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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Nine
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Nine


Dina wandered the halls of the fake Wizard's lair, thinking of everything that had transpired. She had been through anything weird that you could think of, yet for some reason, she didn't think about that. Instead she thought of her new friends.

Donnie was quiet and shy yet funny and cute. Sandman was loud and hilarious, yet serious at times and comforting. And Dr. Benzedrine...Well, he was kind and polite, loving and sweet. The memory of him singing at the lake made her face get hot. She sighed and shook it off. She didn't belong here, in any way what so ever! She HAD to go home. What she had to go home FOR she didn't know--or remember, but she knew she was needed.

She looked down at Jojo and smiled. It was he that had outed the Wizard as a fake. Jojo the whole time had been in the background of all of this and he was the one that made it possible for her to go back home. And he didn't even know what he was doing when he did it. She bent down and picked him up, giving him a kiss. ``Thanks, baby. We get to go home because of you.'' He sniffed her mouth and wiggled to get down. ``You never like to be picked up.'' She said with a roll of her eyes. She heard footsteps and looked to see H. Shoe Crab walking towards her. She raised her brow in question and he nodded.

``Yeah, it's ready. I called a big announcement in the square. Since I'm not coming back I got some 'splainin' to to.'' He laughed and Dina chuckled in response.

``So, I guess we should go, then.'' He nodded and turned to lead the way and she looked down at her ruby heels. She sighed heavily and followed Crab to the square, all the while feeling like she was gonna puke.

When they got to the square she saw the balloon all ready and tied up to some posts. The boys were all there, standing by the balloon waiting for them to come. The place was packed with people all in green and as soon as Crab got to the balloon they erupted in cheers.

``My friends!'' They cheered again.

Dina let him continue to talk and stepped up to the platform where the balloon was tied. She noticed that all three of the guys were clean and tidy; Donnie's hair had been washed a cut a little, his clothing not showing a spot of dirt. Sandman looked ten times better than he did; his clothes were mended and he didn't even look like he'd even been stuck on a pole. And Dr. Benzedrine had reapplied his makeup, looking totally fresh, his clothes a glorious bright yellow again. Dina suddenly felt dirty and disheveled and blushed looking at her feet.

``It is very important that I talk with my fellow wizards about the state of things,'' Crab continued. ``So, while I'm gone I leave the job of running OZ to my trusted friend the Sandman, who along with managing your dreams and banishing the nightmares, will run the affairs of OZ!'' Nobody cheered but Crab kept on. ``It was my fault I fired him, but now I am rectifying this error! Rest assured, Sandman will be an excellent Wizard!'' The crowd burst into cheers of approval and Crab turned to Sandman. ``How's that for retribution?''

Sandman crossed his arms and looked away. ``It's a start.''

Crab took no mind of that and turned to the crowd. ``Assisting him will be Donnie, the world's greatest catcher, to clean up OZ of these hideous nightmares and help distribute dreams to those that need them most!'' More cheers. ``And Dr. Benzedrine will serve as Sandman's advisor, because I think these two will work quite nicely together.'' Crab winked at Dina and she blinked in thought. Somehow what he said made perfect sense. ``So treat them with the same respect you have given me!'' The crowd jumped and screamed giving the, oh, so great Wizard a fond farewell.

Crab got in the balloon after he waved and said goodbye and motioned Dina to do the same. She suddenly felt nervous and unsure.

``Oh, but now? But I don't--''

``Now or never, Dina.'' Crab interrupted.

Dina stuttered and looked around at the guys. ``I--but--'' She began to feel her heart pinch and then heard Jojo bark. Someone had brought a cat and he jumped off the platform and chased the feline through the crowd. ``NO! Jojo! Come back! Someone grab him, please!'' The people didn't seem to want to grab the barking snarling dog, and Dina was forced to chase him herself.

When she left the platform Benzedrine felt an urge to do something very evil. He exchanged looks with Sandman and they both got the same idea. All the while appearing concerned for Jojo, he loosened the rope around the pillar and Sandman did the same. The balloon started to go up just as Dina grabbed Jojo. ``No!'' She ran to the platform and tried to jump in but it was already to late. ``Come back!''

``I can't! I don't know how it works! Goodbye everyone!'' The crowd waved and blew kisses at him as Dina was left forlorn on the platform.

``I...I don't believe this...How did this happen?'' Benzedrine and Sandman gave each other guilty looks as Dina put down Jojo. ``What am I gonna do...?''

``You...'' She heard Benzedrine's voice. ``You could stay here...''

She turned and saw his face filled with hope, his eyes begging her to say yes. ``I can't.'' She stated.

His face fell. ``Why not?''

