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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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'Cause Sorrow Is Just All The Rage
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Twenty: 'Cause Sorrow Is Just All The Rage


``So...'' She awkwardly began as her fingers touched the doorknob. ``Did you want to come in?''

Patrick looked away shyly. ``Uh, only if you want me to, but Bree's probably in there.''

Sam nodded with a soft laugh. ``Yeah, she probably is. Man, however am I gonna be a good girlfriend for you if you can't at least come in my house?'' She joked.

He stuck his hands in his pockets. ``Dunno. Maybe this isn't gonna work.'' She slapped him playfully as he laughed and opened the door.

``Oh, get in here you idiot.'' She teased and entered, him following.

``You sure?''

She smiled. ``At least for a few minutes.'' She sat down and patted the seat next to her on the couch. He dramatically plopped down on it with a big sigh.

``Ahhhh...'' He put his arm around her. ``So...'' She giggled as he rubbed her shoulder. ``How ya doin'?''

She snuggled next to him, placing her hand on his chest. ``I'm good.'' She gasped. ``Oh, hey, how's Pete? You never told me but I didn't wanna ask because...well...'' She trailed off and looked up at him.

He smiled at her warmly. ``He's fine. Him and Ashlee are getting back together.''

Bree gasped and stuck her head back into the bedroom. She frowned and walked back to the bed and layed down. Of course they were...she was just a drunk angry fuck, he loved Ashlee and only her. She shook her head. Duh, Brianna...duh.

Sam sat up. ``How do you know they are?''

Patrick shrugged. ``It looked good when I left. Trust me, they will.'' He grinned and pulled her closer to him, which squished her in the process, making her giggle.

She let the moment settle and wrapped her arm around his waist, returning the gesture as his free arm came around her, rubbing her shoulder once more.

In the time she was in that whorehouse she never thought she'd be back or anywhere near this happy again. She never thought she'd hear his voice or have his scent enter her again. To see him smile or feel his touch.

In a brief second she remembered why she was in his life, but shrugged it off. She wasn't going to torture herself with that anymore. None of that mattered. She learned a big lesson with Big Mama; every second counts. She closed her eyes and nuzzled into his chest, hearing his breathing and the rhythm of his heartbeat.

His hand crept up to her hair and his fingers ran through it. ``Hey...are you really okay?'' He asked softly.

She sighed. ``Yeah...I'm gettin' there.'' He released his grip and she sat up, looking in his eyes. ``But mostly because of you.''

A pink flush appeared on his cheeks. ``Well, I am your knight in shining blue jeans.''

She gasped. ``You remembered my joke?''

His gave her a full tooth grin. ``Yeah. I remember a lot of stuff. You ARE my girlfriend.'' She blushed and looked down. ``I'm awesome like that.'' She looked back up.

``Yes, you are.'' She leaned into him and he snuggled her, kissing her neck. It was silent for a few minutes and he inhaled sharply to speak, but didn't. She tilted her head. ``What?''

``Ah, nothing...It's just...nothing.''

She turned to face him again and raised an eyebrow. ``What? Tell me.''

He bit the inside of his mouth. ``Well, it's just that...You were kidnapped and hurt and...'' He paused and sighed heavily. ``I shouldn't ask...''

She swallowed. ``Go ahead. You can ask.'' She touched his hand and he squeezed it.

``Okay...Why wasn't there any family at the hospital other than your sister?'' He nervously asked. She blinked and looked away.

She knew it would come up eventually but still hoped it wouldn't. ``I mean, it was kinda weird, didn't Bree call anyone?'' She didn't answer and his eyes got wide. ``Oh, crap. I'm sorry. If it's personal you don't have to tell me--''

``It's okay.'' She interrupted. ``I knew you'd notice at some point.'' She inhaled and exhaled heavily. ``Remember when I thought Bree was in trouble and missing?'' He nodded.

``How could I forget? Shopping for baby clothes...'' He scoffed and she giggled a little.

``Yeah, well, remember when I said she was all I had?''

He didn't like the sound of this. ``Yeah...''

