Between The Lies

Chapter Thirteen: Love, Selfish Love


In the short month that followed Sam noticed that slowly, Patrick was starting to change. He began wearing contacts more often and--beyond belief--the hats began to disappear as well. He let his hair grow out and parted it off to the side, looking a lot like he did when he was younger, such as the early days of Fall Out Boy. He quit layering his clothes and just wore tee shirts (or dress shirts) and jeans. The sideburns were gone just as quick along with his weight and after a while he looked as if he had stepped back in time. The only indication that he had aged at all was the patch of missing hair on his crown. Be that as it may, Sam still found it adorable. Most women's husbands would end up bald anyway, so what was the big deal?

Although, she wasn't sure if she liked this new look. It was still Patrick, he hadn't changed his personality, but the whole reason she was attracted to him was the stuff he just got rid of. Okay, yes, he was ALWAYS going to be beautiful to her but she just didn't know what to think about all of it. He looked like he was nineteen again.

She thought her perfect type was what Patrick was, all the way down to a T. Now he looked like a different person. was Patrick and even with all of his cute extra stuff gone he was still Patrick. Who needs sideburns and glasses and hats and--whatever? That stuff don't make a man and she had to admit he was looking mighty hot. Yeah, he didn't look like he used to but he was still smoking-ass sexy.

Sam decided to even the playing field and change herself a bit too. Her hair was still to the middle of her back and she was getting tired of it. Perhaps a trim would be good for her. And where could she go for a good, cheap trim? Of course.

Easy Trim started to slow down again for a few weeks but it stopped when a video on YouTube showed Patrick coming out of it and signing autographs. Now it was steady as more and more females began to go there and tell their friends.

On top of that, low and behold, Bree had started working there as the clean up girl--gas costs money you know.

Bree would show up at nine and sweep the floors and empty the trash cans, along with ``cleaning'' the toilets. How clean she got them was anyone's guess. It wasn't a very glamorous job but it was better than stripping. She listed her job on Facebook as a ``salon specialist.'' Also, her friendship with Andy was increasing. They hadn't done anything but make out a few times, but it was quickly becoming heated. Bree was worried that he wanted a relationship, but so far it didn't seem like he did. Perhaps he just wanted to sleep with her. She could do that.

Sam was concerned about her sister and her intentions towards Andy and hoped that she wasn't going to seduce him and throw him away like she had done so many others. Sam knew of Bree's obsession with Pete and had hoped that it was going away. It wasn't. Was it because of her dating Patrick? Duh, of course it was. If she wasn't Bree wouldn't have had a way to get to the others in the first place.

The doorbell rang and jumped both girls from their thoughts. Bree answered the door to see a blast from the past standing there before her. ``Damn, honey. If you didn't come over every twenty five seconds I wouldn't know who you are.'' She said to Patrick.

He giggled and shook his head. ``Hey, there you are.'' He said, ignoring Bree and stepping in. He had become so comfortable lately, like he was truly coming out of his shell around people. ``I got something important to tell you.'' Sam raised her eyebrows with a smile and walked over to him. ``Okay, so...'' He glanced back at Bree and she crossed her arms at him.

``What? I can't hear this news?'' She challenged.

``Heh, I guess you can.'' He put his fingers around his belt loops. ``My band is on hiatus.''

Both girls had to keep their screams of horror inside and pretend to look indifferent. It was easier for Bree since she was behind Patrick, but Sam was looking right at him. She blinked a few times and swallowed. ``Why?'' She asked hoping he didn't notice the crack in her voice.

``Ah, let's call it creative differences. Pete just wasn't seeing the music like I was. He's into a different sound than I am.'' He rocked back on his heels and Sam put some hair behind her ear.

``And that's a reason to break up?'' Bree asked monotone.

``Hiatus. And hey, people get divorced over less.'' Patrick joked. He saw that Sam didn't look very happy, almost kind of sad, and stepped closer. ``What's wrong?'' He laughed, ``Don't tell me you really like Fall Out Boy!'' He meant that as another joke but her face made him falter.

