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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Spooning with Joe Trohman
By Kylie


I changed into my outfit from yesterday and went outside the bus to
where Melanie was waiting for me.

``Okay, so spill. Who did you get?'' I was about to burst from not

``Joe! Can you believe it? We've had the best luck in the world lately.
Well, except for the house burning down... but that's kind of a blessing
in disguise. `Cause otherwise you would've never been able to snuggle
with Pete.''

Apparently the bus had stopped at a Target, so we walked on in, grabbed
a basket, and headed for the clothes section.

``Why do you want me with Pete so bad?'' I was sincerely dumbfounded.
Usually Melanie stayed out of my love life, and I hers.

``'Cause he wants you! I noticed that the moment we stepped into that
backstage room.''

``You're crazy. Okay, now give me the details about Joe.'' I said while
looking at the jeans.

~Melanie's POV~

I nervously went into the bunk on my left, hoping to all ends that it
was Joe.

``Hey,'' my bunkie said. I took a closer look and saw that it was
indeed, Joe.

``Hiya!'' I told him joyfully. I lay down next to him, turning my face
towards the curtain.

``Do you mind I get closer to you? This bus if freezing.'' Joe murmured
in my ear.

``I don't mind, it is really cold.'' I replied happily. Joe then curled
around me and draped his arm over my waist. I put my arm on top of his
and pressed my cold toes against his leg.

``Yah! Your toes are freezing!'' he said in my ear.

``Sorry, you're just so warm.'' I giggled.

``It's okay. Good night, Melanie.'' He whispered in my ear.

``Good night, Joe.'' I sleepily mumbled.

~Heddy's POV~

``Is that it? Joe spooned you?'' I asked her as we were in the dressing
room. I was trying to find my size jeans.

``Yeah, and it was wonderful.'' She replied dreamily as I finally found
the perfect pair.

I exited the dressing room and went back to the jeans rack. I got 3 more
pairs of jeans and then went over to look at their t-shirts. I picked
out 8 good quality shirts then got a jacket and two hoodies before I
went over to look at underwear. Melanie met me at the bra display and we
picked out 6 each. When it came to underwear we really stocked up, each
getting enough underwear to last us 2 weeks.

We also got some formal-ish dresses and shoes since Pete said that we
sometimes go out to dinner at really fancy places.

``Well, what about you and Pete?'' Melanie asked as we went over to look
at toothbrushes.

``What about us?'' I mumbled as I picked out a toothbrush and some

``I saw you cuddling, but did you do anything else?'' she asked me.

``No, I've only known him for less than I day.'' I told her.

``Did he try to do anything else?'' she asked, getting all defensive
over me.

``No, but he did comfort me when I woke up from my nightmare.'' I told

``Aw, that's sweet.'' She said as she got us two hair brushes. ``Can I
come to your wedding?''

``What! No, I don't even know if we're going anywhere with this!'' I
said, shocked that she went that far.

``Come on Heddy, he obviously likes you.'' She said. By now we had
gotten all of our bathroom stuff and we're going over to get ourselves
two backpacks to keep all of our shit in.

``How do you know?'' I asked her.

``Well, let's see. He saved you from security, he couldn't keep his eyes
off you, he tried to talk to you a lot, he offered to take you in when
your house burned down, and he cuddled with you. How much more evidence
do you want?''

I didn't say anything as I picked us out two black backpacks. We went on
over to the checkout lines, getting in the first one I saw.

``Well, like I said, I don't know if I'm taking this anywhere.''

``Alright, but don't forget to invite me to the wedding.''

We went back on the bus and found the boys all sprawled out, looking
absolutely bored to death.

Mel and I put our stuff away, and came back out to hang with them. I sat
next to Pete who was sprawled out on the couch and put my feet up on the

``We need a game to play,'' I mumbled.

``I know! How about Truth or Dare?'' Melanie suggested. The boys all
perked up at this.

``Who wants to go first?'' Pete asked.

``I'll go!'' Joe answered. ``Andy, truth or dare?''

Andy pondered this for a moment before saying ``Dare.''

