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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Four
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Four


They had been walking for a good thirty minutes and after listening to the Sandman regal them both with his tales of when he was in charge of all the dreams in OZ, they came to a forest clearing. He stopped them with an arm in front of them. ``Whoa. Wait a minute.'' He ordered.

``What?'' Benzedrine looked around. ``What is it?''

``It's a forest.'' He said with agitation in his tone.

Dina looked in the wooded area and back at Sandman. ``With trees?'' She retorted sarcastically.

Sandman rolled his eyes with a soft scoff. ``You're not from here so you don't know.''

``Neither do I.'' Benzedrine said as he looked into the forest as well.

``Well, you were stuck to a carousel.'' Benzedrine crossed his arms. ``Sorry. This forest could be dangerous.''

``We get that.'' Benzedrine responded with a sigh, uncrossing his arms. ``Why?''

``Dina, remember how I told you that horrible dreams were plaguing the people of OZ?'' She nodded. ``Well, it's more than that. The nightmares kept building until they spilled out of the people. They gained solid form and run rampant through OZ.''

Dina's features contorted in confusion. ``The nightmares became real?''

Benzedrine adjusted his bow-tie and chortled in disbelief. ``How can something that isn't real become real? That makes no sense.''

``Yeah, neither does a talking man made out of tin.'' Sandman bit back, earning another cold glare. ``Look, I don't know how it happened but it did. Without me to control the dreams of OZ everything went to hell. These nightmares like to congeal in forests. The worst one is the Dark Forest, but I don't know where that one is.''

``If you were stuck up on a pole, how do you know all this?'' Dina asked.

``I wasn't always stuck on that pole.'' He said through clenched teeth.

She sighed and looked back in the forest. ``The yellow brick road goes through it so...I mean, can't you fight them off? You can make dreams, right?'' She asked, turning back to the Sandman.

``I can make my own dreams but these dreams aren't mine. I can only control what I make myself. I could make new nightmares to fight them off but then my nightmares would be loose in OZ as well.''

``If you can control your nightmares, how would they get loose?'' Benzedrine asked with a finger to his chin.

Sandman sighed. ``I can only control them for a time. I'd have to put them in a person to disperse them. And there's only one person here who sleeps...'' He finished looking at Dina.

``Great.'' Dina said exhaling heavily. ``What do we do? We need to get to that city and that stupid road leads right in it.'' She paused and puffed herself up. It was time for business. ``We don't have time for this. Let's go.'' She marched right on in and the two looked at each other.

``That's the spirit!'' Sandman praised and followed her in. Dr. Benzedrine was next to him with a mighty big smirk on his face, along with a tiny sniffing dog.

They were walking for a few minutes and every twig snap, pop, and growl made Dina jump. She shook her head. This was childish. To be afraid of a nightmare. Nightmares weren't real! Although Sandman just told her they WERE real...She grunted and put her hair behind her ear. What's the worst they were gonna see? Some monster a child feared? But then again, child nightmares are worse...

``You know what I heard?'' Benzedrine began, breaking the silence.

Sandman chuckled. ``How can you have heard anything--''

``Stuck on the carousel! People talked around me!'' The two exchanged glances of dislike and Dina groaned.

``Ya know, I think you two could be good friends, if you just got over your differences. But then again, I think you two have some stuff in common.''

``We don't have anything in common!'' They both chimed together, each realizing it and turning away in embarrassment.

Dina giggled and touched Benzedrine's arm, making him flinch. ``What did you hear?''

``Well...'' He cleared his throat when she removed her hand. ``I heard that Donnie likes to hang out in forests.''

``Oh, Donnie! Yeah!'' Sandman laughed.

Dina looked at them both. ``Donnie?''

``The world's greatest catcher!'' Sandman continued as if she should know what that meant.


``He catches nightmares and bottles them up in jars and throws them away.'' Sandman explained in enthusiasm.

``Or so the rumor goes.'' Benzedrine added.

``Aw, man, I'd love to run into him. He's the only person catching nightmares in OZ right now!'' Sandman looked somewhat proud of this guy and Dina giggled at him.

``How does he do it?'' She asked with a smile.

Sandman paused. ``I dunno. I'd love to see it.''

``You're lucky 'cause you're about to!'' A voice shouted. They all stopped and looked around. They couldn't see anyone and almost immediately, they both got in front of Dina.

``Who's there?'' Benzedrine asked.

The voice laughed. ``You were just talking about me!''

Sandman perked up. ``Donnie?''