Bree saw this train derailing at breakneck speeds and stepped in to cover. ``I think she really likes how you sing, that's all. Even I gotta admit you rock.'' Her compliment seemed to brush over it and he blushed in return.

``Ahem, well, that's good 'cause I got more news. I'm doing a solo album.''

Now both girls had to hold in their screams of unadulterated joy. ``Oh, that's a relief. We wanted to hear more of you before you become a has-been.'' Bree teased as she slapped his shoulder.

``Wow,'' Sam breathed, ``That's wonderful. But I thought you told me that you were gonna do another album with them?''

Patrick shrugged. ``Eh, we were but I only managed to crank out two or three songs before this happened. It's a shame, they were really good. But I can't use songs that Pete wrote lyrics for. Maybe someday we'll get back together. I'm not against it. I don't know how Pete feels about it, I haven't talked to him lately.''

Bree rubbed her chin with her thumb. This was interesting to say the least. Was Pete upset about this? Why would they break up out of nowhere? After a successful tour and album? Perhaps there was more to the story. Like marriage problems, maybe? She smiled wickedly. ``Why didn't Andy tell me?'' She mused quietly.

``Hmm?'' Patrick turned to face her. ``Are you guys dating or something?''

Bree blinked. ``Well, in a manor of speaking. He didn't tell you?''

``No...'' Patrick looked back from Bree to Sam.

``Don't ask me. I don't control my sister's life.'' Sam said with a hint of anger.

Patrick inhaled softly and came to her with a gentle hand. ``Are you okay? Like, is this bothering you or something?''

``No, not at all.'' Sam lied...again. ``I just want you to be happy.''

``She worries too much.'' Bree added.

``Oh...'' Patrick chuckled softly. ``I am, longer than I have been in a long time.'' He finished with a gentle caress of Sam's cheek.

Sam smiled and sighed. ``So, when's this album supposed to happen?'' She asked, trying her best not to sound too excited.

``Mmn...maybe around Christmas? I dunno, really. I'm so psyched about it, I'm gonna play literally ALL the instruments.''

``How are you gonna do that?'' Bree asked.

``Simple; I record all the parts separately. That's how it's done mostly anyway. It's not THAT hard...'' He shoved his hands in his pockets while Bree and Sam exchanged smiling glances.

``I see.'' Bree swished her hips. ``Maybe we could get free copies? If you don't have a problem with us hearing it, that is.''

Patrick grinned. ``Absolutely. I could totally do that. Do you want to hear it?'' He asked turning back to Sam.

Sam smiled brighter. ``If it's not weird for you, letting me listen to it.'' She answered.

He pshawed. ``Nah, I'm cool with it.''

``Then, yeah...I'd like that.'' Sam said softly as his hand grasped hers.


Sam's hair was now at her shoulders and Patrick couldn't stop telling her how much he loved it. It had been layered and fluffed up--Bree was making fun of her saying she looked like one of Charlie's Angels--but after a few washes her hair settled down. She took a clip and brought the sides of her hair up in it and had a little bit of bangs falling in her face. She liked this new do.

Pete was fading from the public eye and Patrick was getting more noticed by the music industry. Sam wasn't sure how she felt about Patrick's rising popularity--he deserved it no doubt--but this meant that more fans would be coming up to him and paparazzi and whatnot. Sam didn't know if she could handle that. Patrick, who in the past sounded like he hated it, seemed fine with it. It would slide down his back and roll off. It was funny; with a hat and glasses and sideburns--which most people don't wear--nobody knew who he was. Now he was getting noticed all the time.

June was mega hot in California and Sam huffed as she wiped sweat from her brow. ``Man...if the Earth is gonna burst into flames I wish it would do it soon instead of torturing us.'' Sam mused as she sipped her slurpie.

Patrick chortled. ``Yeah, it's much better inside. Speaking of, you wanna come with me to the studio?''

Sam just about did a spit-take and gulped hard. ``H-huh?'' She stuttered.

``Y' see me record?''

She blinked. It had only been a few weeks since he had told her about the album and she couldn't believe that she was being invited to watch him record.

``Uh, how?''

