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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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New York Eyes,
Chicago Thighs

By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Twelve: New York Eyes, Chicago Thighs


The line was horrible. There were at least eighteen women in front of her. It's a good thing she really didn't have to go or her dress would be stinkin' right about now. She sighed and looked at her watch. It was getting later and she groaned. Maybe SHE should ditch Bree. After all, she did trick her into coming here. To think all she wanted was to meet Andy! And what was the tequila thing about?! Ugh, she was never gonna figure her out. She shook her head and crossed her arms. The line moved a single micron ahead and she was getting exasperated. ``I hope she's happy.'' She mumbled out loud.

Bree reared her head back and laughed at Joe's humorous story.

``Yeah, and then he passed out in it!'' Everyone at the table laughed and soon a song started on the dance floor. It took only a few beats before everyone noticed it was Dance Dance.

Their buddies pushed and teased them and Bree looked at Andy and Joe. ``That's you guys, huh? That must bug you.''

Andy shrugged. ``Not really. It's not MY voice ringing through this club right now.''

``Yeah, THEN it would bug us.'' Joe said rolling his eyes.

One dark haired guy with a goatee chuckled. ``Man, you are never gonna live that down, no matter what you guys do after.'' He shook his head and Bree raised an eyebrow.

``Not necessarily. I think it's kinda cool. Like Andy said, it's not their voices singing here. If anyone would be embarrassed it would be Patrick.''

``Didn't you say that your sister is dating him?'' A redhead asked. He was kinda cute. Though it looked like he was trying too hard to not look Irish, what with all his tattoos.

Bree nodded and drank her beer. ``Yeah, funny stuff.''

``REAL funny stuff.'' Sam added as she walked up.

``Sammie! Hey, did you get in the bathroom?''

Sam glared.

``I see.''

``Hey, join us! We didn't get a chance to get to know you that well the first time anyway.'' Joe offered.

Sam looked around at the table. A bunch of strange men and her sister. Yeah, that's what she wanted to do. She wanted to leave. This scene so wasn't her. ``I dunno...'' She trailed off.

``C'mon, baby. They won't hurt you.'' Bree eased.

``You shut up! You suckered me in here under the impression that you wanted to hang with me! Now what's going on? You're here flirting with all of THEM!'' Sam fumed.

Everyone looked at each other and a hand was put on Sam's shoulder.

``Shame on you, Bree, for tricking her like that.''

Sam looked behind her and saw Patrick holding her shoulder. He squeezed with his palm and let go while looking at her. Bree said nothing and shrugged.

``Hey, man.'' Andy said. They all exchanged looks of greeting and Patrick chuckled. ``Bree asked me to come here saying she and Sam would be here. She didn't mention you.''

``Wait. She invited you here too?'' Sam asked him.

``Yup.'' Patrick answered.

Sam looked at Bree and if her smile could have gone ``Ha ha,'' like that kid in the Simpsons, it would have.


``It was supposed to be surprise for her but she blew it by being a brat. And you blew it by being late. What kept you?'' Bree asked.

``I was on the phone with Pete.'' He said as he sat down. Everyone made room for him and Sam. ``He and Ashlee are kinda...''

``Kinda what?'' Bree asked, feeling very interested.

``Well, she's having hormones what with the new pregnancy. She didn't have any with Bronx but now...Heh. Yeah.'' Patrick giggled a little. Bree felt disgusted.

``Yeck. Ya know, it's a fact that most people on Earth have to endure that crap.'' The redhead with tattoos said shaking his head.

``Not really, Shane.'' Joe said. ``Some people can't have kids.''

``Most can.'' Shane said taking a drink.

Patrick shook his head. ``And those that can't, it breaks their hearts. Funny how you never want something 'til you find you can't ever have it.''

``Human condition.'' Andy said.

``I personally don't want any.'' Bree added.

``Why?'' Patrick asked.

``Have you seen one of them? They're funny looking. They're brain damaged and can't function.'' She said with a laugh.

