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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Mystery Of Love
By emma caswell


Will Martino was a man who preferred to keep himself to himself, even around his closest friends,
because in his world, a traitor, was a person who could cost him or his wife their lives.

On Saturday December 19 2002, Will got out of bed and walked downstairs at about seven o'clock. Will
walked into the sparkling clean kitchen, he walked across the blue and white tiled kitchen and
opened the fridge door, he took out a full milk carton and walked back in to sit with his dog and
watch some television.

Whisper, Will's wife, she was 2 years older than him, and she seemed deeply in love with Will, and
she was considered a beautiful woman, but some people felt her beauty seemed to have faded when she
married. Her long black hair trailed behind her as she came downstairs in her pink silk dressing
gown. She sat down next to Will, with her deep blue eyes firmly set on his beautiful face.

' Did you get to Bret Cortino yesterday?' She asked with her voice as soft as velvet.

' Yes, me and Alberto made it so he's now deep underground.' Will replied, his voice sounding very
blunt today, something seemed to be on his mind.

' Do you think it was a good idea? I mean, you're just encouraging Rocky to takeout the vendetta
against us, doesn't it worry you....'

' Whisper, it does not concern you, so stay out of my business,' Will briskly cut her off.

' But Will, I think it does concern me as you are my fucking husband....' Whisper started.

' Just forget it,' Will said before getting up and walking upstairs as Whisper's eyes filled with
tears at the thought of the possibilities of what could happen to her husband.

Will sat upstairs on their bed, when a red envelope caught his eye, it was laid softly on Whisper's

He looked at it and picked it up. It said in big letters on the front Whisper, and the 'i' was
dotted with a heart. Will found this strange but shrugged it off and turned the envelope over, where
he saw the letters 'S.W.A.K', sealed with a kiss, he remembered the times when it used to be him
that wrote love letters sealed with a kiss.

He opened the envelope and took out a small piece of pink paper. As he read it his face went pale
and he stopped breathing until he heard the faint footsteps of Whisper coming up the stairs treading
softly. Swiftly he placed the letter back into the envelope and laid it back on the pillow. Whisper
opened the door and sat down.

" What's wrong?" Her sweet harmonic voice asked. As he sat listening to her voice he wondered how
she could do such a thing to him.

" Um, nothing. I was just thinking about Rocky, nothing serious so just fuggetaboutit."

He lied as he gazed into her deep blue eyes. " What are you going to do about him?" Although she
instantly regretted asking this, as she felt that the answer would not be a pleasant one.

" Myself and Alberto, we will make him an offer he can't refuse." Will said. " I am going to find

Will got up and walked out of the bedroom. Yes, Alberto , a long time friend and his trusted
consigliori, he knew that together, him and Al could take care of Rocky. Downstairs Al was sitting
watching Will's tv.

"Al, are you coming?" Will asked, his deep voice sounding very serious. Al got up and together the
two of them walked outside. " You know the plan?" Will asked.

" Yes Will, we make him an offer he can't refuse" was Al's reply.

" And if something goes wrong?"

" We go to the mattresses" Al said confidently.

" Call me when you're ready." Will said and walked back into his house. An hour later the phone rang
in Will's house, he had been waiting on a call from Al, but when he picked up the phone it was not
Al's voice he heard but Rocky's.

" You think I didn't know why Alberto was here? I got to him, and Martino, you're next!" The phone
went dead.

Will went to his car and drove to his Chief Caporegimes, Kevin & Scott. He drove out of his drive
and drove to Kevin's home first. He was standing on his doorstep after receiving a serious phone
call from Will. He stood there in a beige trench coat and a dark rounded hat.

His long blonde hair swayed in the wind as he approached the car and got in. He set his chestnut
eyes on Will, " So now without Al what are we going to do to Rocky?" He asked. His voice sounding to
soft and smooth to fit him properly.

" Simple, we take him out, only we got to change our plans a bit now." They drove on in silence
until Kevin noticed a couple of teenagers fighting outside a newsagents.

" I hate New York, the kids here have no respect for nothing." Kevin said sounding quite agitated.

They pulled up outside an old Victorian house and Kevin got out of the car and started to walk
towards the house, he stopped to open quite a large iron gate which closed off the massive creepy
garden from the street. The house was in the middle of a busy neighbourhood but still seemed quite
isolated. Kevin rang the bell and a small woman opened the door, she was Scott's wife. She
immediately went to get Scott, she didn't invite Kevin in despite the cold weather as she didn't
really want him seeing her children and risking having them hear about their business. Scott came to
the door, He walked with Kevin to Will's car and got inside.