She looked around. ``It's because...she is. She's my only family.''

He looked confused. Certainly she didn't mean...there had to be someone else other than Bree. ``There's no one else?'' He asked after a few seconds.

``We have an uncle and some distant cousins but no close family. We have the kind of family that you see at reunions and you have no idea who they are.'' She answered. She paused and looked away. He didn't like this at all. If the only family they had was an uncle, where was their parents? He couldn't ask--he shouldn't. He should just drop it and let it go.

She looked at him, his face showing uncertainty, and caressed his hand. ``It's okay. I should tell you, so you understand why me and Bree are so close.'' He went to protest but she shook her head. ``Really, it's okay.''

``You sure?''

``I'm sure.'' She brought her legs up on the couch and held her knees indian style. ``When I was nine and Bree was eleven...our parents died.'' He knew it. He knew that was coming, but it still hurt to know she was so young. He rubbed her back and she smiled. ``We were at our grandmother's when it happened. It was heater in their bedroom...we lost everything we had along with them. All we had left was our overnight bags we took with us.'' Her voice was steady, like she had rehearsed it. ``All we had left of them was this tee shirt of our dad's that he wore when he was a teenager--and only because grandma had it. We had nothing left of mom because she was an only child with dead parents and no close relatives.'' Patrick shook his head in disbelief.

``My, God...Sam, I am so sorry...'' He didn't know what else to say. He held her and she rested her head in the crook of his neck.

``We stayed with grandma and our uncle moved in a few years later. He had just got divorced and his wife took his kids.'' She paused a second. ``I don't know what happened but Bree suddenly just changed. It started when she was fourteen and just got worse and worse. Drinking and partying, taking the car, not coming home...grandma kicked her out when she was fifteen. I don't know what she did to survive but at eighteen she left to L.A.. She was gonna send me money to come with her but grandma sent me through high school and college. Bree and I kept in touch always and grandma died while I was in college and...Bree and I saw each other at the funeral. It had then she was a stripper. When I got out I had no place to stay because my uncle was gone. Grandma had paid all the bills in her will but I had no money. Not a penny. I had to move here and live with Bree.''

Patrick nodded in understanding. He couldn't think of anything to say and softly sighed.

She smiled sadly in thought and sniffled. ``So there it dark secret.''

``There's nothing dark about that, Sam.'' He whispered. ``Nothing at all.'' He cleared his throat and kissed her cheek. ``I am so sorry. I can't think of anything else to say. I don't think there is...''

``Yeah, I know. It's a lot to take in.'' She sniffled and wiped her face. ``But you don't have to say anything. It's okay. We both went through it and survived.'' He kissed her again and she blushed at his comfort. She turned to him and kissed his lips gently. They parted for a second before pressing again. It had been a while since they had kissed on the lips and she found herself melting once more.

He was gentle and soft as he sucked her lips and applied pressure to them. She sniffled and he stopped, placing his hands on her cheeks, rubbing her skin with his thumbs. `` didn't have to tell me. I know why you did, though. Thank you, I guess...for being so open with me. For being honest.''

And there went that damn guilt again. She gulped and kissed his wrist. ``I had to. After are my boyfriend.''

He smiled and pecked her lips. ``That I am. Don't ever be afraid to tell me anything, Samantha. I'll be here for you.'' She blinked and thought about it. Should she tell him? This would be the perfect time. As Bree would say, he was primed with her sad story and would be more understanding. Maybe he wouldn't be mad. Maybe it didn't matter. Maybe-- ``I think you should know something.'' He stopped her thoughts.


``I...'' He blushed. ``I care about you and I like you a lot.'' His cheeks went deeper. ``I could fall for you. I think I might be already...'' Her eyes got big and she gasped to herself. Did he mean it? Was he really? Oh, God...he was falling for her and...and...he thinks she's a normal girl...not a fan...She felt her eyes well up and grabbed him, hugging him tightly.

``Oh...'' She cried and he hugged her back.

``Heh, I didn't expect that reaction, but it's still good.''