``Are we on the same page here?'' Patrick asked her, brow raised.

``No, honey, I'm talking about dogs.''

``Now, that's crossin' a line! We all love dogs!'' Patrick fumed with fake anger.

``Not me. I like cats.'' Joe said nonchalant.

``I don't like anything that I have to clean its crap.'' Bree said as she adjusted her strap, with Andy staring the whole time.

``Then you don't want to get married ever.'' Shane joked making everyone laugh.

The hours went by and all in all everyone had a good time, even Sam. They shared stories and jokes and numerous drinks. They were in the parking lot saying goodbye when Andy turned to Bree. ``So, can I call you sometime?''

Bree smiled knowingly. ``You don't have my number.''

``I know.'' Silence ticked by. ``Can I have it?''

Bree looked down. ``Eh, why not? Sure.'' He entered her number in his phone and she smiled. ``Gimme a call sometime.'' She walked away, over trying to look sexy, and saw Sam and Patrick talking by her Beetle. She smiled and messed with her purse to get her keys to her Focus.

Andy watched as she walked to her car. Yeah, she was obvious with her sexy act. But she was also funny and had a charm that he hadn't seen with anyone else. Also her looks... He wasn't superficial or anything, but he had to admit she was the hottest girl he had ever seen. He looked at her name in his phone and smiled. Oh, yeah, he just hit the jackpot. Unless it was a fake number. Hmm...

She got in the car and her phone chirped a text. It was from a number she didn't recognize. She read it.

-'and heres my #'-

She raised her eyebrow and looked out her window. Andy waved at her and walked to his car. She looked back at the number and chuckled. ``Huh. Okay.''

``So did you have fun tonight?'' Patrick asked Sam as she unlocked her door.

``Yeah, I guess I did. I do have something to show you though.''

``Hmm? What?''

She pulled off her choker and Patrick stifled a giggle. ``It's not funny. Did you do this on purpose?''

``No way! I didn't know that's what I was doing! Holy crap, that's the first hickey I've ever given a girl!'' He laughed.

``Really?'' Sam asked.

``Yup. Kinda proud of it, really.''

``Ugh. It might be cool for you, but I'm running around with a bruise on my neck! I gotta go to work and I don't like turtleneck's THAT much!''

He laughed again and she punched him in the arm. ``If it'll make you feel better you can give ME one.'' He said quirking his eyebrows up and down. ``You know, you really look hot tonight. I mean down right sexy. It's starting to turn me on.''

``I think you maybe had too much to drink.'' She teased.

``Ah, ah. Soda only tonight. Remember?'' He came closer and she smiled.

``Oh, yeah.'' Who knew Patrick could be a perv? How cute.

He brought down his glasses and gave her a flirty look and she wrapped her arms around his neck. ``Rain check, okay? I gotta get some sleep for work tomorrow.''

``Everything still going good?''

``So far, yeah.'' They smiled together and she leaned in to kiss him. He stopped her.

``You're not gonna stay all day again are you? You're supposed to get off at five, I think, right?''

``Yep. I do an hour more than nine to five.'' She laughed.

``Maybe if it does well you can get your hours cut back. And then I can spend more time with you...''

He nuzzled her neck and she giggled. ``No way, big fella. I need the money. Gotta pay for this car insurance somehow, ya know?''

``You like your car more than me?'' He whined with puppy dog eyes at her.

``Yes.'' She leaned in to kiss him and he reciprocated easily. They kissed for a few minutes until they heard whooping from Andy's friends. They pulled apart and Patrick chuckled.

``Rain check, right?''

``Yeah.'' She pecked him on the lips and let go of his neck. ``G'night.''


She got in the car to see him going up to his friends fake yelling about something. She smiled to herself and looked at her makeup covered hickey in the mirror and sighed. Patrick laughed but he still hadn't seen what it really looks like. She started her car and wouldn't ya know it, Sugar was playing. She groaned and switched the channel. A song was playing by who knows who and she pulled out of the parking lot.


