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Too Much Green To Feel Blue
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Twenty One: Too Much Green To Feel Blue


``Alright, well I'll see you later.'' Patrick kissed Sam and nodded to the two sisters, exiting the door and Sam shutting it. She sighed and ran her hand through her hair.


``What's going on here?'' Bree asked harshly.

Sam blinked at her sister's tone. ``What do you mean?''

``I mean with you and him.''

Sam scoffed. ``What are you talking about? You know what's going on with me and Patrick. We're dating!''

``Yeah, and it's getting too serious.'' Sam shook her head in confusion. ``I think it's gone too far.'' Bree stated with a heavy sigh.

``What's gone--''

``You know damn well what. This has gone too far--the whole thing.''

Sam held up her hands. ``Aw, hell no! You're the one that told me never to tell him! You're the one that convinced me that it was best. This was all your idea!'' She shouted.

``I know!'' Bree snapped. ``But it's too deep now. The guy's starting to have feelings for you. I heard him in there.'' She pointed to the living room. ``This is serious. Way more serious than I thought it would be.''

``Don't you think I know that? Don't you think it haunts me almost every day? That I'm lying to him about something that would matter to him?''

``It's gone too far...way too far...'' Bree whispered as she thought of Pete on top of her and the Plan B pills.

``What are you saying...?''

``I'm need to come clean. You need to tell him.''

Sam shook her head frantically. ``N--!''

``After everything you've been through he'll understand. He'd be the world's biggest bastard if he dumped you for something that damn stupid. Especially after what he did to rescue you--he helped me! He'll understand.''

Tears threatened to escape Sam's eyes as she paced. ``No...No, I can't...''


``NO!'' She screamed. ``You don't understand! I...I'm in love with him!'' The room fell silent and Sam sniffled. ``And not in a fangirl kind of way...I am really in love with Patrick--the real him...And he thinks I'm a normal girl...if he knew that I was this...this...creep that looked up pictures of him and videos on YouTube...all the things...all the ways I've basically stalked him online...I can't...''

``Who says you need to go into that kind of detail?'' Bree calmly asked. ``Just tell him you do know his former band and that you lied 'cause you felt weird about it.''

Sam looked down. ``Not good enough. I know you told me not to in the beginning but now...I choose not to. I can't lose him, Brianna. I can't.''

Bree sighed and played with the belt loop on her jeans. ``I get it. Believe me I can't blow up your life without blowing up mine...''

Sam gasped softly. ``Andy.''

Bree looked up. ``Yeah...Andy.''

As soon as he was a good distance from Bree's place he got out his phone and dialed the new number he had stored in it.

Kate answered hastily. 'Hello?'

``Hey...uh, it's Andy.''


``Sorry I hung up on you--Bree came in and I didn't want her to know.''

'Oh. O-Of course...'

`` now?''

Kate sighed. 'I honestly don't know. I can wait for him to call me.'

Andy tapped his steering wheel. ``Ohh--'' The line clicked and Andy was left sitting in his car. He looked around and tried calling her again. It went straight to voice-mail. ``Aw, man...''

``Is she okay?'' Kate frantically asked the male on the other end.

'She's fine. Mighty fine. I might just--'

``Just tell me what you want!'' Kate cut him off. Malcolm laughed at her outburst.

'Calm yourself, hotcakes. You got someone who can get my money?'

``Yes, he's very rich! We'll pay whatever you want! Please!''

'Twenty five million.' Was the response.

Kate paused and swallowed. ``Twen--''

'Yep. Get it. I'll give you a few days. Eh, make it two. Nah, one. Tomorrow you better tell me that ya got the money. See ya.' He hung up before Kate could protest and she screamed in fury.

``Just enough to get out of the country, huh?'' September asked dryly.

Malcolm chuckled. ``Your boss claims that she's got someone rich to pay. I'm testing it out.''

September rolled her eyes. ``Oh, so you don't want twenty five million?''

Malcolm grabbed a nearby chair, spun it around and sat down in it backwards. ``I have plenty of money in banks and business' out of the states. I don't need fifty million. It would be impossible to get that kind of money out of the country anyway. I need about half a million at best, to pay the favors I'll need to get out. I just wanna see if your boss can get twenty five million, to make sure I'm not being snowed.''

September sneered. ``And to screw with her, right?''

Malcolm grinned. ``But of course!''

