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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Everything That's Missing
By Áislíng


By ?isl?ng O'Hagan

A love from her past re-enters Aisling's life. Will she choose the one she's with now or will her
past prove to be where her heart lies?

"We're getting married," squealed Aisling as she entered her mother's kitchen holding Kian's hand.
Aisling leaned in and kissed Kian on the cheek, as both his and her parents laughed. "They're so
cute" Mrs. Egan smiled, enjoying the sight of her 5-year-old son playing "Marriage" with the
4-year-old neighbour.

"You should have seen us," Aisling giggled, recalling her childhood memories for her best mate, Jie.
"I really did think we would get married. For years, you couldn't separate us if you tried" she
told her. "I'm sure our parents were convinced we'd be married and have 4 kids by now".

Sadly however, the inseparable two were not that at all and had drifted apart after secondary
school. Aisling left for University in Belfast and Kian stayed behind in Dublin to pursue his
career in music. It had been a year since Aisling graduated and had moved back to Dublin, but still
she and Kian had not regained contact.

"Hand me my lipstick, will ya?" Aisling bellowed to Jie from the bathroom. The girls were getting
ready to attend a party at an exclusive club, frequented by celebrities. Aisling was dating a young
lad named Shane, who was a member of an up-and-coming boy band called Westlife. He was their way
in to the party. Having only dated for a few months, Aisling had yet to meet Shane's band-mates.
In fact, at the party tonight she was finally going to get her chance.

As they approached the party, both Aisling and Jie checked their make-up one last time and made
their way in, Aisling holding tightly on to Shane. For some reason, Aisling was extremely nervous
and it made her feel as though she needed to pee all the time. "You go on in honey" Aisling told
Shane releasing her hand from his "I'll be there in a sec". Jie and Shane made their way into the
party, while Aisling raced to the loo.

Having finished her business and checking her hair one more time for good measure, she flung the
bathroom door open and ran out. WHAM!!!! Straight into someone passing as she exited. Aisling was
knocked to the floor by the stronger body she'd hit. "Jaysus, I'm so sorry. Ya alright?" the
voice asked from above. Aisling looked up, slightly stunned from the knock and replied, "Ya, I'm
grand, thanks". A hand reached down to help her up and she obliged by taking it.

A very handsome young man was standing in front of her, dressed very sharply in black trousers and
beige shirt. "Ya headin' into that party there" he asked her, making sure the collision had not
damaged her thought process. "Yes, yes. You?" she asked in return. "Ya, I'm sort of one of the
guests of honour" he told her. "Ah right" Aisling said quietly, feeling for bumps on her head.

Without introducing themselves, Aisling and the stranger walked separately into the party, she
heading in one direction after spotting Shane and he in another to find his mates. "What happened
to you?" Jie asked Aisling as she approached "I came racing out of the bathroom too fast and I
knocked into some fella," Aisling explained, "I'm grand though".

Shane grabbed Aisling's hand and whisked her out onto the dance floor. "I wanna show off my
beautiful girl tonight" Shane smiled "and then maybe later, my beautiful girl can show off herself
to me". "Shane Filan, you are bad" Aisling giggled, slapping his arm.

As they danced, Aisling could feel someone's eyes burning a hole in the back of her neck; the young
man she'd run into outside the bathroom was staring at her. Although normally it would bother her
for someone to be staring at her so intensely, but this she didn't seem to mind.

After a few dances and mingling with the other celebrities at the party, Shane felt it was time for
him to introduce his band-mates to the girl he'd fallen for. "Come on you" he said, tugging at her
arm to get her to follow. They approached a crowd of people that had surrounded four fellas, all
looking around the same age as Shane.

"Lads, I'd like you to meet Aisling" Shane yelled over the music "This is my girlfriend Aisling".
The young man Aisling had encountered earlier suddenly turned very pale. Shane couldn't help but
notice and asked "Ki, man, are you alright?" His friend managed to mutter only these words "that's
my wife". No-one quite understood what he meant, so they asked him to repeat it. "That's my wife,"
he said again.

Still confused the other four lads tried to translate what their friend had said. Aisling stood
there in shock, unable to distract herself from this lads eyes. Suddenly Kian spurted "No, no,
she's not really my wife. I just know her" he turned to Aisling "I know you". "Oh My God" Aisling
replied with a shaky voice, realizing for the first time who the stranger from the crash in the
hallway was. "Kian Egan". She reached out, wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He
hugged her back just as tight.

"What the hell?" Bryan said totally confused. Shane stood there also quite puzzled by his
girlfriend and good mate hugging each other. "Hold up here" Shane said, "You know each other".
"God yes" Aisling laughed "We've been friends ever since we were babies, but we lost touch after
secondary school".

"What a small world" Shane thought to himself "My girlfriend has known my best mate for years".
Shane thought this was great - one less obstacle when having his girlfriend around his mates; she
already gets along with them, well with Kian at least.