" So, are we going to war with Rocky?" Scott asked Will as he sat down. " No. At least not yet."

" Why not?"

" Look, it's pretty obvious, if we attack now, he'll be expecting it, there's no point." Will
snapped back sounding very irritated with the annoying inquisition coming from his associates.

They drove in silence until a girl probably about 23 ran into the road screaming for their help.

She got into the passenger seat next to Will and they drove off. " What's happened?" Kevin asked the

" My ex-fianc?'s father was trying to kill me." She replied sounding very upset, she had tears
streaming down her face.

" Why?"

" He's a Mafia head, um, Rocky I think." She started, the three men suddenly were eager to know
everything once they heard Rocky mentioned, so she carried on.

" My fianc? Bret, was killed a couple of days ago. And today I overheard some plans Rocky had for
his biggest rivals. And now he thinks I'm going to tell everyone his big 'masterplan'."

" Really?" Kevin asked intrigued.

" Firstly, what's your name?" Will asked.

" Oh sorry, my name is Talia." She said feeling a bit safer with these three strangers.

" Nice to meet you Talia, I'm Will Martino, and these are my friends Kevin & Scott."

" Martino, did you say?" She asked.

" Yes"

" Oh, well, in that case I got some information I think you would be interested in, and I'll tell
you anything you want to know, but I need to get some money out of the bank quickly."

" That's fine." Will said as he pulled up in front of a cash point machine and watched her get out.

" Hey Will, you're married." Scott said jokingly from the back of the car. Will ignored the comment
from Scott and he sat in the car watching Talia as her long red hair flowed behind her. She turned
around and made eye contact with Will for what seemed like an eternity, his beautiful blue eyes
locked with her deep green eyes. She flinched and quickly got back to the car.

" So, how do we know that you're not just setting us up with Rocky?" Scott asked.

" The fact that I was trying to escape the guy from killing me isn't proof enough, well, I guess
there isn't any real reasons why you should believe a word I say, but then again there isn't any
reason why you shouldn't either." Talia said more confidently now.

" So what do you know?" Kevin asked. " But Rocky will probably change these plans if he feels you
would talk to us."

" I doubt it, he is not that smart." Talia said. " But regardless, do you want to hear this or not?"

" Yes, we do, I'm sorry for my friends' rudeness." Will said.

" OK, he said he was planning to take out all of the spouses and children of all of the most
important people in the family, so they will become distracted and it will be easier to take them
out too." Talia explained.

"Will, can you take us back to our homes? We need to move our families." Kevin stated as Will
turned round to go back.

After Will had dropped off Kevin and Scott, he was left alone with Talia for the first time since
meeting her.

" So do you have anywhere to go?" Will asked her.

" No. I lived with Rocky in his house, and I can't exactly go back their can I?"

" Look, I'll tell you what, you can stay with me for a while, I mean you have already helped us out,
it's only fair if I can return the favour." Will said.

" But you did save my life back there." Talia replied cockily

" Maybe someday you can return that favour." Will said smiling.

10 minutes later they pulled up to Will's home and went inside.

Whisper came to greet Will as he walked in, but stopped as she saw Talia by his side.

" And who is this?" Whisper asked pointing at Talia bitchily.

" Well, this is Talia, she's an ex-associate of Rocky's, and she needs a place to stay for a while,
so I offered to put her up. Well, I'm going to let you to get to know each other." Will said as he
went upstairs.

" So, Talia, I'm Whisper, Will's wife. "

Whisper said coldly making sure that Talia would not dare get involved with Will romantically.

There was an awkward silence between the two women until Will came back down and explained to
Whisper that she had to go and stay with her brother in Minneapolis to keep out of harm's way. She
initially resisted, but was eventually was convinced, her main concern was not the welfare of her
husband but the thought of Will & Talia left alone together, her mistrust.

An hour later Whisper left.

" Will, what exactly are you going to do about Rocky?" Talia asked.

" I'm going to let him make the first move, we've set up some decoys at Kevin's & Scott's, so when
Rocky makes the mistake of going there, we'll capitalize." Will answered confidently.

Meanwhile.... At Whisper's brother's house.

" Hey sis, you OK?" Her brother asked.

" Yeah, I was just thinking. You don't think Will would actually cheat on me? Do you?"

" I don't know. But why bother waiting to see, why not just get your own back, just in case he
does." He answered.