``Because...this place isn't--'' She stopped herself and looked away. She wanted to say 'real'. As her eyes watched the people and studied the detail of everything--nothing seemed artificial--she reached the realization that she had known all along. It wasn't real. She looked back at Benzedrine and sighed. ``This place isn't my home.''

Sandman shoved his hands in his pockets. ``Aw, I feel like a heel...'' He directed his gaze at Benzedrine and the tin-man looked down.

``Huh?'' She looked at Sandman and Benzedrine. ``What do you mean? What's going on?''

``Look!'' Donnie pointed and immediately all glanced in the direction. A pink bubble had formed in the middle of the crowd and the people dispersed as the bubble revealed the good witch of the North. Dina gasped as Samantha smiled and all the people bowed, letting her walk among them to the platform.

She reached them and Dina had to hold in tears. ``Samantha...?''

The good witch smiled. ``Call me Sam.''

Dina stepped to her. ``Can you help me?''

Sam didn't bat an eye. ``No.'' Dina's shoulders fell and more tears formed. ``But you can.''

Dina blinked them away. ``H-huh?'' Sam pointed down to the ruby heels and Dina deadpanned. ``I can use these?''

``If you wish it.'' Sam simply stated.

Dina's face went beet read. ``You never told me that! You made me come here and go through all this! Why?!''

``Because you wanted to go home for the wrong reasons.'' Sam replied. ``You wanted to go home because you didn't know anything else, because you were scared. Not because you WANTED to go home.''

Dina felt an epiphany enter her head. She remembered how stressed she was and how she wished her life was more fun and adventurous. She still didn't remember all the details of what her life was but she remembered how she felt. How it hurt, how it wasn't enough, how she wanted out. ``You're right. I wanted away from my life thinking that I'd find something else. But something else isn't what I want.'' The farmhouse appeared in her head again and she smiled. ``I know now what I want.''

Sam grinned. ``Then wish for it.''

Dina exclaimed in happiness. ``It's that simple? I can leave at any time?''


Dina put her hands over her mouth and laughed. ``That's too good to be true!'' She spun around to the guys, who all looked as if they'd been shot. ``Oh...'' She felt her heart pinch again and sighed. ``Guys...You know I can't stay...I wish I could have it both ways but I can't.''

``We know.'' Sandman said with a sad smile. ``You're probably needed back where you came. It's okay.''

Dina looked at the three of them, all trying to appear happy for her and failing miserably. She came up to Donnie and smiled. ``You're a lot more brave than you give yourself credit for.''

He smiled shyly. ``Thanks.'' She gave him a brief hug and turned to Benzedrine.

``So...'' She awkwardly began. ``You fixed it.'' She referred to his face and he chuckled a little.


She reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the compact. ``But just like the witch, you don't need it.''

He looked down. ``I know. I only put it on to look nice for your...farewell. To be honest I won't be wearing it anymore.''

``Why not?''

He grinned. ``Because it's gone and they don't make it anymore.''

Dina opened the compact and, sure enough, all the makeup was gone. She laughed and shut it. ``Oh, I see.''

He nodded. ``I'll probably just wash it off later and that'll be that.''

She laughed again. ``Now don't rust yourself!''

He giggled softly. ``Yeah...'' It was silent for a few seconds. Dina went to put the compact back but he stopped her. ``You can keep it. won't forget us.''

She smiled wide and slipped the compact in her jean pocket. ``Thank you.'' She wrapped her arms around his neck and he stiffened but quickly returned the embrace. She tightened and let her cheek rest on his neck, his hands rubbing her back.

She finally let him go. ``You have a heart whether you believe it or not.'' She said to him.

He blinked a few times. ``I know I do. Otherwise it wouldn't be hurting so much.'' She frowned and leaned in, gently kissing his cheek.

She turned away from him and walked to the Sandman. She smiled and he rolled his eyes. ``Yeah, I know. You're gonna miss me most of all.'' She laughed at his statement and quickly hugged him tightly. ``I'm gonna send you a dream from over the rainbow.'' He whispered to her.

She let go and studied his face. His cold features had melted away to a kind appearance. ``Thank you, Mr. Sandman.'' She giggled and he slapped her shoulder.

``Aw, get the hell outta here.''

Dina looked at Sam and sighed. ``What do I do?''

Sam held up her wand. ``Click your heels three times and make your wish.''

Dina picked up Jojo and closed her eyes. She clicked her heels three times and spoke out loud. ``I wish to go home. To my friends and family. Send me home.''

Her picture faded as she warped out of focus and soon disappeared, leaving them all to each other.

Sam exhaled and looked at the ground. The shoes where left, probably because Dina shouldn't have had them anyway. She waved her wand and soon the shoes were on her feet.