``T-thank you for telling me...I like you a lot too...I might be falling for you too...'' Of course that was another lie--she had fallen for him long ago. She sniffed and she felt him relax.

``That's good to know.'' He sighed, his grip tightening.

``Indeed.'' They both looked up to see Bree in the hallway with her arms crossed. ``Now could you take this sob-fest somewhere else before I barf?''


Her head was pounding as she slowly blinked her eyes open. She was sitting with her hands behind her in a cold metal chair, a gag on her mouth. For a few seconds she was confused and wondered if she was still dreaming, then it registered that she didn't remember dreaming at all. Memories flooded back as to what happened and her eyes snapped open wide. She struggled against the binds on her wrists and tried to break free. Her grunting alerted the male in the corner that she was awake and he chuckled.

``Took you awhile. I was beginning to worry that I'd overdosed you. Of course it wouldn't matter if I did.'' He laughed darkly and she focused on him as he approached her. He released her gag and she licked her dry lips.

``I won't bother screaming because I bet I'm nowhere where anyone can hear me.'' She spat dryly.

``Wow. I'm surprised. That was different.'' He chuckled.

``I am different.'' She replied calmly. ``Who are you?''

He raised an eyebrow. ``I go by Malcolm.'' She had no reaction. ``What's your name?''

She smacked her lips. ``Temara, but most call me September.''

He shrugged. ``Okay.''

``What do you want?''

``I need to get out of this country and fast. I can't kidnap the little bitch that put me in this situation, or anyone that lives at her place, but I can get ransom for her friend.''

September had no idea what was going on but she hid her confusion. ``And that'll work because so many people love me. Epic fail, man.''

``At least one does.'' He sneered holding up her phone. Her eyes got big but she recovered by rolling them morosely.

``I still don't see how that helps you.''

``I see one number and one number only in this phone. And this person calls you an awful lot. That means they care somewhat about you, and you for them. I bet I can get enough cash outta them to get me out of here. And if they don't have the cash then maybe they know someone who does. At any case, it's the best I can do at the moment.'' He opened her phone and chuckled. ``I would sell you--such a pretty thing--but I'd be caught, can't have that.''

She scowled and glared him down. Sell her? She thought for a few seconds...Sam had been kidnapped and she didn't know all the details but based on the limited things she had heard from the news, about a nameless woman being kidnapped and a prostitute ring brought down (obviously somebody paid the police not to release too many details, if she had to guess it was probably Sam's new rich famous friends), perhaps this was related. He did mention a 'little bitch'. Did this have to do with her? If so, it didn't matter. All that did matter was he had her phone and was dialing the one number stored in it.


The phone rang and she jumped up, her hair falling all around her. She groaned and looked at the number on the ID. Her brows furrowed as she wondered why September was calling her so early. She hit the answer button and cleared her throat. ``Hello?''

'So, you're a woman.' A male voice responded.

She sat up. ``What? Who is this?''

'Is there a man there? Is she screwing your husband, maybe?' He laughed.

``If this is some sort of prank I'm hanging up! And I'll tell Tem what you're saying to her boss with her phone!'' She shouted. She didn't know that Tem had a boyfriend but obviously he wasn't very nice. She didn't know anything about September's personal life and wished to keep it that way.

'Boss? Oh, I see...Can you receive pictures?'


'I'm sending you one.'

Before she could react he snapped a picture of her with her own phone and sent it to Kate. She grimaced and sighed. Kate was gonna fly off the handle with this one.

Kate scoffed as her phone beeped a text and hesitated to look at it. What if it was something gross, like his penis? But she felt a twinge in her gut that told her to look. She brought up the window and looked at it.

Immediately her heart dropped. September was tied to a chair, looking disheveled and tired. The background looked like a warehouse of some kind--not anything she recognized and she brought the phone to her face. ``What is this?!'' Her voice squeaked.

The male voice laughed uproariously. 'What does it look like? My girlfriend and I are playing a sex game!'

Kate growled out. ``If that's the case keep it to yourself! I have no interest in--''

'I had Sam too.'

Kate blinked and exhaled sharply. ``W-what?''

'You heard me. I had her. And now I have this one. What are you gonna do about it?'

