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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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All The Ways You Make My Stomach Turn
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Nine: All The Ways You Make My Stomach Turn


Her eyes were as large as saucers as she stood there, holding his photo album. His brow was furrowed in confusion and perhaps offense as he stepped closer. He was in new clothes and his face was still scruffy, so that explained why he didn't take that long in the shower. And she was preoccupied.

``I--'' She started but found that words escaped her. What was she supposed to say? There was nothing she could say at this point. Except... ``I'm sorry, I was just--''

``Going through my pictures? Why?'' He came closer and she shut the album. She stuttered and sputtered as he stared her down.

``I--don't know...I was curious and I just--I'm so nosy, I'm sorry.''

One eyebrow raised at her as he crossed his arms. She blinked furiously and looked at her feet. He still looked unconvinced. She sighed in defeat and put the album back on the shelf. ``I lied. You did mutter something in your feverish state.'' His brow quirked up and he remained silent. She walked towards a nearby couch and sat down. ``First, you were, like, 'Why did you leave?', and I said I didn't. You asked if it was all a mistake and I played along to calm you down. You said you knew that it was all a mistake and that I would come back to you. And then you told me you loved me.'' He looked shocked and she fiddled with her fingers. ``You said you'd always love me and called me Katie...right before you passed out.''

He stayed silent for a few seconds before messing with his hat and sitting down next to her. ``I called you Katie, huh?'' She nodded and he shook his head. `` just never goes away...'' He said, sighing.

``What never goes away?'' She asked, scooting closer.

``I can't believe I called you Katie. How emba--stupid...'' He mumbled to himself.

She bit her bottom lip in nervousness and he leaned back into the couch, crossing his arms again. ``Two years ago I met a woman at a party, at a friend's house in Chicago. Ya know, one of those parties where friends invite friends and soon even the host is, like, 'Who are all these people'?'' She smiled and nodded. ``Well, I met Kati--Katherine at that party. Soon we started dating and the rest is self explanatory.'' He stopped and looked down. He sat up and uncrossed his arms, rubbing his knees.

``You don't have to tell me. I was being rude and--'' He stopped her and smiled sadly.

``I called you another woman's name.'' She sighed and he took in a deep breath. ``I was so in love with her.'' The pit of her stomach fell, especially when she mixed that with what he said last night. 'I've always loved you'? He continued. ``I really thought she was the one. Then one day I came home and she's got bags packed. She tells me that she's been cheating on me with someone for a month and she was leaving me for him.'' Sam's heart winced in pain for him. ``She threw away two years on a guy she'd known for one month. I couldn't believe it. She just...left me. And on top of that, it had only been three weeks since my dog died.'' Sam gasped. Penny? No! Not Penny... ``And you know what? I was gonna propose to her.''

And at that Sam's stomach erupted into fire. Jealousy was a tricky thing. This woman was long gone, or so it seemed, and she had broken his heart. Yet, he was gonna propose to her. If she hadn't done all that he might be married right now. Oh, God, what a horrid thought...

``I lost my dog, my girlfriend, and because of all that, my home. I became a country song in, like, five seconds.'' He half heartedly joked. ``I found out later that a friend of a friend saw her with a guy that looks like Luke Wilson. So now every time I see Luke Wilson I wanna kick his ass.'' He chuckled a little when she softly giggled.

``I take it My Super Ex-Girlfriend is not a movie you like?'' She asked.

``Actually, that's one of my favorite movies. I'm over wanting to kill Luke now.'' He sighed again. ``Ahhh, I haven't heard anything more about her. Last I checked she still lives in Chicago. That might explain why I'm living in L.A. all the time now. I love my home and I wanna go back but...''

``It still hurts?'' She added.

``Yeah...'' He looked back at her and she grabbed his arm.

``I'm so sorry, you didn't deserve that. Not at all.'' She rubbed his skin with her finger and he smiled.