Patrick shook his head and laughed. ``I got the instruments for one of my songs done, now I just have to do the vocals. Do. You. Want. To. Watch. Me?'' He asked with each word in fake annoyance, coming closer.

``Yeeessss...'' She giggled.

``Okay then! We're goin' at three.'' He took a big gulp of his big gulp and choked as it went down the wrong pipe.

``Wow, you are eager, huh?'' Sam teased him as he hacked up a lung.

``Oh, shut up,'' He coughed. ``I'm gonna kill you as soon as I'm done dying.''

Three o'clock came sooner than she thought it would and she found herself in a recording studio. Her whole stomach felt like she had ingested nails as they walked in; Patrick nonchalant and Sam trembling.

'Oh, stop it, girl!' Her head scolded. 'What's the big deal?' Sure, after all she was just going to watch him record a song that no one had heard before.

She trembled some more.

``Hey, Patrick!'' Some guy said to him as he walked in. ``The board's all yours.'' Patrick nodded and turned to Sam.

``Okay, so, this is where the 'magic' happens.'' He said making quotations with his fingers. He giggled that same adorable sound and continued. ``Not really, but this is how you record a song, basically. I did all the rest pretty much by myself, heh.'' He blushed a little at giving himself praise and turned to the guy. ``Did you do the tweaking that I asked for?''

``Yeah,'' And they continued a conversation that was filled with a bunch of techno mumbo-jumbo that Sam didn't understand.

She looked around at all the switches and wires and...just stuff all over that any computer geek would love. She could see the microphone and raised an eyebrow. It was a pretty small space. She also looked around to see if anyone else was around. So far it was just Patrick and the guy.

``Um, I have a question.'' She said to neither one of them in particular. Patrick immediately stopped talking and turned to her. ``Is it just you two?''

Patrick laughed hard and the guy turned back to the switches. ``No, babe.'' She felt her whole body go hot when he said that. That was the first time he had called her by a pet-name. Was it that time already? ``There's other guys that are gonna help out, but really, recording a song doesn't take much. All you need's a microphone.'' He shrugged and tapped the guy on the shoulder. ``I could just try one full take and then we go from there, okay?''

The guy nodded. ``Sure.''

Patrick smiled and gazed back at Sam. ``'Kay, so, here goes nothing. Stay here, alright?''

``Alright.'' She smiled back when he squeezed her shoulder quickly before walking to the small booth.

``You're the girlfriend?'' The guy asked as soon as Patrick was out of earshot.

``Uh, yeah?'' She responded.

``Pfft. Damn.'' The guy mumbled under his breath. Sam scoffed and stepped a little away from him as Patrick put on what looked like over-sized headphones. ``From the top.'' The guy hit a whole bunch of switches and soon Sam heard music come from the speakers on the outside of the booth.

It was like pop mixed with rock and a whole bunch of things. The beat was undeniable and after only a few seconds, Sam's toes were tapping. The thought that he had recorded all the instruments by himself was almost a little much to believe. Was he really THAT talented? She had no idea...

The intro was over and she glanced up to see him inhale to sing. She swore her whole heart went numb in that second.

It took him about an hour to warm up and he also sang in the car on the way over to the music on his i-Pod. Sam even joined in quietly to keep the spirit high. She knew his voice, of course, she had heard it a million times, but this was different. She had never heard this song before and she was pretty sure no one else had either, short of this guy in front of her.

In laymen terms; she was the first FAN to hear this song be sung and the only one to SEE it recorded.

He sounded incredible--when had he not--and had a pep in his movements that showed that even though he claimed he had no rhythm and couldn't dance, he had the talent hidden inside. His eyes were closed most of the whole time but at one point he opened them and smiled at her, only for a few seconds because there was a pause for a guitar solo.

She was never good with lyrics--she always needed a lyric book to understand most songs, especially Patrick--but she could tell some of the chorus. Love, selfish love? She hoped that this song wasn't written for her in any way. She deadpanned. 'Ugh, he didn't write this for YOU!'

He made it through the whole song without any mistakes that she could see. As soon as it was over Patrick signaled for the guy to do something. He flipped a switch. ``Okay, Patrick, I think somewhere at line three and five.'' He stated. Patrick nodded and gave an okay sign.