Over the next months, Aisling and Kian had a lot of catching up to do. When he wasn't working with
the band, she and he would go for coffee or for dinner to fill each other in on their lives over the
past 5 years. And in the interim, Shane was feeling quite neglected by both his friend and his
girlfriend. Sure, he saw Kian at Westlife functions, but they weren't friends like before. And his
relationship with Aisling had certainly changed. She was spending all her time with another man,
Shane's best mate.

As Aisling and Kian got closer and Westlife rocketed to pop stardom, Shane began to change. His ego
became almost unbearable with the band's success. He treated waiters like crap when in a
restaurant, returning his food even when nothing was wrong with it; he just did it because he could.
He'd request ridiculous things like champagne, caviar and certain coloured jelly-beans in his
dressing room before concerts; He had become the biggest pain-in-the-ass pop star around.

Backstage after a concert one night, Shane had one of his ego moments, chastising a dressing room
attendant because there were no green jelly beans. Aisling, having had enough of the Filan ego,
immediately stepped in and called him on it. "Shane, what the hell are you doing?" she questioned,
"Stop acting like such a bloody big shot. You've turned into someone that nobody wants to be
around". "Ha, you didn't want to be around me even before this" he barked. He shot a nasty look in
Kian's direction while continuing to chastise Aisling for what she'd said.

But she had had enough. Aisling didn't even wait for Shane to finish his words before turning
around and storming out, tears streaming down her face. "All I wanted to do was get Kian back in my
life" she thought to herself "Why is Shane being this way".

Bryan, having witnessed the entire episode, approached Shane, slapping him across the back of the
head. "Well done mate" he said "You're gonna lose her for good if you keep acting like that".
Shane knew Bryan was right, but he felt he'd already lost Aisling; He didn't see any reason to make
her think he still wanted her.

But that was just it; He did still want her; He loved her. The only reason he'd been acting that
way was because he wanted to be the one pushing her away. He believed that it would be easier if he
just made Aisling hate him for being everything she despised - a celebrity that thinks he's all
that. He could see how Kian and Aisling were together; "He's meant to be with her, not me," he

Later that evening, as they sat in the corner of their favourite coffee house, Kian said to Aisling
"Ash" I've written a song. Wanna hear it?" "Of course I do" Aisling said wondering why Kian would
even have to ask. He began...

"...I wasn't meant to love like this; Not without you. Cause when I look at my life, how the pieces
fall into place. It just wouldn't rhyme without you. When I see my path seem to end up before you
face, the state of my heart, the place where we are is written in the stars"

As Kian sang each word, Aisling could see the meaning in his eyes. He meant every word he was
singing to her. He was telling her that they were meant to be together because they're paths had
crossed again after all these years; he was telling her that he loved her.

"Kian" Aisling said softly "That was beautiful". Kian smiled. Wanting to confirm her thoughts
about the song she asked "So, who's the lucky girl you wrote it for?" "You" Kian said without
hesitation "It's for you". She lowered her head, hoping that wasn't the answer he was going to
give. But she had to explain.

"Thank you Kian, but you shouldn't have done that," she said. "I know, but I wanted you to know how
I feel about having you back in my life" he told her "I've always loved you and when you came back
into my life, I realized that I still love you. I'm in love with..." Aisling stopped him
mid-sentence. She couldn't let him go on knowing how she felt.

"I love you too Kian, but just not in that way" she explained. "When I met Shane, he was the first
guy who made me not wish I was with you". Aisling thought that sounded a bit harsh, so she tried to
clarify. "It's ok, Ash" Kian replied "I know you love Shane; I just wanted to let you know how I
felt about you before you made your decision; to make sure you had all the facts". But Kian knew
she'd already made up her mind. He stood up from the table, placed the song in her hands, kissed
her on the cheek and whispered "go find him".

Aisling knew exactly where she could go find Shane. His favourite place in the whole world was a
quiet little spot in the park, on the bridge. With Kian's song in hand, she made her way to the
bridge. Seeing Shane there, her pace quickened. "Whatcha lookin' at" she said as she drew closer
to him. Looking up from his reflection in the water, he turned and tried not to seem so happy to
see her. "She's probably just here to tell me that she and Kian are getting married or somethin'"
he thought.

"Where's Kian" he asked rudely. "He's gone to hang out with Mark at the studio" Aisling answered
"He wrote a song". "Good for him" Shane said. "Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Kian" Aisling
continued "I'm here to talk about us". A tiny smile suddenly appeared on Shane's face; could this
be good news?

"Shane, I want to apologize for neglecting you" she told him. "It's just that Kian was a major part
of my life before and I needed to find out just how important he was to my life now". Shane replied
"I'm sorry for pushing you away and acting like such a jerk. I just thought it would be easier for
me to take if I ended it". Aisling smiled "Ya, I did think you were a total jerk. But I'm not here
to tell you off again. I'm here because I want another chance to prove myself wrong". With a
puzzled look, Shane asked "prove yourself wrong about what?"

"That you're everything I resent". Aisling paused before her next words. She leaned in, kissing
Shane softly on the lips. "Because I think you might just be everything I'm missing".


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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