``I dare you to drink a glass of water while standing up on your head.''
Joe told him with a malicious grin on his face.

You've got to give it to Andy, he sure tried. But gravity was just
against him today and he fell down and spilled the water all over his
shirt. We all laughed as Andy gingerly got back up and sat on the couch.

``Pete, truth or dare?'' Andy challenged.


``Have you ever eaten a bug for a dare?''

``Yeah, when I was ten.'' He admitted. ``It tastes a bit like chicken.''
He said to me and laughed at my `yuck' face.

``Okay, Melanie truth or dare?''

``Dare!'' she said eagerly.

``I dare you to go make me a Hot Pocket.''

``That's not a dare,'' she said disappointedly.

``No it's not, but I'm hungry.'' He grinned.

When Melanie came back we started back up again.

``Patrick, truth or dare?''


``I dare you to sing `Sugar We're Going Down'.'' She said joyfully.

``You guys make up some pitiful dares.'' He mumbled before singing us a
few lines.

``Heddy, truth or dare?''


``I dare you to battle me on Brawl as Kirby.''

``Fine, but I'll still kick your ass. And it'll be even funnier because
it'll be a cute little pink blob kicking your ass.''

``We'll see.'' He smiled.

He tried, but my powers are nothing to be messed with. I KO'd him in a
matter of minutes.

``Pete, truth or dare?''


``I dare you to do a one-handed push-up for us.''

He got on the ground and grinned at me before getting into push-up
position and doing a (very pitiful) one-handed push-up.

``Joe, truth or dare?''


``Is it true that your first girlfriend had a mustache?''

``IT WAS NOT A MUSTACHE!!!'' Joe bellowed at Pete before pummeling him
with a pillow from the couch.

Pete and Joe laughed and messed around with each other before Joe went
back to sitting next to Melanie.

``Trust me, that mustache was as filled out as Mario's.'' I laughed at
that as Joe gave Pete a menacing glare.

``Melanie, truth or dare?''

``Truth, please. These dares are boring.''

``Is it true that you were held back in kindergarten?''

``How did you guess! But nap time was hard for me, okay?'' she giggled.

``Okay, Heddy. Truth or dare?''

``Dare.'' I was feeling mischievous.

``I dare you to make-out with Pete.'' She said boldly as Pete and I
gaped at her.

``Go on, it's a dare.'' She said while waving her hands.

Pete put his arm around my waist and awkwardly pulled me closer while
cupping my face with his other hand. He gently pressed his lips to mine
and I reached up and twisted my hands in his hair. We moved our lips
together and Pete moved his arm back down to the small of my back and
pulled me onto his lap. He licked my lower lip and I opened my mouth,
deepening the kiss. We gasped as we twirled our tongues together. Pete
pressed me closer to him and I twisted my hands deeper into his hair.

We completely forgot about our audience as Pete pushed me down onto the
couch, never disconnecting the kiss. He still had his arms around my
waist as I moved my arms down to around his neck.

``Okay, okay. I said make-out, not sex.'' Melanie interrupted us. We
blushed and sat back up, still breathing a little heavily. I had no idea
what had happened, the kiss started out so sweet. When did it turn so
fierce? And when did I start liking it?

Joe gave Pete a thumbs-up and we blushed deeper. We quickly finished the
truth-or-dare game and returned to our favorite past-time: Brawl.

This time I let Melanie play as I sat next to Pete and tried to help
him. His skills were nothing compared to mine, but he maintained a
steady 2nd streak. 1st place was usually Joe or Patrick but Melanie got
it once when Joe, Patrick and Pete accidentally blew themselves up.

We were all laughing and giggling and having a great time when the bus
driver came back and told us that we were at the hotel that we were
staying at tonight. We turned off the Wii and gathered our stuff.

The driver had already checked us in and told us that we had rooms 430,
431, and 432. Patrick and Pete roomed in 430, Andy and Joe got 431, and
Mel and I got 432. We all went up to the 4th floor together and I
dropped my stuff on my bed. I heard a knock on our door and went to go
get it, finding Pete there.

