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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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I Kissed Someone In FOB And All I Got Was This Stupid Chapter Written About Me
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Six: I Kissed Someone In FOB And All I Got Was This Stupid Chapter Written About Me


``Don't you think you're going a bit overboard here?'' Bree put her hands on her hips at her sister running around like a chicken with its head cut off. After their little pillow fight Sam realized her VERY close call earlier that night.

``No! I remembered that he almost pressed 'play'! He would've heard his own voice come outta those speakers! How could I have explained that?'' Sam was scouring the apartment for any incriminating evidence of their little fib.

Bree rolled her eyes and shook her head. ``Really, Sammie, you're too dramatic. We could've just said we were curious or something.'' Sam stopped dead and glared at her sister.

``And how long do you think that would have worked before he got a clue? Hmm, two seconds? Oh, maybe three? Yeah, three.''

Bree chuckled and sat down on the couch. ``He can't prove when we bought that album.''

``WE? That's MY copy, Bree. Yours is in the bedroom. OMG, get your stuff outta here too! Having a sister with FOB stuff is just as bad.''

Bree scoffed. ``I'm not throwing away anything that I paid for with MY hard earned cash. YOU can throw your shit away if you want. I'll just hide mine. Like he'd go snooping through our house.''

Sam thought about it. ``I wasn't gonna throw my stuff out...'' She fingered her copy of Infinity On High and sighed. ``But where could we hide it? We both have of copies of Cork Tree, Infinity, Folie' and BND. And I have all the rest. Plus all the DVDs. We don't have much room here...''

``Hel-lo? Closet? What self respecting male goes through a chick's closet? Just put all of it in a box and hide it in the top of my closet. Maybe as you guys get more comfortable he'd go through your stuff, but never mine. That is, if he wants to make babies ever, he won't.''

Sam laughed and let out a relieving sigh. ``Okay. Do we have a box?''

``Eh, I'll find something.'' Bree got up and went to the bedroom. Sam followed and sat down on one of the beds.

``Wait, how would Patrick know which closet is mine? He could go through yours by mistake--''

Bree stopped her sister by pulling out a tiny, black, lace, see-through teddy. ``You wear stuff like this all the time, huh?''

Sam looked at all the clothing in her sister's closet and it was pretty obvious that it wasn't her stuff. ``Right. Okay, Just freaking out. Don't mind me.''

``Oh, don't worry. I stopped when you were ten.''

Sam rolled her eyes and Bree laughed. ``Okay. Here we go. A plain, stupid, brown box. Not marked or anything. Boring as hell. This'll work.'' She sat the box down and pulled out a tee shirt. She sighed and bundled the shirt up and threw it in the corner of her closet. ``Never did get a hanger for that.'' She left the room without a word and Sam sighed. She knew who's shirt that was.

The only thing they had left of them.

Sam picked up the box and began putting all of the FOB stuff in it. All her CDs and DVDs. And Bree's stuff as well. Stuff Sam recorded, anything at all. Even old notebooks from high school where she had doodled some FOB stuff on them. She just couldn't throw this stuff out. She tried her hardest to put the box at the top of the closet, but damn her height! Bree came up behind and, with her five inch heels, placed the box with ease.

``We're good?'' The older asked.

``Yeah. Nothing to worry about now.''

Monday was over and Tuesday began as usual. Kate was beginning her vacation, which was a little odd considering that she only had four employees, so this would be the first time that Sam would have to deal with September and Antonio alone. On top of that, she had only worked there a week. That wasn't much to get too acclimated. September was put in charge and Sam was worried that they'd clash. She's noticed within a few days that Tem was a little standoff-ish around her. Maybe she didn't like her? But why?

She'd have to figure that out herself.

``Okay, so I have a shift at three pm and I come home at eight. Then I got another shift at eleven. I work that till three am. Got it?''

``Three pm to three am? Jacob sure is an ass-hat.'' Sam said with a grunt.