``TWENTY FIVE MILLION?!'' Andy shouted into the phone.

Kate sighed on the other end. 'Yes...if it's too much--'

``Where do you live?'' Andy asked abruptly. Kate stuttered and he groaned. ``I'm not gonna hurt you!''

She sighed. 'Oh, all right.' She gave him her address and in a few minutes he was driving into a nice community. It wasn't super-rich but rich enough. Totally suburban. He pulled into her driveway and walked up to the maroon painted front door, a jogging couple catching his eye. The door opened and there stood a thin black woman, with dyed brunette hair permed just so. Her eyes were tired and she sighed. ``Hello.'' She said with surprise as she looked him over, he in his shorts and tee shirt, covered in tattoos and long shaggy hair.

Neither were what the other expected.

``Uh, hi.'' He shrugged sheepishly. ``I'm Andy. You're Kate?''

``Yes.'' She stepped to the side and allowed him to come in. He did and was greeted with bright white walls and supreme hard wood floors. Pictures of a little girl were all over the house. He passed a side table an a small photo showed off Kate with a white male and the same little girl, only younger.

He sighed as Kate led him into the living room, a huge flat screen showing off in the center. ``Wow...'' He breathed. ``Your house is seriously good enough to be on Cribs!''

She didn't react to the statement and sat down on a white couch, Andy following on the love seat across from her. ``Can you pay it?'' She bluntly asked.

Andy swallowed. ``Yeah...I can pay it...if I sell everything I own...''

``What?!'' Kate stood up. ``You said you were rich!''

Andy stood up to her. ``Twenty five million is rich!'' Her eyes widened and she sniffled, looking like she was gonna cry. Andy sighed again heavily. ``Look...''

``You said you had as much as Patrick.'' Kate glared.

``And just how much do you think he has? Pete probably has the most out of all of us because of his other stuff, like his clothing line and he's married to Ashlee Simpson, but even she's not as rich as Jessica!'' He began to pace and Kate felt worried about letting this hooligan in her house. ``I dunno about Patrick but he might have more than me--his fortune is under fifty million, I know that.''


``Look, I once read that Britney Spears' whole fortune was seventeen million!'' Kate raised an eyebrow. ``And Micheal Jackson's whole fortune was only thirty two million! Ya know why he went broke?'' Kate shook her head. ``Because he spent millions at a time!'' He sighed. ``Let's say that some kid cuts a track with some rapper and it makes him two million. You see him on Cribs and he's got a huge mansion and five cars in the driveway. The house probably cost him 300,0000, and the cars anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 each. So maybe he spent a million to get on Cribs and still has a million left. He'll go broke if he keeps spending it that way.'' He paused. ``Do you get what I'm saying?''

Kate shook her head again and Andy sighed heavily. ``Hollywood is as rich but we can still go broke because everything in Hollywood is expensive. So in reality Hollywood is not as rich as it seems.'' Kate blinked and looked down in thought. ``Lindsey Lohan couldn't even afford her rehab!'' He sat down and ran his hand through his long hair.

Kate tapped her knee. `` can't pay it.''

Andy looked up at her. ``Then who will?''

``I'll find a way.''

``You can't do it. You don't have twenty five million dollars.''

Kate chuckled. ``I don't have five dollars.''

Andy frowned. ``I want to help.''

Kate raised an eyebrow. ``Why?''

And groaned. ``I told you why. To help my friends. Patrick doesn't need this--him or Sam. I just...I don't know...''

Kate stood up. ``You can't pay it. I can't pay it. He'll do something to September if he doesn't get his money...'' She bit back tears. ``She's the only real friend I have left...''

Andy looked down. ``I'm sorry...I'll do what I can. I won't let this creep win.''

Kate stood up. ``Please leave.'' She walked up the stairs and Andy was left alone.

``Damn what am I gonna do?''


Patrick had barely gotten in and sat his keys down when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and smiled as he answered. ``Joe! Hey, man! Long time no talk!''

'Yo.' Was the simple response.

``What's up?'' Patrick asked as he plopped down on his couch.

'I didn't wanna bother you but have you seen Andy, or heard from him?'

Patrick tilted his head. ``Yeah, he was just at Sam's place--to see Bree, and then he ran out of there like a bat outta Hell. Hehe, why?''

'Ah, well, he missed practice and he never does that. I called him and he's not answering.'

