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I'm Falling Apart To Songs About Hips And Hearts
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Four: I'm Falling Apart To Songs About Hips And Hearts


'I'm not a crybaby, I'm the crybaby. A caterpillar that got stuck, Mr. Moth come quick with any luck.
A long walk to a dark house, a Roman candle heart, keep us far apart. I got your body doing alright. Hate me baby, maybe I'm a piece of art. All my friends all lie and say, they only want the best wishes for me. Oh, three, two, one, we go live...'

Patrick's voice blasted from her stereo and echoed throughout the apartment. As she listened she found herself studying his vocals like never before. Each note, every pitch and intonation she paid attention to. She didn't dance like she usually did, or sing along. She just sat and listened to every song with patience. She realized he truly was a good singer. He really had a beautiful voice.

And not like she thought. She always thought he had a great voice but she appreciated it. Her front door opened and Bree stepped in and raised an eyebrow. ``If I can hear that clear downstairs, the neighbors can too. What happened to ear buds?''

Sam picked up the remote and stopped the CD. ``Sorry, I just wanted to hear it with good sound. You have the best speakers. It sucks that you never use them.''

``Yeah,'' Bree flipped her hair. ``I shouldn't have brought them with me but I just couldn't let them go. When else am I gonna get a thousand dollar Sony speakers for free from my ex boyfriend?''

``Nick was nice.'' Sam sighed.

``And had herpes. So what are you doing listening to Folie'? As if I don't already know...'' She smirked and Sam groaned.

``For the last time, Brianna, I am not in love with Patrick.''

``Sure, you're just here, alone, listening to him sing because you hate his guts.'' Bree sat down and Sam shook her head.

``I didn't say that either. I like him. It's just that--'' The doorbell rang and Bree stood up.

``Who the hell is this at eight o'clock at night? I told Jacob I was taking the night off! I danced all day!'' She stomped up to the door and flew it open without looking through the peep hole.

He had a grin on his face and giggled. ``Your boss works you pretty hard, I take it?''

Bree's eyes became saucers as she stared at the ginger man before her. Sam stood up and her eyes matched her sisters.

``Um...did I walk in on something?'' Patrick asked.

``No, we were just about to jack off, wanna join us?'' Bree covered her terror with sarcastic humor.

Patrick chuckled. Definitely like Pete.

``No, I was hoping to talk with Sam.'' He walked in and Sam started to sweat.

``Wait. Don't you have a concert today?'' It was Monday and there was supposed to be a show. That Jenny was going to and she wasn't.

``You remember?'' He asked with an eyebrow raised.

Sam sweated some more. ``Well...yeah, I mean..Kate won't stop talking about Jenny and how excited she is and she kept saying it was this Monday, and she closed early for it, so, yeah.'' The words came out like a freight train and Patrick laughed.

``Uh huh.''

``So, what are you doing here?'' Bree asked, shutting the door.

``Well, we are performing in, like, almost two hours and I was wondering if Sam would like to go.''

Both girls looked at each other with horror and Sam gulped. ``Um...why?''

Patrick nervously shifted and stayed silent. ``I'm...not sure why. I just wanted to ask. It's kinda weird for me to do this. I never have before.''

It was then that Bree realized how deep they were. 'He really likes her. Oh, shit...'

``Um...'' Sam fidgeted and wrung her hands together.

``If you don't wanna go I understand. It's okay if you don't like our music. I actually prefer it that way.'' He smiled and Sam's stomach churned a little.

``No, that's not it. I know some stuff...'' She sighed and Bree walked towards her.

``Oh? Like what?'' He asked.

Sam looked around to act like she was thinking. ``Like, that one with the bass...?''

``Oh, you mean...'' And Patrick vocalized the bass to Dance Dance.

Bree felt her feet start to give in her stilettos and Sam felt her heart melt. He was singing, kinda, in their living room! ``Yeah, that one! I like that one.'' Sam smiled and hoped that saying that wouldn't turn him off.

``Cool. Anything else?''

Bree chimed in. ``That one, we're goin' da, da and something, something?'' She asked, playing dumb.

``Yep, that's Sugar We're Going Down.'' He nodded and Bree laughed.

``They still play that.'' They all shared a laugh, two females a bit nervous with theirs, and it all became silent.

``So, wanna go?'' He smiled and Sam looked at Bree. Bree shrugged and Sam sighed.