``So, why were you lookin' at my pictures?'' He asked. ``Were you hopin' to see her in there?'' He teased her when she turned red. ``I don't have any pictures of her left. Took me a while, but I got rid of all of them.'' She kicked her feet and he smiled. ``Jealous? Hmm?'' He teased her some more and she swallowed her pride.

``A little, yeah. You said you loved her and always have and you wanted her back and--'' He cut her off with a finger to her lips.

``I wouldn't want her back if she crawled to me naked on barbed wire, with hornets attacking her face.'' She looked taken aback and he laughed. ``I've had a lot of time to think about it.'' He smiled cheeky and she giggled.

``Okay.'' She giggled some more and he squeezed her hand.

``I am over her it's just that a small part of me...'' He paused. ``...wishes that things could have been different. It's like that with all ex's. It just never goes away. Ya know?''

She looked uncomfortable. ``Not really. I have ex's but only in high school and it never went too long with any of them.''

``Well, perhaps you're lucky.'' He said.


He noticed how unsure she seemed and he scooted closer again. ``Look, I know that we haven't really established what we are, if anything, but I want you to know that I like you. A lot. And I wanna see where this can go. You?''

She smiled and nodded. ``Same.'' She answered. She leaned in and brought her lips to his. He slightly opened his mouth and they kissed for a few seconds before he pulled away. He looked upset.

``Hmm? I kissed you. I already know I'm gonna get sick.''

``It's not that...'' He said inhaling.

``Then what?''

``Atchoo!'' He sneezed into his hands and she blinked.


His eyes looked back at her and twinkled with amusement. She laughed and he stuck out his hands. ``Wanna cuddle?'' He asked with a low evil voice.

``Wah!'' She screamed and fell backwards off the couch anime style flat on her ass. He laughed heartily at her and she stood up, grabbing a pillow. ``Die!'' She beat him mercilessly with it, all the while both of them screaming with laughter.


``Oh, God, no! Please, Bree, not that!'' Sam cried with her hands over her mouth.

``Samantha...'' She scolded. ``Open your mouth and stop acting like a child.''


Bree scoffed. ``Oh, for Christ's sake! Just take it!'' She held out the spoon of Robitussin and Sam held her nose as she swallowed it.

She gagged and stomped her foot. ``I'm gonna die!'' She cried harder.

``Yes, you will, because I'll kill you if you don't stop crouping.'' Bree put the lid back on the bottle and Sam gagged again as she swallowed some spit.

Bree sighed and put the bottle back in the medicine cabinet as Sam wondered back into living room to the couch, plopping down on it. Bree walked up to her and crossed her arms. ``Let's see. A sore throat, burning eyes, headaches, coughing, sneezing... After all this, is he really worth it?''

Sam groaned and thought for a minute. A twinkle came to her eyes and a smile played at her lips. ``Yeah...'' She sighed. ``He is--'' A round of hacking interrupted her and Bree backed away from her.

``Hmm...'' Bree went back to the bathroom and looked at the bottle of cough syrup. ``Well, I'll be damned. This stuff expired in '09...''

``What?!'' Sam shrieked. ``You fed me expired cough syrup?! That stuff won't even work, and I suffered for nothing!'' She started hacking again and Bree threw out the bottle.

``Good thing I have another fresh bottle I bought a week ago.''

``Orange flavored Delsom?'' Sam perked up.


Sam whined and coughed into her pillow and the sound of a bottle cap opening made her cry harder.

``You do know you're gonna have to get in here and take this...right?''


He adjusted his cap in the mirror and smirked a little. It had been about a week since he had been sick and he found out last night that Sam was sick now. He felt bad about it and decided that he would return her favor and visit her. It wasn't contagious to him anymore so he had nothing to worry about.

Just as he was heading out the door his cell rang. It came up as 'Unknown Number' and he fingered the phone before he answered it.


'Hello, Patrick.'

As soon as the first syllable was spoken he knew who's voice it was. He swallowed and let out some air.

