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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Look into those Angel Eyes
By Áislíng


Look Into Those Angel Eyes
By Aisling O'Hagan

'AAAAH' she yelled at the top of her lungs, venting her frustrations. Beans, her dog, looked up at
her as if to say 'what the hell is wrong with you?' Aisling was a writer, weeks away from her
deadline and struggling to put two paragraphs together. It was the ultimate experience of writer's

Aisling took a sip of her now ice-cold tea and decided she needed some air to clear her head, to
make room for ideas that might be just waiting in the wings to emerge. She could only hope.

It was a beautiful crisp spring night in May as she made her way down the street to Merrion Square.
It was a huge park where she played as a child, not 100 metres from her house and it was her
inspiration point. As she strolled along, taking in the night air, she caught a glimpse of a man on
the other side, collapsed on the footpath.

Without even consideration of ignoring the situation, Aisling felt the urge to go over to see what
she could do. As she ran towards the man, she felt a sudden pain in her arm. Before she had a
chance to understand what the pain was, it was gone. 'That was strange' she thought to herself,
continuing to cross the street.

'Are you ok?' she asked the man, lifting his head up off the cement. Staring straight at her, he
looked in her eyes, and stayed silent for a few seconds before muttering the words 'My angel'. He
had taken quite a blow to the head, causing him to act delirious and his hands were cut up from what
appeared to be a knife or razor blade. 'Send an ambulance immediately' Aisling spoke frantically
said into her mobile. 'What's the address Ma'am'? '42980 Connolly Way, right across from Merrion

While she waited for the ambulance to arrive, Aisling ripped the sleeve of her white shirt and
wrapped it around the man's head to slow the bleeding. 'It'll be ok' she told him 'they'll be here
soon'. The man did not voice a response, but attempted a smile to say 'thank you'.

The ambulance arrived within minutes, which impressed Aisling, but she found it quite strange the
medics didn't ask her any questions about what had happened. In fact, they pretty much ignored her.
She barely even had time to get into the back of the ambulance before they sped off.

Even though she did not know the young man from Adam, Aisling stayed with him until the doctors
could determine his condition. They tended to him straight away because of the head injury he had
sustained, but again Aisling was ignored. 'Ah well' she said to herself 'when they need details,
they'll ask'.

Because of the trauma to his head, the young man would be unsure of what happened and would likely
experience difficulty recalling who he was. While he slept, Aisling looked through his clothes and
wallet for clues to his identity and possibly someone she could contact regarding his whereabouts.

In the left pocket of his trousers, she found a mobile. It had managed to escape any damage and
turning it on, Aisling hoped there would be a number in there for a family member or friends.
'Hello?' she said nervously as someone answered the first number she tried. 'Hello?' they replied
back. 'Um, I'm sorry to bother you, but there's someone here at the St. James hospital who had you
in his mobile directory' Aisling told him. 'Who's in the hospital?' the voice on the other end
said, beginning to panic. Aisling continued to explain the situation, hoping that the details would
alert the person to who the man in the hospital was.

'Kian was heading that way' was the reply 'Hey Shay, wasn't Kian heading over to Connolly Way to
meet Gavin?' There was silence and then the call was disconnected. 'What the hell?' Aisling
questioned. She tried to dial the number back but the phone rang busy. She could only assume the
person she had spoken to knew the man lying behind her and was on his way to the hospital.

Heading down the hallway to grab a coffee while she waited for some news, any news on the man's
condition, she was almost floored by four men racing by her. 'Kian Egan's room please' they begged
the nurse at the desk to tell them quickly. 'We have no Kian Egan here' she told them 'what are the
details of why he's here?' One man began to explain what they knew and Aisling, having overheard,
made her way over to them.

'He's in here' she said, pointing them to the appropriate room. 'Oh my god' one of them squealed as
they first set eyes on their friend. 'What happened to him?' he asked. 'I'm not sure exactly what
happened' Aisling answered 'I was walking by and saw him lying on the footpath. My guess is that he
was beaten up and couldn't, or didn't, fight back'.

The four men pulled up some chairs around the bed and vowed to stay there until their friend woke
up. 'He might not know you' Aisling advised them 'I overheard the doctors say he suffered extensive
head trauma'. With that, Aisling made her way to the door to leave. She didn't see any reason for
her to stay now that the man's friends were there. But they immediately stopped her in place.
'Please don't leave' one of the cried out 'Kian will want to meet you when he wakes up. He'll want
to thank you for helping him'.

Aisling wasn't sure if she should be there when he woke up, but she did want to know how he was, so
her staying would save the friends having to contact her. And, although feeling somewhat selfish
for thinking it, with everything that had happened so far, she was starting to develop a story idea
for her book.