``He thinks threes hours in between shifts is a break. Man, I wish I had set hours. But that's not conducive for a pole dancer.'' Bree said that with no emotion but Sam got the shame hidden in it. Bree never complained about her job, nor did she seem to enjoy it. Sam never asked why she got into stripping. It was an un-spoken deal between them. Don't ask, don't tell.

``Well, have a good day at work. I wish YOU had better hours too, but you're making a killing at six fifty an hour. Eight to five. Pretty good.''

``Yeah...'' Sam thought back to her first day. She had worked that whole day since she needed to learn the ropes. And there wasn't many customers. Except Patrick. A smile creped on her face when she remembered washing his hair.

``Thinking of gingerbread again?'' Bree asked.

``Hmm? No--I! No.''

Bree 'tsked' and shook her head. ``Terrible liar, sis.''

Sam sighed. ``How am I gonna do this?''

Bree patted her sister on the shoulder and sighed. ``Life ain't easy. You just do it. Trust me, it'll be worth it in the end.'' She winked and smiled, making her younger sister smile in return.

``I better go before I miss my bus.'' They shared a hug and soon Sam was gone.

Bree looked around their small apartment and plopped on the couch. Her phone rang and it was her usual ride, Summer.


'Hey, did you hear? Lara slept with Mr. Laurence! His wife found out and Jacob fired her. She's got a black eye, but she swears it wasn't Jake. What do you think, Bree?'

Bree sighed and looked at her perfectly manicured toenails. ``It's what I always say; Don't touch the merchandise.''

Sam entered the salon and saw that only September was there. ``Hi.'' Sam smiled at her and she looked up and nodded. Sam raised an eyebrow and and shook it off. She put her stuff in the back and got ready for the day. Since school was starting next week there were more customers. Ah, so that's why Kate was taking her vacation now. She wouldn't get this chance again since school was starting. Smart.

Mary entered next and did her usual routine to get ready. She would probably have to quit when school started. Though she never said that. Sam got the feeling that her and Mary were just stand-ins till Kate found people she really wanted. That wouldn't be good. Sam hoped she'd keep her job.

Antonio was last and he looked tired. He said nothing as he went about his way.

Sam sighed and set the sign to 'open'.

``Get ready, I'm sure they'll knock us down clamoring in here.'' September joked as she lit up a cigarette.

Sam gave her a look of disdain and went to a chair to sit.

Another long, heartbreaking day.


Four o'clock came around and not a single customer. This was the worst day they had seen. September was on the phone with Kate and Sam felt so bad. She just knew that this place was going down. It wouldn't be long.

Tem shut her cell and cleared her throat. ``Well. We're closing. Kate says there's no point and I got stuff to do. Have a fun day off.'' Sam couldn't take it anymore.

``What do you mean there's no point? C'mon, you guys! Surely there's a way to get more customers interested in this place!''

``Oh, sure! We'll just hold them at gun-point on the street to force them in! It's a depression, Sam. Not a ressesion, a DEPRESSION. We're going down. Face it, you were hired to make Kate feel better. Tonio and I could run this place by ourselves. Get over yourself.''

``Get over YOURself. What's your problem? You don't like me, huh?'' Sam crossed her arms and September chuckled.

``Not really. And it's nothing personal. I just think you're fake.''

Sam's brow quirked up. ``Oh? In what way?''

``I haven't figured that out yet, I just know you are. Nobody is that stinkin' nice.'' She blew out more smoke from yet another cigarette and it was Sam's turn to chuckle.

``Maybe they are. Maybe you should get to know someone before you judge them.''

``Whatever. I'm leaving. If you wanna stay here and sniff the shampoo, be my guest. Bye.'' She picked up her multi-colored purse and walked out.

Antonio looked back at the newbie and sighed. ``She's put a lot of years into this and she knows it's gone. It was all for nothing. She saw all her friends get fired and she's the last. This is the only job she could get without a high school diploma. She's screwed once this place goes down. We all are. Well...maybe not you.'' He looked at Mary. ``You live at home so you don't really NEED this job, and I don't know about you.'' He looked at Sam and she sighed.

``You're right. My sister makes a lot of money, but I can't lean on her. But, you're right...I don't necessarily need this job...''