``You did all this just to get those shoes, didn't you?'' Sandman asked.

Sam flinched. ``Not at all!'' He looked at her incredulously and she sweat-dropped. ``I'd better go...''

``Why the rush?'' Sandman grinned mischievously. ``Stay and hang around. Meet new people!'' He grabbed her and flung her around to become face to face with Benzedrine.

Benzedrine blinked and Sam flushed.

He swallowed. ``Uhh, hi.''

She played with her wand. ``Hi...''

Sandman poked Donnie with his elbow. ``I'm already makin' good choices. This wizard stuff will be a breeze!''


Darkness. That was all she saw from the moment she had shut her eyes to make the wish. She felt as if she was floating and could hear garbled voices as her fingertips and toes tingled. Slowly the voices became more clear and she could register one.

``Yeah, she's unconscious and we don't know how bad it is, could you just send somebody?'' Who was that? It was so familiar...wait a minute.

Her eyes snapped open to reveal her bedroom. She was laying in her bed and she looked around to see Joe and Andy in the corner talking and Pete pacing the room on his cell. Her eyes moved to the left to see Patrick sitting on the bed next to her, holding her hand.


He snapped to her from watching Pete and gasped. ``She's awake! Oh, my God, Pete, she's awake!''

Pete looked at her and she could see the relief come over his face. ``Okay, she just woke up--what do we do?''

A confused look washed her face as the rest of them crowded around the bed. ``What...?''

``Pete's on the phone with 911. Just stay still.'' Joe stated.

Pete came to her then. ``Hey...just stay still.'' She never did what she was told and immediately sat up. A wave of dizziness hit her and she slumped back, Patrick catching her. The back of her head throbbed and she groaned.

``It's all right...'' Patrick soothed.

Dina scowled. ``What the hell is going on?''

Pete rolled his eyes. ``What do we do? ...Okay. Okay, thank you.'' He shut his phone and sighed. ``An ambulance is coming. You got hit in the head.'' She looked at him to elaborate. ``When you didn't show up for work--and we know you would never be late or miss anything, and didn't answer our calls--which you never do either, we got worried and came over. The door was open and we found you passed out on the bed.''

Dina rubbed her head. ``What hit me?'' Pete picked up an award and Dina chuckled. ``My soccer award from Jr. High.''

``The blood on it made us realize you were hit.'' Pete stated. She took a closer look and a small corner of the award was red.

She shook her head. ``Funny how something I did when I was 14 would affect me now.''

``Didn't know you played soccer.'' Pete teased.

Dina remained silent and looked around the room. ``Where's my baby? Is he okay?''

Everyone looked at each other. ``Oh, shit, you have a kid?'' Andy asked with panic.

``No!'' Dina snapped, her head throbbing with it. ``My dog, Jojo!''

``Ohhhh...'' They all chimed together.

``Yeah, he's fine. Your couch though...isn't.'' Joe stated.

Dina pursed her lips.

``When we came in we found him gnawing it to hell.'' Pete said with a laugh.

Dina sighed. ``Figures. I'm knocked unconscious and he's chewing up my furniture. Glad I didn't need help!''

They all laughed and Pete shrugged. ``Ah, he probably just ran out of food.''

Dina sighed again. ``How bad was it, the earthquake?''

Pete crossed his arms. ``Barely a six. But your stuff is all over the place.''

Dina looked down and that's when it hit her. The whole dream, every second of it; Sandman, Benzedrine, Donnie, the Wizard, the witch, OZ. She slumped.

Of course it was a dream--all of them were in it! That's why she didn't remember any of them, it would have messed up the whole thing!

A part of her felt childish and stupid, but mostly she felt...disappointed. But along with that she remembered what she had learned. Just before the earthquake she had been on the phone with her aunt and through the whole dream she couldn't remember her life. But the first thing she did remember was that blasted farm. She could chalk it up to the phone call being recent in her memory and that's why, but she knew better. She knew.

She felt Patrick rub her arm and looked at him, those same teal blue eyes boring into her. ``You scared us.'' He said softly.

She smiled and touched his hand. ``Glad you all care.''

They heard the siren and Joe looked out the door. ``I'll let them in.'' He ran out and Dina started to move herself off the bed.

``Hey, wait a minute--!'' Patrick protested but she wouldn't have it.

``I need to show them I'm okay.'' She stated. They knew better than to argue and helped her to stand. She made it to her feet as she heard the paramedics enter her house. ``By the way you guys, I have a great idea for your new video.''



A/N: If you look closely in the movie you'll see the Tin-man loosen the rope as Dorothy runs to get Toto. I'm sure it was just a blooper but I put my own twist on it.

Just one more chap and then we're done! Thank you for reading!


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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