. And then he looked at Alex.

         "I'm Alex, nice to meet you." Alex smiled and stuck her hand out. He rolled his eyes and stood up. Alex put her hand down slowly and looked down.

         Mikey grabbed her hand and squeezed it. He smiled softly at Alex, with an apologetic look on his face.

         Gerard stepped into the hot tub, between Frankie and I. I was going to have a talk with that boy. I nudged him under the water and glared. It was kind of awkward so we didn't sit in the hot tub much longer.

         We all got out and walked into the house. Alex and Mikey stayed behind, I grabbed Gerard by the elbow and dragged him into the kitchen.

         "What the hell was that?!" My hands turned into fists at my side.

         "No need to get angry." Gerard shrugged.

         "You just brushed off my sister, my best friend, your BROTHER's GIRLFRIEND! We talked about this Gerard, you said you were fine with it!"

         "Yeah, I was, until I saw her."

         "Well you better fucking get over it, because they aren't breaking up any time soon, so get over it, accept it. Grow up Gerard!" I covered my face with my hands.

         "Okay, fine! But I don't want to."

         "Yes you will want to. Gerard that's your brother, you gotta be happy for him, even if his girlfriend is much younger. You didn't see it, but she's bruised. A guy in our grade beat her, because she is with Mikey. Most girls would have ran after that. Not Alex. She loves him, she's in love with him. And I know for a fact Mikey feels the same way."

         "So she took a beating for him?..."


         "Oh my God. I feel like an ass now." Gerard rubbed his temples.

         "You were being an ass, so congrads." I sighed, Ray walked in and wrapped his arm around my waist.

         "I'm going to go say sorry." Gerard gave me a half smile.

         "That would be wise." I smiled.

         Gerard walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Ray looked down at me. I smiled up at him. He smiled back and kissed me. I took his hand and walked back into the living room.
         Ray and I sat on the recliner, I was sitting on his lap. Alex and Mikey walked back in, and Gerard looked at Alex.

         "Mikey, can I talk to Alex for a minute?" Gerard asked, ovbiously nervous.

         Mikey nodded and Alex and Gerard walked outside. Mikey turned and looked at me.

         "I talked to him. I told him bout the beating, and he was suprised that she stayed, but he understands the love you guys have." I smiled at Mikey.

         "Thanks." Mikey smiled back.

         Frankie, Mikey, Ray and I all sat in silence as Alex and Gerard spoke outside. Finally they walked inside.

         "You guys are okay now?" I asked. Gerad and Alex nodded. "Okay, good."

         Alex walked upstairs, Mikey followed. I got up and grabbed a pop from the fridge, and sat on Ray who had moved to the sofa so Gerard could sit on the recliner. Alex and Mikey soon came down stairs again, Alex sat down beside me, and Mikey beside her. I smiled slightly, relaxing into Ray's arms.

         "Dude, this is no fair, I need a girlfriend." Gerard said.

         "Frankie actually said that exact thing yesterday." Alex laughed.

         "Maybe you two should just date each other." I shrugged.

         "No, I want something with boobs." Frankie said, laughing.

         "Gerard, get fat. And then you'll have moobs, and Frankie will be happy." I laughed.

         "No, That's gross." Gerard laughed.

         "I don't understand how those things don't give you back problems." Frankie said, pointing to Alex.

         "What...things?" Alex asked.

         "Your boobs, stupid." Frankie rolled his eyes.

         "Dude, please, I don't want to have a conversation about my boobs right now." Alex rolled her eyes.

         "Teehee. I'm the only one that's allowed to poke them, anyone else here, it could be counted as sexual harrassment." I smiled, giggling and poking Alex's boob.

         "Dude, you're creeping me out. And technically, I could charge you for sexual harrassment, too." Alex laughed.

         "Don't even give me that, you used to poke my boobs all the time." I gave her a 'seriously' look.

         "I don't even want to know what you two do in your spare time." Gerard said.

         "Ooh, I do! Is it sexual?!" Frankie said, winking.

         "No, not at all." I laughed. "Plus, she's not the one who's stuck between the closet door and the wall, I am."

         "What does that mean?" Gerard asked.

         "Just...nevermind." I shook my head.

         "Okay?" Frankie said.

         "Okay, so what should we do?" Mikey asked, breaking the awkward silence.

