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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Three
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Three


``By the way,'' Sandman started as they walked. ``I never got your name.''

``It's Dina.''

``Cool.'' They continued to walk and soon Dina saw an orchard of apple trees. Her stomach growled and she blushed when Sandman looked at her with a smirk. ``Hungry, are we?''

She sighed and nodded. ``Yeah...I can't remember the last time I ate...I think it was a sandwich of some kind...''

Sandman grimaced. ``You ate a witch made out of sand? Hardcore...What do you need me protecting you for?''

``It's--'' She deadpanned. ``I didn't eat a person! It's just a name for a food where I come from.''

He rubbed his chin in thought. ``Oh...''

Dina shook her head and walked up to one of the apple trees. They were big, round and red. She felt her mouth water and reached for one.

The branch snapped and hit her square on the hand. ``AHH!'' She backed up and looked at the tree closely.

``What the hell are you doing?!'' The tree shrieked at her.

``D-Did that thing just talk?!'' Sandman came up from behind her and growled with a sneer.

``She just wants an apple! Come one, she's hungry!''

``She's hungry!'' A distant one shouted.

``Have you ever thought how it effects US when you take from us? HUH?!'' The tree bit back.

Sandman rolled his eyes. ``Oh, for the love of Pete!'' Dina blinked. ``Just give her one apple!''

``I'll give you some apples, punk!'' And the trees starting pelting them with apples.

Dina screamed and ran into the road as the barrage continued.

Sandman scoffed and simply put his hand on one of the tree roots. All the trees stopped throwing apples and fell limp. Dina gasped and walked over to him. ``What did you do?''

He chuckled. ``I'm the Sandman. I put them all to sleep. Apparently they're all connected in the roots...which means one thing...'' He whispered. ``Inbreeding.''

``Ugh.'' Dina walked into the road and picked up some apples. She could carry two and he could carry two, so she was gonna get the best ones. Almost all of them had holes in them and she gagged. ``Ew...all these apples are worthless...'' She walked into a grassy area and kept inspecting the apples, throwing them down when a green worm peaked out.

She picked up another one and it looked okay from what she could see. ``No holes...I hope it isn't some mutant fruit.'' She smiled and went to bite into it when a bright color caught her eye.

In the distance she could see someone sitting on something. She came closer and saw that it was a man...a young man. He was sitting in the famous ``thinker'' position and appeared frozen. She took a better look and stifled a giggle at his attire. He was dressed from head to toe in canary yellow, with a rather large top hat on his head, a feather coming out of it. A top coat with tails and a very tailored suit with a big bow-tie. If it wasn't such a wild color he'd look rich and almost snazzy. But the yellow made him look like a circus ring-leader.

She came in closer to his face. He was young looking, not much older than her. A round baby face, with innocent features. His hair had a reddish tinge to it and he had long sideburns. His lips weren't fully painted red, just the middle making them look small, and he had a rosy color on his cheeks. Even with all that he was kinda cute. She leaned in closer and he opened his eyes. Before she could register the unique blue-green color of them, she screamed and fell backwards.

He moved out of his position and stood up. She then noticed that he was probably shorter than her, but at this moment, with her on her butt, he towered over her. He looked at her with a steely gaze and she whimpered.

Sandman rushed over to her and helped her up. ``Who are you?'' He demanded at the stranger.

``I should be the one asking that question.'' He said coldly. ``Why are you disturbing my sleep?''

``You were asleep?'' Dina asked as she brushed herself off. ``I'm sorry. It's looked frozen.''

He tilted his head up. ``It doesn't matter. I can't sleep anyway.'' He looked at her a bit. ``You're not from around here, are you?''

``No, and I'm trying to get back home.'' She said somberly.

``Too bad.'' The stranger spat and turned around. ``Not my problem.''

Sandman scoffed. ``Oh, come on. Have a heart!'' Dina blinked again.

The stranger turned and scoffed back. ``Why should I? It's not my problem.''

Sandman glared. ``You could at least be more polite.''

The stranger smirked. ``I assure you, I am. If I wasn't, you would know. Now leave me alone.''

Dina felt a compulsion to come closer to him. `` don't want a heart?''

The stranger cocked an eyebrow. ``Why would I want a heart? I don't need one.''

Dina came closer. ``Do you have one?''

The stranger guffawed in her face. ``No!''

Sandman laughed. ``How can you not have a heart? All living things have hearts!''

Dina raised her hand and brushed a thumb against the stranger's face. He appeared transfixed on her actions and didn't stop her as she rubbed her thumb over his cheek. The pale flesh color came off and revealed a silver color underneath. Finally he snapped out of his trance and grabbed her hand. ``Stop it!''

