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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Teardrops on my guitar
By Little_miss_Vengeance


Teardrops On My Guitar

I smiled at Jimmy, faking it once again, cos he could never know the truth. We were standing in the library, joking and laughing over Romeo and Juliet, the stupid book our English assignment. He was telling me all about this amazing girl. He says he's so in love, how he's finally got it right. He got a dreamy look on his face. “She's the one jess. She's just…. I dunno, but she's so fucking amazing” he said, staring off into the distance, clutching his book to his chest. I faked a smile as I sadly looked away. I sighed as the bell rang, signaling the end of study hall. I smiled and gave him a wave as I headed for the door, leaving him standing there with a dopey look on his face.

I sat alone under a tree in the grounds, thinking. I didn't even notice when Michelle sat down next to me. I was willing to bet she was beautiful, the girl he talks about, I felt the first tear start to fall, my heart breaking loudly. “Wanna talk bout it?” Michelle asked, wrapping an arm around me. I shook my head and we sat in silence for a few minutes, until Matt wandered over. “Hey jess…. What's wrong?” he asked, his voice going from happy to concerned. “Nothing” I muttered, rubbing the tear stains from my cheeks. “Are things bad at home?” he asked. I seized on this escape. “Yeah, mom and dad are fighting again” I told him miserably, there was no way I was telling one of Jimmy's best friends that I had feelings for Jimmy. Matt nodded and wandered back to the group. “It's Jimmy, Isn't It?” Michelle asked. I nodded miserably “He's met someone” I told her, trying to fight back the tears that were forming. She squeezed me tightly. “Jess, it'll be okay, I promise” Michelle whispered as Lacey walked towards us. “Can I come over tonight?” I asked, Michelle nodded, brushing away the sole tear that trickled down my cheek. “Hey chica's” Lacey said as she dropped down on my other side. “Hey” Michelle said as her twin, Val, Joined us. “So, latest school scandal. Zacky and Gena split, Yay. And in breaking news, jimmy's got a girlfriend. Her name is Leana silver.” Lacey said, looking excited, as Val stared at me in sympathy, while I tried to stop (But failed) the small sob that escaped my lips. Lacey stopped talking and stared at me in horror, realizing for the first time who she was spilling this Goss to. “Oh god, Jess, I'm sorry, I didn't think” she whispered, looking disgusted with herself. I felt myself start to shake a little as another solitary tear tumbled down my cheek. I was saved from responding by the bell signaling the end of lunch.

I wandered into art a shot time later, so deep in thought that I didn't notice Brian until he grabbed my arm and steered me to our table. “Ok, I know there's something wrong Jess. What's up babe?” he asked me as he pushed me down onto a stool. “He has a girlfriend” I whispered, barely able to speak. Understanding dawned on Brians face. “Jess, don't cry Hun” he whispered loudly enough for our teacher to hear. I looked up as Brian looked pleadingly at the teacher, who nodded. Brian pulled me to my feet and dragged me from the class and down the hall, not stopping until we were sitting in the library stacks, between music and fashion. “Jess, he still doesn't know.” Brian told me, pulling me into his lap. I shook my head as my tears started to fall in earnest. “ She better be able to look in those beautiful eyes and know how lucky she is,” I sobbed quietly, face buried in brians neck “He's the only guy with enough of me to break my heart” Brian wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly to his chest as I sobbed. “Jess, if he knew the reason your hurting he would ditch her in a second. You mean the world to him.” Brian told me, but I shook my head, not wanting to talk. “I'm not making him choose between me and her,” I said, sadly, looking into his chocolate brown eyes, that were currently filled with sadness and concern. “Jess….” He started, but stopped as I shook my head. He nodded and pulled me back to his chest. “I'm driving you home after school” he told me as he gently rocked me back and forth. I nodded, closing my eyes as a few more tears tumbled down my cheeks.

I sat on my bed, staring at the photos of me and Jimmy that were spread out in front of me. “Stupid me, I should have known that I'm not a princess and this aint a fairytale” I whispered to myself. After Brian had dropped me off, I'd gone to my room and pulled out my box of photos. Glancing up, I saw Michelle, Val and Lacey standing in my doorway and I tried to muster a smile, but failing miserably. “Hey guys” I said, feeling miserable “C'mon Jess, we're going shopping for Prom dresses” Val said, walking in and grabbing my purse and house keys, while lacey and Michelle pulled me to my feet. I sighed as I was pulled out the door and down the stairs.