On cue, a man jumped a few feet in front of them and laughed victoriously. ``Haha! Yes, I'm Donnie, the world's greatest catcher! And you're the most wicked bunch of nightmares I've seen yet!''

They all raised an eyebrow and looked at this strange fellow. He was dressed from head to toe in green. A tiny hat on his head, and a big green bow-tie, much like Dr. Benzedrine's--as if their clothes were designed by the same person. His coat was open showing his bare chest and his pants came up above his ankles. He had long curly hair and a beard covering most of his face. Quite a comical outfit, but he was still kinda cute in Dina's opinion.

They all looked at each other with surprise and befuddlement. He put his hands on his hips and posed like he was about to take a picture. ``Prepare yourselves foul nightmares, for you have met your match!''

``Wait, you think we're nightmares?'' Sandman asked, stifling a giggle.

Donnie glared. ``Don't try to talk your way out of it!''

``We're not nightmares.'' Benzedrine stated, holding in a chuckle of his own.

Donnie blinked. ``Really? 'Cause you look like nightmares.'' He looked at them with a smirk. ``Especially in those outfits.''

Benzedrine scoffed. ``Says the leprechaun from hell.''

Donnie gasped. ``Oh, that's it! You're all gonna pay!''

Jojo jumped out from behind them and barked at Donnie. ``Jojo! Stop it!'' Dina scolded.

Donnie looked down and laughed again. ``There's a nightmare! Disgusting!'' Jojo barked louder. ``You're first!'' He chased the Yorkie and Dina screamed.

``No! Leave my baby alone!'' She chased after them, with Sandman and Benzedrine trying to stop her.

Donnie chased Jojo around a tree, trying to grab him or something and Dina came around the other side in time to grab her dog. Donnie jumped out and lunged at her, only to receive a slap on the cheek.

He stopped dead and stared at her in shock. ``Y...You slapped me! You slapped me! You didn't have to do that...'' He rubbed his sore cheek.

``Uh, you were trying to kill my dog, so, yes, I did.'' The other two walked up behind her and watched as Donnie kept rubbing his cheek.

``B-But you didn't have to SLAP me!'' His voice cracked.

``Oh, please tell me you aren't gonna cry...'' Sandman said in disgust.

``No!'' Donnie snapped, blinking his eyes and inhaling through his nose. ``She just aggravated my allergies!''

Sandman sighed. ``You're not Donnie, the world's greatest catcher, are you?'' He asked flatly.

Donnie looked at all of them and burst into tears, making them all moan. ``I am! I really am! But...''

``But what?'' Dina asked softly, putting down Jojo.

Donnie rubbed his eyes. ``I was never a catcher of nightmares! I was a catcher of dreams! I would catch dreams the Sandman would weave and bring them to people that needed them most! But ever since he was fired, there's no more dreams.'' He sniffed. ``And now I can't take two steps without pissing myself!''

``Whoa!'' Sandman exclaimed with his hands up.

``Too much information.'' Benzedrine said with a grimace.

``I'm sorry, but do you know what's it's like living with nightmares?'' Donnie asked, wiping his face dry. They remained silent and Donnie sniffed again.

``What can we do to help?'' Dina asked in a comforting tone.

Donnie shook his head. ``There's nothing you can do! Oh, it's all the Wizard's fault! He fired the Sandman!'' He yelled with his hands up in the air.

``Say,'' Sandman began. ``You wouldn't, like, wanna kick the Wizard's ass or anything?''

Donnie laughed. ``Oh, hell yes!'' He paused. ``Why?''

``Because we're on our way to the Emerald City to do just that.''
Donnie looked at them like they were nuts and Sandman grinned. ``Ya see, Donnie, I'm the Sandman.''

Donnie gasped softly. ``You are? made some wonderful dreams--I remember them well. I can see why you wanna kick his ass. And you?'' He gestured towards Dr. Benzedrine.

``He destroyed my home and killed innocent people.'' He said with a cold stare.

Sandman turned to him. ``I've been thinking about that. It might be true that it was the Wizard's fault.'' Benzedrine raised an eyebrow. ``A nightmare could have made the carousel come loose.'' Benzedrine looked down.

``A nightmare? Really?''

``Yeah, there are all kinds and some cause mischief. I think that's what happened.''

Benzedrine let out some air. ``Then it WAS his fault...''

Donnie bit his lip and turned to Dina. ``And you?''

``Oh.'' She looked at him from Benzedrine. ``I just wanna get home and I was told the Wizard could do that for me.''

``We're gonna kick him twice as hard if he doesn't.'' Sandman added with an evil smile.

