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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Seven
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Seven


He groaned and opened his eyes, tasting the copper flavor that was left over in his mouth. He sat up with a loud grunt of pain and looked around. All the nightmare chimps were gone...and so was Dina. ``Damn it...'' He cursed to himself. He looked off to the side and saw Dr. Benzedrine sitting pathetically, slumped with his head down.

Sandman got up and walked over to Benzedrine, clutching his stomach the whole time. ``Hey...'' Benzedrine sighed.

``Hey.'' His voice was barely above a whisper and Sandman leaned in.

``I'm awake now so...''

``I thought you weren't gonna wake up...and I couldn't wake Donnie I sat here...waiting...'' He said softly.

Sandman sighed. ``I'm awake now so get up. We don't have time for a pity party.'' Benzedrine looked up at him and all the makeup was gone from his eyes and cheeks, running down the sides of his face. Sandman managed a small smile and patted his shoulder. ``You did the only thing you could. You did the right thing.''

Benzedrine exhaled and rubbed his knees nervously. ``Yeah, you're right.''

``Ya know, your, uh, face...'' Sandman started.

``I don't care.'' Benzedrine spat. ``We gotta find Dina. God only knows what that woman is doing to her.''

Donnie shouted in his sleep and the two looked at each other. ``Better wake him up.'' Sandman sighed.

They walked over to him and he was writhing and whimpering in his sleep, eyes clenched tight. Sandman bent down and touched his forehead.

``Ahh, frogs! Frogs everywhere! Get 'em off me, get 'em off me!'' He screamed as he woke up, staring wide eyed at the two, who looked quite confused.

``You were having a nightmare...about frogs?'' Sandman asked with an amused smirk.

Donnie looked back and forth at their faces. ``Did I say frogs? I meant spiders. Big carnivorous spiders eating my face. Yeah.''

The two exchanged glances of ``yeah right'' and Sandman shook his head. ``We better try to find the castle. We now got two reasons to kill this bitch.'' He groaned in pain and Donnie got up.

``You okay?'' He asked with a concerned face.

``Yeah...this isn't the first time I've been beaten up...'' He said hunched over a bit. After looking at the faces of Donnie and Benzedrine, silently asking him to elaborate, he chuckled. ``What do you think the people did to me after I was fired? Of course, they weren't gonna blame the great and wonderful Wizard of OZ--they blamed me. It was all MY fault. They even stoned me.'' Donnie and Benzedrine gasped and he rubbed his stomach. ``They thought I was dead 'cause I passed out and the next thing I knew I was on that stupid pole.'' He shook his head and looked over at Benzedrine. ``Hey, are YOU okay?''

He shrugged. ``Yeah. I'm pretty well dented up but I'm okay. Nothing a tinsmith can't fix.''

Sandman nodded and looked around. ``I had the map but I think one of those chimps took it.''

Donnie flung his hands up in the air. ``Great! Now how are we gonna find her?''

``Oh, what are you angry about? We were getting the crap beat out of us and you were dreaming about frogs!'' Benzedrine shouted in anger at the catcher, though he was truly frustrated and worried about Dina.


``SHUT UP!'' Sandman screamed at the two and coughed, holding his ribs. ``Enghhh...We gotta find another way...'' A loud barking made all of them turn.

They all looked at each other. ``JOJO!''

Sandman picked up the dog and got a lick in the face for it. ``Can you take us to Dina?'' Jojo looked at him like he was speaking Chinese and Sandman deadpanned. ``Of course not.''

A growling made them all turn and they watched as a small, green lizard looking thing creped out of a bush. It looked like a cross between a bat and a dragon, torn ears and a long skinny tail.

Sandman slowly put Jojo down and whispered. ``It's a monster type nightmare. Donnie, you could catch it.''

Donnie was quivering in his shoes and Benzedrine scoffed at him. ``Oh, please. That thing isn't scary. Just catch it.''

``W-why?'' Donnie whimpered.

Sandman slowly walked up to the catcher as the small lizard nightmare sniffed its butt. ``Because it could tell us where her castle is. I get the feeling the nightmares in this forest are controlled by her. If fact, I know they are. Notice they only showed to stop us and now that she has Dina nothing has attacked us? We mean nothing to her. But if we catch this small one we could get it to tell us where she is.'' He pushed Donnie forward. ``Now go catch it!''

Donnie slowly approached the lizard creature and gulped. He thought of Dina and gathered up all his courage. The lizard turned and looked at him, its eyes getting big. Donnie reached behind his coat and grabbed for something.

Sandman leaned into Benzedrine. ``Why do I get the feeling he's gonna throw out a poke'ball?''

