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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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I Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Ten: I Sing The Blues And Swallow Them Too


She sighed as she walked through the doors of Easy Trim. She felt as if she was floating on a cloud, and was acting like it because she floated right into Kate.

``Oh! I'm sorry. Kinda lost in my head this morning.'' Sam laughed as she helped Kate with her balance.

``I know the feeling...I'm lost too. I have a lot on my mind.'' She sighed and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. She wasn't wearing her hair in a bun like usual. She looked tired and depressed. Sam knew something was wrong.

The others came in along with Mary which was a surprise. Mary looked at Kate with a question. ``Why did you call me here? I have to be som--at school in an hour...They had meeting and stuff so I'm lucky that I won't get in troub--''

``Stop, Mary.'' Kate interrupted. ``I know you work at a restaurant. September saw you there. And I know you have to be there in an hour. Don't worry, you won't get in trouble. I have something to tell all of you...I am shutting down Easy Trim.''

Sam was the only one to gasp and everyone else just stared blankly.

``Great. So I'm even more in the dump.'' Mary spat. Everyone looked at her. ``I have to get ready for WORK.'' She went to walk out and Sam stopped her.

``Wait. What do you mean?'' Sam asked Kate.

``What, was she speaking German? You heard her. Easy Trim is gone. We've known that far before you came here. Deal with it. You can mooch off your sister anyway.'' September growled.

Sam sighed and looked back at Kate. ``I'm sorry, dear. We all have known it for a while. It's over.''

Mary scoffed and shook her head. ``Whatever. It's not like it'll affect you. You're rich. I actually NEED the money.''

``Excuse me?'' Kate crossed her arms at the overweight teen.

``You heard me. Your fancy clothes and phones. Like you need this piece of crap place.'' Mary was showing her true colors it seemed.

``You know nothing of me.'' Kate scowled. ``My husband left me with thousands of hospital bills, a daughter in prep school, a big house, and I'm paying everything with credit cards on top of credit cards. I am in so much debt I can't even see straight. I have no money. This place is paying for my daughter to go to college, or it was until it went down a year ago. So don't tell me what I am and what you think. You know nothing.'' Kate wiped her eyes and and sighed.

Mary looked down and took in a breath. ``I can top that. I have four little brothers and one is seriously autistic. He needs constant care and is eating all of our money. On top of that my dad is all alone after my mother left him. Not died...left. She just couldn't handle it, I guess. Bitch. So my dad works all day and all night. I have to quit school and work two jobs--excuse me, one job, while my brothers fend for themselves. So don't tell me about sad. I know it.''

The floor went to September and she chuckled. ``I have no education and once this cash flow is over I lose my place to live. Perhaps we can all be homeless on the street together.'' She laughed as she lit a cigarette.

Antonio shrugged. ``I have no sad story. It was my dream to cut hair and no place would hire me except here. So once this is over I guess I'll be bagging groceries.''

Sam sniffled and September gave her a look. ``What are you crying for? Your jezebel of a sister can support you.'' Sam looked up at her. ``Yeah, I know she's a stripper.''

``WAS.'' Sam said with a glare.

``Huh, oh, that's a shame.'' September mused.

``How did you know?'' Sam asked.

``My ex cheated on me with a stripper. I went to the club to figure out who it was and saw her. I've found out her name and when you came to work here you said her name a few times. It wasn't hard.''

``But you never saw Bree. How could you be sure, you've hated me before you saw her for the first time, so how could you be sure?''

September chuckled. ``Just a guess. Plus I think you're fake anyway, so it all worked out.''

Sam shook her head. ``Unbelievable.''

``I don't blame her. You hang out with celebrities for goodness sake.'' Mary added.


``Fall Out Boy? I heard he got you the job? Whatever.'' Mary scoffed again.

``His NAME is Patrick, not Fall Out Boy. And he didn't get me the job...'' She stopped and looked at Kate.