         "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm bored. I think I'm gonna go home." Gerard said, getting up.

         "You haven't even been here that long!" Frankie shouted at him.

         "Oh well, I'm going. See you guys later." he got his shoes on and walked out the door.

         "I think I'm going to go home too." Mikey said. "Are you coming with me?" he asked Alex.

         "Yeah, sure." Alex replied, shrugging.

         "Okay, bye, Alex!" I jumped up and hugged Alex.

         Alex got on her shoes, and Frankie ran over to her, and hugged her, Alex struggled to keep her balance. 

         "Don't do anything too sexual when you guys get home." Ray said.

         "No promises." Mikey winked.

         "I'm serious." Ray said, pointing at him.

         Mikey rolled his eyes, grabbed Alex's hand, and they walked out the door.

         I sighed and turned so my feet were on the couch.

         "Krystal, what did you mean you were between the closet door and wall?" Frankie looked at me.

         "I'm bi. Alex and I joked that I never fully came out of the closet, that the door closed on me." I laughed.

         "OH!" Frankie laughed.

         I laughed with him and Ray joined in.

         "Hey Frankie, pass me my laptop? I wanna check facebook." I smiled as Frankie handed me my facebook.

         I looked through my notifications. They were all the same Blah commented on this, blah liked that. Then something caught my eye. Emilia Sonnet posted a note, and almost everyone at our school was tagged in it. I closed my eyes and clicked the link.

Dear students of GL Roberts High School,

         As you may already know, we have a new teacher that joined us this year.
         His name is Mr. Way.
         And in my Science class, there aren't many people. There's me, my sexy boyfriend Corey, my best friend Janet Young, Jakob Cornya, Krystal...whatever her last name is, and Alex Morrow.
         Well, Alex thinks that she can have any guy she wants, and she decided to go after Mr. Way, although I told her to stay away from him.
         And now, for the climax of this story, I saw Alex and Mr. Way kissing, in his car.
         So, obviously, I got a little upset. I mean, we have to work for our marks, and she just fucks him and gets the grade she wants?
         So, I talked to her, and she wasn't listening to what I had to say, so I got Corey to beat her up.
         And now you know the whole story.
         This is also why you haven't been seeing Alex at school at all. She's too much of a pussy to come back, because she doesn't want to get her ass beaten again.
         And Alex, if you read this, I hope you know, everyone in school is against you now. I'll get every single person I know after you. So, good luck.
         Love you all! Byeeeeeeees. <3 :)

         -Emilia Sonnet.

         I stared at the screen in shock. I closed my eyes then opened them again. The note was still there. I quickly turned angry. I started to shake.

         "Babe...are you okay?" I heard Ray speak.

         I grabbed my laptop and chucked it against the floor as hard as I could. I stood up, walked past the now broken laptop, stormed out of the door, and walked down the street.

         "FUCK! Why does she have to ruin lives?!" I was talking to myself. I felt bad, I broke my laptop on Frankie's floor, and then left in a hurry. I sighed.

        I walked until I got to a park. I sat in the swing, and just sat there. About ten minutes later I heard foot steps and whispers. I heard Ray and Frankie talking.

         "There she is!" Ray sighed a breath of relief.

         " okay?" Frankie spoke as the reached me.

         I was still shaking.

         "I'm sorry. Really I am. I'll pay to get your floor fixed. I just.. AH! She's such a bitch!" I gripped the swing chains tightly.

         "Krystal! Its fine, the floor is fine, and who's a bitch?" Frankie asked.

         "Emilia Sonnet. She posted a note on facebook about Alex and Mikey, and so now everyone will know. Fuck! Mikey and Alex are screwed!" I closed my eyes.

         "Babe, its okay, Mikey and Alex are in love and they won't let this get inbetween them!" Ray wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

         "Oh God, I hope you're right. I'm going to go kick her ass...AGAIN!" I sighed.

         "Don't, that won't make you any better, plus I don't think Ray wanted to see you hurt...again." Frankie smiled at me.

         "Fine..."I smiled back.

         I stood up, and Ray picked me up. Frankie and Ray, me on Ray's back, walked back to Frankie's house. I went upstairs, after I cleaned up my broken laptop, and laid down on Ray's bed. I closed my eyes as Ray crawled up behind me. I quickly fell asleep.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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