Suddenly the music started up again in the middle of the song and Patrick sang a couple of lines again. Then the song stopped again. Sam crossed her arms. Seeing him sing the whole song was cool but this, she figured, wasn't as entertaining.

``Fun, huh?'' She heard him ask in the booth as the guy flipped a bunch of switches again. She giggled softly and he returned the sound as the guy flipped another switch.

``Why don't we do the end again?''

``Yeah, I wasn't feeling it either.'' Patrick put the headphones back on his ears and the music started back up again.

After a few minutes of tweaking and re-recording lines it was time to do the extra vocals. ``Here's the REAL fun part, Sam.'' Patrick said sighing. ``I have to do the chorus again, along with extras in and out along my own vocals.''

``Extras?'' She asked looking back from him to the guy.

``Ever listen to a song and let's say the line is...Psh...'I gotta pee.''' Patrick began laughing as the guy sang ``I gotta pee'' in falsetto. ``And along with 'I gotta pee' you hear, 'Pee, baby, pee.' That's an extra vocal.''

Patrick was near hysterical by now, having to use the wall to hold himself up in the booth. ``Oh, shit...'' He gasped for air. ``You could've done a better explanation, Len.''

The guy, now formally known as Len, sighed. ``She wanted to know, I showed her. Let's go, we're burning daylight.''

``Okay, okay.'' He shook his head with a few extra giggles and put the headphones back on.

Sam tilted her head in confusion. ``But he just did the chorus. He did the whole thing.'' She asked.

``Yeah, we probably won't use most of that.'' Len shrugged. ``Here we go.''

Sam raised her eyebrows. She didn't know it was this hard to record a song. And Patrick said it was easy. Well, perhaps easy for him since he had been doing it for years and years, but she would've choked Lenny by now.

After he recorded the chorus again and the back-up vocals, which was kind of melodic and boring, it was time for the extra vocals. She watched as he added flair to lines with extra words. It was just like Len explained, as bad as the demonstration was. Towards the end Patrick was really busting the microphone and rattling the booth with his voice. She smiled at his zeal and passion. It took about four hours to do just one three minute song. She was never going to skip songs on albums again.

Patrick looked drained as he stepped out of the booth. ``I feel good about my first solo song. What about you?'' He asked Sam.

``It was great! I loved it...the first time. After that it was kinda...''

``Repetitive?'' He finished for her. She nodded and he chuckled. ``Yeah, that's the way it is. But you liked it?''

``Yeah!'' She giggled when he hugged her.

``Thanks, babe.'' There it was again and she flushed in return for it. ``Let's go get something to eat, I'm starving.''

``Okay...are you gonna do other songs?'' She asked as he waved Len off and began walking out.

``Yeah, eventually. I got them all acoustic and I got one other all done musically, though I still need to tweak it a bit.''

``Cool, maybe I could hear those too?'' She smiled when he put his arm around her.

``Nah...I don't want you missing out on your life watchin' me record over ten songs over and over. The only reason you could be here today is it's your day off.'' He held her closer as they made it to the parking garage.

``I know...but I meant acoustic.'' He smiled at her and she grinned back at him.

``A private performance, hmn? I could do that. Among other things...'' He pulled her in and gave her a very passioned kiss. She let out a squeak when she felt him enter her mouth as his hand went up to her hair. What in the world had gotten into him? Lately he was getting very...attentive to her and also a bit forceful.

Oh, God. This is what men do--according to Bree--when they want to have sex.

He stopped and chuckled softly as he ran his thumb over her bottom lip. ``Thanks for bein' here. I know it was boring as hell.''

``Oh, so, was that my reward?'' She tried her best to sound coy but her head was still reeling.

``Yeah, and anything else I can think of.'' And there was another remark with sexual innuendo hidden behind it. Sam was getting worried about this. Did he want to go further? She thought he understood why she wasn't ready, but that conversation was over a month ago. Perhaps he was getting impatient.

She didn't have time to respond as he beeped his car unlocked and got in. She did the same and as he pulled out of the garage, she felt his hand rest on her knee. She put her hand over his and it stayed like that the whole ride to the nearest restaurant.