``I'm sorry but I probably wouldn't have hired you is he hadn't promised me those tickets. I was gonna take that add out of the paper anyway when you called. I don't know what possessed me to do that. I'm sorry.'' She sighed and Mary laughed.

``See? You're not even supposed to be here. Go be with your rich band boyfriend.''

Sam looked around and no one was caring. She teared up and ran out of the salon.

September inhaled her cigarette. ``Guess that means she quits.''

The bus wasn't here yet and she had nowhere to go, so she just wandered around L.A. by herself. She found a park bench and sat down. She sniffled and wiped her face. Her eyes looked around and she thought about last night. The drive home...The thirty minutes of making out in the parking lot... She giggled. That happiness lasted about ten seconds because her mind went back to everyone at Easy Trim. September could get back on her feet, Sam was sure about it, Tem was just too prideful to take a menial job. Antonio would live. But Mary and Kate? Both were so sad. She felt really bad for them, especially Mary. How hard her life must be and here she was feeling sorry for herself just because she got made fun of. She sighed heavily and kicked her feet.

She looked up and she swore she saw Jennifer Garner leaving a clothing store. She had a few photogs following her, so even if it wasn't the better half of Beniffer, it was somebody famous. L.A....Man. Celebs everywhere and yet so many were struggling to make ends meet here. She wished she could do something to help. But what could she? Soon her and Bree would have to get jobs or they would be in the same boat as all of them.

She played with her phone and flipped it open. She scrolled down her contacts and found, who else, but the center of all her attention for the last three or so weeks? She half thought of putting his number under 'Gingerbread'. But she would never do that. She chuckled at the thought and pulled up the text window.

-``wat r u doing?''-

She waited and there was no response. 'He must be busy.' She thought. She called Bree and after a few rings she answered.

'Huh? What's up?'

``I need a ride or something. Kate just announced that Easy Trim is going out of business, and I left like a little baby crying.''

'Why would you do something stupid like that?'

``I'll explain later, can you get me or not?''

'Not, no car remember?'

Sam sighed. ``How is it you claim to have all this money saved up but you can't buy a car?'' There was silence on the other end and Bree sighed.

'Call Patrick.' It was odd that she called him by name.


'Because he has a CAR. Do I have to explain everything? I'll get back to you.' The phone clicked and Sam looked confused. Why would Bree need to get back to her? Right then her phone beeped a text.

-'nothin. u?'-

``Hmm.'' She dialed him and he answered immediately.

'Hey! How ya doin'?'

She sighed. ``Lousy. I had a bad day and I need a ride home...but I don't wanna bother you if you're--''

'Yeah, I don't wanna give you a ride.' She giggled at his kidding. 'No, it's not a problem. I'll come get you. Where are you?'

She looked around. ``Um. A park?''

'Great, I'll just bring up that GPS I implanted in you--' She giggled again.

``Okay. How about ...The Burger King on Bluejacket? By the KFC? Do ya know where I am?''

'Durrr, no I dunno where you are.' He said sounding like a moron.

``Come get me you doof.'' She rolled her eyes as he laughed.

'No prob. Be there in ten minutes.'

``Ten minutes? Where are you?''

'Close. I'll be there, okay? Bye.'

``Uh--bye.'' He hung up and she scratched her neck. She didn't know why but somethin' fishy was going on...Oh, well. She'd know soon enough. She got up and walked across the street to the Burger King.

She sat down outside and waited. Her mind kept going back to everyone at the salon. She rubbed her knees and looked at a man entering the restaurant. She wondered if he was the same as Mary and Kate. Strapped for cash and the only food he could afford was fattening fast food. Time went by slowly and she kept checking her watch. It had been twelve minutes.

Suddenly a yellow Volkswagen beetle pulled up and she sighed. That was her favorite car and she had always wanted one. Especially the yellow. And it had a black roof which meant it was a convertible. The roof went down on the car revealing Patrick in the driver's seat and Bree in the passenger's. Sam gasped.