'Please, don't hang up.'

He blinked and licked his lips. ``Why would I hang up on you, Katherine? Oh, that's right, 'cause you're a bitch?''

'I deserved that.'

``You deserve a bit more than that.'' He growled. ``What do you want?''

'It's been over six moths, Patrick.'

``Oh, so what? I'm supposed to have forgotten that you cheated on me for a month and then ran out on me? What was it? Hmm? Was he THAT good in the sack?''

'Patrick, you know why I have trouble...' She sighed.

``Katherine. I am sorry that at twenty years old you got stood up at the alter by your high school sweetheart, I really am. But that doesn't mean I have to pay for it.''

'I made a mistake.'

He stood there and looked at his clock click to three PM. ``What are you saying?'' He asked.

'I'm saying...I made a mistake.'

This was it. The moment that he had been waiting six months for. His pride would never let him admit it, but this is what he wanted. He had hoped and dreamt of this phone call. Even when he was with Emma and Caroline. Em lasted about two months and Carol was maybe six weeks. But he hadn't wanted this for a while...or so he thought. His actions during his fever would seem to suggest that he subconsciously still wanted this.

But did he? Why would he go back to her? He would never be able to trust her again. Because of her issues she made him have issues with her forever more. He couldn't trust that. Perhaps a small part of him did want her back. Perhaps he hated her. He didn't know for sure, but when he opened his mouth this is what came out;

``I'm seeing someone.'' There was silence on the other end. ``She lives out here in California and she's one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.'' And that was all it took for her to start crying and beg him to come back to her. Pleading and swearing that she still loved him. All the words he wanted hear to say were flowing from her like a river stream. He could hear her nose stuff up from the tears and the crack in her tone, the pain and loneliness that he had felt. It was all there.

She begged one more time. 'Please, Patrick. I miss you so much...' She sobbed.

He inhaled and scratched his neck. He could only think of one more thing to say. ``Well...who's sorry now?'' And he hung up.

That was the end of it. He looked around and held his phone tightly. There was only one person he wanted to see at this moment.

``Wake up.''

She groaned.

``Wake up, someone is here to see you...''

She opened a crusty eye and looked up to see Patrick standing behind her sister. ``Huh?'' She sat up and held her blanket to her chest.

``Hey there. How ya feelin'?'' He cooed. Sam cleared her throat and held the blanket up to her nose. ``Oh, come on now. You saw me at my worst, I can't see you at yours?''

Bree interjected. ``Ahem. You--boy. Her--girl. I rest my case.''

Patrick chuckled and sat down on the couch. ``I'm really sorry.'' He rubbed her knee and she brought the blanket down a little.

``It's okay.'' She hoarsely spoke. ``I knew it was coming.''

``You didn't get in trouble with your job did you? After missing all those days with--'' He stopped and cleared his throat.

``You can say it. All those days worrying about your stupid sister.'' Bree finished.

Patrick gave Bree a comforting look and then glanced back at Sam.

``No, I didn't get in trouble. She said that September was covering for me. Serves her right.'' She chuckled but that made her hack again. ``Sorry.''

``It's okay. I wonder why I didn't cough.'' He thought aloud.

``She always coughs when she gets sick.'' Bree walked into the kitchen to attend to whatever was smelling so damn good and Patrick smiled at Sam.

``So...I've got something to tell you.'' He started.

``Oh?'' She sat up revealing more of her clothing and he giggled.

``Nice ducky pajamas.''

She turned bright red and brought up her blanket again. ``Is that all?'' She squeaked.

He laughed. ``No.'' He stopped laughing and sighed.

``What? What is it?''

``Katherine called me.'' Her mouth dropped and her eyes got bigger. ``I know, I know. Not what I expected, especially after what happened last week.''

``What did she want?'' She asked.

``To...get back together.'' He answered.

After three days of having a 101 degree fever, she felt a chill run up her spine. This was it. After what he said last week, about loving her and always has. He was going back with her. After all this, she had lost him.

