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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Eight
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Eight


They rounded a large corridor and ran out to an open area. The guards were heading straight for them and Dina yelled as they turned around to run the other way. They guards swarmed all around them and trapped them in a small circle room, hearing the witch cackle they all looked to see her come down a flight of stairs.

``Well, well, well.'' She tauntingly walked over to them and smiled horribly. ``I'm done playing ring around the rosie, how about you?''

``What is your problem?'' Dina shouted in her face. ``I mean, you want the shoes so badly, you can have them!'' Dina tried to remove the heels from her feet but they wouldn't budge. ``Figures.''

The witch laughed and held up her broom. ``I'm done playing games.'' She lit the broom on fire and threw an ember at Donnie. His sleeve caught on fire and he screamed.

``Ahh, ahh! Help!'' Everyone screamed and Dina grabbed a bucket of water that was sitting on the floor.

``No, don't throw that water!'' The witch screamed.

Dina ignored her and threw the water on Donnie and as she did, it splashed on the witch's face. The witch shouted and held her face, whimpering.

Donnie exhaled as his arm was put out and everyone stopped and looked at the witch.

``YOU LITTLE BRAT! Look what you've done!'' She screeched as she took her hands down. Her flesh color was smudged and running down her face revealing a dark green color. ``You ruined my makeup! Now what am I gonna do?! I'm hideous! I don't have that stuff anymore!'' She sobbed and held her face in her hands again.

Benzedrine blinked and grabbed his compact from his pocket. `` this yours? 'Cause I found it on the ground and...''

The witch looked up and gasped. She ran to him and grabbed it. ``No, this isn't my color--but it's the stuff I used! Oh, why did they stop making it?'' She looked at Dina and glared. ``YOU DID THIS TO ME!''

Everyone gasped and backed up except Sandman. ``You leave her alone!''

She turned her cold gaze at him. ``I'm so over you and you can't stop me.''

``Oh, yeah? Watch me!'' He reached out to touch her and she jumped back.

``This is all your fault! Why couldn't you have just given me a chance?!'' She wailed.

He scoffed. ``'Cause you're a spoiled rotten brat who only cares about looks!''

``We had one date! How could you judge me in one date?!''

Everyone looked at each other. ``DATE?''

Sandman cringed. ``Yyyyeah...but just one and it was miserable! All she did was talk about how great she is and how powerful I am and how we'd be so cute together and popular and blah, blah, blah.''

``I was nervous!'' She defended.

Sandman rolled his eyes ``Ch-yeah, right.''

``Can I step in here?'' The two looked at Dina as she asked. ``Why do you want these shoes? Once and for all.''

The witch sighed heavily. ``Because...I'm ugly and I need them to make me they did for my sister.''

``True, her sister was hot.'' Donnie mused to Benzedrine, gesturing his hands in front of his chest, out and squeezing his palms. Benzedrine raised his eyebrows and the witch cleared her throat.

``I'm not talking about that stuff--I'm talking about her face!'' She fumed. ``It was flawless. She was gorgeous...'' Tears fell from her eyes and washed away her makeup more.

``Don't you get it?'' Sandman started. ``You don't need those shoes to make you beautiful. You already...are...'' He trailed off and looked at the floor when the witch looked at him.

``R-really? I was trying to impress you 'cause you were so big and powerful...I thought you didn't like me because you thought I was beneath you and so--''

``You decided to humiliate me and strip me of my power?'' He finished with a sneer.

``Well...yes.'' Her cheeks turned a deeper green indicating a blush and she looked down. ``I'm...sorry...I was just tired of being pushed aside and being made fun of and treated less...It's better to have power if you can't have anyone...'' She messed with her black dress and Sandman sighed heavily.

He glanced back at the others and they were giving him a look that said, 'C'mon, man.' He groaned and walked up to her. ``Look...maybe I was a bit harsh...I did kinda have a big head back then...but now that I've been knocked down a few pegs and have been hated by all of OZ...'' The witch blushed again. ``I understand how you felt.'' They had eye contact for a few seconds and he ran a hand through his hair.

``I didn't want this. I just wanted you to notice me.'' She admitted sheepishly.

``I think we all did.'' Benzedrine said under his breath, earning a nudge from Dina.

``If you'll give me another chance I promise I'll fix everything. I'll get the Wizard to re-hire you and I'll help clean up all the nightmares in OZ.'' The witch pleaded at Sandman.

``Wait, you want me to go on another date with you? Are you kidding?'' The witch frowned and Dina exclaimed in frustration.

``Seriously?! She wants just one more date with you and she'll leave us alone!''

The witch crossed her arms at Dina but then smiled at Sandman when he looked at her. He sighed and shook his head. ``Yeah, okay. I'll give you another chance if you promise to leave my friends alone and help OZ. No more wicked witch-i-ness.''