``Hey, we're going out to eat tonight so you may want to dress up.'' He
told me.

``Thanks, I'll relay to message to Mel.'' I smiled at him.

I closed the door and turned around to find Mel laying on her bed

``What's up?'' I asked her.

``IT'S A QUEEN SIZE BED!'' she told me, falling into complete hysterics.
Yeah, her and Joe ``the-most-random-dude-on-the-planet'' Trohman are
perfect for each other.

``Okay, well Pete just told me that we need to dress up because we're
going to go out to dinner tonight.''

She suddenly got a fierce expression on her face.

``Okay, we both need showers and we need to do our hair and makeup. I'll
take my shower first because I don't take long to shower but I take
forever on my hair and makeup. Then you go because you take forever in
the shower but you do your hair and non-existent makeup like that,'' she
snapped her fingers.

``Um, actually will you do my makeup for me when I'm done with my
hair?'' I kind of wanted to impress Pete, but I'd never tell her that.
She would start making plans for our wedding, and suggesting baby names
and what type of house we should buy.

``Okie dokie!'' she called over her shoulder as she went into the
bathroom with her dress. I sighed and fell onto my bed, waiting for her
to get out of the shower. I started thinking about Pete again, and our
kiss this afternoon. I thought about what it was like to have his arms
around me and the feeling of his warm, soft lips on mine.

I heard the shower stop, and I gathered my dress and went in there to
start my shower.

Seeing as we were roommates, best friends, and girls Melanie and I have
seen each other naked on other occasions so it was no big deal when I
walked in and she was wrapped up in a towel.

I slid into the warm water and was extremely grateful for this
opportunity to wash away all this sweat and dirt. When I slid out again
Melanie was in her green strapless number that accented all of her
curves and features. She was busy curling her hair and I wrapped myself
in my towel.

I picked up the hair-dryer and brush to start working on my hair. When I
was halfway done Mel started on her makeup. Mel was always more feminine
than me, but she was always jealous of my blonde hair. I loved her green
eyes and didn't like my brown ones. We fit together perfectly, like two
puzzle pieces.

Mel finished her makeup at the same exact time I was done with my hair.

``Okay, now to work on you.'' She said, pulling out more tubes and
bottles and liquids from her makeup case. I nervously sat down on the
counter while she buzzed around me, telling me to open my eyes, close my
eyes, pucker, relax, smack my lips, and a bunch of other things. When
she was done she stepped back and admired her work.

``You can look now.'' She said smiling.

I nervously hopped off the counter and turned to look at myself in the

She gave me that smoky eye look that I always admired on her, and kept
my lips a nice and light pink. She put a little blush on my cheeks and
all in all... I looked damn good.

``Wow, thanks Mel.'' I told her nervously. She just shrugged and started
putting her stuff back in her case.

``All I did was accent what you already had goin' for ya.'' She informed
me. I smiled again at myself in the mirror, but had to tear my eyes away
when I heard a knock and went to go get the door.

``Hey, Heddy.'' Andy greeted me. ``Pete, Patrick and Joe are already
downstairs. Are you guys ready?''

``Yep, we're good to go for something golden.'' Melanie winked at him.

Pete, Patrick and Joe were indeed waiting for us in the lobby.

I'm very happy to say that Pete's jaw opened slightly when he saw me get
off the elevator in my deep purple dress that fell about mid-thigh and
was decorated with plum colored silk flowers.

``Y-you look great, Heddy.'' He told me. I blushed at the compliment and
we went outside to find a limo waiting for us.

Pete wasn't kidding when he said that we were going to a fancy place.
There was a grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling and the wallpaper
looked like it was worth more than my house.

We walked up to the host's desk where we found our reservation. We were
led to a table of 6 and given menus.

``Hello, my name is Jason and I'll be your waiter this evening.'' He
looked around the table, and was I imagining things or did his eyes
waver on me a little longer than everyone else? ``Do you guys know what
you'd like to drink?''

``I'd like Coke, please.'' Pete started.