``Whoo! Hey, baby!'' Bree jumped out over the door and ran to her little sister.

``What the fuck?'' Sam swore.

Patrick got out laughing and shut the door. ``Man, I should take a picture of this.''

``Don't.'' Sam said with a slight glare. ``Bree, what's going on?''

``I was saving my money to buy us cars!'' Bree answered holding Sam's shoulders.

``Us? What?'' Sam looked back at the Beetle. Patrick walked up smiling and Bree laughed.

``Yup. That one's your baby, Sammie. I knew just what you would want and I got it for a steal.''

Sam looked at Patrick and blinked. ``Where's your car?''

``At the dealer, and I'm kinda scared shitless so could we wrap up the fuzzy moment and go back to get it?'' He was half-kidding and Bree playfully hit him.

``My car is at the dealer too, and wait till you see it! Oh, my God, it's so sweet.'' Sam looked shocked and confused and Bree shook her head. ``I called Patrick to help me. I was hoping that he could shuttle me back and forth from home to the dealer, so the cars could be there to surprise you when you got off work...but this works too.''

Sam walked up to the car and touched it. `` shouldn't have bought me this car.'' She said quietly.

``Well, I didn't. Jake did. I figure that was one good thing we could get from that whole fiasco. Plus, we'll need cars when we both get jobs. I can't keep using Summer and you riding the bus is deplorable.'' Bree answered smiling.

``You shouldn't have bought me this car...'' She said again, starting to cry.

``What's wrong?'' Patrick asked coming closer.

``If I had known this was gonna make you blubber like an idiot--'' Bree started.

``They were right! I am getting everything handed to me!'' Sam outburst making people entering the restaurant look as they went in.

``Sam, what are you talking about?'' Patrick asked.

``Mary and September were right!'' She breathed deep to control herself and her sister put her hands on her hips.

Bree scowled as she spoke. ``What did they say to you?''

``Kate is in debt up to her eyeballs and will probably lose everything that matters to her! Mary has to work to support her brothers and has no life! Because of Easy Trim going down, four people get their lives ruined! Yeah, it's just four people but still! And they were right. They were right...I am fake.'' She walked away crying.

``Samantha! What in hell?'' Bree looked back at Patrick.

``I'll talk to her.'' He went after her and Bree sighed in exasperation.

``Can we not just have one normal happy day?!'' She shouted at the sky.

A woman with three kids answered her. ``Have a kid. That'll make your life better.'' Bree looked at the tired woman entering with screaming, jumping children and raised her brow.

``I guess it's not THAT bad.''

Sam made her way back to the park bench and put her head in her hands. They were right. She was getting it all handed to her and she wasn't in any kind of trouble. Her life was going just fine and she had good things happening to her. One of the good things sat down next to her.

She sighed and sat up, wiping her face a little.

``You gonna tell me what's wrong?'' He asked.

``Mary has four little brothers, one severely autistic. Her and her dad are working their asses off to support them. Kate is in major debt and, like I said, will probably lose everything. Kate said she really wouldn't have hired me if it wasn't for you and those tickets. September called me fake.''

``That's dumb. Why would she say that? She has no basis for that. You're so not fake.'' He assured.

All the times she doodled ``FOB'' on her notebooks at school and all the times she danced like a fool around to his songs flashed in her head. ``Patrick, you have no idea how fake I am.''

``What do you mean?'' He grabbed her shoulder and she sighed.

She looked at him and couldn't bring herself to ruin everything she had with him for a bunch of bitches at a hair salon. ``I don't know. I'm just upset. I can't stop thinking about Mary and Kate. Especially Mary. She needs help, they all do and that salon is the last thing they have left and there's nothing I can do. It just pisses me off.''

Patrick smiled warmly while rubbing her shoulder. ``The fact that you care and are worried about four people that you don't know very well proves that you aren't fake. If I didn't like you before I really do now.''

