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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Fall Out Boy >> I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Chapter Two
By Just 2 Dream of You


I Can Almost See the Wizard Through the Curtains

Chapter Two


She spun around as she heard giggling and gulped. ``H-hello?'' More giggling and she backed away from the greenery she had been inspecting. ``Um...okay then...'' She turned around and saw something that looked like a giant pink bubble coming towards her. She blinked and rubbed her eyes as it got bigger and landed on the ground. The bubble popped and revealed a young woman.

``Oh!'' She straightened out her pink gown, which looked an awful lot like a teenage prom gown, and walked up to her. Dina took a good look at this girl and noticed she was barely five feet tall and had dirty blond hair that was pulled back in a clip with brown eyes. She was cute and Dina felt unafraid of her. ``Hi!''

Dina raised her eyebrow. ``Hi...''

``I take it you're not from here?'' She asked as she looked Dina up and down.

``Yeah, I'm from L.A..'' She answered.

``L.A.? What a funny name for a star...'' She said as she looked down at Jojo.

``Star? What star?'' Dina noticed this girl had a wand of some sort and began to feel very uncomfortable. ``Um, I just wanna go home.''

The girl looked to the right. ``Isn't that your home?'' She pointed and Dina looked to where she pointed.

Her house had landed perfectly fine on a grassy hill of some kind. ``My house! What...? Oh, God! Wake me up! I'm dreaming! Wake me up!'' A sharp pain on her arm made her shout. ``Ouch!'' She glared at the pink girl. ``You pinched me!''

The girl giggled. ``Yeah, to prove that you're not dreaming.'' She giggled again and Dina pouted. ``My name is Samantha.'' She grinned as Dina looked confused. ``I'm the good witch of the North. What kind of witch are you?''

Dina scowled. ``I'm not a witch...''

``But only a witch could make something like THAT happen!'' Samantha said as she pointed to Dina's house again.

``Hey, I didn't do it. An earthquake hit my house and it fell into a sinkhole...and apparently another dimension...'' She trailed off.

Samantha sighed. ``Well it's a good thing you did. The wicked witch of the East was standing there.''

``Huh? Oh, my God! Is she okay?!''

``No. She's dead.'' Samantha replied flatly.

``Wow. You sure are grieving.''

``If you knew who she was, you'd understand my reaction. She was a horrible woman who tortured us relentlessly everyday. But now we're free from her wickedness because of you!'' She finished with a beaming smile.

``Eh, no. I didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident.''

``Oh, who cares? The old bag is DEAD!'' Another voice chimed. Dina screamed as little people started pouring out everywhere.

``Yeah, I hate her!''

``Good riddance!''

``The bitch--I mean, the witch is dead!''

Dina watched as the little town was filled with midgets and she looked down at Jojo. ``Now I KNOW I'm losing my mind.'' Cheers erupted and the people came closer to Dina. ``Uh, no. No! Ah!'' She got behind Samantha and the good witch giggled again.

``Now, now. They won't harm you. The munchkins are harmless. That's why the witch of the East loved to hurt them so much.''

``Why didn't YOU stop her then? Aren't you a witch?''

Samantha deadpanned and swallowed. ``N-no--I mean yes. I can't be here everyday to fight her off! I'm one of the few good guys left in OZ!''

Dina blinked and came around to face Samantha. ``OZ?''

Samantha nodded and Dina looked down in thought...this all felt familiar...but somehow all she could remember right now was her name, her home and her dog...other things seemed to fade away. She shook her head and jumped back when a large explosion sounded in the middle of the square.

The munchkins ran and screamed as a figure was revealed in the red smoke. Dina gasped as she saw a woman, not much taller than Samantha, dressed in black with a pointed witch's hat on her head. The dress in her opinion was gorgeous and she wouldn't mind wearing it on Halloween. The woman was fair skinned with orange red hair and Dina had to admit she was pretty. ``Who's that?'' She asked the good witch.

``That's the wicked witch of the West. She's even worse than her sister.''

The wicked witch looked around and gasped when she saw the house.

``Jessica! No!'' She ran to the feet that were sticking out and growled out in fury. ``Who killed my sister?! Who?! Was it you?!'' She asked pointing her broom at Dina.

``No! It was an accident! I didn't--!''

``So you did! You killed my sister! I'll kill YOU!''

