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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Six
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Six


After stealing some things from the Emerald City, a sword, a pickax, a shovel--things like that--they were headed to the wicked witch's castle. Looking at the map they stole as well, they found that the way to her castle went right through a dense forest. Not only did they have to worry about the witch of the West, but now nightmares too.

Sandman stopped when he reached a wooden sign. He gasped and looked back in the forest. Donnie leaned in to read the sign. ``Dark Forest. I'd turn back if I were you.'' He blinked. ``Works for me.'' He turned and Sandman grabbed his arm.

``I don't think so.''

``You told us the Dark Forest was the worst for nightmares.'' Benzedrine asked with a nervous look around.

``It is.'' Was the Sandman's response. A crow squawked and all but him crouched in fear. ``This is gonna be more fun than I thought.'' He said morosely.

They looked around and each collectively sighed. ``What other choice do we have?'' Dina asked as she heard an owl screech.

Sandman shook his head. ``Let's go. And remember--don't let anything touch you.''

Dina blinked. ``Why?''

``Because when a nightmare touches you, it'll put you to sleep and trap you within it.''

``You never mentioned that!'' Benzedrine snapped.

``But you can wake us up, right?'' Donnie followed.

``I can, but if they touch me they can affect me too.''

Benzedrine raised an eyebrow. ``The witch didn't with those flowers.''

``That's just magic, this is something else. These nightmares can trap you in a sleep so deep, without me you'll never wake up.'' He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ``Just stay behind me. And Donnie--''

``Huh?'' He twitched.

``I'll need your help.''

``What? No way!''

Sandman groaned. ``You can catch--''

``No, I can't! I can only catch dreams not nightmares!'' He whimpered.

``Nightmares ARE dreams.'' Sandman finished with a heavy sigh. ``You can do it. I know you can.'' He patted the catcher's arm and became stern-faced. ``Let's go.''

They gingerly stepped in past the sign and continued in a slow pace, all holding their weapons.

Scurrying shadows, growls and snarls in the distance, eyes peering at them in the trees, whispers in the wind, everything scary that you could see and hear was there to torment them. The wind seemed to taunt them as it whipped around them, almost slapping them in the face.

``Wake me when it's over...!'' Donnie whimpered into Dina's shoulder.

``Oh...'' A voice started in the dark. ``You won't. Not if I have anything to do with it.''

``Saw that coming.'' Sandman dryly retorted. Evil laughter echoed through the trees and they all got behind the Sandman for protection. ``Donnie, you can catch it.''

He whimpered. ``I don't think so!''

Dina gasped as a black mass stepped out of the trees, just a few feet in front of them. She immediately grabbed for something and held on tight. Of course it was a certain well dressed tin-man's arm. She felt his hand grab hers and she watched the mass come closer.

``I can't wait.'' The mass said with a chuckle. ``A fight against the Sandman. Hit me with your best shot.''

Sandman but his bottom lip. If he conjured a nightmare he could only control it for a short time until it would turn on him. He knew they would hit a nightmare but he had hoped it would've been a monster type not an intelligent type. Those were the worst... Then it dawned on him. ``Wait. How do you know who I am?''

The mass chuckled. ``A little birdy told me.''

Sandman sneered. ``The witch.''

The mass laughed and disappeared. All gasped and looked around.

``How do you expect me to catch something like this?!'' Donnie shrieked.

Sandman didn't answer him and tried his best to track the mass, see it appear before it could touch anyone.

In a second, something lifted Dr. Benzedrine up in the air. He shouted and Dina screamed, crying out for whatever it was that had him to return him. All were powerless to help him and he fell to the ground far away from them with a metallic thud. Dina ran to him and flipped him over. His eyes were shut and he wasn't moving. ``NO!'' She felt her eyes sting and didn't pay attention to the mass swiping through her head. She felt her body go limp and fell over.

Donnie yelped and put his hands over his eyes. ``Are they dead?!''

``No. But they'll wish they were.'' The mass swiped Donnie and he fell over with a hard thump.

Sandman was left alone and, for the first time in a long time, he felt fear. He swallowed and held his ground. He had no choice. He had to make something to fight this thing. He held out his hands and began to focus his energy.