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting in the back seat of Val's car, next to Michelle, while lacey was in the front. I'd been surprised when mom had produced a credit card and handed it to me, telling me her and dad had got it for me, and told me to splurge. I was glad the pin was the same as my other card. “Like OMG, Prom's only a week away. And we still don't have dresses” Lacey complained, always our drama queen. Michelle quietly took my hand “Yeah and two of us don't have date's” Michelle informed her. “Brians gonna ask you Mitchie” I told her, looking out the window. Once again I was the third wheel. “How do you know?” she demanded. I turned to look at her, frowning. “Cos he's my cousin. Besides, he tried to bully me into asking you for him” I told her, pulling a face. Val giggled at my response. “Yeah, so did you guys hear, Zacky's coming home” she told us, watching me in the mirror. “When?” Both Michelle and Lacey squealed in unison. I stared blankly at the back of Val's seat. Zacky baker. He'd been gone two years, living in Australia with his dad. “Jess, he asked me to give you his number” Val told me softly, breaking through my haze. “Why?” I asked, surprised as Michelle slipped Val's phone from her bag and started searching her contacts for Zacky's number. “Cos he missed you. I also might have mentioned you didn't have a date for prom.” She said as Michelle gave a small cheer of triumph as she found Zackys number. Michelle then grabbed my phone from her bag and started keying in Zackys number. I sighed as she handed it to me with a look that said `call him' I pushed the dial button and put it to my ear.

“Hey, who's this?” Zackys unmistakable voice asked. “It's jess, Val said you wanted to talk to me,” I said, trying to sound happy. “Oh, hey jess, what's wrong? You sound upset” he asked, sounding worried. “Nothing really, apart from my family slowly falling apart. What did you want?” I asked, hearing Zacky sigh. “Jess, umm… I don't have a date for prom and I'm back in Huntington tomorrow. I was wondering if you would go with me?” he asked, sounding a little worried. “Um… sure, why not” I said, hearing Zacky let out a breath he had obviously been holding in suspense. “Look Jess, I gotta go board the plane, I'll see you when I get home” he said. I smiled softly as I said goodbye. “You were saying?” Lacey asked Michelle sarcastically.

We went into shop after shop and as Val, then Lacey, then Michelle all found dresses; I started to feel downhearted, thinking I'd never find a dress. Until we stepped into mystique formal wear. I spotted my most perfect dress almost straight away. It was a gorgeous shade of purple. I picked up the dress, examining it. It was a light enough purple that the black and silver spider web beading on the bodice stood out. The back was laced up with silver ribbon. It was amazing. Michelle saw what I was looking at and grabbed me by the shoulders, before pushing me towards the dressing rooms.

When I stepped out, I got a wolf whistle. “Oh My God. Jess you look so fucking amazing” Lacey cried as Michelle stepped out from behind me. “I'm gonna come over and help you get into this on prom night” she told me, as she went to stand beside her twin. Val was standing there, staring at me with a smile on her face. “So, your coming in the limo?” lacey asked me, as I turned around so they could see the back. I shook my head. “You know how I told you my brother has a Lamborghini, well he's gonna drive me.” I told them as I examined my reflection in the mirror. The dress accentuated my bust, while clinging to my waist before flaring out into a skirt. It looked fantastic, hugging my curves perfectly. I smiled “This is so the right one” I told them as Michelle took my hand and dragged me into the dressing room to help me unlace. While she was undoing the back my phone rang. I was surprised to see it was Kyle's number. “Hey big bro, what's up?” I asked, but was surprised when his girlfriend Ashleigh answered. “Have you got an appointment with a hairdresser or make-up artist yet bub?” she asked after saying hey. “No, I was gonna go book one in a few minutes.” I replied. “Well don't. And tell your friends not to. Me and a couple of my friends are gonna take over your house and do you guys. I'm gonna be at your place in an hour with some magazines for you girls to look at, so you can decide what you want” Ashleigh told me. I grinned in delight. Ash was a beautician and so where most of her friends. “Well there's four of us.” I told her and she was silent for a moment before responding “Ok, I'll get Bree, Megan and Lauren to help, that sound good?” I giggled and told her it was perfect. “I'll see you in an hour.” She told me as we said our goodbyes.

When I told the other three we were getting our make-up and hair done by Ash and her friends. They squealed in delight. Val handed me a pair of purple and black heels, which I fell in love with almost straight away. “Oh, these are perfect Val” I said, trying them on, but not really needing to, Val knew my size perfectly, seeing as we had the same size feet. They trailed me as I went to pay for my dress and shoes.