``I don't have a ticket?'' She asked and Patrick smiled wider.

``You don't need one. Like I'd make you buy a ticket? You can come as my special guest. The guys will understand. You could sit next to Jenny. She's got a special spot and I know where that is.'' Sam was really sweating now. This was the chance of a lifetime. To see a Fall Out Boy concert for free, in a special spot! But if she went she'd have to act like she wasn't a fan. Like she was hearing everything for the first time. She couldn't even sing along. That didn't sound like fun. see Patrick perform live...Oh, it was too good to pass up! She'd have to be crazy! This whole thing was crazy, but still.

``Well, okay. If I can be near Kate and Jenny. I'd love to.'' She heard Bree huff and looked at her.

``So she gets to go as your special guest. What am I, chopped liver?'' She crossed her arms and appeared angry and Patrick looked at Sam.

``Can my sister come too?'' Sam asked.

Patrick looked hesitant for a moment but quickly smiled. ``Sure. I know someone that you would get along great with.'' He said to Bree.

``Really?'' She un-crossed her arms. ``I can't wait to meet this person.'' Her eyes got that dark look in them and Sam knew that the hunt was on.

Bree was an odd card to figure out. She acted like she was a bra burner and hated men, but wore makeup and high heels and tight clothes, and not just at the strip club, all the time. She warned how horrible guys were but took off her clothes for them. She would talk about how no man could be trusted but when she would want a man, hew boy, Heaven help anyone that stood in her way.

And Now Bree had that look. That look of, 'I will have him.' And who Bree wanted was a married man with a kid and pregnant wife.

This wasn't gonna be good.

But Sam held herself and swallowed. ``So, we have to get beautiful if we're going out in public!'' Bree announced and Patrick frowned.

``Um, we don't have that much time. The doors open at nine and we have to get there before that.''

``We won't take that long!'' Bree huffed and Patrick looked unconvinced.

There was silence between them and Bree sighed. ``Hey, you guys look fine as you are.'' He paused while looking at Bree's very short skirt. ``It's not like we're meeting the Queen for tea.'' Sam laughed and looked at her tee shirt and jeans.

``I look frumpy.'' Sam said and Patrick shook his head.

``Nah, you look great.'' He blushed and she smiled.

``Chopped liver?'' Bree asked to break the silence and Patrick laughed.

``You look good too.'' Bree inwardly cringed. She wasn't used to that. She got 'good' and someone else got 'great'. Even if it was her sister.

``Okay, but I have to check my makeup. Say no or leave without me and I will hunt you down.'' Her heels clicked on the floor as she sashayed her way to the bathroom and Patrick shook his head.

``Ooh, I'm shaking in my sneakers.'' The bathroom door slammed and Sam giggled.

``How long will she take, seriously, 'cause I can't be late.'' Patrick asked and Sam laughed.

``Not that long. She has eight pounds on her face already.'' They laughed a little and Patrick looked around.

``Oh, awesome stereo setup. I didn't notice last time.'' Sam smiled.

``Thank you.''

``Sony, good, good. You should try Bose though. Excellent sound.'' He looked at the LCD screen on the stereo and back at Sam. ``You shouldn't leave CDs in there, you can ruin them doing that.'' Sam nodded but then remembered what CD she had in there.

Her heart began to beat a bit faster.

``What'cha got in here?'' He asked.

And faster. ``Uh, I don't know...''

``Well, let's find out.'' His finger went for the 'Play' button and Sam swore she was going into cardiac arrest.

``It's a workout CD.'' Bree came in outta nowhere and Sam assumed her pounding heart blocked her from hearing her come in.

Patrick stopped and chuckled. ``Oh, okay.''

Sam was trying very hard not to pant and felt her body shake in relief.

``You ready to go?'' He asked Bree and she nodded.

``Yup, all eight pounds intact.'' Damn her good hearing. Patrick giggled and Sam inhaled.

``I gotta pee.'' She squeaked and ran to the bathroom.

Patrick and Bree exchanged glances and Bree shrugged. ``When you gotta go, you gotta go.''


After a near panic attack in the bathroom and an awkward ride to the stadium, where Patrick and her sister did most of the talking, they arrived. Sam felt out of place and nervous as hell. She didn't even have a chance to talk to Bree about this and what they should do. Bree practically demanded that she come and Sam wondered how that would go with everyone else. What would they say about her and her sister? Did Patrick even tell them? Would she get to meet them? So many thoughts as the car door opened and she stepped out.