``His phone's off?''

'No, it rings--he's just not answering.'

``Hmm. Well, I'm sure he's fine.''

'I called a few times and texted him. I think he's ignoring me.'

Patrick snickered. That wasn't like Andy. ``He's not like Pete where he always answers, man.''

'Speaking of, I called him too. He hasn't heard from Andy either and he just couldn't get off the phone fast enough.'

``Pete's been through a lot lately...''

'Really? I see.'

Patrick heard his tone and sighed. Joe was the one out of all of them that they hadn't seen much of or talked to. Patrick realized then that the only reason he even saw Andy at all was because of Bree and Sam. Joe sighed on the other end.

'Sorry, man. Shouldn't have bothered you, but ya know, I just thought that maybe he had talked to you or something...'

``No, Joe...It's okay. You can call me anytime. We said we wouldn't do this; That we'd stay friends. We broke up so we could stay friends.''

'Yeah, I know.'

Patrick felt bad and he had to admit he was curious as to what Andy was up to. ``Hang on. I'm gonna call him.''

'What makes you think he'll answer?'

``*67. It blocks your number on ID. He won't know it's me. I'll call you back.''

''Kay.' Each hung up and Patrick dialed Andy's number but with the *67 in front of it.

``Let's see if you answer this, now...''

His phone ringing made him jump as he unlocked his car door. He looked at it, assuming it was Joe again and saw ``Blocked Number.'' He gasped. What if the kidnapper found out that he was the guy Kate talked to? What if the guy was watching him? What if he was around the corner? All sorts of paranoid thoughts ran through his head and in instinct, he answered.

After a few rings Patrick was beginning to think that perhaps something was wrong, that Andy was in trouble or hurt, like a car accident or something. Then the line picked up.

'Hello?!' His frantic voice squeaked.

``Uh, Andy?''

'Who is this?!' He almost yelled.


It was silent and then a breath. 'Oh, hi. Why did your number come up blocked?'

Patrick rubbed his neck. ``Ehm, I blocked it.''


``Because I wanted to see if you would answer if you didn't know it was me. Joe called me. He thinks you're avoiding him.''

'I-I'm not avoiding him.' He stuttered.

``Yeah, well, he says you missed practice and that's not you. You never missed a practice!'' He laughed and heard Andy scoff.

'None of us ever missed a practice and that was then. This is now, and maybe I wanna miss a practice. Maybe I don't have time right now.'

Patrick's brow furrowed. That didn't sound like Andy at all. He was totally stoked about The Damned Things and Patrick couldn't believe that Andy would just shrug it off like nothing. Something was up. ``Andy...what's going on?''

'Nothing is going on! Ugh, last I checked we broke up and you were busy all the time.'

Patrick's face contorted in sheer confusion. ``Andy, I just saw you today!''

'I gotta go.' The line clicked off and Patrick scratched his head.

``What the hell?'' He dialed Joe back.

'What's up?'

``I have no clue, dude, but something serious. I think Andy's in trouble.''

'What makes you say that?'

``He threw us breaking up in my face and acted like your band meant nothing to him. Does that sound like Andy?''

'No, sounds like Pete.'

``Exactly. I think something's wrong.''

'Let's go to his house. He has my snare drum anyway.'

``Uh, okay. I can be there in ten. You?''

'About the same.'


'Cool.' Joe hung up and Patrick shut off his phone.

``You're gonna tell us one way or the other, Andy.''

There was nothing else he could do at this point but go home, and when he pulled up in the driveway he immediately regretted doing it; Joe and Patrick were standing at his front door. He felt his hair stand on end and sweat build underneath his glasses. He pushed them up and got out of the car.

``Guys? What are you doing here?'' He asked as he came up to them.

``You blew off practice and Patrick says you're acting weird. What's up?'' Joe asked calmly.

``I'm not acting weird and nothing's up.''

``Wow, you couldn't do better than that?'' Joe retorted.

Andy scoffed and looked at both of them. ``What?''

``Dude, what?'' Patrick stepped up. ``You're acting strange.''

``I am? You are!'' Andy shouted. ``Coming to my house--I thought you were too busy to hang with us and now all of a sudden you wanna stick your head in my business?''

Patrick gasped. ``See? That's what I'm talking about! You would never say something like that to me!''

``Yeah, well...'' Andy hated being mean but he had to get Patrick away! He didn't need this crap!