Sandman rushed to her side and grabbed the stranger's arm. ``Let go of her.'' Her snarled. The stranger equally snarled at the Sandman and Dina used the opportunity to raise up the stranger's sleeve. After his wrist the flesh color stopped and it was only a brushed silver. She flicked it with her finger and it made a metal ting.

``Hey!'' He wrenched away from both of them and growled. ``How dare you!''

``You're made out of metal?'' Sandman asked in disbelief.

``Tin.'' He spat, rolling down his sleeve. He pulled out a compact and looked at his cheek in the mirror. ``You smudged it! Ah, God--Now I have to reapply the whole damn thing!'' Sandman got closer and smiled.

``That's some serious pancake action you got going on there.'' He teased and the stranger pushed him away.

``Get outta my face!'' He turned around and patted his exposed cheek with the compact.

Dina crossed her arms. ``Why don't you just take the makeup off and be who you are?'' She asked.

``Because silver clashes with yellow--don't you know anything?'' He said snapping his compact and putting it back in his pocket.

Sandman leaned into Dina. ``He has a point, actually.'' Dina huffed and the stranger cleared his throat. ``Where are you from, 'cause I never seen anyone like you.'' Sandman asked.

The stranger straightened out his coat. ``Do you remember the carnival?'' Sandman shrugged. ``Well, I was on the carousel.''

``How come you're not still there now?'' Sandman asked further.

There was a brief moment Dina swore she saw pain flash in the stranger's eyes but he quickly blinked it away. ``It shut down.''

Dina sighed. She didn't have time for this and as much as she wanted to get to know this guy better--for what reason she didn't know--she had to get home. ``Well, we better go.''

Sandman nodded. ``Yeah, we got a long way to get to Emerald City.''

The stranger raised his eyebrows. ``Emerald City? Why are you going there?''

``To see the Wizard.'' Dina replied.

The stranger scowled. ``Why?''

``I need his help to get me home--''

``Yeah, and I'm gonna kick his ass.'' Sandman added.

The stranger smirked. ``Really? I got a mind to do the same...''

``You got beef with him too?'' Sandman asked.

``Yeah. He's the one that shut down my carnival! It's his fault! Ooh, I'd love to show him what I'm really made of.''

``Tin?'' Sandman asked and the stranger deadpanned.


Dina shook her head. ``So lemme get this straight; You don't want brains and you don't want a heart? You both just wanna beat up the Wizard?''

They looked at each other and then her.


``Pretty much.''

She sighed heavily and ran her hand through her hair. ``Okay then. I guess we're all going to the Emerald City.'' She looked at the stranger. ``What's your name?''

He paused in thought and looked down. ``I don't think I have one.''

``What are we supposed to call you? Tinman?'' Sandman joked.

``No!'' The stranger snapped at him. He thought a bit longer. ``I was modeled after Dr. Benzedrine.''

``Dr. Benzedrine?'' Sandman repeated in a mocking chuckle.

``He was in charge of the carnival. It was his. Dr. Benzedrine's Magic Carnival?'' They looked at him with no knowledge of what he was talking about. ``Wow. Well, I was made in his image so that should be my name.''

``You sure he won't mind you taking his name?'' Sandman smirked.

``He shouldn't. He's dead.'' Sandman and Dina gasped and the well dressed fellow continued. ``He died when the carousel broke and fell off its axis, spinning out of control like a top into the carnival, killing hundreds of innocent people.''

Dina gasped again and put her hand over her mouth. ``That's...horrible...''

Sandman shook his head. ``Didn't you say you were ON the carousel?''

Benzedrine's gaze went cold. ``Attached to it.'' It was silent and he straightened out his collar. ``So, you can see why I don't want a heart.''

``Yeah,'' Sandman started. ``Attached to the thing that's killing people--watching it happen? If you had a heart that would probably haunt you forever!'' Benzedrine glared and Dina hit him.

``You really don't have a brain, do you?'' She scolded.

Benzedrine pursed his lips and straightened his back. ``It's a good thing it happened though. It's what freed me from my carny prison.'' He said holding up his shoe. They both looked closely and there was a small piece of wood attached to his heel.

``Oh.'' They looked at each other.

``You can see why I want a piece of the Wizard too. It's his fault it happened.''

``It is?'' Dina asked.

``Of course! Nothing bad ever happened in OZ before he came along!''

``But how could he break a carousel--'' Dina started.

``It was his fault!'' Benzedrine yelled, losing his composure.

They backed up away from him and Sandman crossed his arms. ``But if you don't care then why do you wanna beat the Wizard?''