They were in the parking spot in the garage for performers and she looked around. ``Sammie, we're not in the stadium yet. Don't act enamored.'' Sam scowled at her sister and Bree chuckled. ``Just kidding.''

``C'mon, follow me.'' Patrick waved them forward and they followed him to an elevator.

``We have to go up. Wait till you see the stage, it's so cool.'' He smiled and seemed excited while both girls looked at each other. There were exchanged glances between them and Bree gave Sam a look of 'It's okay, just stay cool.' Sam nodded and sighed. They arrived in a hallway of some sort and Patrick stepped out. ``This way.'' He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked and Sam felt her heart ting at how cute he was. Sam looked to her left and Bree was eagerly looking around. Sam sighed.

It's not like Pete Wentz was gonna jump out a corner.

``Hey, there you are!''

Whad'ya know? He did.

Bree stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of the man of her dreams. The one man she had always wanted since she saw them. Even when he had a bad attitude and hair to match. He looked over at both of them and seemed confused. ``Two? Which one's her?''

Bree swallowed. He was wearing a red Clandi hoodie, as usual, black jeans with red stripes on the sides, Kinda like MJ's Bad pants, and dark sunglasses.

Patrick laughed and patted his friend on the shoulder. He gestured to Sam and without knowing, she stepped forward. ``This is Sam. That's her sister Bree.''

``Brianna.'' Bree stepped forward and smiled the best smile she could muster. Pete brought his sunglasses down and now Bree's heart was pounding. His eyes were so...dark. Especially with all that eyeliner. God, he was perfect. Sure, gingerbread was cute, but Pete was gorgeous.

Pete didn't know what to think here. It was his idea to invite Sam over. He wanted to gage this girl for himself after Patrick went on and on about her last night. But two? He looked this platinum blond chick up and down. Tight pink shirt, short black skirt, red five inch heels...hmm. Typical Hollywood chick, nothing special.

Feeling his eyes scan her body, she could have just burst right there. But she held her cool posture and smiled when he smirked at her. Then he looked at Sam and Bree felt her heart fall.

When he looked at Sam he saw something different about her. Patrick was odd about girls. He'd been with pretty much all types. Six foot brunette, skinny blond, short goth, punk, whatever struck his fancy. But this one was...a little bit different. She was very short, good Lord, five feet at the most. Dirty blond, so the sister was a blond probably too, even with the dye job. Nice figure on her. The sister had a good figure too but it was nothing he hadn't see before in silicon valley. She was wearing a tee and jeans with sneakers. Kinda like Patrick. Hmm..interesting. He smiled at her and reached out his hand to her.
``Nice to meet you. I'm Pete. I've heard a bit about you.'' That was a bald faced lie. Patrick hadn't shut up about her since last night. It almost made him regret telling him to call him.


``Nice to meet you too.'' Sam shook his hand and Bree felt her stomach erupt into fire. How come SHE got to touch him? Why didn't he shake HER hand? She hid her distaste with a sexy smirk and then Pete turned to her again.

``Hey, how's it going?'' He reached out his hand to Bree and she took it gently.

``Pretty good, but I am wondering if all we're gonna see is this hallway.'' She joked in her sarcastic tone and Pete laughed, letting go of her hand.

``Ah, yeah, let's go.'' He turned around and Patrick smiled at Sam who smiled bright. Bree felt happy then. It had been a LONG time since she had seen that smile. Too long.

They all walked down this long hallway past whole bunch of doors and turns. People who looked like bodyguards and stagehands greeted them as they walked by.

``What's up, Pete?'' A big black guy asked and Pete hand-bumped him as he passed.

``I'll hit you up later!'' They kept going and reached a doorway. They entered and both girls felt themselves have a pit in their stomach as they saw Joe and Andy on a couch.

``Um...'' Sam started.

``It'll be a while before we get it all ready. You'll wanna be there before the doors open, but it'll still be about thirty minutes. So, just hang out or whatever.'' Pete explained and went into the back to what they assumed was a bathroom.

Joe stood up and looked them both over like they were aliens. ``Which one's yours?'' He asked Patrick. Sam felt her face get hot as a poker.