Tonio shrugged and walked to the door. ``Later.''

Now it was Sam and Mary alone for the first time since Sam had come to work there.

Mary looked like she was about ready to jump off a bridge and grabbed her bag. She said nothing as she went to the door. ``He's wrong. I do need this job.'' She walked out and as the door jingled Sam felt her heartstrings pull.

She locked up the salon and walked to the bus stop. She had a good wait for the bus and she fingered her phone.

Should she? It would be the first time that she did.

What the hell.

She dialed his number and put the phone to her ear.

One ring...





Her heart fell, he wasn't there. Just her luck. Just as she was about to hang up--

'Ah, crap. Hello?'

He sounded like he was out of breath and like he had just hurt himself. ``Uh, hi. You okay?''

'Yeah. I just got out of the shower when I heard my phone.'

``Oh, I'm sorry.'' The thought of him naked and wet crossed her mind and her face turned a bright crimson. ``Uh, I can call later...''

'Nah, it's all good.' There was a pause and he spoke again. 'I thought you got off at five?'

``The salon closed early.'' She sighed and kicked her feet.

'Is everything okay?'

``Yeah, I get a day off. Nothing wrong with that, huh?''

He chuckled and grunted like he was doing something in the background. 'So you called me, hmm? I'm honored.'

``Seriously, if I'm bothering you--''

'I said you weren't.'

She cleared her throat and switched ears. ``Okay, then.''

'Though I do have to get dressed...' He giggled and that image crossed her mind again.

She couldn't help herself. ``Are you naked?''

'No, I often shower fully clothed. Makes laundry easier.'

She giggled nervously and he laughed at her. 'I'm in a towel.' Not much better.

``Ah...Well, get dressed and you can call me back.''

'Aw, you don't wanna listen to me rummage through my closet for fifteen minutes?'


He laughed. 'Alright. I'll call you back. You busy or got something planned?'

She smiled. ``Nope.''

'Cool, gimme ten minutes.'



``Bye.'' She sighed and shut her phone. That went well.

Though she couldn't shake that image--Damn it! Go away! Where the hell is that bus?!

She was ON the bus when he finally called. ``That wasn't ten minutes...''

'Sorry, someone else called. So what'cha doing now?'

``Riding the bus.''

'Yummy. Anyone pee on you yet?'

``No! I said 'bus' not 'subway'!'' They laughed together.

'Well, I'd love to talk more but somethin' kinda came up. I'm gonna be busy today. Maybe I could call you tonight?' She sighed. Again, just her luck.

``Sure, I'll probably be up late.''

'How's around ten sound?'


'Okay, sorry.'

``It's cool. I know you're a busy guy. At least, I think you are.''

'Yeah...I am I guess. I gotta go, all right?'

``Yeah, bye.''

'Bye, Sam.'

Sam sighed heavily. She wondered what he was doing that would keep him till ten. It wasn't another girl...was it?

She shook her head. So what if it was? They weren't officially dating. He could do as he pleased. She plunked back in her seat and crossed her legs.

Her phone beeped to signal a text and she read it.

-'wanna do something tomorrow?'-

She smiled and texted back.

- ``y didn't u ask me this 5 secs ago?''-

A few seconds ticked by. -'cuz I didn't think of it till now'-

She laughed and shook her head. - ``kk we'll talk 2night about it''-


She smiled and uncrossed her legs.

What was she worried about again?


It was around ten pm and Bree wasn't home yet. She was getting very worried when her phone rang.


'Hey, baby, sorry I didn't call. Listen, I'm at one of my friend's house. She's--um, upset and Summer and I are gonna stay with her during my break. Sorry, but you won't be seeing my face till tomorrow morning.'

Sam looked around and felt a chill. She hadn't been alone much since she moved in with Bree. ``Okay...I hope she's okay.''

'Yeah, she's fine. Just needs reassurance. Gotta go. Bye, babe.' The line clicked off before Sam could respond. She sighed and sat her phone down. What now?

Another ring. Yay, the call she wanted!