``Aren't you forgetting something, hmm? Something your sister had that you wanted?'' Samantha sneered at her.

The witch gasped. ``Of course! The shoes!'' She ran back to the feet and they curled under. She whipped around and glared at the witch of the North. ``Where are they?''

Samantha smiled coyly. ``Safe.'' She looked down and Dina followed.

On her feet was the most beautiful pair of red stiletto heels she had ever seen. Around the edges of them she saw rubies glittering in the sun and she gasped. ``Oh, my...''

``Give them back!'' The witch screeched.

``Even your magic can't remove them. Sucks to be you, huh?'' Samantha teased and the witch's face turned red.

``Give them back to me or I'll--''

``You'll what? You have no power here. Now be gone before someone drops a house on YOU.''

The witch looked up and gulped. ``Fine. But be warned. You won't always be protected by this idiot. I will have those heels come hell or high water. I'll get you, you little bitch and your mutt too.'' She laughed and disappeared in another cloud of red smoke, making Samantha cough.

``Ugh, I think she's been eating too many OZ beans.''

``Is everyone high here or something ?'' Dina asked in exasperation. Samantha giggled with the munchkins and Dina scoffed. ``I guess that's my answer.''

``Now, then, uh--what did you say your name was?''

Dina rolled her eyes. ``I didn't. It's Dina. Dina Gale.''

Samantha smiled. ``Dina Gale from L.A..'' Her face became serious. ``Don't ever take those shoes off. Their magic must be very powerful or she wouldn't want them so much. They will protect you on your journey.''


Samantha tilted her head. ``Yes. I know you don't belong here and if you want to go back to where you came from then I think the only person who can help you is the Wizard.'' All the munchkins suddenly bowed.

Dina's brow furrowed. ``The Wizard?''

``Yes, he's very powerful. Everyone loves him. If anyone can help you; he can.'' The pink bubble began to form around her again and Dina gasped.

``Wait! How will I find him?''

``Follow your heart!'' Dina sweat-dropped. ``Or the yellow brick road, whichever's easier.'' The bubble lifted up and flew away and Dina looked looked down. There on the ground was a small start of yellow brick. It started in a swirl and got bigger.

``She's kidding, right?''


After hours and HOURS (okay, maybe not hours but her feet were hurting!) of walking down this ridiculous yellow road she finally came to a turn. It was either left or right...She swallowed and put her hands on her hips. All they told her was that all roads lead to the Emerald City...but that's impossible...right? She shook her head and looked down the left path.

``I recommend the right one.''

She jumped at the voice and looked around. Jojo barked and she looked up to see something straight out of The Nightmare Before Christmas looking back at her. It was a scarecrow...she thought, stuck to a pole in a corn field and it was dressed completely in black. Jet black hair, a painted full tooth grin on his face, spiked boots, an odd looking belt and awesome looking coat. He had dark eyes and a trim body. She couldn't help thinking he'd be hot without all that garb on him. He still kinda was. She grimaced and stepped forward. He didn't move and she sighed.

She looked away for a second and--

``Although who's to say which one is the right one?'' Her head snapped up and he still was motionless. She decided to test him and looked away to pet Jojo. ``I bet the right one is the right one. But left isn't it?''

She jumped and spun around, pointing a finger at him. ``Ah ha!'' He still hadn't moved and she sputtered. ``It is you talking. I know it is...''

He smiled. ``Well, duh. Just 'cause I'm talking don't mean I'm MOVING.'' She gasped and stepped back and he laughed. ``You just said you knew it was me and you still act scared? You're the first...'' He straightened himself up and groaned. She came forward again and looked him over. ``Yeah, get a good look, all the girls do.'' He smiled cheeky, which looked extra creepy with all that makeup.

``Uh, yeah. I'll just be going. Come on Jojo.'' She heard him sigh and looked back up. There was a brief moment he looked sad but he covered and glared at her.

``What?'' He spat.

She looked closer. ``Can't you get down?''

He laughed bitterly. ``No, I just like having a pole up my ass.''

She frowned and moved closer to him. ``Haven't you tried getting down?'' He gave her a look and she chuckled nervously. ``Oh, right. Maybe I could help?''

He perked up at that. ``Seriously?''