She giggled a little and a yellow car pulled up on the street. ``Get in. We need to pick up our cars.'' Bree demanded.

``Hey, come on. Could you be nicer?'' Patrick stood up and looked at Bree.

``Bree, thank you for this. I dunno how I'll repay you.'' Sam said with a smile.

``You're not. You do have to pay insurance for it when you get a job though. Not gonna pay that forever.'' Bree smiled back and Sam opened the door to get in. ``Don't you wanna drive your new baby?'' Bree asked.

``I'll drive it home, okay?''

Bree and Patrick sighed collectively and Patrick got in the back. A truck passing by right as he did held a male shouting, ``Fall Out Boy sucks cock!''

``You would know, asshole!'' Bree shouted back and received laughs from the obvious young males in the truck as they sped off. ``The fact that they know who you are proves they at least used to listen to you guys. Stupid.'' Bree started the car and Patrick laughed.

``That's nothing. Wait till you hear about my short film and how I got heckled on a bicycle wearing a robe.''

Bree and Sam shared a look as Bree pulled out into the street.

Funny how the Mustachette was the only thing neither one had seen from him.


``Yeah, that sucks, man.'' Pete sighed as Patrick regaled him with everything that had happened.

``I wish I could help. But what could anyone do on that?'' He sipped his Coke and Pete shrugged.

``Dunno. If people don't wanna go there that's the way it is.''

Patrick tilted his head in thought and suddenly a brilliant idea hit him. ``What if people had a reason to go?''

``Like what?'' Pete asked.

``Like a popular celebrity Tweeting that he likes it there.''

``Aw, hell, no.'' Pete shook his head.

``Oh, come one! How would that hurt you?'' Patrick sat down his Coke.

``If they all suck and then my reputation and word is ruined.''

Patrick dead-panned. ``I doubt that would ruin the guy that drank his own piss and puked it.''

``You remember that? Ugh. Just admit it, man. You wanna impress your girlfriend.''

``Gimme more credit than that!'' They remained silent and Patrick sighed. ``Okay, yes I do. But she's really upset about it. I mean it is kinda sad.''

``It's terrible but I can't put myself on the line for a crummy hair parlor.''

``Could you put yourself on the line for a struggling family, with an autistic child? For Jenny?''

``Aw, man...Don't use the kid ploy on me now...''

``You're the one that went and got Ashlee pregnant twice. Can't help it if your daddy feelings are kicking in.'' Patrick teased.

``I fucking hate you.'' Pete pulled out his phone and brought up the keyboard. ``Where the hell is this place?''

``Sixty third and Flum. Right on the corner, by the dry cleaners?''

``Yeah, yeah.'' Pete started texting. After a few minutes he sighed. ``Why am I doing this?''

``The children, Pete. The children.'' Patrick sad dramatically.

``Shut up, man. It's not missionary work...Wait. I gotta check out this place before I just Tweet that I like it.'' He closed his phone and got up.

``Where are you goin'?'' Patrick got up with him.

``Where else? To Easy Trim.''

As they pulled up they saw that no one was there and it truly was that bad. ``Lemme go in first, Kate knows me.'' Pete rolled his eyes and shut off his car.

He walked in and the bell rang. They looked like they were packing up. He sighed and looked at September, the woman that called his girlfriend fake.

``What do you want? A FREE trim, band boy?'' She scowled and he glared back at her.


``Sam's not here. She quit like a wimp. We're riding it to the last.''

``I know she's not here, she's not a wimp, and what do you mean?''

``You didn't see the sign? Everything is half-off for the big 'Out of Business' sale!'' She said with a giddy smile. Her smile dropped and she went back to what she was doing.

Kate came out of the back. ``Oh, Patrick! It's so good to see you.'' She smiled genuinely and he smiled back.

``Jenny still a perfect angel?'' He asked.

``Eh, no. That lasted about three days after she met you guys. I hate to tell you but you've been replaced with Lady Gaga.''