Donnie simply pulled out a small piece of chalk and drew a circle on the ground. The lizard looked at the circle and walked into it like it was in a trance of some-kind. Once it was inside the circle it sat there and didn't move.

Everything was silent and Donnie put his hands on his hips victoriously. ``Haha!''

Benzedrine breathed out. ``Wow.''

``Ya gotta freaking be kidding me!'' Sandman said with a face-palm.

``What? It's a magic chalk handed down through my family. Dreams can't resist it.'' Donnie explained with a smile and Sandman shook his head and came up to the lizard. He grabbed it by the neck and as soon as it was out of the circle, it snapped out of its trance. It thrashed to get out of the Sandman's grip but he simply sneered in its' face.

``Show us where the wicked witch of the West lives.'' He said coldly. The lizard spouted a raspberry in defiance and Sandman used his free arm to wipe off the creature's spittle that had landed on his face. ``Show us or I will pelt your mind with a dream so cuddly and cute it'll make your eyeballs bleed out your ears.'' The lizard gulped and nodded furiously, gaining a cruel smile from Sandman. ``Anybody got a leash?''


``LEMME GO!'' Dina shrieked as the monster chimp threw her to the floor. As soon as it did, it transformed back into a regular monkey and ran away.

Dina grunted and got up, coming face to face with the wicked witch. ``Hello, dear. Have a nice trip?''

Dina simply glared at her. ``You can't keep me here.''

A wide grin formed on the witch's face. ``You're right, I can't. Whatever was I thinking? You're free to go.'' Dina sighed heavily and crossed her arms. The witch leaned down and smiled at the shoes, letting out a small chuckle. She extended her hands and the shoes emitted a shock, making her scream and jump back.

``Serves you right, bitch!'' Dina laughed, but stopped when the witch snarled at her, red faced. Dina gulped and the witch rubbed her hands.

``I see...You have to be dead in order for them to come off.'' Dina gasped softly. ``Yes...but I can't kill you here. The magic will leave if I do. It has to be quick and come my sister.'' She finished with a cold gaze. Dina shook her head and backed up away from her, but the witch smiled horribly and grabbed an hourglass. ``See this?'' She turned it upside down. ``When this runs out, your heart will stop. Quick and easy.'' Dina went to grab the hourglass and the witch laughed loudly. ``Go ahead and break it! It won't change anything! I would think you'd like to see how much time you have left! But then again...maybe you want to be surprised!'' She laughed and started for the door.

Dina shouted and jumped on her, but it was pointless because the witch disappeared in a cloud of red smoke. Dina let out a cry of frustration as she stood up and watched the door close and lock. Her eyes went back to the hourglass and the sand was moving at a steady pace. She looked down at the heels and felt her teeth clench. ``Thank you for giving me these STUPID THINGS!'' She screeched. She plopped down in a chair and ran her hand through her disheveled hair. What was she supposed to do?

Her mind went back to how she last saw them, being beaten and stomped on. She whimpered as she remembered her nightmare. It seemed so real, that tornado tearing apart her childhood home. Her stomach went cold and she shuddered. Would she ever get back, and what about the guys? Were they okay? The image of those creatures jumping up and down on Dr. Benzedrine finally made her eyes sting. ``No...No...'' She blinked it away and stood up. ``I won't let her make me cry.'' The witch's cackling laughter echoing made her jump and sit back down. ``Shit.''

``You better the leading us the right way or I see fluffy pink stuff in your future.'' Sandman threatened the lizard. Said lizard whimpered and shook its' head. They had nothing to restrain it so Sandman had to keep holding it by the neck.

It had led them through the woods and it appeared the Sandman was right; no nightmares had attacked them which meant the witch had control over them. Or at least most of them. This thing was probably too insignificant for her to control. The reached a hill and the nightmare pointed up. Sandman raised an eyebrow and began to climb up. He reached the top, which was hard with just one hand and peered over. Benzedrine followed and then Donnie.

Sure enough, it was her castle, guards were marching and chanting and the whole place was dark. Sandman grimaced and looked at the lizard. ``Good job. Now get lost.'' The thing jumped when he let loose of it and ran to one of the guards, crawling in his head and disappearing. Sandman chuckled to himself. ``Heh. He's gonna have a weird dream later.''

``What are we supposed to do?'' Benzedrine asked in a whisper, holding Jojo close.

``I have no clue.'' Sandman replied.

``We can't fight all of them off!'' Donnie cried.

Sandman grinned. ``Mister Sandman, bring me a dream...'' He sang softly.

The other two looked confused but then realized what he meant. ``But don't you have to touch them to knock them out?'' Benzedrine asked further.

Sandman grinned and rubbed his hands together. ``Yes...but I don't have to touch anything to make a nightmare...''

Donnie gasped. ``But you said that you could only control one for a little while!''