The witch beamed and nodded furiously. ``Yes, of course!'' She threw her broom on the floor and the guards cheered.

``You saved us!'' They cried together. They bowed at the Sandman and he shrugged.

``Eh, okay then.''

``I promise I'll do only good things from now on!''

Dina smiled but then stopped in thought. ``Hey, um, that's great but I need to get home. Could you help me?'' She asked the witch.

``Huh? I don't think so. I'm not that powerful. You'd need to go to the Wi--''

``The Wizard, I know.'' Dina slumped her shoulders and sighed. ``Let's go. The Wizard said he'd help me if we stopped her.''

The witch looked at them. ``He wants me dead, right?'' Nobody answered. ``I thought so. Look, take my broom, which is something I'd never give you willingly, and use it to prove to him that I'm not evil anymore and everything's fine.'' She handed it to Sandman and he blinked.

``Uhh...okay.'' He turned to the others and grinned. ``I guess we're going back to Emerald City.''

``And I don't need this.'' She threw the compact back to Benzedrine and winked at him. ``But I do need a shower...''

``Yeah...see ya.'' Sandman walked out with the others, hearing the guards cheering again.

She waved and smiled. ``I'll Facebook you!''


They made it back to the Wizard's lair and they entered; Dina holding the witch's broom. Dina sat it on the ground and backed away. ``See? We got her broom. We did what you said.'' She decided they didn't need to tell him that she wasn't dead. `` can do what you said.''

The Wizard chuckled. ``Is that so? She's dead, then? I need more proof.''

Sandman scoffed. ``What do you want, a body?''

``That would work.'' The Wizard simply replied.

``What?! You said that if we brought back her broom as proof you'd send me home!'' Dina screeched.

``And give me back my job!'' Sandman added in fury.

``SILENCE!!'' The room shook. ``I don't need this drama! I need solid proof she's gone and can't hurt us anymore! Until then...GET OUT!!''

``That's it! I'm gonna kick your ass!'' Sandman rolled up his sleeves. ``Who's with me?!'' Benzedrine and Donnie stepped up with him and were prepared for a beat-down.

``You dare challenge the great and powerful Wizard of OZ?!'' The ground shook and fire exploded. ``I'll make you all wish you weren't born, or created or spawn! Whatever you all are--a bunch of misfits!'' Dina stepped up to join them in their carnage, popping her knuckles.

Jojo barked and began sniffing the floor. He ran over to a curtain and sniffed some more, the others not noticing him as they approached the stone head of the Wizard. ``He's gotta have a body somewhere,'' Sandman spoke in the background as Jojo kept sniffing. He bit into the curtain and began pulling it, revealing a man sitting in a chair in front of a bunch of computers.

Dina caught the movement in the corner of her eyes and poked Benzedrine. He looked and Donnie poked Sandman. Soon they all looked to see the man sitting in the chair. Every tap he made on the keyboard made something happen and he spoke into a headset on his ears. He finally noticed them all looking at him and pulled the curtain back.

``Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, he's nobody.'' The Wizard boomed.

They all looked at each other and approached the curtain, Dina reaching for it and pulling it back. ``Who are you?''

The man looked at her and back at his computers. ``I...'' As he spoke the Wizard's voice repeated what he said. ``I'm...I'm the freaking Wizard.'' He sighed and threw the headset off him onto the keyboard.

``WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?'' They all chimed together.

``You?!'' Dina fumed.

The man stood up and sighed. He was taller than the rest of them but not by much. He had long curly hair that was styled much like an afro, with a handlebar mustache. He was dressed completely in red, with a tiny hat on his head just like Donnie's and a big bow tie like Benzedrine's--there seemed to be a theme here with the clothing. He played with his sleeves and sighed. ``Yeah, me.''

``Great. Now we can kick your ass.'' Sandman stated as he stepped up to him.

``Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't have real powers like you!'' The Wizard backed up with his hands up in the air.

Sandman snickered. ``I don't need powers to pound you.''

``And I'm made out of tin. This should be fun...'' Benzedrine smirked, rolling up his sleeves, his silver color shining.

``I'll just kick him when you guys get him to the ground.'' Donnie said a little nervous, but smiling.

Dina began to feel like this wasn't right. Yeah, the guy was a jerk but he seemed to be a normal jerk with no powers. Was she really gonna watch them beat him up? She actually didn't expect them to go through with it. ``Guys, wait.'' She stepped in front of the Wizard.

``Dina, this is why we came here. He has no powers! He can't help you get home. He lied to us--to ALL of us in OZ!'' Sandman was infuriated and rightly so, the other's faces mirroring his as they continued approaching the Wizard.

Dina spun around and faced the crimson dressed wizard. ``You can't get me home, can you?''

He swallowed and looked down. ``Not...really, no.''