``That won't work.'' The shadow teased.

Sandman continued unperturbed, trying to make anything that could help. The mass appeared and adsorbed the energy that Sandman was making. It sucked him dry of creative energy and Sandman fell backwards, panting and gasping. ``Unh! What...!''

``Told ya.'' The mass swiped him too and he passed out.

She cackled and wrung her hands together. ``Finally! They're all trapped in a hellish nightmare of their own tortured minds and they can't wake up! Those shoes are mine!'' She turned to her chimp playing chess and smiled as she ran her hand over the crystal ball. ``I think I wanna watch this...''

He gasped and sat up, finding himself in the same forest. He stood up and looked around, seeing Dr. Benzedrine and Dina passed out right where they were. He ran up to them, knelt down and moved Dina's hair out or her face. He jumped back when he saw a skeleton. His eyes went to Benzedrine and it was a rusted sculpture of himself, his clothes worn and tattered, Dina's as well, as if they had been laying here for a long time. He growled and didn't bother to check Donnie because he knew this was a dream. ``You can't keep me here!'' He shouted.

``Oh, yes I can. And you can't touch yourself to wake yourself!'' The voice laughed and Sandman deadpanned.

``That sounds wrong.'' The voice stopped laughing and cleared its 'throat.'

``You're stuck, Sandman. The girl is ours!''

Sandman felt fury rise up in him. ``No!'' The trees warped and spun around, laughing and screaming at him. He closed his eyes in thought. 'You can tell yourself something and make it real in a dream,' he thought. 'If you believe it bad enough, it'll happen. I know I can wake myself up.' He grinned in victory. ``I know what to do!''

He began running as fast as he could, but the scene barely moved. His feet felt like they were stuck to the ground, but he kept trying. The trees started moving towards him and grabbed him with prickly limps, tearing through his clothing. He grunted and fought against them. He knew that nightmares never gave you what you wanted, but he also knew that as a fail-safe you could wake yourself up. He had no choice; he had to believe it. This was it. He grabbed one of the limbs and forced it through his midsection, blood coming out the other side. He truly felt no pain for it wasn't real. The tree reacted in shock and he laughed as the blood fell out of his mouth. ``What are you doing?!'' The shadow voice screamed.

``Committing suicide...'' He closed his eyes and fell limp in the tree's grasp and felt himself begin to wake up. He opened his eyes and hoped it was real. There was a chance it wasn't but he heard the others shouting and whimpering and knew it was real. He jumped up and ran to Dina and Benzedrine.

``NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!'' The witch stomped her foot. ``HE'S AWAKE! Stop him! Get them! Get those shoes!'' She ordered her chimps and they opened their wings and flew out the window.

The carnival music was lively and joyful, the carousel moving at a leisurely pace just like it always did. The children were laughing, smiling faces everywhere. He gasped and looked around and panted as he realized he must be dreaming. He looked down and his feet were attached to the carousel and he watched as the children jumped on the horses. He felt his center go cold as the ride began to speed up. ``NO!'' He tried to get free, to get the children off the ride, to warn them, but every time he talked the kids reacted like he was singing or entertaining them. ``Please, no! Not again!'' The ride got faster and faster, the kids screaming in terror, holding on to the horses, some flying off and crashing into things.

He stifled a sob in his throat and shut his eyes. Anything but this! He heard people screaming in the distance and opened his eyes to see that he was standing far away from it and gasped as the ride fell off and spun out of control, people running for their lives. ``NOOO!!'' He watched in horror as everything was decimated, the ride finally stopping with a loud crash, smoke puffing up.

He gulped and gasped, the whole carnival was destroyed. He heard footsteps from behind him and spun around. ``YOU DID THIS!'' A woman yelled at him. He shook his head and more adults began to come around him.

``It's your fault!'' Another joined.

``Huh--what--'' He watched as more people surrounded him with infuriated faces and torn clothes. Their faces morphed into horrific monsters, dripping fangs and long tongues.

``YOU...DID...THIS...'' They snarled together.