``Joe, be nice, man. She's not...mine.'' Patrick was turning red and Joe laughed.

``Okay, which one is Saaaam?'' He said her name in a flirty way and Sam swore her face must now match a fire hydrant.

``I am.'' She said meekly.

``Oh, hey. I'm Joe.'' He reached out and shook her hand and Andy stood up. ``And who's this?'' He looked at Bree.

``The horrible third wheel.'' Bree said as she rolled her eyes.

``She's my sister.'' Sam said as Andy walked over a little. He stopped when he looked at Bree.

``Whatever. The more the better.'' He smiled and turned to Patrick. ``Gotta smoke.''

``It must suck to have to walk all they way out to the garage...'' Patrick started.

``Don't.'' He demanded as he walked out.

``Don't what?'' Bree asked.

``The 'quit smoking' speech.'' Patrick sighed and looked back at Andy. ``Hey, man. Gonna introduce yourself?''

Andy shrugged and walked up. ``Hi.'' His voice totally did not match his look. He had such a cute meek voice with all that hair and tattoos. The first time Sam heard his voice was the ``Sixteen Candles'' video and she was shocked. Bree always made fun of him for that.

``Hi.'' Sam said as she smiled and Andy looked at Bree.

``What's your name?'' He asked her.

``Brianna, but you can call me Bree.'' She reached out her hand to shake his and he nervously took it. He barely shook it and let go quickly. Man, he was so shy! Patrick smiled and turned to Sam.

``We could sit down or...whatever. We got soda and some snacks. I can't eat anything before I perform, but you all can.''

``Why can't you eat before you sing?'' Sam asked.

``Because it'll cause phlegm. And we don't want Patrick sounding like a cheese grater on stage.'' Pete came out of the room he was in and popped a soda.

``Get a hold of her?'' Patrick asked him.

Pete sipped his soda and nodded. ``Yeah, she's got an interview with Harpers tomorrow.'' Bree frowned a little. Ashlee. Ew.

``And Bronx said his third word today. Shit. Ash is mega pissed.''

Patrick laughed and shook his head. ``Just be glad that wasn't his first word.''

Joe came back in and Patrick dead-panned. ``Back so soon? Jeez, man, what did you do, inhale the damn thing?''

Joe blinked. ``Yes, Patrick. That's what you do when you smoke a cigarette. Do you need a demonstration?''

Patrick rolled his eyes and started to walk away. ``Oh.'' He turned around and looked at Sam. ``I kinda have to warm up, so I can't really...''

``Oh. Warm up?'' Sam asked.

``Sing show tunes and Usher for forty five minutes.'' Joe sat down on the couch and Patrick scoffed.

``Screw you, man. You know you love it.'' He went to the back with a smile and Sam looked around hesitantly.

She was alone with them...without Patrick. Thank God Bree was here.

``So...'' Joe started. ``How'd you guys meet again?''

Sam blinked a little and swallowed. ``Um...''

``Sit down, guys.'' Pete said and sat down on one of the many couches. Bree immediately sat down and Sam followed. ``You guys want anything?'' He asked.

``I'd kill for a beer.'' Bree said.

Pete smiled big. ``Hell yeah. I'll get you one.'' Bree felt the immature fan-girl in her. Pete Wentz was getting her a beer. It was her wet dream come true. While he was getting that Sam looked at Joe.

``He didn't tell you how we met?'' She asked.

Joe shook his head. ``Nah, not really. We only found out about you today, actually.''

``Oh.'' Sam looked down.

``Musta been a shock, huh?'' Bree asked as Pete came back.

``Not really. Patrick finds girls all the time. Whether he dates them fully or not is the question.'' Pete answered as he popped the can for Bree and handed it to her.

``Popped it for me? What a gentlemen.'' She flirted and he smiled.

``Wouldn't want those nails to chip. They look expensive.'' Bree frowned a little as she sipped her beer and smiled as she swallowed.

``You bet your sweet ass they are.'' Everyone exchanged glances and Pete sat down. He looked at Sam and cleared his throat.

``Ahem. So, a veggie dog stand?''


``And I'm soooo caught up. Got me feelin' it, caught up. I'm losing control...'' Patrick's voice echoed throughout the halls as he practiced. Sam watched him as he walked around with his iPod and sang.