``And ya know what I said?'' He asked.

She felt her eyes water. ``What?'' She whispered.

``I told her I was seeing someone.'' He smiled when she blinked numerously.


He chuckled and scooted closer. ``I basically lied and told her I had a girlfriend. And ya know who I was thinkin' of when I said that?'' He rubbed her knee again.

She couldn't help the smile. ``No...'' She played.

``You.'' He leaned in and she stopped him.

``No! I have cough syrup breath!'' He laughed and she hacked as she TRIED to laugh.

``Oh, I am so sorry. I never should have let you inside my house.'' He soothed.

``Yeah, but you would have hurt her wittle feewings if you turned her away.'' Bree teased as she walked back in.

``How much did you hear?'' Sam huffed.

``Hmmm....'' She shrugged.

``All of it?'' Patrick asked.

``Mmm hmm.'' Bree nodded. ``So, Sammie's your girlfriend now?'' She asked with her hands on her hips.

Patrick blushed and looked back at Sam. ``I don't know why I said that, I mean...'' He trailed off and looked down in embarrassment and Sam smiled.

``Yeah, I mean... We don't have to label anything.'' Sam said, trying to be cool to hide her urge to scream.

``Please, you've shared germs. You're boyfriend and girlfriend.'' Bree stated.

Patrick and Sam chuckled together and Bree ran back to the kitchen.

``What's cooking?'' He asked sniffing.

``More like burning if I know my sister.'' Sam giggled.

``I heard that!''

They both laughed again and Sam stopped and moaned.

``What's wrong?'' Patrick asked.


Patrick smiled wide. ``Oooh. What a cute wittle sneeze you have.'' He teased her like her sister.

She glared at him and stuck out her hands. ``Wanna cuddle?''


After a day of recovery, using every drug known to mankind, Sam was ready to go back to work. She had only missed a day and when she got there September was glaring daggers at her spewing something about how she had to wash a hobbit's hair. She noticed that Kate seemed somber and quiet. Sam worried if she was feeling alright.

The next day was Sunday and she hoped that her and Patrick would get to spend the day together. She cleared her throat, still having a little bit of aftermath, and sat back on the couch. Her phone chirped for a text and she smiled when she read it.

-'are you free?'-

Yay! She flipped out her keyboard and typed back. -``yup. wanna hang?''-

A few seconds. -'hell yeah. pick u up?'-

-``kay''- Wait. That meant....CLOTHES!!! She ran to the bedroom and went crazy on her closet.

Bree sat up in bed and rubbed the sick crust out of her eyes. She coughed and chuckled. ``Gingerbread?'' She hoarsely asked.

Sam furiously nodded and Bree layed back down. ``Well, you and him got me sick so dress your own damn self.''

Sam pouted and looked at her articles of clothing. Her phone chirped again and she quickly read it.

-'im on my way'-

She sighed and something red caught her eye. It was a summer dress. Light and fun but also sexy because it was a bright crimson. Yet another birthday gift from Bree that she hadn't wore. She couldn't wear this, but she didn't have time to choose anything difficult.

``Just wear it. He'll lose his mind.'' Bree spat as she sat up.

Sam looked over at her poor sick sister and smiled. ``You were watching.''

``Doy. Now wear it.''

Sam took the dress and ran to the bathroom. ``But what about my hair?'' She shouted.

``Urgh...'' Bree groaned as she kicked the sheets off.

He must have broken some sort of traffic rule getting to her place because he was there much faster than normal. He felt kinda nervous and giddy. This was gonna be their first date since becoming...official. Officially a couple. Yeesh.

He knocked on the door and when Brianna answered he must have had a bad look on his face at her appearance because she scowled at him. ``Yeah, I hear you weren't so pretty when you had this shit either. Get in.'' She ordered. He stepped in and she coughed. ``She's getting ready.'' She looked him up and down and he raised his brow. ``Tee and jeans? Hew boy, you're gonna be mismatched. But I don't have time to redress her. Oh, well.'' She scuffled back to the bedroom and Patrick tilted his head.