September looked up at him. How would he know that Kate knew Sam? Her eyes widened. He had been watching them--all of them That was the only explanation. This was related. She shook her head. ``Oh, what have you gotten us into, kid?''

``I don't understand! What do you mean you have her?!'' Kate shrieked.

'You know damn well what I mean! What are you gonna do about it?!' He equally shrieked back at her, making her wince.

``What do you want me to do?!''

It was silent and then another dark chuckle, one that made a chill run down her spine.

'That's what I was waiting to hear. Good job. Didn't take you very long.'

She gulped. ``What do you want?''

'Easy. Money. And you're gonna give it to me. I need enough to leave the country. See the GOOD guys froze my accounts and I can't use my cards, you understand. I just need enough to disappear.'

Just enough? That was still a lot of money. She didn't have that much! She was barely keeping her head afloat. ``I can't do that! I'm in debt! I literally don't have any cash! I pay credit cards with credit cards!''

He sucked his lips and looked at September. ``Then I suggest you find someone who does have money. And I don't need to tell you if you get the cops involved I'll kill her. Probably goes without saying.'' He hung up and threw the phone to the ground, shattering it. ``That can be traced. I need a new line. Luckily...'' He pulled out another phone, a small one that didn't look very advanced. ``I already thought ahead.'' He typed a few numbers and put it in his pocket. ``Now we wait, beautiful.''

September frowned and looked away. Wait, indeed. Who did Kate know that had money? She perked up. Perhaps it wasn't who KATE knew but who someone else knew.

Kate flew into a frenzy. What could she do? She couldn't call the cops, he'd kill her! And she didn't have any money! She didn't know anyone who did! She stopped and breathed heavily.

But Samantha did...


Sam opened the door and was surprised at who was standing there to greet her with a huge grin. ``Andy?''

``Hi.'' He waved. ``Is your sister here?''

Sam smiled a little. ``Yeah, she's in the shower right now. You can wait for her if you want.''

Andy hid his blush by looking down and stepped in. He was greeted by a yawning Patrick on the couch. ``Hey, Ricky.''

``Whoa, Andy!'' Patrick stuttered and jumped up. ``What are you doing here?''

Andy chuckled. ``I just thought I'd ask Bree if she'd want to come to our show.''

``Dude, really? How long have you been dating?'' Patrick asked with a humorous eyebrow raised.

Andy laughed. ``Hey, it worked for you.''

``Hey!'' Sam playfully hit him.

Andy giggled a little. ``Well, it did.'' He looked back and forth between them.

``I slept on the couch, Andy.'' Patrick stated drolly.

``Yeah, sure...'' He rolled his eyes.

Sam rolled her eyes. ``No, he really did. I sleep in the same room as my sister.''

``Oh, yeah, that's right.'' Andy nodded to himself.

Sam crossed her arms. ``When have you been here before?''

Andy's cheeks turned beet red. ``I...haven't! She told me. I'll go wait in there so you guys can cuddle.'' He quickly walked out hearing Sam groan and Patrick laugh.

He sighed and sat on the end of Bree's bed. He assumed it was hers because it was the bed that they...He cleared his throat and looked around. He could hear her in the shower and found himself thinking about her in there. He shook his head and fell back on the bed. ``Ugh...I hope she wants to go.'' He had done so much bragging about his 'hot new girlfriend', he had to show she existed at some point.

A ringing made him look over. It was her phone and he couldn't help but look. He didn't know what possessed him but he answered. Maybe it was accident, maybe not, but he did. ``Uh, hello?''

'Oh, God! Sam! He's got September! Please, please help me!' A frantic female voice shouted.

``Uh,,'' He stuttered.

The woman sobbed on the other end and hyperventilated. 'The guy that hurt you, Malcolm, he took September! He's asking for money and I don't have any! Please, get Patrick! I need his help!'

Andy didn't know what to say. He didn't know much about what had happened to Sam, other than what Bree had told him. The guy that took her took someone else? ``This is Bree's phone...'' He said calmly. He didn't know what else to say.