" But don't you think that's a bit spiteful?" She started. " I mean, if I do, and it turns out
nothing happens between him and that Talia girl. I mean, then I would be the bad one." Whisper said

" Well, that all really depends on whether you feel you can trust your dear husband? And I thought
that Kevin always liked you."

" Yes, he left little notes on my pillow implying that there was something going on between us, and
I know if Will ever saw any of those stupid little letters he would immediately assume there was
something going on. No. you know what. I've decided what I'm going to do, I'm going to...." Whisper
got cut off by the phone ringing suddenly

Back in New York, Kevin and Scott had come to Will's to see how the plans were coming along.

" What are you two doing here?" Will asked." I thought I told the two of you to keep watch downtown
and wait for Rocky."

" Don't worry about it. We got thirty men covering every spot all over the city." Scott said.

" Exactly, by tonight all of Rocky's men will be dead." Kevin added.

" That's fine. Kevin, why don't you go out and get us all something to eat?" Will suggested.

" But wouldn't it be easier to just order something to be delivered?" Kevin argued.

" Don't argue with me OK?"

Kevin got up and left.

" Seems like you wanted him out of the way for something." Scott joked. Will's face was serious and
Scott knew what he had just said was true.

" Scott, I want you to take Kevin out tomorrow morning." Will said extremely seriously, too
seriously for Scott's liking.

" But Will, why?"

" Personal reasons. can I count on you or not?"

" He's been a good friend of mine for many years." Scott hesitated. " But OK."

" Good."

The next morning Will received a phone call from Scott.

" I sorted out Kevin, I can't believe I done that to such a good friend, but I did." Scott sounded
very stressed.

" I knew I could count on you, come over later, I've got some other jobs I need taking care of."
Will replied before putting the phone down.

Talia walked up to Will.

" Will, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, what?"

" It's just, the other day when I saw you with Whisper, it didn't seem like you were really too
happy. Do you really love her?"

" Does it really matter? I made a commitment."

" So, I take that as a no." Taliasuggested.

" Not exactly, it's just, I don't know, she's changed." He replied.

" So it's definitely no." She insisted.

" I don't know why I'm even bothering to have this conversation with you, how long have I known you?
Not that long, about a day." Will said before walking off in a huff.

Talia followed him.

" I'm sorry. I've got to go out for a while I won't be back for a few hours." Talia said before
leaving the house.

A few hours later Talia got back and straight away went upstairs, she seemed unusually nervous. Will
was about to follow her when the phone rang. He picked it up to hear his brother in law sounding

" Slow down, what's happened?"

" It's Whisper" The voice on the other said. " She's been killed, a couple of hours ago."

" Oh my God. Do you know who done it?" Will asked, he was shaken by this news.

" I'm not certain, but I know it was a woman, because I heard Whisper screaming earlier and it was a
female voice with her, but when I came in it was too late."

Will put down the phone and went upstairs to see Talia.

" Where were you today?" He demanded.

" That's my business Will."

" Tell me one thing honestly."

" OK, what?"

" Did you go down to Minneapolis?" He asked trying to keep his anger hidden, as he thought he was in
the same room as the woman who killed his wife.

" No." She answered sharply.

" So where were you?" He asked again.

" I told you, that has nothing to do with you."

" But I think killing my wife does." He yelled at her as she was about to walk away. " What are you
talking about, I have not been anywhere near Whisper!" She said. " And why for one instant would I
have any motive to kill her?" Talia left the room before Lita could answer.

" And another thing Will" She added on the way out of the house. " If you really think I could do
something like kill someone, then why don't you just chuck me out."

" Talia, all I want is an honest answer." Will said calmly.

" And I promise you, I didn't do a thing to Whisper." She said.

Half an hour later Scott came round.

" Will, I heard about Whisper, it's all over the news. Do you think it was Talia who killed her?"

" No, I did talk to her about it." Will replied.

" Well, on the upside, I got some news that might cheer you up a bit. I killed Rocky about an hour
ago." Scott informed Will with a big proud smile on his face.

" Yesterday, that would have made me happy, today, I don't know." Will said glumly. Talia walked
back into the house, she got a little bit nervous around Scott, worried that another person might
accuse her of murdering Whisper. She had decided to forgive Will for making the accusation that she
did kill her, well, Will was the only person that she could depend on in her life right now.

" Guys, I have to head out for a bit, I just need to get a bit of fresh air, clear my head a bit."
Will said as he headed out the door.