``Hey! What's up?''

'Nothin'. You?'

``I'm all alone. Bree is working late.''

'Is that so?' There was a pause and she felt awkward again. 'That sucks. Hopefully I can keep you from getting too bored.'

She laughed and sat back on her bed. ``Perhaps. What should we talk about?''

'Hmm. What have we not talked about yet?'

``Everything. We haven't gotten to know each other much.''

'Okay, twenty questions?' She laughed again. 'No, seriously. The best way to get to know someone is to ask stuff about them. Who's going first?'

``Um...You.'' Her tone was flirtatious and somewhat childlike and he giggled.

'Kay. What's your'

``Chinese...or Italian. You?''

'That's tough. I'm not sure. I like sushi and all that...and Italian is good. I guess seafood for now. My tastes change a lot. Your turn.'

``What's your favorite movie?''

'Oh, that's simple. Ghostbusters. You?'


He laughed heartily. 'Yeah, that is a funny one. I wouldn't have guessed someone like you would like Superbad though.'

``Hey, I like all of his movies. And I love Jonah Hill. He's so funny. And OMG Seth Rogan.''

'Who doesn't love Seth Rogan? I love comedies.'

``Me too, and horror. Horror comedy is the best though. Cabin Fever and Zombie Planet are the best.''

'Definitely Cabin Fever for me. When that guy at the end gets shot, I laughed my ass off.'

``That was hilarious. Uh...favorite dessert?''

'Anything sweet.' She laughed and he chuckled. 'I have a bit of a sweet tooth. But actually nothing compares to my Mom's cooking. She makes really good desserts. I guess if I had to choose...pastries. You?'

``Cake. Like, birthday cake.''

'Hell, yeah.'


'Okay, now I'm hungry.'

She laughed.

'I hate you now.'

``Sorry. I've run out of questions.''


She laughed again. He laughed and sighed.

'So, what should we do tomorrow?'

That fact that he said 'do' mixed with the day's earlier image made her think of something naughty. ``Um...I dunno...''

He could hear her nervousness and inhaled to speak. 'What's wrong?'


'I know that we kinda have been going fast...and I'm not even sure that there is a WE...but we should get to know each other. I don't see any other way to do that than hanging out. We can only do Q&A for so long.'

``Yeah, I know. I'm cool with it.''

'You didn't answer my question.'

She thought for a minute and looked at light of the TV in the living room. She got up and saw a trailer for a movie that had come out a week earlier.

``Movie?'' There wasn't a response and she sighed. ``Lame, I know, but I can't think of anything.''

'No more lame than...bowling.' He shuddered and she laughed.

``It wasn't THAT bad.''

'So you admit it was bad!' He faked cried and she laughed harder. He stopped his crying on a dime. 'What movie?'

``Leak? Horror I think.''

'Oh, thank God. I though it'd be a chick flick.'

She huffed. ``Though I did wanna see that one about the waitress and the chef...''

He fake cried again and she giggled like a little girl.

'Leak it is. Got a time or...?'

``I could check online real quick.''

'Cool. I'm good for...well, it has to be after five so you can get ready after If you can find one.'

``Yeah, there is one at seven. Seven twenty. You good?''

'Yup. Pick you up I guess.' He giggled and she chuckled at the sound.

``Okay, sounds good.''

'Jut don't spill your drink on me when things get too horrific.'

``Nah, just on the guy in front of me.''

'And then I get punched. Good times.'

They laughed together and she saw the clock. ``I better go to bed for work tomorrow.''

'Yeah, okay. Have a good night.'

``You too.''


``Bye, bye.'' She hung up and shut off her laptop. She went back to the bedroom and got in her jammies.

For the first time she felt confidant. She closed her eyes and went to sleep.


His hands moved up her back and to her neck as his tongue plunged in to her mouth. His lips were dancing on hers and she felt the sweat building between them. Her hair stood on end and everything felt like lightning. They parted and panted in each other's faces. His teal blue eyes, now a dark blue with lust.

And then his towel dropped.