``Andy, what's going on?'' Joe asked.

Andy sighed heavily and shuffled nervously. ``I...was...out with my girlfriend.''

Patrick scoffed a little. ``I just saw you at Bree's. How could've you been out with her when--'' He stopped. ``Oh, Andy, tell me you're not cheating on Bree.'' Andy said nothing and looked down. ``Oh, God! Andy, what the hell? Why?''

Joe remained silent and looked around as Patrick fumed.

``I just...don't think me and her were meant to date.'' Andy stated.

Patrick exhaled sharply and thought for a minute. ``If this is true, then I'm sure you won't mind if I tell Sam.''

``What, why?'' Andy panicked.

``Because I'm dating her, and I'd have to tell her and of course, she'd tell Bree. But whatever, you don't like her, right? No biggie.''

Andy shook and bit his pierced lip.

``Andy...'' Joe sighed. ``You don't look like you want Patrick to do that.''

``Because this is all bullshit!'' Patrick roared. ``Now tell us what's going on or I'll call Bree and tell her you're cheating on her!''

``NO!'' Andy almost screamed. ``Okay, okay, I'll tell you.'' Both men looked at him and he sighed heavily, pushing his hair back. ``Okay, do you know a guy named Malcolm?''

All of Patrick's organs froze. ``Y-Yeah...?''

``Well, he kidnapped a friend of Sam's. At least I think she's a friend, I don't know. Her name is September.''

Now Patrick felt like his frozen organs had melted and were going to fall out of his ass. ``Malcolm kidnapped September?'' Andy nodded.

``Uh, guys?'' Joe looked back and forth between them.

``Oh, God, that's right.'' Patrick rubbed his neck as it tensed. ``You don't know.''

Joe raised his brow. ``Apparently.''

Patrick shook his head. ``I'll tell you. Can we go inside?'' Andy nodded at his question and let them both in. As soon as they were Patrick sat down, sighing heavily. ``About a week ago, Sam was kidnapped by people that were running a prostitution ring.''

Joe, who barely reacted to anything ever, audibly gasped. ``Oh, shit...''

``I know.'' Patrick continued. ``She was brought to a woman that ran a whorehouse and was almost sold to someone or something. Pete, Bree and I managed to find her and save her.''

``Whoa, Pete? Why was he involved?'' Joe asked.

Patrick sheepishly slumped. ``I...called him.''

Joe rolled his eyes. ``Nice.''

``Look I didn't know what to do! We found her car abandoned and saw a video of some guy dropping it off and then this cop guy comes to us and tells us, 'Oh, she's been taken to be a hooker!' Pete...I just called him--''

``Yeah, I know. You guys are soul-mates. Little do you know that Pete had a breakdown because of the breakup and it took Gabe to pull him out of it. Did he call you?'' Patrick blinked and slumped further.

``No, I...I didn't know...oh, man...that on top of the baby...''

Joe sat up, and Andy tilted his head. ``What baby?''

Patrick turned red. ``Don't tell Pete I said anything but, Ashlee had a miscarriage and they almost broke up.'' Andy gasped and Joe shook his head in sadness.

``Aw, man...So, how did you guys find Sam and save her?'' Joe kept on.

``Because one of the hookers was a dancer Bree worked with at her club. She set out to find her on the street, we did, and got it out of her where that woman might have taken Sam. It was a salon and Sam was in the back. There were undercover cops and they shot that woman, and killed her. Bitch...''

``Uh, and how come none of this was on the news?'' Joe asked with an eyebrow raised.

``Because the cops are keeping it on the down low. And we told them not to mention us or Sam.''

``You weren't followed by anyone?''

Patrick chuckled. ``I never get followed anymore. And Pete barely gets any attention. I mean, come on, we weren't that big to begin with and now...we're vapor.''

``Speak for yourself.'' Joe crossed his arms. ``I intend to get a star on the Walk of Fame.'' They all laughed a little and then it went uncomfortably silent.

``, yeah...'' Patrick rubbed his knees.

``You could've called be. I would've been there for you, man...'' Joe looked at him sadly. Patrick frowned and looked down. ``I mean, I feel left out. Pete knows, Andy knows...''

``I didn't tell Andy. I didn't even know he knew.'' Patrick looked at Andy and he blushed.