" Talia, can I tell you something?"

" Yeah, what?"

" OK, you've got to promise not to tell anyone." Scott said seriously

" Of course I won't, what is it, it sounds serious."

" Well, you know Whisper's murder?" Talia nodded.

" Well, I done that. I killed her."

Talia sat down totally stunned.

" You done what? Why? How could you? Will's supposed to be your friend."

" I done it for Will. And for you. With her out of the way it clears the path for you two to get

Talia couldn't believe what she was hearing, even more disturbing to her was the fact that Scott
didn't show any remorse; it was actually like he believed what he had done was the right thing to
do, it was a good thing.

" But anyway, make sure you keep this to yourself Talia, but I've got to go. Bye."

Scott left just as Will was coming back in.

" He was leaving in a hurry, why's that" Will asked light heartedly. " What's wrong Talia, you look
like you've just seen a ghost."

" Will, the mystery of who killed Whisper is solved, it was Scott."

" That can't be, Whisper's brother said it was a woman, "

" That's because he was in on it to, he wanted to misguide you. He thought that she was degrading
herself so much with you the only way to help was to kill her, and Scott, he said he wanted to get
Whisper out of the way so we could get together."

" I've got to get out of here." Will left. About 20 minutes he came back.

" Well, as Scott always used to say to me. You take a life, you give a life." Will said to Talia.

2 Days later at Scott's funeral, Will stood with Talia at his grave.

" At least we can thank him for one thing." Will said.

" And what is that?"

Willleaned down and kissed Talia, she was taken back by this, she had already fell for Will head
over heels the first second she met him, but not for one second did she think that there was any
chance of him feeling the same way about her.

" Will, I love you." She said softly.

" I love you too Talia."

" Can we go back to your place for a while."

" Lets go." Will said as they walked off together.

3 months later.

" Talia are you ready yet?" Will yelled up the stairs looking at his watch again noticing they were
going to be so late for the big party.

" I'm ready now, you are so impatient, but for some reason I love you." Talia said smiling as she
hurried down the stairs while putting her earrings in.

When they arrived at the party Talia took note of the fact that probably everyone else was already
there, but luckily no one noticed them slip in quietly.

They were just talking to a couple of people when a couple of weird looking brothers started walking
towards them and Will saw Talia trying to cower away from them.

" Talia?" One of them said.

" Hi, how are you two?" She replied putting on a fake smile while trying to sound sincere.

"' We're ok, so are you going to introduce us to your friend?" Markus asked.

"' Um, no I don't think so guys." Talia said nervously.

" Fine then I will bitch." Markus said angrily.

"' Hey look I don't give a damn who you are, but you can't fucking talk to her like that." Will said
sounding very pissed off.

"' Oh, I think her husband can speak to her any way I want." Markus replied smugly

" Her husband?!" Will sounded very disgusted.

"Will, wait...." Talia started.

"' Forget it Talia." Will yelled as he stormed off.

" Thanks a lot Markus!" Talia said with tears streaming down her face as she went after Will. She
found Will sitting outside really upset and annoyed.

"' Will please just hear me out...." Talia started.

"' Talia, I don't understand, when I met you, you said your fianc? Bret was killed."

" Will, I married Markus a long time ago, it was a mistake, I left him, then I met Bret. I didn't
want to marry him, I just loved his home, see I had never had a proper home before. Bret gave me
that, I was never for one second planning to go through with it. Then when I met you, I felt true
love for the first time ever, and it broke my heart to find out you were married." ' Talia was
barely able to speak her voice breaking up with her crying so much.

" Why did you leave Markus?" Will asked Talia.

"' abused me a lot....but Will...."

" I'll kill him!" Will stood up and his anger showed as he stormed off cursing Markus.

Will stormed in and caught Markus by surprise when he shoved him against the wall and started
threatening him.

"' You piece of fucking shit...." Will spat in Markus's face.

"'Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing!" Tomas, Markus' brother, yelled at Will as he tried
to get him off Markus.

"'I don't see why you're sticking up for someone like this who would abuse his wife." Will yelled.

'What. Markus, you hurt Talia? Why didn't you tell me about this you asshole!" Tomas yelled.

Tomas, being slightly drunk as well, grabbed a broken bottle and hit Markus with it.

"'Oh my God, Tomas!" Talia yelled in shock.

The ambulance came and announced that Markus had died.

"'I can't believe I killed my brother." Tomas said as he had now sobered out.

"He deserved it." Will replied. 'Come on let's go."

The End


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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