``True, but it doesn't matter. I just need to make one big enough to create a distraction for us to run in and get Dina. Once I lose control, it'll either run rampant or go into one of their heads. Either way, we win.'' He pushed out his hands and began to emit a light blue energy.

The others watched as the Sandman pushed out more energy and it formed into a gigantic blob. The blob gained form and turned black, large feet forming with claws and scales all over its body. A long tail and fangs came next and it swished as it formed, getting bigger.

``A dragon?'' Donnie whimpered.

``It works for the cause.'' Sandman retorted. The dragon came to life after Sandman stopped and opened its wings. Once Sandman stopped his energy the guards could see it. It roared and they all got out their swords.

``Kill anything that has a green face.'' Sandman ordered. Donnie stuttered and Sandman rolled his eyes. ``I said green FACE not clothes.'' The dragon roared in compliance and purple fire exploded out of its mouth, right at the guards. ``Time to cheese it!''

They all ran as fast as they could to the closing gate, narrowly avoiding attacks from the dragon and the guards that noticed them. Sandman managed to create small nightmares to cause distraction as they ran, and they reached the gate right as it shut.

They all breathed in relief and Benzedrine put Jojo down. ``Can you find Dina?'' Jojo sniffed and whimpered running for the stairs. ``Let's follow him!'' They ran after the dog and found him pawing at a large door. ``How do we get to her?''

``Wait.'' Donnie asked. ``Let's find out if it's her. Di--!'' Sandman put a hand over the catcher's mouth.

``'No, it isn't Dina, it's the wicked witch's bedroom and now I'm gonna kill you.''' Sandman said in a false female voice. He hit Donnie on the back of the neck and shook his head.

Jojo apparently didn't get the message and barked multiple times. They all tried to hush him but Dina's voice on the other side stopped them.


``Dina?'' Benzedrine came to the door. ``Is it really you?''

Dina gasped and ran to the door. ``PA--!'' She stopped and looked around. She felt like there was a memory trying to come back but couldn't quite reach it. She wanted to say another name for some reason...the memory was gone before it even arrived and she shook it off. ``Ben?'' She said.

Sandman snickered. ``Ben...'' He teased and Benzedrine rolled his eyes.

``Yeah, we're here! Are you okay?''

Dina looked back at the hourglass and it was almost gone. ``NO! SHE'S GONNA KILL ME WITH AN HOURGLASS!''

They all looked at each other. ``Huh?'' Donnie said in befuddlement.

Benzedrine breathed out. ``What do you mean?!''


Donnie and Benzedrine shouted and began looking around for a way to get her out. ``What do we do, how do we get her, OMG, OMG!'' They frantically chimed together.

A large banging click made them turn to see Sandman simply unlocking the door. They stopped and smiled sheepishly. Donnie blushed and Benzedrine would have if he was real flesh and blood.

Sandman rolled his eyes and opened the door, receiving a frantic Dina in his arms. ``Whoa!''

``Oh, God, get me outta here! Wait, are you guys okay?'' She looked them all over and hugged each one, stopping when she saw Benzedrine's face. ``Oh...what happened?''

``N-nothing, let's just get out of here.''

She nodded and they all ran like hell down the stairs, only to be met with guards. ``Aw, damn.'' Sandman swore as they were surrounded.

The witch cackled and they looked up to see her grinning at them. ``Poor delusional children.''

``Wait.'' Sandman began with an eyebrow raised. ``How did all these guys escape my dragon?''

``Please...'' The witch scoffed. ``Like I can't control a little nightmare.'' She held up a chain and on the end of it, instead of a black dragon, was a tiny black chihuahua. It shivered and whimpered, wetting itself and she laughed uproariously. ``There's your big scary nightmare, Sandman!''

He growled and looked around for a way out. From what he could see there was a rope holding a chandelier over all the guards. If he cut it they would be trapped, or at least distracted. He put his hand behind his back and formed a butcher knife.

The witch threw the hourglass over the banister and it exploded, and Sandman cut the rope, the chandelier falling. The guards were trapped and they all started to run, hearing the witch roar in the background.



A/N: Oh noes! What will happen? Will they kill the witch? Will Dina get home? Will the boys get to beat up the Wizard? Haha. I realize that Sandman seems to be the coolest and I didn't mean for this to be a Sandman/Pete centered fic did. He's just cool and easy to write. Besides the scarecrow gets a lot of attention in both The Wizard of OZ and The Wiz so yeah.

``'No, it isn't Dina, it's the wicked witch's bedroom and now I'm gonna kill you.''' Lol, I think it is a bit strange that they run up to Dorothy's door and announce that it's them. Like, what a great way for the witch to find them! Thank you for reading as always ^^



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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