It was almost 11 hours and umpteen cups of coffee later before the nurse advised them the man was
waking up. Shane, Bryan, Nicky, Mark and Aisling hurried to the room to see him lying there with
his eyes open, trying to figure out where he was. 'Ki' Shane smiled 'it's about time you woke up'.
The guys continued to joke around, but Aisling could see that Kian was very uncomfortable. 'Bryan'
she whispered, pulling his arm 'I don't think he knows who you are'.

Bryan immediately went closer to Kian and asked 'Do you know who I am?' There was silence. Kian
struggled, trying to think of who this guy was, but it was no use. 'What about me' Mark said
stepping forward into Kian's view. Kian shook his head. There's was no point in Nicky or Shane
asking as he wouldn't know them either.

The guys knew that there was a possibility of memory loss but the reality of their friend not
knowing who they were was still a shock. Especially when Kian seemed to remember Aisling, someone
he'd just met and he was half unconscious at the time. He didn't remember much about her other than
she was the one who helped him.

Bryan, Nicky, Mark and Shane vowed they would help Kian get his memory back. As Kian rested and
Aisling sat by his bedside, the guys gathered in the corner, recalling key things from Kian's life
that might trigger his memory. 'Maybe he'll remember when we got our first number one' Shane said.
Aisling thought to herself 'first number one?' She still had no idea who these guys were, but as she
listened to them recall highlights of Kian's life, she began to figure it out.

'Holy crap' she said quietly, except she wasn't that quiet and immediately all the lads turned and
looked at her with confusion. Embarrassed, she got up quickly and exited the room. As she made her
way to the bathroom, she began to comprehend whom she had helped. Kian Egan of Westlife.

She had never heard much of their music, so wouldn't consider herself to be a fan. Though, living
in Ireland one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know who Westlife were.

Over the next several weeks, Kian suffered through extensive therapy to regain his memory. His
friends and family were there with him every day, encouraging him. Aisling maintained her distance,
often just checking in with the lads for a few minutes every few days to see how he was doing. She
didn't want to overstay her welcome. She also was not visible when Kian was released from the
hospital on July 24th, 10 weeks after she'd found him.

Kian still had not regained much of his memory, although little things were starting to come back to
him; things in the more recent past however. Much to the surprise of his family, Kian kept asking
for Aisling as he was leaving the hospital. The name didn't sound familiar to them, so asking Shane
for details on this 'Aisling' he explained she was the one who found Kian on the street.

The Egan's were very grateful to the young woman who had saved Kian's life, although they knew very
little about her other than her name and what she looked like, as described by the other lads. They
hoped to one day thank her in person, but after she left the hospital that day, it was like she had
never existed.

'She was like my guardian angel' Kian told his mum, still speaking of Aisling months after being
released from hospital. 'I wish I knew where to find her'. Kian had gained most of his short-term
memory back, recalling Westlife's latest tour and most recent album success. But he still had
trouble recalling the start of his career.

Shane, Nicky, Mark and Bryan were determined to somehow track Aisling down for Kian and his family.
They had no idea how they would do it, so they tried to come up with a plan. Bryan suggested going
door to door in the area where Kian was found. Mark thought they could put an ad in the paper and
hope she responded to it. 'It's going to be impossible to find her' Shane said, feeling defeated
before having started their search 'You do realize how big Ireland is. We don't even know if she's
from Dublin'.

The lads knew that Shane was right. But they couldn't give up before they'd even attempted to find
her. For Kian's sake they had to make the effort. So to increase their odds of success, they
decided to go with all their ideas. Bryan went from house to house in the area surrounding the park
where Kian was attacked. He received quite a reaction from people in the neighbourhood when he
mentioned the name 'Aisling'. It was as if people knew who she was, but nobody was saying anything.
Bryan found it all to be very strange.

Mark made his way to the Dublin Post as well as to the Irish Times, to ensure he covered the entire
country in his search. The ad read 'Looking for 'Aisling', the girl who saved a young man's life,
by Merrion Square Park, on Thursday, May 8th, around 11:30pm. Please contact The Egan Family @
(071) 22950'.

Shane and Nicky walked around areas of Dublin where they thought a woman of Aisling's age would hang
out. They went to clubs in the evenings looking for her, into shops during the day, restaurants,
anywhere they could think of.

After three weeks of searching, Bryan, Nicky and Shane decided they had done what they could, at
least in Dublin. 'Let's just wait and see if we get a response to the ad' Mark said, easing the
other lads disappointment. 'We'll wait another week or so and then decide where we go from there'.