(Fast-forward several hours)

I was back in my room once more, staring at a photo, but this one was a group one. In it was me, Val and Michelle, with Brian, Jimmy, Matt, Johnny and Zacky. It had been taken before Lacey had joined our group, just before Zacky went to Australia. Lacey had been part of our group for a year and a half now. I was staring at Zacky, snakebites, green eyes and septum piercing. I could still remember all our stupid little jokes, our pranks. I'd missed him, and part of me wondered how much he'd changed. I was so deep in thought that I jumped when my phone gave a high-pitched scream, glancing at the screen to see who was messaging me. **Can I come over? ** It was Brian. I sent one back telling him the door was unlocked and I was in my room. A minute later I heared the front door close and footsteps on the stairs. “Hey Jess.” Bri said as he walked in, eye's instantly zoning in on the bag hanging on the back of my open wardrobe door. “Can I see?” was the next thing out his mouth, I nodded as I started putting away my photos, resting the framed group photo on my bedside table. Brian gave a soft whistle of appreciation as he unzipped the bag. “Wow, your gonna knock Zacky dead Jess” he told me, brushing his fingers over the beading. I smiled “You think so?” I asked, happy he liked it. Brian nodded, coming to sit down as I put the lid back on the photo box. His attention was dragged to the photo on my bedside table. “We're gonna have to get a new one now. Lacey has to be in it” Brian said, picking it up. I nodded. “How did you know Zacky's going with me?” I asked, realizing what he'd said a few moments ago. “Zacky just got home, and he called to say hi. He just mentioned in passing that he'd asked you to prom” Brian said, looking up at me with a smile “I'm glad he's back. I missed that MoFo so bad” I said, a grin spreading across my face. Brian passed the photo to me. “We all look so young in this.” He told me, grinning. I laughed. “It was taken two years ago Bri. We grew up. We're seniors now” I replied, with a smile. The pair of us sat reminiscing of the old times, before Zacky left.

The rest of the week before prom passed in a blur. I didn't get a chance to see Zacky in that time, surprisingly. When prom night finally arrived, I was nervous, I knew from talking to lacey that Zacky often asked after me, but seeing as I was on the prom committee, I was doing last minute things before prom rolled around and I hadn't been able to hang out during lunch. The girls met at my place after lunch so that Ash and her friends could beautify us for that night. I'd decided to get purple streaks, so Ash had been at my house since 8:30 this morning, doing my hair. We both agreed that it should just be left straight, with the color being the style. I sat patiently as Ash ran a straighter through my hair, and I listened as the girls joked around, laughing over something that had happened at school yesterday. Apparently Zacky had been throwing a baseball up in the air, and had missed it, it had hit Johnny in the head, leaving a bruise just visible in his hairline. I giggled as Michelle said that she thought Zacky did it deliberately. “If he did it deliberately, he would've hit him between the eyes.” I said, and Val nodded in agreement. After my hair was done Ash started on my make-up. She gave me really gothic purple and black eye make-up, adding little silver diamantes in a cute little pattern at the edge of my eye make-up. She then handed me a little tube of lip-gloss. “It's cherry blossom bub, take it with you” she told me, as she pulled me to my feet. Glancing at the other three, I noticed they were all finished as well, but they stared at me in amazement. “Wow Jess, You look…” Michelle trailed off, unable to find a word to describe how I looked. Val looked at my clock and jumped to her feet. “Fuck, we still need to get dressed, c'mon guys, we better go” she said, grabbing her keys and purse. Michelle looked torn until ash spoke “Go, I'll help her with the dress. Kyle will be here in half an hour.” Michelle shot out the door after Val and a minute later I heared Val's and Lacey's cars start up and drive off.

After Kyle had dropped me off, giving me a major entrance. I was standing in the gym, staring around in amazement, it looked amazing. I lowered my eyes from the roof, and smiling as I saw Jimmy walking towards me with a huge smile on his face. My smile faltered as he walked past me, not even seeing me. I turned around and watched him walk up to a small brunette in a pink dress, my heart breaking as he cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand and kissed her. I turned to leave and ran into someone's chest. Looking up, I was surprised to find myself staring into flawless green eyes. I took a step back, staring in shock at Zacky, while the rest of our gang stared at me. “Hey jess, long time no see, huh?” Zacky asked me, a small smile playing across his lips. He offered me his hand as Graduation by vitamin c blared from the speaker. I took his hand and let him lead me towards the dance floor, all thoughts of Jimmy forgotten.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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