``Mismatched?'' Was she wearing--and at that thought she came out of the bathroom wearing a red summer dress that came just above the knee. Her hair was styled simple and fun and she had on red sandals. ``Whoa.'' He gasped.

``Too much?'' She blushed. ``She made me do it.'' She pointed to the bedroom and heard a raspberry--or was that Bree blowing her nose?

``No, it looks cute.'' He walked towards her and she smiled.

``Really? I've never worn it. It's pretty light.''

``I like it.'' He smiled.

``Good, now get out!'' Bree shouted with a hack.

They looked at each other and giggled. ``If you insist!'' Patrick responded.

She just loved being in his car. Not because of the whole, ``OMG I'm in Patrick Stump's car!'', thing but because she just loved being in close proximity to him. He pulled up to a really cool cafe' and Sam glanced across the street to see Mary as a waitress in a restaurant.

``What's up?'' Patrick asked, noticing her stare.

``I think that's Mary. She's a fellow employee at Easy Trim. Does she work here all the time?'' She looked at Patrick and he looked at the restaurant.

``Wanna check it out?'' He asked.

``Mmm...'' She murmured. ``Yeah, just to make sure she's okay.''

``Of course.'' He nodded.

``I'm so darn nosy.''

``Yeah, I know.'' He nudged her and she nudged him back.

``C'mon let's go.'' They walked across the street and entered the restaurant. As soon as they did Mary spotted them and dropped a plate, shattering it.

``Oh!'' Sam gasped and ran to her. ``You okay?''

Mary glared at her. ``Of course I'M okay! The PLATE is trashed!'' Sam was surprised at her outburst. This was the first she had seen from her. Patrick walked up and Mary shuddered as she looked at him, picking up the pieces.

``Do I bother you?'' He asked.

``No...'' Mary whimpered.

He exchanged a look with Sam and she helped Mary pick up the plate. By now a heavyset man came barreling out of the back to Mary and grunted when he saw the plate.

``What happened here?'' He asked.

``I...'' Mary began.

``I bumped into her, making her drop the plate. I'm so clumsy. I'll pay for it and everything. I'm sorry.'' Sam lied and the man didn't look like he bought it.

``I find it hard to believe that this is the third plate she's broke and you just happened to cause this one.'' He stated.

Sam went to defend when a female approached Patrick.

``Excuse me, you're Patrick Stump aren't you?''

``Uh, that's what it says on my driver's license, yeah.'' He joked.

She turned to the people with her. ``Oh, my God, I told you so.'' A few 'Falls' and Outs' and 'Boys' were thrown around by the other patrons and the heavyset man looked at him.

``You famous or something?'' He asked.

``Uh, kinda...'' He shrugged. The man looked back at Mary.

``Whatever. Kid, you're f--''

``I can pay for it, ya know. Right now.'' Patrick stated.

The man looked around at the small crowd that was coming to Patrick and smirked. ``Tell ya what. I won't can her if you make a statement that you like to eat here. I don't know how popular you are but it's better than nothin'.''

``I'm flattered.'' Patrick said flatly. ``But I don't Facebook, Twitter, or give statements to magazines.'' He shrugged.

The man looked back at Mary who looked like she was going to cry and back at the boy. ``That'll be thirty bucks.'' Patrick gave him the money and the man looked at the floor. ``Do I see you standing around?'' He asked Mary. ``Just 'cause it's payed for doesn't mean it's gonna clean itself. Pick it up.'' He walked away pocketing the money and Mary bent down to get the plate.

Patrick looked uncomfortable and smiled nervously at the people staring at him. ``I forgot this is why I don't like L.A.'' He whispered.

``Come on, people. Let's leave him alone.'' The original woman said. As soon as she did the small crowd went back to their tables.