``Not surprised. Gaga is...something.'' Patrick chuckled.

``That she is. I just can't stop watching her! I may not like her music too much but her videos and stage performances just knock the hell out of me!'' They shared a laugh and Kate sighed. ``So, Sam's not here if you wanted--''

``I didn't. She told me that you guys were shutting down. She feels really bad about it.''

Kate looked down. ``Oh, well...yeah.''

The bell jingled again and Pete stepped in. He looked around and his eyes met Kate's.

``I know you. Oh! You're...oh....'' Kate realized and smiled. ``You're Jenny's favorite.''

Pete smiled and Patrick nodded. ``Or you were until Gaga mowed you down.''

Pete frowned and continued to look around.

``If you don't mind...may I ask what the two of you are doing here?'' Kate asked.

``Gonna shoot a music video?'' September teased.

Pete's eyes got big and he thought for a minute. ``Damn. Of all the times for us not to have a new song on the radio...that coulda worked...'' He thought to himself.

The doors burst open and Mary ran in with tears streaming down her face. ``I just got fired!'' She screamed.

Kate went to comfort her and Mary continued to cry. ``I spilled a drink on some chick from The Real World and she got me fired! I can't believe this! What am I gonna do?!'' She sobbed and stopped when she saw Pete. She whined even louder and ran to the back.

Pete sighed. ``That's two girls I've made sob horribly lately...''

Kate ran after her and September scoffed. ``Think you need to leave.''

Pete stared her down and crossed his arms. ``No way. I want a trim. You gonna refuse a paying customer?''

Antonio and September looked at each other. ``Oh, really? Fine then.'' September laughed as she went to the sink.

``What are you looking for?'' Antonio eyed Pete and he chuckled.

Pete's hair had grown out again and was in his face a lot. He was using product to keep it away from him and he was starting to get annoyed with it. He rubbed his chin as he thought. ``I've actually been thinking if a new style.'' Patrick's eyebrows raised and Pete continued. ``Think you can give me something good?''

Antonio wrung his hands. ``Sure.''

September scoffed again. ``Mary! Get your ass out here! We got a customer that needs a wash!'' She shouted. ``And I'm not doing it.'' She finished.

Mary came out and stopped dead at Pete.

``I'm the customer.'' He smiled.

``PAYING customer, so do your job.'' September ordered. ``Be glad you still have it.'' She said under her breath as she passed the teen to get to the back.

Kate urged Mary up to Pete and she blushed hard at her favorite bassist.

``I won't bite.'' He smiled cheeky and Patrick rolled his eyes at Pete's oldest joke.

``Like, what are you doing here?'' She asked softly.

Pete looked at Patrick and smiled back at Mary. ``Sam recommended you guys.'' He said that right as September came out of the back.

``Guess it's good to have famous connections.'' Patrick added as he looked at September. She turned and went back and Patrick chuckled.

``Oh.'' Mary said as Pete sat down. She grabbed the shampoo and Pete turned around.

``Don't you have to wet my hair first?'' He asked.

``Oh, right.'' She whispered.

Pete seem terrified and looked at Patrick. They silently gestured a conversation that was only understood by them.

Pete, 'I told you!'

Patrick, 'Come on!'

Pete, 'No!'

Patrick, 'Do it!'

Pete, 'I'm gonna fucking kill you!'

``Okay, so lean back, okay?'' Mary nervously asked.

Pete sighed. ``Sure...'' 'Thank God she's not the one with the scissors...' He thought as the really cold water hit his scalp.

After a wash and a trim, with Pete the whole time reading his Twitter messages, he was done.

``Ya know...this is pretty good.'' Pete said as he checked out his new do. It was the same as it was in The Take Over but layered and more...fluffy if possible.

``Thanks.'' Antonio smiled at the compliment.