The next morning Sam was off to work, still grumbling that she had to wear a turtleneck, so Bree got on her laptop. She needed to get a job soon, but she didn't know what she could get, what with her shining credentials. She had looked on for a job but didn't see anything that met her fancy, if she even HAD a fancy, that is. She really didn't know what she would like for a career. The fact that she would even consider a ``career'' was laughable to say the least. She had been stripping for so long that something new seemed far fetched.

She sighed and fumbled with her hair. She opened her email and saw several alerts from Pete on Twitter, since she was following him there with a secret account. She logged in and read his new tweets.

'so Hemingway threw up all over the place last night and when my wife saw it she did the same. it was funny until she yelled at me for it lol.'

Bree chewed on her pinky fingernail and scowled with an eyebrow raised. ``Bitch.''

'i think my dog might be sick so i'm gonna take him to the vet. Hope he's ok.'


'yeah he's ok turns out he ate some bad guacamole wich would explain the color of the puke...and the smell...'

Bree laughed and crossed her legs. She wished that she could talk to him online. But would he talk to her? Probably not. She shook her head and logged on Facebook. There were about a hundred messages from some guy in New Jersey. Stuff like, ``hey baby what's shakin besides that hot ass??'' And, ``I love that pic of u in ur swimsuit licking the popsicle! ;) ever think of doing porn?''

She rolled her eyes and sighed gruffly. ``Ew. I need to edit my wall...make that my whole account.'' Believe it or not she was done with the whole hot stripper look. It was a slow transition but it was happening nonetheless. The clothes were the hardest to part with, but she figured that she didn't need to be getting rid of those too quickly. After all she WAS still hot and there was nothing wrong with showing it.

If only Pete could see it.

She had a hard time figuring out what she felt for him, if anything besides obsession. She just knew that he was gorgeous and would be perfect for her. She had never been in love--well, not NEVER but she didn't want to think about him. At any case maybe it was better to ``love'' Pete Wentz rather than a real man. What she did know for sure is that she wanted to sleep with him. And she was going to do whatever it took to do so.

After getting dressed, in a pair of jeans of all things--though they were her ultra skinny hiphuggers--and a low cut black blouse, she was ready to hit the town. What for, she didn't know.

Maybe she could get her nails done. Wait a minute! Sam kept pestering her about getting a job at Easy Trim as a makeup girl. Maybe she could try it out? Although that Asian witch was there. Sam had told her the whole fiasco about what exactly September had said--steal her boyfriend, what a laugh. She hadn't dated anyone since Jake so that was untrue. Somebody must have blamed her to keep themselves in the clear.

It's a good thing she wasn't THAT close with any of those girls from the club.

She picked up her purse and locked the apartment door. She was on her way to her car when her phone beeped a text. It was from Andy again and her mouth quirked up in a smirk.

``Somebody's eager...'' All it said was 'hey' and she figured that was kinda lame. ``Just a bored text. Know those well.'' The self proclaimed ``man expert'' got in her car, totally ignoring the text she had just gotten.

'I wish that I were a bubblegum. Chewin' on me, baby, all day long. I will be begging with sweet delight. Until you say I am yours tonight.'

It was funny how when she said 'dance' her car chose Aqua. Yes, she was an Aquafan dammit, though she would never admit it. The only one who knew was Sam and that was because she was peaking at her i-pod.

The next song was Just Dance by her goddess Gaga. This was turning out to be a good day.

She just cruised around L.A. not really going anywhere in particular when her phone rang. The only way she knew was because she could feel it vibrate. She turned down the music and answered without looking.


'Hey, Bree! What'cha doin'?'

It was Summer and Bree smiled. It had been a while since they had hanged. Since they had no reason to anymore...

``Just driving around. What about you?''

'I got a new girlfriend! She's so hot, wait 'til you meet her!'

She smiled. ``That's good, honey. Listen, I'll chat with you later. I'm in a groove now.''

'Is that Gaga I hear?'