``Bree told me. I was worried and called her, she was upset and so I went over there and she told me.''

Patrick smiled. ``Oh, so you have been in her apartment before.''

Andy grinned. `` minute she was telling me about it and the next--'' He stopped and blushed harder.

``Dude, did you guys have sex?'' Joe asked incredulously.

``Seriously, Joe? That's not important right now.'' Patrick chided. ``I need to figure out how to get September back.''

``You?'' Andy asked.

Patrick scoffed. ``Yeah...''

``No way are you doing this alone! I'm involved now just as much as you. What affects Sam, affects Bree.'' Andy stated with vigor.

``Awwww....'' Joe teased and Andy punched him hard in the arm.

``Shut up!''

``Both of you shut up!'' Patrick shouted. He composed himself and breathed. ``Okay, look. How are you involved?'' He asked Andy.

``Malcolm called Kate, Bree's boss, and Kate accidentally called Bree's phone, meaning to call Sam and I answered it. I told her I had money to pay the ransom.''

``Malcolm wants ransom?''

``Yeah, he needs to get out the country, his accounts are frozen or something. So he took her for ransom.''

Patrick gritted his teeth. ``Son of a bitch was probably gonna take Sam...'' He gasped. ``The party! He was watching and September stayed behind. That's how he got her...'' He put his head in his hands and sighed. ``Oh, damn it...''

``It's not your fault, man.'' Joe eased.

``He was so close to getting Sam again...and he would have if she had been alone.'' He rubbed his face and stood up. ``I'm not gonna let him hurt her. Does Kate have a way to contact him?''

Andy shook his head. ``He calls her and she's got my number. But...she kinda booted me out of her house when she told me the amount he wants and I...kinda...couldn't...''

``How much does he want?'' Joe asked.

``Twenty five million.''

The room went silent. ``Well, that would be a heavy hit.'' Joe drolled out after a few minutes.

``What the fuck--twenty five...'' Patrick swore and paced.

``Can you pay it?'' Joe asked.

``I can...but it'll be rough for me.'' Patrick answered.

``It would pretty much clear me out.'' Joe responded.

``That's what I told Kate! But she couldn't understand why it was too rich for me!'' Andy fumed, standing up to join Patrick. Joe followed.

``We'll figure something out. I'm not gonna let this bastard win.'' Patrick said with a clenched fist.

``Well, beautiful, ya got until tomorrow to find out if you live. How's it feel?'' Malcolm asked cruelly.

``Indifferent.'' September spat.

``You know...'' He grinned horribly, ``It might be hard for me to give you up...'' September rolled her eyes and Malcolm sighed. ``Ya know what? I don't care anymore. I want this over with. I'm calling your lesbian lover now.'' He flipped open his phone and September shook her head.

She threw her pillows all around her room in fury as the tears streamed down her face. There was nothing she could do to help her friend! If she called the cops September is dead, if she can't pay September is dead. There was no road, no way out, no choice!

Her phone rang and she jumped and answered it quickly. ``Hello?''

'Hello, darling. Got my money?' That sick voice replied.

She couldn't stop herself before the first sound escaped her mouth. ``N--''

'NO?!' He roared. 'WHAT YOU MEAN NO?!'

``I--I--You said I had a whole day!'' She cried.

'I changed my damn mind.' He snarled. 'I want my money. You said you knew someone who could pay it. Were you lying to me?'


'I think you were and I don't like that. I don't like that at all.'

``I wasn't lying, please, I swear!'' She sobbed.

'You little bitch, who do you think you're screwing with? I don't like people that play games with me. You wanna play games? Huh?! I'll show you a game! It's called Target Practice!'

A gunshot went off and Kate screamed as she heard September scream on the other end. ``NOOOO!!!'' Kate fell to the floor and cried hysterically. ``No, Tem, no...!''

September could hear Kate sobbing through the phone and gulped as she looked at the smoking pistil. Malcolm had fired just to the right of her and scathed her shoulder. ``Scared now, bitch?'' He growled out. She wasn't sure if he was talking to her or Kate.

'Quit CRYING!' He yelled. 'It was only a flesh wound. She's fine.'

Those words made her heart stop. ``Prove it.'' She whispered.

'What the hell did you just say to me?' He said astonished that she would order him around.

``PROVE IT OR NO FUCKING MONEY!'' She screeched.

Malcolm handed the phone out to September. ``Speak.''