He stood up and payed for the wash, trim, and drying. September eyed him as she worked the register and he smiled at her. ``You're welcome.'' He said sarcastically at her. She slammed the drawer and he giggled a little. He and Patrick left together and as soon as they hit the air outside a photog got them.

``Oh, hey there. Who you for?'' Pete asked.

``TMZ.'' The man answered.

``Well, just getting' a trim and now we're leaving so have a good one.'' Patrick remained silent as they walked to the car. Pete always handled paparazzi well with charm and grace. ``I may not have to Twitter with that.''

``Hmm. Still that with the Tweet would boost the believability of it.'' Patrick said.

``For someone who hates social networking so much you sure want me to do it all the time.'' Pete started the car.

``One time, Wentz! One freaking time!''

``That's one more than you usually ask.''

``You fucking moron. What did you really think though?''

Pete set it in reverse and looked back as he pulled out. The TMZ guy was still filming as he did. ``The shampoo girl could have been better. Is she the one with the autistic brother?''

``Mary, yeah.'' They hit the street and Pete looked to see if the guy followed him. He didn't. ``Maybe she was just nervous around you. You are Pete Wentz, ya know.''

``Really? I thought I was T-Pain. Thanks for setting me straight.''

Patrick laughed and they kept driving to wherever it was that Pete wanted to go. He soon pulled into a Walmart parking lot and pulled out his cell. He snapped a picture of himself and then pulled out his keyboard.

'just got a new hair cut at this place called easy trim. kinda cool. if u live in LA its at 63rd an flum. check it out they did a good job.' He sent the tweet with the picture of himself. ``That's the best I can do. Okay?'' Patrick smiled and nodded.

``Thanks. That didn't hurt now did it?''

``That water was kinda cold.''


The next day started at usual, except that Sam didn't have to go to wok. How could she when she embarrassed herself like that?

Bree was on Facebook when Sam shuffled past her to the kitchen. ``Donuts are on the counter.'' She said.

``Cool. What's up?''

``Ah, nothing. This guy in Michigan wants to jump my bones. Whatever, loser. Friend request DENIED!'' She laughed maniacally and Sam giggled. ``So what do we do now?''


``You should go back to work and ride it out. I mean, did you actually quit?''


``Go back and try not to cry this time.'' Sam hit her sister and Bree laughed. ``Another one? Ugh, no, I don't think you're cute you college dimwit. Denied.'' Sam shook her head and went back to the bedroom with her plain glazed.

She got dressed in plain clothes and went to the door. ``Oh, my God! I get to DRIVE my BEETLE to work!''

``Just now hit ya did it?'' Bree flatly asked.

After having the life squeezed out of her Bree watched Sam run to her car and peel away. She looked back at the screen. ``What, lesbians now?''

That sound system rocked the shiz and One Republic sounded awesome. She jammed all the way to work and paused when she pulled up seeing tons of cars parked outside. She got out and a few people were talking outside. They were all women. She walked in and gasped.

The couches were full of girls waiting to be served and Mary and September were working the sinks while Antonio was cutting.

Kate ran up to Sam with her eyes brimming full of tears. ``Sam! Sam! I don't know how to thank you!''

``Wha...?'' Sam shook her head in disbelief.

``Your friends--I don't know what happened but it must have to do with them! Everyone that has come in here has asked if Pete Wentz came here! I can't believe it!''

``Huh? Pete was here?'' Sam asked as she looked around.

``Yes, yesterday, with Patrick!'' Kate answered happily.

That's when it hit her. ``Oh, my....They didn't...''

``I asked how they knew about it and they said he Tweeted about it. He posted a picture of himself and everything. We've never had this many customers in years! It must be because of you, Samantha, I can't thank you enough. I don't know how long it'll last but we took down the sign and are charging full price. Gotta make money somehow, you know?''

Sam smiled wide and fell even further for her boyfriend. If anyone could convince Pete to do this it was Patrick. ``Need an extra hand?''

Kate smiled and touched Sam's shoulder. ``Absolutely.''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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