``Yeah. How hard could it be?'' She shrugged and moved into the corn field to get to him. She went behind him and looked to see what the problem was. As far as she could see it was a single nail keeping him up there. She pulled on it and he fell with a thud to the ground. ``Oh! I'm sorry! Are you okay?''

He shook the dirt off him. ``Yeah. I'm okay. I'm--off the freaking pole!'' He turned to her. ``I'll be sure to weave you a wonderful dream when you sleep tonight.''

She cocked an eyebrow. ``What?''

``You don't know who I am, do you?'' She shook her head. ``Wow. Everyone knows. I mean, they all laugh at me when they pass by...IF anyone passes by at all...'' She stared at him and he chuckled. ``I'm the Sandman.''

She blinked a few times and inhaled. ``Well, it was nice meeting you. I gotta go now. Bye.'' She turned and he grabbed her arm.

``No, no, no, really! I am! Before I was fired by the Wizard...'' He growled out.

She stopped. ``What?''

``I used to be in charge of everyone's dreams, and I was good at it. I managed all the dreams of OZ, keeping them in line.''

She sighed. ``I can understand that...'' She didn't know why she said that but the thought was familiar to her somehow.

Sandman continued. ``But without me all the dreams turned to nightmares. Now OZ is plagued with horrible dreams. And it's all because that bastard fired me!'' He fumed and she crossed her arms.

``The good witch of the North told me everyone loves him.''

Sandman scoffed in hilarity. ``Aw, hell, no. The only people that love him live in the Emerald City. There they get everything they want; they never have to work and they get pampered all day. Of course they, like, worship the Wizard so that's why. Only the privileged get to live there. The rest of us have been left to rot...'' He shook his head and she bit her bottom lip.

``Oh...I thought it was the wicked witches causing everyone trouble and misery.''

Sandman looked at her. ``Well, yeah, them too. The Wizard just lets them run rampant.''

``Well, now just one. One of them died today...'' Dina looked down.

``Really? How?''

``My house landed on her...''

He raised his brow. ``You killed one of the wicked witches? Holy crap!''

``I didn't do it on purpose! It was an accident!'' She defended.

``Please tell me it was the wicked witch of the West!'' He said with pleading hands.

``No. The East.''

He sighed and scratched his neck. ``Ah, that's still good I guess.''

``No love lost, huh?''

``Yeah, so how did you land a HOUSE on top of her?'' He asked incredulously.

``I'm not from here, okay? I had an earthquake and my house fell in a sinkhole and then your dimension, or else I'm going nuts; I don't care, and then it fell on her but I didn't know. I just wanna get home!''

Sandman chewed on some straw. ``But if your HOME is on top of the wicked witch--''

``I JUST WANNA GO BACK TO L.A.!'' She screamed.

He put his hands up. ``Okay, okay! Sheesh! How are you gonna do that if you don't have another house to fly?''

She huffed. ``The good witch of the North told me to see the Wizard. She said he was powerful and would send me home.''

``That's a load of bull.'' Sandman scoffed.

``Why would she tell me that if it wasn't true?''

``She's probably from the Emerald City. She's probably one of his many FANS...'' He said ``fans'' in falsetto and fluttered his hands like a butterfly.

``I did ask her why she never protected the munchkins...''

``See?'' Sandman flew his hands up in the air.

``But if he can't get me home...''

``Look, you're on your way there anyway, right?'' She nodded. ``So I'll come with you. I got a bone to pick with him. And if he doesn't send you home I'll kick his ass twice as hard.''

She thought about it for a moment. `` don't want any brains?''

He looked befuddled. ``Huh? What am I, a zombie? What made you ask me that?''

She looked around. ``I dunno...I just thought that...that's what you would ask him for...''

``I don't want anything from the Wizard except his teeth when I knock them out. Why would you think I would ask for brains?''

``Well, you were stuck up on that pole...on a single nail...''

His face fell. ``You want me to come with you or not?''

She chuckled. ``Yeah, I could use a bodyguard. That witch is after me, ya know.''

He scowled. ``You didn't tell me that.''

``Too late--you offered.''

He sighed and crossed his arms. ``It doesn't matter. I hate that Wizard and I'm not afraid of some little b--witch.'' He grinned and she rolled her eyes.

``So, we're on?''

He patted her on the shoulder. ``We're on.''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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