Bree flipped her hair back. ``Huhm, another message. Maybe I should stop bathing...'' She listened to the voice mail and smiled when she heard Andy's voice.

'Hey, Bree. Just wanted to hit you up tonight. Drinks or something? Hit me back when you can. Later.'

She crossed her legs and adjusted her towel. ``I know how to respond.'' She texted him back quickly.

-''got ur mes. Lemme know the place and I'll be there''-

She snapped her phone closed and sighed as she slipped her towel off. Her phone beeped while she was slipping on her panties and she looked at it.

-'wat r u wearing'-

She raised her brow and placed a hand on her hip. ``Should I tell him?''

-''then or now?''-

She smirked. If he wanted pics she could send him into a heart attack. However, he was famous. Her pictures could be found on his phone. ``Neh.'' She shrugged. She shouldn't. Her phone beeped again.


She smiled. ``Ah, yes...''

-''nothing but a black thong''- Was her answer. Okay, it wasn't a black thong but he didn't know that.

Beep, -'y'-

-''cuz I was taking a shower''-

-'now I need 1 lets go 2 sizzles k'-

She laughed. Sizzles was a singles bar if anything. -''kk I'll be there with bells on''-

-'cool c u there at nine'-

She shut her phone and fluffed her hair. She didn't need to respond again. She always liked doing that with guys. ``Well, looks like I got a date.'' She mused.

``With who?'' Bree jumped at Sam's voice and crossed her arms.

``Do you mind?''

Sam scoffed. ``It's not like I haven't seen them before.''

``I've never seen yours so get out!'' Bree slammed the door and Sam huffed.

``You didn't answer my question!'' She yelled through the door.

``Andy, got a problem with that?'' Bree responded as she put on her bra, opening the door again. Sam was glaring at her with her hands on her hips. ``What?''

``Are you gonna fuck Andy to get to Pete?'' She asked bluntly.

Bree guffawed. ``Seriously? How does THAT logic work? Fucking Andy to fuck Pete. Yeah, that makes sense.''

``Yeah, kinda like the time that you slept with Grant to get to his brother Louis. Perfect sense, Brianna.'' Sam said with a roll of the eyes.

``That was one time only. I don't reuse my roads, dear.'' Bree started applying her makeup and Sam sighed in exasperation.

``Do you really like him?''

``Do you really like Patrick?'' She rebutted.


``You heard me, honey. Do you really like him or just his fame?''

Sam's eyes flared in anger. ``How DARE you? You know that I really love--''

The whole room went silent as Bree slowly turned around to face her. Bree said nothing as she sucked her teeth and smirked.

Sam bit her bottom lip. ``I didn't--''

``You did. But no matter. I saw this coming a mile away. Don't worry about it, sweetheart. Your secrets are safe with me.'' She went back to putting on her mascara and Sam swallowed as she looked at her feet.

Love? Why did she say that? It was just a slip of the tongue. She wasn't in love with Patrick. She couldn't be. Not with all this hanging over her head. Being in love with him would be astronomically bad.

No, she wasn't in love with him.



``Yes, dear?'' Her dull voice rang.

She sighed. ``What am I gonna do?''

Bree sighed in return and shook her head. ``I don't know. But whatever you do, don't sleep with him. That'll ruin everything.'' Bree put on her deodorant and Sam nodded in agreement.

But what if he wanted to have sex? Would he break up with her if she didn't? No, Patrick wasn't that type of guy.


Patrick sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. ``So, you really like her then?'' He asked over the phone.

'Yeah, and I don't know how to tell her. She seems...standoff-ish.' Andy answered.

``I know. But keep going for it. If you really like her then don't let anything stop you.''

'Is that what happened between you and Sam?'

Patrick laughed a bit. ``I guess you could say that. I met Sam in a weird situation, and we slowly got to know each other, but I like her. I really like her.'' Patrick sighed again and Andy chuckled.

'Dude, it sounds like more than LIKE.'

Patrick inhaled sharply and sat up on his couch. ``Nah, man. Not yet. I can't...yet...''

'Famous last words.'