Benzedrine scoffed. ``You don't get it, do you? That carnival was my home! My only home! Now all I have is this stump!'' He pointed to the tree stump he'd been sitting on and Dina blinked again. Something about that word...

``So, then...we're going?'' Dina asked. They both nodded and she sighed.

``Come on, Mr. Benzedrine.'' Sandman said with a chuckle.

``DOCTOR Benzedrine.'' He corrected.


``I feel I should warn you that a wicked witch is after me.'' She said to Benzedrine.

He stopped. ``Which wicked witch?''

``The wicked witch of the West.'' She answered looking down.

Benzedrine looked confused. ``The wicked witch of the West? I heard she just copies her sister and has no real talent.''

They all looked at each other.

``THOSE ARE JUST RUMORS!'' A female voice shrieked.

They all turned and looked up to see the wicked witch standing on the roof of a log cabin that they hadn't noticed was there before. Dina jumped back and the two men jumped in front of her. Benzedrine put his arm in front of Dina protectively and that simple action made her smile.

The witch cackled and Sandman scoffed at her. ``Oh, shut up!''

She stopped and pointed at him. ``YOU!''

``Yeah, me! What about me?''

``I should have known you were helping this tramp! Well, you won't stop me!''

``Ugh, why are you after her anyway?!'' The witch groaned and pointed at Dina's shoes. Both men looked down at the red heels and Sandman turned back. ``You're trying to kill her for a pair'' He leaned into Benzedrine. ``Talk about a serious shopaholic.''

``I am not a shopaholic! Those shoes have magic powers!''

They turned and looked at Dina and she shrugged. ``The good witch of the North told me they did.''

``If they do then why can't you use them to get you home?'' Sandman asked with an eyebrow raised.

``I dunno how to use them!''

``UGHHHHH!!!'' The wicked witch screamed. ``No one knows how to use them but me! Those shoes have powers! They made my sister popular and I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!'' She lifted up her hand and fire glowed in her fingertips. The men shouted as she hurled it at Dina.

Benzedrine jumped and threw Dina to the ground to protect her and Sandman got in front of the blast, taking the full brunt with ease. He then stuck up his hands and pushed them forward, a wave of energy leaping from them and hitting the wicked witch. She screamed and fell off the roof, only to fly away.

Benzedrine sighed and helped Dina up. ``You okay?''

She nodded. ``Yeah...'' She looked up and gasped. ``YOU'RE ON FIRE!''

``I AM?!''

``NO, HE IS!''

He turned and saw Sandman trying to put his sleeve out. He jumped up and immediatly helped him put out the fire, by patting it out with his bare hand. It smoked out in a puff and both men sighed.


``No problem.'' Benzedrine looked at his hand and all the makeup was gone from the palm. He sighed and Sandman smiled.

``Thanks for sacrificing your foundation to save me from burning to death.''

``It's okay.'' He rubbed his now tin fingers.

``Gonna put it back on?''

``I don't have enough.'' Benzedrine stood up and brushed himself off.

Dina walked up to them and inspected the Sandman. ``I thought you were the Sandman. You couldn't get hurt...''

``Well, it used to be that I was made out of hopes and wishes and dreams, but ever since I was fired I'm just like you. I'm mortal but I still have my powers. That's how I was able to beat her.''

``What did you do?'' Dina asked.

``I pelted her mind with a dream so horrible she had no choice but to flee.''

Benzedrine raised his brow. ``What was it?''

``Puppies and kittens. I'm sure it made her puke.''

Dina gasped. ``PUPPIES?! OH, MY GOD!'' She went running down the road the both men looked at each other.

``Huh? What's wrong?'' Benzedrine asked.

``Oh, yeah, her dog...I forgot about him...'' Sandman mused.

Dina frantically searched for her baby and found him near where she found Dr. Benzedrine, eating the apple she had dropped. ``Oh, Jojo...there you are baby...'' He licked her as she picked him up and cuddled him. She walked over to the guys and smiled. `` Jojo.''

A genuiene smile appeared on Benzedrine's face. ``Ohh....'' He cooed and petted Jojo's head, only after a few seconds noticing that the other two were watching. He stopped and regained his cold gaze. ``Ahem. Is it coming too?''

Dina giggled. ``Yes, he's coming with us.''

``Got a problem with that?'' Sandman asked with a smile.


Dina put Jojo down and sighed. ``Are we going or not?'' The guys nodded.

``How do we get there anyway?'' Benzedrine asked.

Dina smiled at him. ``Just follow the yellow brick road.'' She pointed and Benzedrine started walking, looking rather like an aristocrat.

Sandman laughed. ``Don't go too far ahead of us! We won't see you against the yellow brick!''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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