``Yeah...'' Benzedrine equally smiled.

Donnie joined in. ``Yeah!''

``Hel-lo?'' Dina interrupted. ``Before you kick the crap out of him, I need him to send me home. So pummel him AFTER I'm gone.'' They all looked at each other.



``No problem.''

Dina rolled her eyes and looked back at Donnie. ``Maybe you just need some courage to face these nightmares.''

He laughed nervously. ``Why? Once the Wizard's gone there'll be no more problems.''

Dina sighed heavily and looked down at Jojo. This wasn't going at all like she felt it should...what was it reminding her of? Oh, this was gonna drive her crazy!

``So, we're off to beat the Wizard?'' Sandman asked.

``Hold on!'' Donnie put his hand up. ``I gotta go!''

Sandman rolled his eyes. ``Okay, go.''

Donnie sighed in relief. ``It'll be so much easier knowing I got people to protect me if a nightmare showed.''

Sandman scoffed a laugh. ``How hard can it be to unzip yourself for twenty seconds behind a bush?''

``No, I mean GO!'' Donnie enthused.

All looked at each other. ``Agh, just go.''

Donnie ran off and Benzedrine shook his head with disdain. ``Yeah, I'm gonna sit somewhere that ISN'T downwind from him.'' He walked off with his hands in his pockets and Dina watched as he did.

Sandman slithered next to her. She looked at him. ``Hi.''

``Hi.'' He paused for a minute. ``You wanna go with him.'' He stated.

Dina sputtered. ``Huh? Why would I wanna go with him?''

``To talk to him.''

She huffed. ``Why would I wanna talk to him? I barely know him.''

Sandman smirked. ``You wanna talk to him to get to know him BETTER.''

Dina looked away from him. ``Ugh.''

``Don't hide from me; I'm the Sandman. I can tell these things!'' She put her hands on her hips in defiance. ``So...'' He raised his hand up. ``Go talk to him!'' He slapped her back and pushed her in Benzedrine's direction. She growled at him and at hearing Donnie grunt she walked away quickly.

Sandman crossed his arms and another grunt was heard. ``Yeah, I'll just stay here.'' Jojo licked his boot and he smiled. ``I feel bad for your nose.''

``Unbelievable. Who does he think he is?'' She grumbled. ``Go talk to him. I don't wanna talk to him--I just wanna get away from nature boy.'' She came to a clearing in the woods next to a small running river and stopped when she heard something.

It...was that same singing voice she heard...she heard it when she crashed...At the time she knew who it was, or who it sounded like, but now she couldn't remember. She walked a little more and it got louder.

``Honey is for bees, silly bear. Besides there's jelly beans everywhere...'' She rounded a tree and saw that it was Dr. Benzedrine sitting on a rock, singing to himself. She smiled and listened more. ``It's not what it seems in the lad of dreams, don't worry your head, just go to sleep...'' He had a truly beautiful voice and she felt her heart melt. ``When you wake up the world will come around...When you wake up the world will come around...'' She stepped a little forward and a twig snapped underneath her foot. The sound was loud enough for him to turn.

All the blood drained from her face. ``Uhh...'' He looked at her and his features went from surprised to embarrassed. ``I'm sorry! I'll leave you alone...'' She began to walk away.

``No, that's okay. can stay.'' She swore she heard nervousness in his voice, instead of the cold tone she had heard earlier and smiled, coming and sitting on the large rock next to him. ``You're the first to hear me sing in a long time.'' He said with a tiny smile.


``Yeah...'' He picked up a stick and played with the single leaf that was attached to it. ``I used to sing all the time at the carnival.'' He pulled the leaf off. ``That was my job. To sing on the carousel. You see, the real Dr. Benzedrine couldn't carry a single tune. He even hummed off key.'' She giggled and he chuckled. ``So he built me to do it for him. So the kids could hear 'him' sing for them. Worked like a charm.'' He shrugged and threw the stick into the water. ``He loved children...he was the kindest man you would ever meet...'' He looked at the ground. ``That's how he died. He pushed a child out of the way at the cotton candy stand.'' His hat hid his eyes and and she felt a compulsion to comfort him. She put her hand on his arm and squeezed.

``I'm so sorry...''

He shook his shoulders and nodded a little. ``It's okay. Not your fault.'' He looked at her and she saw something familiar. Something...familiar in those teal blue eyes. She reached her hand up and rubbed his cheek, this time just because.