She gasped and sat up. She looked around her room and a pillow hit her face.

``Shut that damn thing off! I didn't get home till three remember?!''

She sighed and hit her alarm clock. She looked over at Bree's bed and she was wrapped in her blankets like a cocoon. She sighed again and shook her head. That dream was...disturbing to say the least. But at the same time...she liked it. She got up and went to the door.

``And the next time you have a wet dream, be quieter.'' Sam stopped in her tracks and dead-panned. She blinked a few times and continued to the bathroom without a word.

Work came and went with some customers this time. About a dozen, which for Easy Trim was great. Spirits didn't seem any higher for it and Sam could still see pain in all their eyes. She got off at five, came home around six, bathed, and picked out her clothes for

She shook her head. Yes, damn it, it WAS a date. So there. Ha. Now what to wear?

``Not like the last time, Sammie. Gotta wear something more feminine. No jeans, how about a cute little skirt? It IS summer after all.'' Bree asked looking over her clothes.

``I guess...''

``I KNOW.'' Bree picked out a thin, black shirt with low shoulders, and a light pink jean skirt. Sam hardly ever wore this stuff and now was as good a time as any. A periwinkle blue belt and black heels. Cute stuff.

Bree helped with the hair, using a curling iron to accentuate Sam's curls, and a simple head band was put on her head. Blue that matched her belt. She looked almost too...CUTE for a date, but sexy could come later. Didn't need gingerbread shootin' his load when he saw her just yet.

The doorbell rang around six fifty seven and Bree answered again. ``Hey, cutie. How ya doin'?''

Patrick blushed at being called 'cutie' and nodded. ``I'm alright.'' He looked in and Sam was exiting the bathroom just like the first time. She looked so cute in her skirt, which was the first time he had seen her in a skirt. It showed off her legs, and for someone of her height, she had great thighs. He blinked and looked back at her face. ``Ready?''


Bree smiled and swished to her side. ``What movie you seeing?''

``Leak. It looks okay.'' Sam said.

``Aw, I thought Sam wanted to see Order Up. That looks good.'' She teased at Patrick's 'ew' face and chuckled. ``Not a chick flick kinda guy?''

``What guy is, unless he's seeing the movie with his boyfriend.'' He answered.

They all laughed and Sam walked towards the door.

Bree looked at both of them with a smile. ``Have a good time, you two.''

Patrick smiled back. She seemed nicer than last time. He could see that she was a good person under all her acting.

As soon as they were gone Bree ran to her phone and dialed.


``Sum, is she okay?''

'I dunno, her wrists are still...' A sob. 'What are we gonna do?'

Bree sighed and tapped her heel. ``I don't know.''

'I have to leave to go to work today. You have the day off. But I can't leave her alone. Can you take the bus again and come here? Then I could go to work. I can't leave her alone...' Summer was sobbing and Bree sighed again.

``Okay, okay. Just calm down. I'm coming. The next bus leaves at eight and you start at nine tonight, right?''


``Then I'll be there by then. It'll be okay. I could kill Jake for this...''

'I don't think Jake hit her, I think it was Mr. Laurence. She says she loves him. God, Bree...'

``I know...I know...''

``So, what would you like? They got everything here, it looks like.'' He said as he looked at all the food that was available.

``Um...I dunno...I'm kinda hungry...'' Her stomach growled loud enough for China to hear and Patrick chuckled when she blushed.

``Kinda, huh?''

``Yeah...'' She looked down and played with her skirt.

``Well, we can have some treats here and eat after the movie. I know a great place.''

``Okay, that sounds good. Just gimme a medium popcorn. Oh, and a soft pretzel. I love those...Maybe just the pretzel?''

``We can share a bucket of popcorn or whatever.'' He looked at her and thought how cute she looked as she was thinking. Girls were always cute at the movies. At first that is. Something about going to the movies with a new guy makes them act like little girls. So cute.

``Okay!'' She smiled and he walked up to the counter.

``One--uh, large popcorn and one pretzel.'' He paused. ``Make that two. I'll take a coke and you?''