His eyes looked away for a moment and he saw a speck of yellow amongst the wreckage, the silver shining in the sun. He saw himself having been flung from the carousel and laying in a pile of wood. That's when he realized. He was the REAL Dr. Benzedrine! They blamed him! ``No! It's not! I'm not--!''

Their clothes tore and they got bigger as they were covered in fur, large talons stretching out, one cutting him and he jumped back when blood spurt from his chest. ``You have a heart now! AND WE'LL CUT IT OUT!!!''

``NO!'' He jumped up as Sandman touched his forehead and panted frantically, his cheeks smudged and revealing the silver color he truly was.

``'s okay. It was a dream.'' Sandman soothed.

Benzedrine gulped and wiped his face, more makeup coming off on his sleeve. ``Wha...''

``It's okay.'' Sandman touched his shoulder and rubbed it gently, trying to calm him. From the way he was sobbing it must have been a horrible nightmare.

Benzedrine inhaled and his breath hitched when he saw Dina laying on the ground. ``Dina!'' He jumped up and looked her over.

She was standing at her aunt and uncle's farm; the one she had grown up on. It was sunny and the animals were running around. She smiled and felt a warmness she hadn't felt in a long time. A clap of thunder made that feeling go away. She turned and gasped as the clouds turned black and a funnel formed, getting lower and lower. ``No! No!'' She ran and the wind picked up, making it very hard for her to do so. The wind slammed her into a fence, smashing it and she winced and looked up to see a tremendous tornado form and touch the ground. She screamed and ran away from it, or tried to, but fell down on the grass. The tornado roared like a freight train and threw the animals around like they were toys. The barn began to peel away and was ripped off the ground, being thrown into pieces off to the side.

``AH!'' She cried as the tornado reached the farmhouse. She could see her family eating dinner like nothing was happing in the window, and screamed for them to run. She watched her aunt serve some potatoes to her uncle with that same warm smile she remembered from her childhood. ``Aunt Emma!''

The horrid storm crashed into the house and ripped it apart, the pieces flying all over, like a tree limb going through a wood chipper. Dina screamed hysterically as she watched her family home disintegrate in front of her.

She jumped up after Sandman touched her forehead and grabbed the first thing that was there. Her arms wrapped around a neck and cried into a shoulder.

Benzedrine looked shocked but quickly understood and slowly put his arms around her. ``It's okay. It's okay. It was just a dream.'' She sobbed and he held her to him, gently caressing her hair. ``I'm's okay...'' He soothed and she felt that she really did know him somehow...she still couldn't remember but she knew that she could trust these guys.

A whole bunch of screeching made them jump up and look. Flying chimps landed and morphed into monsters of different shapes and forms. Sandman gasped. ``They're turning into nightmares!''

They began to run but Dina stopped them. ``Donnie!'' She looked and he was still asleep. ``We can't leave him!''

Sandman looked at Benzedrine. ``I'll wake him up. You go with Dina.''

They all nodded and parted, two going one way and Sandman going to Donnie. He didn't get to him when a mutated chimp grabbed him and plunged a foot into his gut. NOW he felt pain and was flung into a tree, two monsters grabbing him and beating him.

Dina cried out. ``They're killing him! NO!!'' A monster chimp pushed Benzedrine out of the way and a few began stomping on him, jumping up and down on his tin body. Tears ran down her face as another monster grabbed her and flew up into the air, carrying her higher and higher. She kicked and tried to free herself but then she realized if she did get free and fell from this height, she'd be dead. She sobbed as she was carried away, seeing her friends left motionless on the ground.



A/N: A funny story suddenly became...serious and dark. Well, I had to do something to get her! This replaces the jitterbug and no way was I gonna have them dance around like idiots. This is disturbing but I used to kill myself in nightmares because I truly believed that when I did I would be dead in the dream, therefore I would wake up in real life. Worked like a charm. I highly recommend it. Though I didn't do it like Sandman, I just plummeted off of things. -nervous laugh-

The twister! I got to put it in here after all! YAY!

Hope you guys like this chap. Thank you as always for reading! -hands out cookies- Oh, btw. I updated BTL too. That's why I took longer to update this a little. ^^



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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