``Yes.'' She slapped the phone shut and laughed. She looked at what street she was on and saw that she was pretty close to where Easy Trim was. She groaned. ``If this is your way of telling me something...'' She said looking up through the window to the sky. ``Ah, screw it.'' What's the worse that could happen?

When she entered she saw that things were going okay still. There were five girls waiting and three being serviced. Sam was washing the hair and the Asian bi--chick was doing nails and Antonio was styling. Where was the fat girl? Oh, well.

Kate approached her with a smile and she returned the gesture. ``How can we help you?''

She swallowed her pride and shrugged. What the hell. ``I'm looking for a job.''

``Uh huh. Yes, I talked to Samantha about this and I don't know if I'm ready for a makeup stylist just yet. And I don't know if I can pay another employee right now. What are your skills?''


``Getting naked and lying on her back.'' Wouldn't ya know the Asian bitch--yes, bitch--came up behind Kate and said that.

``You have the wrong idea about me--'' She started when Kate stopped her.

``Unfortunately, September revealed to us ``accidentally'' about your previous job. I personally don't mind.'' Kate glared back at September and she smirked at her boss.

``Yes, well,'' Bree started. ``I'm good at what my sister told you about.''

``So, basically nothing.'' September said.

``Yeah, just like you.'' Bree said right back.

``Excuse me?''

``Like anyone ever gets anywhere filing nails and dying hair. Yes, you're really contributing to the world.''

``And so were you with your g-string and pasties. I'm sure God will remember you.''

They glared at each other until Sam came up to them. ``September...please leave my sister alone.'' She asked nicely.

``Whatever.'' She scoffed and walked away to a customer.

``Thanks, hun. She was gonna wipe the blood from her forehead if you hadn't stepped in.'' Sam rolled her eyes and Kate sighed.

``Look, I don't know if I can help you. We're getting more customers but I don't know if that'll last. To be honest I'm low on finances and I don't think I can pay another person. If I did hire you, you would get the lowest job. I'm missing a clean up person. Right now everyone is chipping in to do it but I guess I could hire you for that.''

Bree looked at Sam and back at Kate. ``Clean up? What's that?''

Kate tilted her head in what would appear to be slight amusement. ``You would come in at closing time and clean up everything from the hair on the floor to the sinks and anything else.''

``Anything else?'' Bree asked.

Kate looked back at Sam and she sighed. ``The bathroom, sis.''

September heard the conversation and smiled the most wicked smile you could ever see on a person right at Bree.

Her car couldn't have peeled out of there faster.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and she entered her home feeling totally defeated. She slumped down in her computer chair and turned on her laptop again. She was becoming a Facebook addict it would seem. She checked her messages and there was one from Andy.

'hey how are you?'

``Hmm...'' She thought about this mixed with his text. He must really like her. This could be useful.

Now how could she play this?

She could message him on FB and be totally nonchalant. Or she could text him back. Either way it would make her look available and easily accessible.

``Nah...I'll make him wait.''


Andy flipped up his phone and checked his messages for the 38th time today. She wasn't online and wasn't texting him back. Maybe it was too soon? He sighed and layed back on his bed. His phone rang and he jumped up. He fell back on the bed with a grumble when he saw that it was Pete.


'Hey, we haven't talked in a while. What's up?' Pete asked.


'What's wrong?'


'Anyone in particular?'

Andy kicked his feet. If anyone could help it was Pete. ``Ya know Patrick's girlfriend's sister?''

Pete groaned. 'Ah, man. Not her. What are you doing?'

``What? Why? What's your problem with her?''

Pete was silent for a few seconds and sighed. 'She's just a typical silicon floozy. I've dated that type. You've dated that type. She's not good for anything unless you're just looking for something physical. But a relationship? She'll break your heart, trust me. No, she's nothing special.'

Andy looked around his empty room and empty bed. ``Then maybe I want something physical.''

'Alright then, cool. Go for it if you can.'

``She is hot though...'' Andy sighed into the phone.

'Yeah...' Pete relented. 'She is.'



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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