Dina wanted to hate him, to slap him, to kick him in the balls, but for some reason she couldn't bring herself to be mad at him. As she studied his face she felt the same way she did about the others, like she knew him somehow. She sighed heavily and shook her head. ``Who are you?''

``My name is H. Shoe Crab.'' Everyone raised an eyebrow. ``Yeah, I know. My parents thought it was funny. I'm just a normal guy, okay? I shouldn't be the Wizard--I know that but they didn't give me a choice.''

``What do you mean?'' Benzedrine asked, holding back Sandman's arm.

``They made you be the Wizard?'' Dina pressed on.

Crab nodded. ``Yeah, I mean a guy like me from Iowa--''

``Wait, Iowa?'' Dina blinked. ``I'm from California! You're from Iowa?'' She felt a ray of hope for some reason. If she wasn't the first to come here then maybe there was a way back.

``Whoa, really? Wow, I thought you weren't from here. I can't believe it. I didn't think anyone from the real world would come here!''

``Excuse me? The REAL world?'' Sandman crossed his arms.

Dina continued. ``So, how did you get here?''

``How did YOU?'' Crab asked with a laugh.

Dina darted her eyes around. ``Um...earthquake?''

Crab blinked and shrugged. ``Okay. I got here in just an equal weird way.'' He inhaled.

``Can't wait to hear this.'' Sandman said under his breath to Donnie.

Crab crossed his arms and began. ``I was working at the Iowa State Fair. They appointed me as one of the guys who would fly the hot air balloons, the fancy ones. I...'' He chuckled. ``I had eaten some...brownies...'' Dina rolled her eyes. ``And fell asleep. When I woke up I was WAY off course and had no idea where I was. A storm carried me even further.'' He started walking as he talked and everyone followed him.

``Weren't you scared?'' Donnie asked.

``Nah...'' He shrugged again. ``I was terrified.'' Dina chuckled. ``Yeah, but when I ran out of juice I floated down right in the middle of the Emerald City square. They thought I had some magic about me because, well, they had never seen a hot air balloon before. They deemed me Wizard and, yeah. Here I am. It was so funny 'cause all I had to do was tell them stuff to do and they would.''

``What do you mean?'' Benzedrine asked.

``It was like they couldn't do anything by themselves and they needed someone to tell them to do things before they would. All I said was 'clean up the city' and they did. They made this city the best in all of OZ.'' He paused. ``But then the wicked witch of the West threatened everyone and made me fire you.'' He finished looking at the Sandman. ``I don't know why.''

Benzedrine chuckled a little. ``We do.'' Sandman coughed.

Crab exhaled. ``Then the nightmares began taking solid form. That's why we built these walls and have it guarded so well. We weren't affected by these monsters but the people are having nightmares. I guess no one cares as long as they have a perfect city to live in if they have one or two bad dreams a night.'' He shrugged again and sighed heavily. ``I don't 'cause I always pass out after I smo...'' He trailed off when they all looked at him. ``Never mind. So, anyway, L.A., huh? Or somewhere else in California?''

Dina nodded. ``I wish we had a way to get back home...''

``I think we do.'' Dina looked up at Shoe Crab. ``The hot air balloon will still work, I just need a second person to help me work it, so we can sleep in shifts. We could fly back home.'' He smiled and she jumped up excitedly.


``Yeah, I've always wanted to see L.A..''

``Oh, my God!'' Dina beamed and hugged the fake wizard slightly. ``Thank you! Thank you!''

``Uh, no problem.'' He turned to the others. ``Okay, I get why he's here.'' He pointed at Sandman. ``But why are you two here? What did you want?''

Donnie chuckled. ``I wanted my job back too. But if Sandman has his job back then so do I.''

``He does.'' Crab stated. ``Why do you need him to have his job for you to have yours?''

``I only catch dreams not nightmares.''


Donnie stuttered. ``W-well...''

``Too scared?'' Donnie looked down and Crab nodded in understanding. ``I think you have more courage than you think.'' He looked at Benzedrine. ``And you?''

Benzedrine shifted uncomfortably. ``I blamed you for something that probably wasn't your fault.''

Crab shrugged. ``Yeah, it isn't good to blame others for stuff that goes wrong in your life. Never does anyone any good.'' He looked at Dina. ``I can get that balloon set up really quickly. Are you sure you wanna go?'' Dina nodded. ``Okay. I'll set it up. Should be ready in a few hours.'' He walked away and Dina sighed in relief.

She turned to the guys. ``I'm going home! And we didn't need to beat up anybody. The witch isn't wicked anymore, Sandman has his job back and you guys could, like, live here in the Emerald City!'' They all stayed silent and she slumped her shoulders. ``That's good isn't it?''

Sandman nodded. ``It's great.''

Donnie smiled a little. ``Wonderful.''

Benzedrine finished with a nod of his own. ``Yeah, good news.''

They walked away from her to follow Crab and Dina was left alone, wondering if it really was good news.



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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