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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Five
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Five


They marched up to the front gate of the Emerald City and stopped at the door. They looked around and a pull string was hanging down. Sandman shrugged and pulled it, a gigantic ring sounding. They heard a shout and a small peak window opened on the door. ``What stupid moron rang that bell?!'' Yelled a pair of eyes looking down at them. Sandman raised up a finger and the eyes looking down rolled. ``Ohh!'' The guy hung out a sign and the peak window shut.

They all leaned in to read it. ``Bell out of order. Please knock.''

Sandman looked up at the peaky window. ``Are you out of your fucking mind?''

``Just do it!'' The voice shouted on the other side. They sighed and knocked on the door, the peak window opened. ``What do you want?''

``To come in.'' Sandman flatly responded.


They all looked at each other and chuckled. Well, they couldn't tell this guy why. ``Samantha, the good witch of the North sent me.'' Dina said after a minute.

``And I should believe this because?''

``She gave me these?'' Dina pointed to he red heels and the guy gasped.

``RED?! The only things in OZ that're red are those! THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING! Come on in!'' He shut the peak window and opened the door.

They gasped as the looked in to see nothing but green. Emerald green as far as the eyes can see. It was a little too much. ``Talk about tacky.'' Dina sneered.

``We all stand out like sore thumbs...'' Sandman mused. ``Well, not YOU.'' He finished pointing to Donnie, earning a sigh.

``I didn't do it on purpose!''

They walked around and suddenly a crowd of girls surrounded them. ``Oh, we hardly ever get outsiders!'' One giggled as she touched the Sandman's coat.

``Yes, and so cute!'' Another chimed, putting her arm around Dr. Benzedrine. Dina growled and crossed her arms.

``Heh, I see.'' Benzedrine nervously spoke as he wriggled away from the girl.

``Yeah...'' Sandman grimaced as the girl on his arm inspected his clothes.

Donnie had three girls on him and seemed to be enjoying himself heartily. ``I love this place!'' He grinned.

``Hey, I thought you wanted nothing to do with it.'' Sandman teased.

Donnie laughed. ``That was before I saw the scenery!''

Dina felt someone brush by her and turned to see a tall fellow with jet black hair slicked back, a tiny swirl hanging on his forehead. ``My, my. You're not from here, are you?'' He said with a smile.

``Uh, no. And I'm not staying.'' She stated.

``What a shame. Perhaps I could make whatever time you have here more pleasant.'' He quirked an eyebrow up and Dina felt his hand grab hers, bringing it up to kiss it.

``Ahem.'' Benzedrine grabbed her hand from the guy and wrapped his other arm around her. ``This guy bothering you?''

The guy frowned and backed up. ``Oh.'' He walked away and Dina looked at Benzedrine.


He released her and tipped his hat. ``I hate to see someone bother you like that.'' He turned and she sighed heavily.

``Polite as always.'' She rolled her eyes.

A loud rumbling was heard above them and all looked up. The wicked witch was riding her broomstick, writing letters in the air.

They watched her make the letters slowly and the message was loud and clear.

'Kill Dina or I'll kill all of you.'

``Dina?!'' A woman shouted.

``Who's Dina?!''

``The Wizard! He'll know!''

``He'll save us!''

The crowd started running and the four looked at each other. ``Perhaps we should follow them?'' Benzedrine offered. They ran with the crowd and reached a short set of stairs with another large door. A flamboyantly dressed guard ran out with his hands up.

``Now, now! The Wizard has already handled it!'' He shouted.

``So, Dina's dead?!'' Someone shouted back. Dina felt her face get hot.

``Yes, she's dead. The Wizard killed her. Go about your business, everything's okay.'' The guard assured.

The crowd sighed together in relief and dispersed like a bunch of dumb cattle. ``Wow.'' Sandman breathed.

They walked up to the guard and he looked at them. ``Go home.''

``I'm trying to.'' Dina spat, feeling furious right now.

``We need to see the Wizard.'' Sandman ordered.


``Because THIS is Dina.'' Sandman pointed at Dina with a glare.

``Oh, no. She's dead. He assured me. Go on home.'' He turned around and Sandman scoffed. He followed him and touched the back of his neck. The guard passed out and Sandman straightened his coat.

``Let's go.'' They walked through the big door and each gasped at the large hallway. It seemed endless. ``This'll be fun.''

``I can believe we're finally here.'' Dina said in awe.

``I dunno about this...'' Donnie gulped.

``It'll be okay.'' Benzedrine assured the catcher and they continued to walk.

After a few minutes they reached the doorway and entered a huge room. It was dark and gloomy, with a loud sound throughout. They walked in some more and saw a gigantic head shaped stone staring at them, fire blazing behind it. Donnie gasped and held onto Dina's arm with a gulp.

``Who are YOU?!'' A voice boomed, the eyes of the stone glowing red.

``Who are you?'' Sandman retorted.

``I am the great and powerful Wizard of OZ! WHO ARE YOU?!'' Fire exploded behind the head and Sandman simply scoffed at the display.