The woman paused and stammered. 'O-Oh, I-I see...I'm so sorry...I meant to call Sam...Just...Oh...'

``I'm Bree's boyfriend.'' Why did he tell her that?

'Oh, okay. I'm sorry--'

``Maybe I can help you.'' He didn't know why he said that either but when he gave himself some time to think about it he knew. As he looked into the living room, he knew.

'I don't think you can...I need someone with money...'

Andy felt a surge of slight jealousy and anger. He hated how people always assumed Pete and Patrick had more money than him and Joe. Well, they did, but still! ``Trust me, I have just as much money as Patrick does.'' It was silent and he sighed. ``I'm his friend and we were in the same band together, so yeah.''

The woman gasped. 'The same band...? Oh, but--I see. But I shouldn't involve you--I don't know you!'

``I'm Andy. Your name is?''

'Ehh, Kate.'

``You know me now. Check out Fall Out Boy's Wiki if you wanna know more.'' He wasn't trying to brag, just stating a fact.

Kate sputtered. 'Uh, well, I--' She exhaled heavily. 'Why do you want to help me? You really don't know me.'

Andy looked around. ``Haven't Patrick and Sam been through enough already?'' It was silent on the other end and he heard the shower shut off. His heart jumped a beat as he heard Bree's feet touch the floor.

'You're right. They have...I shouldn't have called anyone at all...'

``No, if your friend is in trouble and it has to do with Sam, then I wanna help.''

'Really? Oh, thank you! Thank you!' She cried.

'Dammit! Who broke my base?!' Pete screamed. 'I just bought this and a string is broken!' He was furious and Andy sank into the couch cushion. They all saw him mess with it and break the string. He was so good with drums but sucked at everything else. He knew Pete was gonna bust his ass.

'I did it.' Patrick stood up and said quietly. Pete turned to him and glared, but then his stare lightened and softened.

'Oh. Well...okay, then.' He walked off and didn't say anything else. No yelling or screaming. For some reason he never went off on Patrick. Ever. Patrick gave a quick look to Andy and smiled, walking away. Andy sighed in relief, while Joe shook his head.

Andy didn't know why that memory shone in that moment but it did. It was so small and insignificant, but it told him all he needed . Patrick was a good guy and would do anything for his friends.

Andy looked into the living room again and watched Patrick trying to tickle Sam and failing. ``Anything for a friend.'' He heard Bree turn on the blow-drier and quickly got out his phone. ``Gimme your number so I can call you.''


``Please? I won't hurt you or anything.''

'Okay, and tell Bree and Sam that the shop is closed.' She gave him her number and just as he got the last digit in her phone Bree walked out of the bathroom.

``What are you doing with my phone?'' He shut it off and threw it on the bed.

``Uh, that was...your boss. The shop is closed today.'' He beamed with a smile.

``Wait, what are you doing here?'' She held her towel tighter.

``I wanted to come over to ask you something, but I forgot I have something I gotta do. I'll call you later!'' He kissed her on the cheek and ran out.

Patrick stopped him before he could leave. ``Whoa, dude! What's up?''

``I got something I gotta do real quick.''

``Well, what is it? You're running out like your hair is on fire!'' Patrick said with a chuckle.

``Yeah, it's important. But it shouldn't take me very long.'' He glanced back at Patrick a bit and smiled. ``See ya!'' He ran out the door, shutting it.

``Wow.'' Sam breathed out.

``Yeah, that was weird.'' Patrick scratched his head.

``He told me Kate called and Easy Trim is closed.'' Bree added as she walked out in a tee and jeans.

``What? Kate specifically told me to come into work today!'' Sam sat down on the couch and Patrick joined her.

Bree fixed her pockets. ``I guess something came up.''



A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I had a bit of writer's block and had to figure out what I was gonna do with this story plot. I think I got a good one now.

Has anyone seen Patrick on YouTube, the Earth Day Rally vid? Holy shiz he sounded (and looked) amazing! ^^

And yeah, I finally put out Sam and Bree's past. I hope it wasn't too...cliche. Tell me whatcha think!



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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