``Make that two,'' I added.

``Sprite, please.'' Melanie added.

``Root beer.'' Joe ordered.

``Just water, please.'' Andy told the waiter.

``I'll have a Dr. Pepper.'' Patrick was last.

``Right, I'll bring those out to you in just a moment.'' He smiled
warmly at me.

I felt Pete stiffen at my side, but ignored it and smiled politely back
to the waiter.

``So, where are we?'' Melanie asked. That was actually a good question.

Patrick stared up at the ceiling thoughtfully. ``I think we're in Fargo,
North Dakota. At least that's what I remembered from going over the tour

``And you guys are playing a show tomorrow?'' I asked Pete.

``Yeah, but before we have to go backstage I'll show you two the merch

``And we just sell t-shirts and cds and stuff?''


By now Jason was back with our drinks.

``Are you guys ready to order?''

``I'll have the New York strip steak.'' I said, passing my menu back to

``I'd like a slice of your lasagna.'' Melanie ordered.

``I'll take your cheeseburger.'' Pete told him.

``I'll have the Butternut Tofu stuffed shells from the Vegan part of the
menu.'' Andy said.

``I'd like your Chicken Parmesan.'' Patrick ordered.

``And I'll take the Spaghetti.'' Joe said last.

``I'll have your food out momentarily.'' Jason told us after taking
everyone's menu.

It wasn't long after that that Jason came back out with our food, taking
two trips to get all 6 dishes out.

``Please enjoy your meal.'' He told us.

Pete snorted.

``What?'' I asked him.

``I don't like our waiter.''

``He's not our waiter, he's Jason.''

``Fine, I don't like Jason.'' He said snidely.

``What's your problem tonight? You're acting really bitchy!'' I finally
burst out.

``I'm acting bitchy? Why don't you go talk about it to Jason.'' Pete
huffed at me. I rolled my eyes and left my food to go to the bar.

I sighed and ordered a drink while I tried to figure out what the hell
was up with Pete. He was fine when we were at the hotel...

``Fancy meeting you here.'' A voice came from my right. I looked over
and saw Jason sitting there, dressed out of his waiter clothes.

``Hey Jason, aren't you on your shift?''

``No, I just got off. I thought I'd come over here and keep you
company.'' He told me.

``Oh, okay.'' I said my mind still on Pete.

~Pete's POV~

I could see Heddy at the bar, talking to that sleazy Jason. I don't know
why she's talking to him. I sighed and turned back to my food. Pretty
soon we were all done and ready to leave. I looked over and saw that
Heddy was laughing with Jason and a pain went through my chest. I went
over to tell her we were leaving when I saw Jason put his hand on her
knee. I stopped in my tracks and turned around, she can surely find her
own way back to the hotel.

~Heddy's POV~

I looked over to the table to find that it was now occupied by other
people, my friends left!

``Hey, would you mind driving me back to my hotel? I need to be getting
back there.'' I told Jason.

``What's the rush, baby?'' he said, moving his hand farther up my leg. I
stood up and turned around before he could say anything else and caught
a cab outside. I paid the cab with some money that I had left over from
buying our stuff at Target and went inside the hotel. I quickly found
our room and saw that Melanie was already passed out on the queen size
bed she was giggling about earlier. I glanced at the clock and was
shocked that it was already past 11.

I changed into my pj's and climbed into the other bed. I tossed and
turned for a few hours before I finally realized why I couldn't sleep. I
sleepily stumbled out of bed and went next door to Patrick and Pete's
room. I knocked on the door for what seemed like forever before Pete
came and answered.

``Can't sleep.'' I murmured before going into his arms. He sighed and
took me into his bed.

``What happened to Jason?'' he asked after we were all snuggly with me
against his chest and his arms around me.

``He's no you.'' I mumbled. This seemed to be enough for Pete and he
sighed and stroked my hair as I drifted to sleep.

A/N: I have a couple more chapters to upload, but I don't think I'll
post them up until I get some feedback as to whether or not you guys are
enjoying this. So review... and you get a cookie as a bonus prize!


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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