``Are you kidding? You think this is scary? I've seen way worse nightmares than you.'' He crossed his arms and Donnie whimpered.

``I haven't!''

``GET OUT!'' The Wizard screamed.

``I don't think so.'' Sandman stepped up and the Wizard growled.

``Wait...'' The fire subsided. ``I know you...The Sandman...'' Sandman sneered and the Wizard laughed at him. ``Come to beg for your job back, eh?''

Sandman popped his knuckles and Dina stepped up to him, a whimpering Donnie following her. ``Wait!'' She shouted and looked at the stone head. ``I need to go home!''

The Wizard chuckled. ``Home? You expect me to help you?''

Dina frowned. ``You won't?''

``What do I get in return for it?''

``How about my foot up your ass?!'' Sandman snapped, gaining a thunderous tremble making everyone stumble back.

``SHUT UP!'' The Wizard shouted in fury. ``I have better things to worry about than some sniveling little brat and disgruntled employee!'' The fire rose again and Sandman felt an urge to send a horrific nightmare into his big stone head.

Dina felt her face get red and gritted her teeth. ``I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! I WANNA GO HOME!'' Memories started coming back and she pulled at her hair. ``I WANT MY JACUZZI AND MY POOL! I WANT MY CLOSET FULL OF VERA WANG AND JIMMY SHOO!''

Sandman turned to Benzedrine. ``She has people in her closet?''

``I WANT MY HAIR DONE AND MY NAILS FILED!'' She suddenly got an image of a farm. ``I...I home...I want to go home...please...'' She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see Dr. Benzedrine. She smiled at him and patted his hand as he removed it.

The Wizard laughed heartily. ``My, my! You should be my new guard!''

``Hey!'' Sandman snapped.

``Oh, be quiet. I know why you're here. You wanna beat me up, do ya?'' Nobody said nothing. ``I thought so. And how were you gonna do that? Hmm?'' The fire raised up again and the floor rumbled some more.

``Quite a show.'' Benzedrine stated.

``I agree.'' Sandman said back.

``Can you send me home or not?'' Dina asked pathetically, choking on her tone.

``I can, but like I said, what would I get in return? What could some little girl like you give me?'' His voice was so condescending and insulting.

Sandman chuckled in disdain. ``Gee, I dunno. She killed the wicked witch of the East.''

It was silent and the fire stopped. ``Really, now?''

Benzedrine and Donnie looked at her. ``You did?''

Feeling all eyes on her, she cringed. ``It was an accident! My house fell on her!''

Looks were exchanged between the men and the Wizard laughed again. ``Marvelous! Now we just need the wicked witch of the West out of the way and then things can go back to normal!''

``Excuse me?!'' Sandman yelled. ``YOU fired me! That's why things are horrible right now!''

The ground shook again and this time Dina screamed, the earthquake still fresh in her mind. ``Please stop! I can't take it!''

``I fired you because the witch of the West made me!'' The Wizard fumed.

Sandman scoffed. ``If you're so big and powerful how could she MAKE you?''

``By threatening the lives of the people in Emerald City!''

He scoffed again with a laugh. ``Of course! 'Cause that's all you care about! The Emerald City! What about the rest of OZ, huh? The people that have been suffering because of YOU!'' The Wizard roared and the ground shook violently, knocking them back again. ``You're asking for a serious ass whooping!''

``You understand nothing! I had no choice! I had to protect them!''

``At the expense of the rest of us! These nightmares have been plaguing OZ for years, and you do nothing! I could stop them if you'd let me! But no! You had to get scared of a little bitch! Yes, bitch. I said it.'' The Sandman panted and crossed his arms.

``Having bad dreams isn't as bad as DYING.'' The Wizard stated calmly.

Everyone paused and Donnie held up a finger. ``I agree. I'd rather have a nightmare than die.''

``It is my job to protect the people the best I can. But my power only stretches so far. I need that witch gone before I can fix anything.'' The Wizard's voice seemed somber and Dina swore she could hear the human in him. ``But if she were dead...''

``Wait a minute.'' Dina spoke up. ``You want us to KILL her?''

``Yes. That'd be good. Kill the wicked witch of the West and I'll send you home.'' They all looked at each other.

``And how are we supposed to do that?'' Sandman asked.

Benzedrine stepped up. ``I don't know how I feel about KILLING someone...''

``That's understandable...'' Sandman sighed. ``If she really made him fire me then it's her fault all this happened. Yeah, the Wizard ain't innocent but she's to blame. Which means...'' He turned to Benzedrine. ``It's her fault what happened at the carnival...''

Benzedrine looked down in thought and frowned. ``We did come here to hurt someone...that hasn't changed. We could just change the person.''

``STILL HERE.'' The Wizard boomed. ``And I don't want her hurt, I want her dead. Bring me back something she would never give you as proof. Her broomstick will do nicely.''

They all sighed and looked at each other. ``What about me? And the nightmares in OZ?'' Sandman asked.

The Wizard's eyes glowed. ``I'll give you your job back if you kill her.'' Sandman looked unconvinced but turned to the others.