``Uh, Dr Pepper.'' She answered.

The guy nodded and soon they had their food.

Patrick was, once again, the debonair gentleman and not only payed for the food, but carried it as well.

A few commercials went by, one for Order Up which made them both laugh uncontrollably, and both their pretzels were gone by the time the movie started.

It was a simple plot. A reporter gets an anonymous tip that a murder will take place in one week. The call is obviously from the bad guy. She tries to find out all the clues that are set for her and stop it before it takes place. What she doesn't realize is that the murder victim is her. She finds that out in the last minute and that's, of course, when the bad guy shows up.

``Get out of the room, girl!'' Someone from behind them yelled as the actress they couldn't figure out the name of jumped over a couch. A struggle ensues and the guy starts choking her. She hits him over the head with a lamp.

The popcorn was almost gone and they had a nice time watching this movie. It wasn't that great of a flick but it wasn't horrible. They had whispered and talked throughout it, politely not to disturb others.

All in all, they were having a nice time. That is, until the movie took a turn no one saw coming.

He stabs her and kills her, then sets her house on fire. Her friend ends up reporting the story and something she said at the beginning of the movie comes full circle.

'I just want a big story.'

The bad guy gets arrested and it ends.

Patrick and Sam looked at each other and began snickering. People in the theater were grumbling and talking. Their snickering turned to laughter and they couldn't help themselves.

``What the hell did we just watch?'' Patrick asked.

``I don't know, that was lame!'' Sam laughed

``You suggested this piece of crap! I think the chick flick would've been better!'' They both continued laughing until they noticed a woman glaring at them. She said nothing and walked out.

They looked at each other and laughed harder. ``What, she really liked it?'' Sam gasped for air as she spoke.

``Maybe she feels that we shouldn't be insulting such a grand piece of cinema.'' Patrick joked sarcastically.

They continued laughing as they reached the parking lot. Patrick grunted as he unlocked his door and looked around.

``What's wrong?'' She asked.

``Nothin'.'' He got in and started the car and she got in next to him.

``What's wrong?'' She asked again, touching his arm. ``I saw your face.''

He sighed heavily. ``Would you be mad if your picture ended up on the internet?''

``Uh...What do you mean?''

He pointed to someone in the parking lot. ``You see that guy?''

She looked. ``Yeah.''

``I'm pretty sure he just took a picture of me with his cell phone.''

She blinked and he looked away from her. He sat silently staring at his steering wheel. ``Um...'' She started.

``I usually don't get much paparazzi. Pete has more pictures taken of him. Now I doubt he works for a distinguished magazine, being that he took a picture of me with his cell phone, but it could end up online. Especially if I'm with a girl that they don't know. So I'll ask again. Would you be mad if your picture ended up on the internet?''

She sighed and squeezed his arm. ``No.'' He raised his eyebrow questionably at her in disbelief. ``It would take some getting used to but, no, I wouldn't be mad.''

He smiled and set the car in reverse to pull out. She was telling the truth. She understood the whole celebrity thing. Obviously. But it didn't matter anymore. She didn't think about him being in Fall Out Boy, she didn't think of him as Patrick Vaughn Stump. He was just Patrick. And that's all that mattered.

The meal they ate was delicious, Italian seafood, going back to their phone conversation last night. They talked and laughed, like they had all the other times they had hung out. They seemed to get along so easily. True, you have to get to know each other before you really find out if you're compatible.

It was a little after ten when they pulled up to the apartment building. Patrick insisted that he walk her to her door. So cliché but cute. They got to her floor and Sam noticed that her door was open.

``That's strange...'' Sam said as they stopped a few feet away from it. The light was on and there was rustling inside.

There was a shadow and she saw the door open further. She gasped when a dark haired male stepped out.

He was almost six feet tall with liquid black hair, dark eyes and dark clothes. He looked a cross between Edward Cullen and Adam Lambert. His eyes fell on Sam and he sneered.

Her hand went for Patrick's as he came closer. ``Who are you?'' She asked with a tremble.

He stopped and gave a smirk. ``Where's Bree?''



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