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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Where We Begin
By Áislíng


by Aisling O'Hagan

As she sat on the edge of the bed, Aisling recalled the moments that had brought her to this point
in her life, this life-altering decision she was about to make. But with only hours to decide, she
still was unsure of what to do.

** REWIND - 10 Weeks **

'I'll have a burger & chips please' Aisling told the girl behind the counter at The Four Lanterns.
It had always been Aisling's favourite chip shop and being back in the northwest of Ireland, she
wasn't going to drive through Sligo and not stop.

As she sunk her teeth into the first bite, a young man asking if he could use one the extra chairs
at her table interrupted her. With her mouth full, Aisling obliged by smiling and nodding her head,
causing the stranger to smile back and apologize.

Joining his two friends at a table in the corner, Kian couldn't stop himself from glancing over at
this beautiful girl who was sitting not 20 feet from him. He tried to make it as inconspicuous as
possible, pretending at times to be looking at people passing by outside, when Aisling would catch
his eye.

'Do you know her' Shane asked his mate, noticing his lack of attention to their conversation. 'I
wish' Kian replied 'She's beautiful. Mark felt something needed to be said about a little detail he
had noticed. 'She's beautiful alright' he agreed 'but she's beautiful and taken', drawing his mates
attention to the diamond ring on her left hand.

Kian laughed, assuring his mates that he was not going to try and pull this girl; he was just
noticing how she stood out from so many other girls he'd seen.

Aisling took the final bite of her burger, drank the last drop of her coke and got up to leave. As
she walked out the door and down the street, Kian noticed something on the floor by the chair she
had just been sitting in. It was a piece of paper, with what looked like an address on it. Shane
and Mark looked at each other, knowing what their mate was about to do. Kian bolted from his chair,
grabbed the paper and ran down the street after Aisling.

'Excuse me. Excuse me' he called after her. She finally turned to see this stranger from the chip
shop hailing her. 'You dropped this' Kian said as he approached, slightly out of breath. 'Oh my
goodness. Thank you' Aisling replied 'I wouldn't do very well without these'. Aisling explained
that although she knew Sligo very well years ago, she still needed directions to get around with

'Well I'm from here' Kian told her nervously 'I could show you a faster and easier way to get
there'. Aisling appreciated his intentions but was hesitant to accept. Nevertheless, he was just
going to show her how to get there, nothing more. What did she think would happen?

Getting into Aisling's hired car, she and Kian made their way down the main street and Kian directed
her which way to turn. Less than 15 minutes later, they arrived at the hotel and Aisling had
checked in. 'Thank you so much.... I'm sorry, I don't know your name' Aisling apologized. 'Kian
Egan' he replied 'and you are?' 'Aisling, Aisling O'Hagan'.

'So what are your plans while you're in town?' Kian asked boldly. 'I'm here for a conference
tomorrow and then I was just going to do a bit of sightseeing' she told him, leaving an opening for
his next words. 'There's a concert at Markievicz Park on Monday night. It's supposed to be really
good. I could get you a ticket if you'd like to come'.

There was no reason why Aisling couldn't accept, she had no plans. Kian explained that it was a
concert by some locals and it was sure to be a great evening out. 'I'll drop your ticket by later
on then' and with that, Kian said goodbye.

As Aisling sat in the conference room in her hotel, listening to the speaker ramble on, she thought
about her life and how things were not going well back home with her fianc?. The work conference
was her escape for a few days.

But thinking about work and home, she could not avoid one thing; she could not get Kian's face or
voice out of her mind. She couldn't figure out the effect he was having on her, but whatever it
was, she had not felt that way in a long time. It scared her a little, but more than anything it
excited her.

His blond hair, his 5'8 stature, his sky blue eyes. It was almost too much for her. She needed
some water. Leaving the room, Aisling made her way down the hallway to the restaurant to grab a
bottle of water, when she heard his voice. At first she thought it was her mind playing tricks on
her and she tried to tell herself to stop being so silly, but then she heard it again. 'Aisling.
Aisling' he said. She turned and there was Kian coming towards her.

'I was just dropping off the ticket to the concert and I saw you come out of the conference' he told
her 'Perfect timing'. Aisling could feel her heart beating a million miles a minute, finding it
almost difficult to breath.

'Kian, do you wanna go for a walk or something?' Aisling asked. He was a little confused as she was
supposed to be at the conference, but he didn't want to say no. 'Ya sure' he replied 'Let's go to
Strandhill. It's gorgeous there'.

As they walked along the beach, Kian bravely reached down for Aisling's hand and took it in his. It
took Aisling off guard, but she didn't fight it. Aisling looked in his eyes and he could see that
she knew she shouldn't be there with him, but neither of them was willing to let the feeling end.

Taking a seat on a rock, near the water, Kian turned to Aisling and asked 'Does this feel weird?',
implying that they'd only known each for 24 hours and yet they were walking on the beach, holding
hands as if they'd been together forever.

Blushing, Aisling told him that she was unsure of what the feeling she was experiencing, but
whatever it was, she liked it. As she spoke, she fiddled with the ring on her left hand, reminding
both her and Kian that there was someone else to consider if this was going to move past that day.
'Nothing needs to be decided today' Kian assured her 'Let's just enjoy it for now'.

Monday afternoon arrived and Kian had told Aisling that he could not pick her up for the concert at
Markievicz Park, but that he would meet her there. 'Just come to the security gate at the back and
they'll let you in' he told her.