``Thanks.'' He smiled at the woman and she smiled back.

``Hey, I didn't mean to cause a problem. You rock, by the way.'' He smiled and looked back at Mary who was still cleaning up the plate.

``Mary, what days do you work here?'' Sam asked her.

``All the days of the week.'' She fumed. Sam gasped and Mary stood up. ``I told you I needed the job at Easy Trim. But Kate cut my hours because she thinks I'm at school. All that doesn't matter now because I'm pretty sure that she's gonna close it soon. So I had to get another job.''

``But these hours ARE school hours.'' Sam questioned.

Mary sighed. ``I told you, I NEED a job. If Kate thinks I'm at school, let her.''

``But--'' Sam started.

``Do you ever wonder why I always wear the same clothes everyday? Because they're all I have that don't have holes in them. I can't even afford to get my hair cut where I work. So I'm doing what I have to. Please leave me alone.'' She walked away and Sam sighed. She felt a hand on hers and she smiled at him.

``Let's go.'' She nodded and they walked out, right before she was out she heard a, 'Was that his girlfriend?'

``So...'' He started.

``That was rough.'' She finished.


``I'm sorry, but you didn't have to go all macho and pay for that plate.'' She giggled.

``Oh, really? You don't like me macho?''

She giggled coyly and held his arm. ``Maayybee.'' She teased.

``Yeah, well, don't get used to it. I'm out of money that I was gonna use to wine and dine you.''

``Really? How much did you have?'' She asked.



``What, you think because I got a few gold records I just walk around with mountains of money?''


``Yeah, that's me. I be a gangsta with cash all over me. Dat's how I roll.'' He said strutting. She couldn't tell whether he was offended or joking so she didn't know whether she should apologize or laugh.

``Kidding.'' He finally said at her silence.

``Oh.'' He walked up to her and raised an eyebrow. ``I'm sorry. I just thought you'd have more than thirty bucks.''

``Actually forty. I got a ten spot left but that won't buy you anything.''

``Then I'll go dutch treat.'' He smiled a little and she nudged him. ``I'm sorry if I offended you.''

``Nah, it's just that with what happened in there with all them staring at me....I dunno. I'm sorry if I snapped at you.''

``You didn't. Let's go to this cafe', shall we?''

``Okey dokey.'' He said all geeky making her giggle.

It was such a cute cafe' kinda like the one they first talked at. She decided on a light salad and he got the same as her but with different dressing.

``Ya know, that was actually the first time you ever acted like I was a celebrity.'' He said taking a bite.

``Oh.'' She said as she took a drink.

``It's okay. Money has been a problem with some of my other relationships too. I don't throw my money around or buy flashy things and they kinda expect me to.''

``I don't--''

``I know, but you gotta admit you were confused about it.'' He smiled and she played with her food. ``I'm waiting for a good charity or something worthwhile to put my money into and then I'll probably just give it all away. So I act like I have a normal amount of money.''

``That's interesting.'' She took a bite and he nodded. ``It must have been hard for you to get used to it all.''

``Yeah, it was. Like, I was dating a girl in a record store and she dumped me when Cork Tree got big.''

Sam pretended to be dumb and raised her eyebrows. ``Cork...Tree?''

He laughed. ``Oh, yeah. I always do this. I date girls that don't know my stuff and then expect them to. From Under The Cork Tree, our big break, ya know? She was all underground and against the machine and when we got big and paparazzi were stalking me, she dumped me.''

``That's not fair. She shouldn't have done that. She should have given you a chance instead of throwing you away like that.'' She sighed and he followed.

``We're not talking about the girl from the record store, are we?'' Sam sighed again and looked down and back at Patrick. ``Hey...Let's not, okay?'' He asked.

``Okay. Sorry, it just pisses me off.''

``Protective of your man, eh?'' He quirked his brow up and down and she laughed.

``Maybe.'' He grabbed her hand and she smiled. ``Just maybe.''



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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