'Kate, I'm fine--'

``Tem! Oh, my god! Please, please--!''

'I told you to quit crying.' She heard him growl. 'Ya got your stinking proof. You got my money?'

``Yes, yes, I do...'' She sniffled. She didn't care about Andy. If he had the money, then he could pay it and according to him, he DID have it.

'Prove it.' She frowned when he laughed, throwing her words back in her face.


'Prove it or she dies.'


'Give me this rich guy's number. I'll find out of you're playing me or not.'

Should she do that? Give Andy's number to a psycho? She didn't have a choice...Malcolm did have a gun and had already injured September. ``Alright...I-I will...''

Andy's phone went off and all three grown men jumped. ``Who is it?'' Asked Joe.

Andy gulped. ``It says 'Unknown Name'.'' Patrick exhaled and grabbed the phone from Andy. ``Hey--!''

Patrick didn't think or give anyone else time to. He answered quickly and harshly. ``Hello?''

'Do you know Kate?' The male voice asked.

So...this was Malcolm, the mastermind behind everything that happened to Sam. He kept his cool and breathed in and out. ``And September.''

' she was telling the truth...I take it you know everything?'

Patrick's jaw tightened. ``Oh, yeah. I know everything. About how you and that whore kidnapped innocent women, hooked them on drugs and forced them to hook. I know it all, Malcolm.''

There was a pause and then a light chuckle. 'And you are?'

Before he could even think whether or not it would be wise, the anger in him built and also a little pride. ``The guy that foiled your plans and got your mama arrested.''

'That's not possible. Undercover cops did that.'

``And me. I helped them rescue the last girl you took.''

And another pause. 'Oh, you mean that short blonde with big tits? Yeah, that wasn't supposed to happen. Darrin needed money for crank so he got greedy. I didn't even want her. I was gonna sell her though. How did you become involved? You her boyfriend?' Patrick said nothing as his blood boiled at how Malcolm spoke of Sam. So emotionless, like she was an object. 'I see. Whoever you are, you know her. Sam, was it?'

``I got your money. How do you wanna do this?'' Patrick deflected the question and got to what Malcolm really wanted.

'All twenty five?'

``Yeah. All of it.''

'That's interesting. I'd love to take it but that'd cause problems for me. How about half a mil?' Patrick's brow raised. He wanted less?

``Why did you ask for twenty five million if you didn't want it?''

'It was a test. You claim to have the resources to pay it, dunno if that's true or not but whatever, I'm running out of time. You got half a mil or not?'

``Yeah, I got half a mil.'' Joe and Andy looked at each other.

``Any one of us could pay that!'' Andy said with a smile. Joe shushed him as Patrick continued.

``How do you want to do this?''

'Ya can I trust you? I mean, you might want revenge for what happened to your girlfriend.' Malcolm asked. It was then Patrick knew he shouldn't have said anything. His brain went blank and Malcolm chuckled again. 'Yeah, that's what I thought. You and that little bitch are setting me up. It was all a plan between you guys wasn't it?'

``What little bitch?'' Patrick became very nervous. September could end up dead because of his stupidity.

'The lesbian that loves this Asian I got over here. Y'all set me up, didn't you?'

``Kate? Kate doesn't even know I'm involved. This is my friend's phone.''

'And I stepped on the planet yesterday. What kinda fool do you take me for, you little shit?' Dammit, he was losing control, not that he had it anyway.


'Here's how this is gonna go. I want my money and you claim you can pay it. I don't care if you can or can't, you will. And if you don't I'll kidnap that little blonde number again.'

Patrick gasped to himself. ``You just found out who I am. Now who's playing games?''

Malcolm laughed. 'Don't you think someone like me still has people on his side? I got all kinds of people working for me. People you'd never suspect. All sorts of people under my thumb that if it got out what they liked it would be trouble for them. And they're watching her place. The cops are too by the way, in plain cars. I know this because I got someone in a street car watching too. They tell me everything. Who comes who goes. In fact, he told me of two males that left there this morning. Was one of them you?'

He was telling the truth! Dammit! ``Uh--''

'Cat got your tongue?'

``You son of a bitch...'' Patrick growled, earning another victorious laugh on the other end.

'And the best part is you can't go to the cars outside the place because you won't know who the cop is and who my guy is!' He laughed some more and Patrick clenched his fists in fury.