``I guess we kill her then. What other choice do we have?''

Dina shook her head and looked back up at the stone head of the Wizard. ``Can you get me home...? Really?''

``What if she kills us first?'' Donnie asked after her.

``Go.'' Was the response.

Benzedrine huffed. ``She asked a question!''

``So did I...'' Donnie added.

``I SAID GO!!!''

Donnie shouted and ran out, the others rolling their eyes and sighing.


``Donnie, come back...!''


They were outside and all had grim looks on their faces. ``Well, what now?'' Sandman asked as he ran his fingers through his hair. No one answered him.

Dina looked down at her dog. It had been such a long journey she almost forgot he had been with her the whole way. She picked him up and petted his head. ``I must wonder what you think about all this.'' He snorted and wiggled like he wanted down. She put him down and he continued sniffing the shiny clean floor. ``I can't believe we have to kill someone. I mean, I know she's a wicked witch but still...''

Sandman turned to Dina. ``We don't have to. Yeah, I want my job back but not if we all die trying to get it.'' All eyes turned to him. ``How are we supposed to kill this chick? She has powers, we don't. Okay, two of us do but they won't kill her.''

Dina shooed Jojo who was trying to chew the ruby heels. ``But we could defeat her or something. Put her to sleep and then take her broomstick, and then make the Wizard think she's dead.''

``We?'' Sandman turned to her with a sour expression. ``What's this 'we'? I'D have to put her to sleep. And then WE trick the Wizard and he sends YOU home, leaving the rest of us with a mess to clean up!'' She could tell he was getting angry and looked at the others, as if she was asking them to calm him down. Particularly Benzedrine for some reason, she didn't know why. ``All you care about is getting home! 'I wanna go home! I wanna go home!' That's all I hear! You don't care about us or our problems. You just wanna use us.'' His words cut like a knife and she looked at the others again. She could tell his words had the same effect on them as well.

She stuttered. ``N-N--''

``Save it. Just save it.'' He turned to the guys. ``I do need my job back if only to help the people of OZ, so I gotta go. You wanna come, you come. If not, whatever.'' He sauntered off and Dina gave a pleading eye to Donnie and Dr. Benzedrine.

``Uhh...'' Donnie looked back and forth from Dina to the Sandman. Dina's eyes fell on Benzedrine and she tried her best to smile at him, failing halfway.

He inhaled deeply and sighed, looking away from her and messing with his cuffs. ``I'm sorry but...I have to do this.'' He followed Sandman and Dina was left alone with Donnie. He messed with his bow-tie and looked down.


``I want my job back too...'' He turned and started running. ``Wait up!'' He ran to the other two and all three continued without her.

She felt her face get hot. How dare they? She was the reason they all met! She got the Sandman off his pole, Dr. Benzedrine off his stump, and Donnie out from hiding in the woods! She felt herself getting more and more angry but as she watched them the anger started to fade and it was replaced by a feeling of abandonment. She was alone. Once again she was alone. Their backs turned to her, she felt her gut wrench. These guys shouldn't mean so much to her...but they did. They meant something to her! ``Hey!'' She shouted and ran to them. ``HEY!'' Two of the three stopped, obviously not the Sandman and she panted as she stopped in front of them. ``Sandman!''

``What.'' He kept walking and she growled in irritation.

``I'm gonna kick your ass if you ignore me!''

``And I'll put you to sleep and never wake you up again.'' He stated as he kept walking.

Benzedrine rushed up to him and grabbed his arm politely. ``Come on, man.''

Sandman stopped but kept his back to Dina. She came up to him and messed with the hem of her jeans. ``You're right. All I've wanted is to go home.'' He still didn't look at her. ``But...I know that you guys have problems and that OZ is in trouble. This whole time I've been treating this like a dream, so I didn't care about anything. But even if it is a dream I should do something to help. What kind of person does that make me if I won't even help my dreams?''

``You're not dreaming--I would know.'' Sandman responded in a trite tone.

Dina sighed and smiled a bit. `` then that means I should be even more motivated to help.'' She looked at all of them. ``It's like I know you guys, somehow, someway. And I already feel like you're my friends.'' Sandman finally turned to her. ``At least, I hope we are.'' Benzedrine smiled and Donnie did the same along with Sandman crossing his arms defiantly. Dina grinned at him and playfully poked him in the chest. ``You know you like me.''

``You seem so sure.'' He retorted.

``Yeah. 'Cause like I said, I feel like I know you and what I know is telling me you're stubborn. And you don't like to get hurt. Anywhere close?''

He raised an eyebrow and smirked a little. ``Not even.'' She smirked back and he uncrossed his arms. ``You really wanna help us now?'' Dina nodded and Sandman smiled wide, looking creepy as usual. ``All right!'' He slapped her back, making her grunt. ``Let's go then!''

``Again...'' Donnie began with a hand up. ``How are we supposed to kill her?''

Everyone looked at each other.

Sandman shrugged. ``Eh...we'll just wing it.''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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