``Ya know, for a guy made out of tin, you sure do feel like you're made of flesh and blood.'' She said with a smile. It was true; he did. His cheek felt as soft as anyone else's skin, perhaps softer. He chuckled and pulled out his compact, handing it to her. She looked at it. ``'Flesh Colour. Makes anything look and feel like...real flesh'...oh.'' She giggled again and handed it back to him.

``Yeah.'' He put it back in his pocket and gazed at her, giving a small kitten grin. She felt herself move in closer and--

``Ahem.'' She jumped and bolted around at the sound of Sandman's voice. ``Donnie's done takin' a dump. Can we go to the city now?'' They both stood up and nodded furiously. Sandman rolled his eyes. ``Uh huh.''

He walked away and Dina pushed her hair out of her face. ``So...''

``We better go.'' His cold tone was back and he walked away, leaving Dina to wonder what the hell just happened.

``...What the hell just happened?''

``I'll tell you what just happened! You getting in the way of my plans!'' The wicked witch scorned at her glowing ball showing Dina walking through the forest. ``Ugh, I'll get those shoes even if I have to pry them off her cold, dead corpse!'' She smiled horribly. ``That gives me an idea...''


They made it through the forest without any problems and soon they could see the Emerald City. Dina gasped at the brilliant green color of it.

``Hey, Donnie, you'd fit right in!'' Sandman joked.

``No, thanks. Those are the rich people. I don't want anything to do with them.''

``It is pretty.'' Dina said with a smile. She looked down and the yellow brick road had disappeared. In front of them was a huge field of multicolored flowers. The road was on the other side of it, leading to the front gate of the Emerald City. ``I guess we have to go through these flowers.''

``I hate flowers.'' Sandman grunted. ``Let's go, and be quick about it--my fists are tingling!''

They all began running through the field and after they were about halfway, Dina began to feel something was wrong. Her eyesight was blurry and she felt as if she had been hit by a ton of bricks. She stopped and panted, holding onto her knees. Benzedrine stopped and turned around. He saw her and ran up to her. ``What's wrong?'' He asked with a hand on her shoulder.

``Jojo...'' She gasped and Jojo was unconscious in the flowers. ``Help...'' She fell forward and he caught her.

``Hey! Dina, no!'' She closed her eyes and was out in his arms. ``Sandman!'' Sandman rushed to them with a panting, heaving Donnie coming behind him.

``What's wrong?''

``She's asleep!'' Benzedrine said in worry.

``Huh? That's impossible! I control that and I've made sure she's been wide awake for this whole journey!''

``Then what could make her fall asleep?''

Sandman rubbed his chin. ``Something more powerful than me...''

Benzedrine gasped. ``The wicked witch!'' Donnie then promptly passed out. They both looked at him.

``Oh.'' Sandman said sheepishly. ``Oops.''

``How come it's not affecting us?''

Sandman raised an eyebrow. ``I'm the Sandman and you're made out of tin. I think that covers it.''

Benzedrine knelled with Dina in his arms and stroked her hair out of her face. ``Come on, wake up. Wake up...please...'' He cradled her and held her tight to him.

Sandman paced and panted. He growled out in irritation and cursed at the sky. ``What the hell are we supposed to do now?!'' It started to snow and he blinked in disbelief, holding out his hands. A pink light formed and he watched in amazement as the good witch of the North appeared. She smiled and he chuckled. ``Snow?''

She smiled wider. ``Snow kills flowers.'' She walked over to Benzedrine and touched his shoulder. He looked up and all the makeup was gone from his cheeks, smudged and wet. She leaned down to him and touched Dina's face.

Her eyes snapped open and she jumped up. ``Huh? What happened?'' She looked around. ``Snow?''

Samantha was gone and Sandman rushed to her. ``The wicked witch tried to get us, but the good witch stopped her.'' He explained.

``Oh, God...'' She gasped and Donnie rose up.

``Hey, I didn't eat any mushrooms...'' He said scratching his neck.

Dina turned to Dr. Benzedrine and blinked. ``What happened to your face?''

He stuttered. ``Snow...wet...'' He stood up and turned his back to her, pulling out his compact.

Sandman shook his head with a knowing smile and Dina looked around for Jojo. Said dog was found eating the flowers. She picked him up and sighed. ``Okay, I'm getting sick of this.''

``Yeah, me too. Let's get the hell outta here.'' Sandman agreed.

Benzedrine finished his makeup and looked no different as they continued on to the front gate.

``AHHHHHHHH!!! THAT BITCH!!'' The wicked witch fumed. ``What am I gonna have to do?! Set her on fire with gin and kerosene?!''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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