``You bastard!''

'Yes, you get it now. I'll take who I want and when I want. I'll sell them in other places.'

``The cops shut down your whorehouse.''

'The one Delilah ran, yeah. But I have others. Others that deal different merchandise. Dee was nice, she treated those girls like they were her own children.' Patrick scoffed. 'But my other houses are not so nice.'

``What do you want from me?!'' He yelled in frustration.

'Get my money and we'll talk. I'll contact you in an hour.' He hung up and Patrick almost threw the phone, but remembered it was Andy's.

``Damn it to hell!''

``What?'' Joe and Andy asked in unison.

``He's got people watching Sam's place. He says there are cops watching it too but they're all in plain cars. We'll never know who is who! He said he'd take her again...''

``What about Bree? He could take her too!'' Andy cried out.

``Shh, did he bite?'' Joe continued.

``Yeah, he wants his money in an hour.'' Patrick rubbed his temple.

``Hey, if the cops are watching her place then wouldn't they keep tabs on you? What if they're following you and then Malcolm finds out?'' Joe asked.

``Then they would know I came there too!'' Andy gasped.

``Maybe we should call the cops...I mean they could trace the phone call or something...'' Joe offered.

``And then he kills September and kidnaps Sam and Bree.'' Patrick sighed.

``Sorry, it was just a thought...''

``This isn't CSI, Joe...'' Patrick sighed again. ``I don't know what to do...''

``It has to be someone the cops aren't tailing, and could care less about. Someone not involved at all.'' Joe said scratching his chin. A few seconds ticked by.

``Aw, hell, no!'' Patrick yelled.

``C'mon, man. I'm not a boyfriend or anything and I wasn't involved. I never came over to Sam and Bree's place.''

``But you came over to Patrick's place.'' Andy stated.

``So? Old band mates can't get together and jam? It isn't suspicious. The cops won't care about me.''

``Well, me neither, then!'' Andy said with crossed arms. ``I wasn't involved!''

``You're Bree's boyfriend and went over there twice. We can't chance it.'' Joe responded.

Patrick sighed heavily and ran his hand through his hair. ``Joe--''

``Don't argue. We all know I'm right. I'll go pull out the money and bring it here. Then I'll take it to him.''

``Why's it got to be your money?'' Andy asked with an angry tone.

``Because the cops are watching you guys, duh--we went through this!'' Joe yelled in exasperation.

``Joe, you can't possibly--'' Patrick started but stopped when Joe looked at him seriously.

``I can and I will. Please, let me help you, man.''

Patrick shook his head. ``This is ridiculous...''

``Yeah, it is...but what other choice do we have? Technically we're saving three girls.'' Joe sighed. ``I'll get get the cash.''

``Be careful.'' Patrick said woefully.

``How hard can it be to get half a million out of a bank?'' Joe paused. ``Should I bring a suitcase or a bag or something? I dunno how this works.''

``I think they bag it for you.'' Andy said.

``Yeah, if you're a robber in the twenties.'' Joe joked making the other two roll their eyes. ``I'll figure it out. Be back soon I hope.'' He grabbed his car keys and started for the door.

``Joe...'' Patrick warned.

Joe turned and smiled. ``I will be.'' He headed out the door and to his car. Soon pulling out to the street and leaving Patrick's house.

A man in a plain car a few houses away watched as Joe drove off.

'C-27. Come in C-27. Rich, you there?' A female voice called on the radio. He picked it up and answered.

``Yeah, I'm here, Linda. Nothing to report here. He's just got some friends over.''

'Alright. 10-4.'

He shut off the radio and picked up a cellphone. He dialed and after a few rings a voice answered.


``One guy just left the house.''

'Follow him.'

He shut the phone and started the car, going in the direction that Joe went. It was a good thing he had written down the license plate numbers of all of them.

Malcolm shut his phone and laughed.

``What's so funny?'' September spat.

``Ah, nothin', beautiful. My friend is gonna get my money for me. It's good to have friends.'' He grinned wickedly and September could only think what that meant.



A/N: I realized I never said what race Kate was. White , black or otherwise. I was gonna have her be white but then I figured out a while back that I gave her the same name as Patrick's ex. Kate. Katherine? Remember her? Yeah...Dunno why I did that.

EDIT: I changed the amount of money Malcolm asked for from five million to twenty five million.


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