Approaching the park, Aisling could see hundreds, if not thousands, of people all over the park.
'Must be a pretty famous group for this type of crowd' she thought to herself. Showing her ticket
to the security guard at the side gate, she was escorted into the VIP section and seated directly in
front of the stage.

Wondering where Kian was and beginning to panic that he wasn't going to show up, the announcer came
across the loud speaker. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Sligo's own...WESTLIFE'. The crowd
erupted in cheers and applause, startling Aisling at first. But she quickly joined in as the music
began to play. She still worried about where Kian was but she figured he was just running late.

As the group emerged on stage, two of them looked very familiar to Aisling, but she couldn't quite
figure out where she'd seen them before. Then, causing her to do a double take, she saw Kian run
out on stage and blow her a kiss. 'What the...' she said to herself in shock. She quickly realized
it was indeed Kian and she smiled widely.

90 minutes later, the crowd was dissipating from the park and Aisling was left alone at the front of
the stage. As she watched the last few people disappear, she felt a tap on her shoulder and
turning, she found Kian there beside her. 'So?' he asked nervously 'what did ya think?'. 'Oh my
goodness Kian, that was AMAZING' Aisling cheered 'I had no idea'.

Kian apologized for not telling her about what he did for a living, but explained that sometimes the
thought of being associated with a celebrity is too much for some people. Aisling laughed and
kissed Kian on the cheek 'You're so sweet'.

As she stepped back, Kian placed his hand behind her head and pulled her towards him again, kissing
her softly on the lips. As their lips parted, Aisling stood for a few seconds in a daze, but was
quickly brought back to life by the sounds of voices coming closer.

'Ki' Shane bellowed from behind them 'Let's go for a drink'. Kian waved at his mates to say he'd
meet them there and turned to Aisling to see if she wanted to join them. 'I'd better not' Aisling
replied, explaining that it might be uncomfortable to have to explain her situation of being in a
relationship already and the fact that it's quite obvious she and Kian were slowly becoming closer.

Kian tried to convince her that his mates would be fine with her being around, despite the
situation, but he did understand. He kissed her again and they arranged to meet the following day
for lunch.

'So what's the deal with the girl Ki?' Bryan asked 'how come you didn't bring her along to meet
us?'. Shane spoke up 'because she's not available for Kian to have, Bry'. Bryan looked at Kian to
see if Shane was telling the truth. Kian nodded. 'Be careful mate' Nicky told him 'you could end
up getting hurt.

Kian knew his mates were just looking out for him, but the way he was beginning to feel about
Aisling, he was willing to take the chance of having his heart broken.

Over the next while, Kian and Aisling spent all their time together. Kian was leaving on tour the
following day and Aisling was to fly home to London. Knowing that their time together was
decreasing, Kian needed to know where things stood.

'Aisling' he said anxiously 'where do you see this going?' She, although expecting the question,
had not really thought much about it. She wanted to just live for the moment, for the time they had
together. But she knew that in reality, she had to make a decision. Was she going to give up her
stable, long-term relationship for the chance at what could just end up as a whirlwind romance.

Kian, getting nervous by Aisling's lack of response, asked the question again. She replied 'I've
had the time of my life with you Kian, but I really don't know what I want. I need more time'.

He understood completely and so he made a proposition. 'I leave for tour tomorrow and will be gone
for 8 weeks. That will give us both time to decide if we want to pursue what we think is happening
between us'.

He continued 'on the last day of the tour, I will be leaving Paris to come home. If you want to be
with me, meet me at the departure gates at Charles De Galle airport at noon'. As he finished, a
tear streamed down Aisling's cheek. Kian wiped it away, kissed her on the cheek and said 'see you
in 8 weeks'.


Aisling sat at the edge of her bed, staring at the open suitcase on the floor. Was she going to
pack it and leave or would she put it back in the closet and continue her life as it was?

Kian stood at the departure gate, watching anxiously, his heart beating faster every time someone
walked by. He thought he knew her heart, but as the minutes passed, he became increasingly unsure.

'Ki let's go' shouted Nicky from the doors leading to the plane 'we gotta go'. Kian knew he
couldn't wait anymore. It was already 12:15pm and the flight back to Ireland was about to leave.

Slowly, he picked up his carry-on and walked towards Nicky and the others. 'I guess she made her
decision' Kian said, trying to hold back the tears. 'Sorry mate' Shane said, knowing it wasn't much

A week later, still having a hard time understanding why Aisling hadn't even called to explain, Kian
made his way down to The Four Lanterns to meet Shane and Mark for lunch. He didn't really want to
eat there because it just reminded him of her, but his friends insisted it would be good therapy.

As he sunk his teeth into the first bite, Kian was interrupted by a young woman asking if she could
use one the extra chairs at their table. Without looking up, Kian waved his hand in a 'yes' motion
and continued to wallow in his burger.

He suddenly felt a pain in his shin, as Mark had kicked him to get his attention. Looking at Mark
as if to say 'what the hell is your problem', Kian's eyes suddenly were directed to the girl, still
standing by their table, holding the chair.

Hoping he was not imagining things, Kian looked at both Shane and Mark before looking back at her to
realize Aisling was standing in front of him, in the very spot where he had first spoken to her. He
pushed his chair back slowly and walked towards her.

'I'm sorry I...' Aisling tried to explain, but Kian stopped her. He wanted to hold on to this
moment for as long as he could. Parting his lips from hers, Kian told her to forget everything that
happened before. 'From this moment, this is where we begin'.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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