December 23rd, over 7 months since Kian was found beaten on the footpath, arrived and the lads felt
totally defeated. They had searched for months for clues of Aisling's whereabouts but came up empty
handed on each attempt.

'She's dropped off the face of earth' Shane said as the four lads walked through the busy shops two
days before Christmas. 'I can't believe we never got her phone number'. Mark added 'How can
someone be that hard to find?'

Suddenly, Shane stopped dead in his tracks. 'Lads, lads' he said with a quiver in his voice. 'I
found her'. Bryan, Nicky and Mark were quite confused at their friend's statement, but made their
way back to him to see what he was on about. They found Shane staring at a book.

'What's that?' Mark asked. 'It's her' Shane replied, pointing to the cover of the book, the words
read 'Inspired by my best friend Aisling', a small picture of her next to her name. Nicky grabbed
the book from Shane and raced up to the check out counter to buy it. 'We can use this to track her

They found information on the book author, Jie O'Hare, and immediately called the phone number,
leaving a message for her to contact them with how to find Aisling. There was no way they could not
succeed this time.

The following day, as they gathered at the Egan's home for Christmas Eve dinner, Shane's mobile
rang. 'Hello?' he answered 'Is this Shane Filan?' the female voice on the other end asked. 'It is,
and you are?'

'My name is Jie. You rang me about Aisling O'Hagan, the girl you are looking for'. Shane's face
lit up. He quickly turned to the table and gave a 'thumbs up' to Kian, mouthing the words 'we've
found her'.

Jie continued 'If you'd like to meet me at Bewley's Grafton coffee shop, I'll bring you to her'.
Shane and Jie arranged the meeting for Christmas Day at noon. Kian was so excited about the chance
to finally thank Aisling for saving his life. On their way to coffee shop, he stopped in to a
nearby flower shop and picked up a mixed bouquet of lilies and roses. It was the least he could

Shortly after 12pm, Jie approached the shop to see five young men waiting outside, looking quite
anxious. She introduced herself to Shane and the others and directed them to follow her.
'Aisling's not far from here' she told them.

The lads seemed to recognize the area that Jie had brought them too, especially Kian. 'This is
Merrion Square Park' Bryan said, wondering what was going on. 'Yes, this is where Aisling is' Jie
replied 'this was always her favourite place to come, even in the winter and often late at night.
She came here to get ideas for her books'. 'So she's a writer?' Kian asked. 'She was, yes' Jie

At that moment, Jie suddenly stopped underneath an Evergreen tree. Kian, Shane, Nicky, Bryan and
Mark all looked at each other with some confusion. 'She must be running late' Mark laughed 'typical
woman'. Jie snickered 'No, she's here already', drawing the lads attention to a small sign at the
base of the tree.

The sign read 'This tree was planted in memory of the greatest friend in the world, Aisling O'Hagan.
May her memory, like the Evergreen, live throughout the seasons'.

'I don't understand' Kian said, his voice shaking, 'When?' Jie took a deep breath, still dealing
with the tragedy and explained 'Aisling was killed in a car accident about 7 months ago'. Shane
suddenly turned very pale. 'When?' he asked, repeating Kian's question. He did not expect what Jie
was about to tell him.

'She was hit by a car as she crossed the street in front of her house, on May 8th, around 11:30pm.
Right over there'. Jie pointed to the adjacent street, Connolly Way.

'That's not possible' Kian said 'She saved my life that night, around that same time'. Jie knew it
would be hard for him to believe, it was hard for her to believe as well. 'From what the coroner
said, she was hit by a drunk driver and was killed instantly. The driver left the scene, but a few
minutes later smashed his car into a tree. His car was so badly damaged that his car clock stopped,
it read 11:33pm'. 'But what happened to her?' Shane asked Jie, still in shock 'Why did the medics
not notice her lying on the road when they found Kian? And if she was dead, who called 999?'

'I've checked her mobile and the last number that was dialled was 999, and it was dialled at 11:30pm
on May 8th' Jie told them 'It's inexplicable'.

Kian couldn't believe what he was hearing. But suddenly he remembered something from that night.
'Oh Jaysus' he shouted, falling to his knees on the footpath where Aisling had helped him. 'What's
the matter? Nicky asked concerned for his mate.

'My angel' Kian said softly to himself, then said it again louder 'My angel. That's what I said to
her when I saw her face that night. She really was my guardian angel'.

Another word was not exchanged between the six for about 5 minutes as they stood, trying to grasp
the reality of what had happened there 7 months ago. Kian, then turned and made his way back to the
Evergreen tree, placing the flowers at the base, next to the sign honouring Aisling.

The only words he could muster were 'Thank You'.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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