Title: Tell Him

Author: Sue4Jack

Summary: Sue finally realises she's in love with Jack but is too afraid to act on it. With a little help from Lucy (and Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion's duet) she figures it out.

I'm sitting alone, in my bedroom staring at an old photo of Jack and me. It's the one from our 'wedding album' when we were under cover. I don't know what to do; I'm just so confused. I've known him for, what, 2 years? But I don't recall thinking this way about him before. Sure I thought he was damn cute the day I barged into the bullpen thinking it were Personnel.

He walked out of mine and Lucy's apartment just a few minutes ago, he came round saying we had to talk but I was afraid to hear what he had to say after;

"Sue, I think I'm in love."

"Who with?"

"Well, you see, there's this cute Agent and um ..."

I cut him off right then. I didn't want to know who he had a crush on. I know it isn't me so why do I need to know?

I'm scared, So afraid to show I care

The Céline Dion song Lucy was playing earlier pretty much sums up how I feel. She told me to read the lyrics for some reason, I guess I know why now... Pity Barbra Streisand isn't here to give me a little guidance!

Will he think me weak?

If I tremble when I speak

How can I tell him anyway? I don't want to look like an idiot in front of him. I wouldn't know what to say. I'd just be standing there like a gibbering idiot, mouth opening and closing like a stupid goldfish.

There's another one he's thinking of

Maybe he's in love

I'm scared, so scared of how he would react if I ever told him. A small part of me is desperate to tell him and get it off my chest. But I don't want to ruin things for him and his new slut. Ahem, girlfriend. If he is in love with this "cute Agent" then I should keep my mouth shut ... Maybe Lucy will be able to help me, she finally just came home.

"Hey Luce."

"Hi Sue. What's wrong - you look upset?

"Oh, Lucy!" I said, as a single tear started to roll down my cheek.

"Sue what is it? Why are you crying?"

"Lucy. Jack just told me he's in love with this woman at the Bureau..."

I trailed off, I couldn't tell her the rest. I'll let her ask the questions.

"Oh Sue, you really do love him, don't you?"

"H-how did you know when I didn't even fully realise until he told me he was in love with a - and I quote - 'hot Agent' today?"

"It's all in the eyes, Sue." She told me, "I could tell by the way that you look at him. And if I'm right - "

"Oh God, Lucy am I that obvious?"

"Only to me, now can I finish my sentence! As I was saying ... If I'm right, he has the same look in his eyes when he looks at you - you should tell him."

I'd feel like a fool

Life can be so cruel

"Lucy, I can't tell him. Not now that he's telling me he's already in love! Why do I always have to get the hard parts? Oh Lucy, what can I do!"

"If you won't tell him, then all you can do is wait and see if he tells you how he really feels."

"Thanks Luce." I told her, just as Levi alerted me to the fact that someone was at the door

Part of me is wondering who it is but instinct telling me it's Jack, for sure. I can't answer the door to him with my tear-streaked face. I can't tell him what's wrong with me if he asks!

I've been there

With my heart out on my hand

But what you must understand

That's the thing, Barbra, I don't understand!

Lucy opens the door and disappears into her bedroom, and Jack is standing there looking sheepish with a six-pack of beer. .

"Hey, Sue, I hope you don't mind? I was hoping we could watch the game together..."

"Um ... No, come in - what are you doing here Jack? I thought I'd be in your bad books after ..."

"After our conversation earlier? Well, no, I came round to put things right actually."

How can he possibly put things right when he's in love with a woman that isn't me! He walks into the kitchen for the bottle opener while I put the tape in the VCR and settle myself on the couch.

Tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes

Reach out to him and

Whisper words so soft and sweet

Hold him close to feel his heartbeat

I didn't have to be able to hear the CD Luce was listening to, to have that song Tell Him keep playing in my head. Three bottles of beer and a home win later; I really want to tell him how I feel. Maybe the alcohol has changed my perception... a little. There's still a part of me holding back and it's the more dominant.

Touch him

With the gentleness you feel inside

Your love can't be denied.

My body listens to Barbra while my brain is protesting. I lay a hand on his arm, stroking it in soft circles. He turns to face me

"Sue... you're the cute agent I'm in love with."

And - finally - I get to kiss those lips I've been longing to kiss since before I even realised. And boy does it feel good!

"I love you too Jack."

Never let him go

I'm not going to let him go you can be sure of that.

A/n: hhm... what can I say? Some of my stories pop up at the strangest times! Listening to Céline Dion's Let's Talk About Love album and that song came on and vóila, we have this fic. Let me know what you think of it :o)