Here he was, singing like an angel. It was really him. She should be wanting to scream or cry. But no. It was the same voice on her CDs, but she felt different about it. What had changed? She caught his eye right as he said ``Ya got me feelin' it,'' and he winked at her. She smiled and blushed and his voice faltered a little in the next line. He laughed and stopped. He shut off his iPod as he walked up to her.

``So, how much do I suck?'' He asked as he sat next to her.

``You have an amazing voice.'' She smiled and he looked down to hide his red cheeks.

``Think so?'' She nodded and he smiled. ``Thanks.'' He sighed and she kicked her feet. ``I'm sorry this was short notice. Just so ya know, Pete suggested it.'' Sam felt her heart pinch. Of course it was Pete. Patrick didn't think of it himself. ``But I went along with it 'cause I though it'd be fun. This concert is why you have a job.'' They laughed together and she looked at her watch. It was almost nine thirty and she looked at Patrick.

``Should we go now, or...?''

``Yeah, that's why I stopped. You guys gotta get to your places.'' He paused. ``If you don't wanna watch us, I'll understand.''

``No. I want to. I wanna hear you sing more.'' It was getting easier to tell the truth. He blushed and stood up.

``There is more than just me, ya know. These guys work their asses off on shows. Especially Andy. I dunno how he does it.''

Sam nodded and stood up. ``I know.''

``What?'' He looked confused and she realized what had happened.

The first slip up.

Pete walked up and knocked Patrick on the arm. ``Come on, Usher. We gotta get them to their seats.''

``Yeah, see that guy?'' Patrick pointed to someone in the distance. ``He'll lead you to your spot. We gotta go change and stuff.'' Patrick seemed to let that slip up slide so Sam let herself calm down.

``Okay.'' She smiled when he squeezed her hand a little and walked off. Pete gave her a look that she couldn't figure out and waved the man over.

She recognized him but had forgotten his name.

``Charlie, take her and her sister to their spot. They'll be by the girl and her mom's spot.''

Charlie, that was it. Yeah, him. ``Sure thing. Where's her sister?''

``In the john. She's been following me all night.'' Pete grimaced and Sam felt sad. Poor Bree. Did Pete not like her? That would kill her. But why? She had been nothing but nice and charming. Maybe TOO nice and charming?

And that's when said sister walked up. ``Oh, hey. Time to go. Follow Charlie, okay?'' Pete smiled and walked away. Bree sighed.

``Okay.'' She said to the air.

``C'mon girls.'' Charlie started walking and they followed. They got to a bunch of metal and it looked like it was under the stage. After a few minutes they were at the seating area. ``The doors just opened but a few people who have special seats are here. Just blend in and wear these.'' He handed them green bracelets and they put them on. ``If you don't have them they'll know you didn't buy a ticket. It wouldn't be pretty.''

``I'd imagine not.'' Bree said as she fastened hers.

They walked out to the area in front of the stage and Sam looked at Charlie. `` this?'' Holy crap in FRONT of the stage? Oh, my God.

That's when she heard a familiar voice. ``Samantha?'' She looked over and it was Kate. She looked so different. Her hair was out of it's usual bun and down around her shoulders. She was wearing a tee shirt with a sweater over it and jeans. She looked younger. Next to her was a short girl. She was jumping up and down holding something in her hands. She had a ``I <3 Pete'' tee shirt on and a blue skirt. Jenny. She was cute with her little pony tail bouncing up and down.

They walked up to them and down to where they stood. ``What brings you here?'' Kate seemed clueless that Sam was really a fan.

``Patrick invited me.'' Sam answered. ``And my sister.'' She pointed to Bree and Bree waved.

``I love your shoes.'' Jenny complimented Bree and she smiled.


``Oh, I figured he would. I think he likes you.'' Kate winked at her employee and Sam looked down.

Was it that obvious? Did he really? But how much? Ugh...too many questions.

``I hope I don't stand out too much. Being an old fart who doesn't know the lyrics.'' Kate laughed and Bree chuckled.

``We don't know the lyrics either.'' Sam looked questionably at her sister and Bree raised her eyebrows at her. ``Well? We don't, do we?'' Sam looked at Kate and shook her head.



The lights went dark and the screaming got louder. For a few minutes there wasn't anything happening. That's when she saw some figures in the dark walk on stage. She could see the outline of the drum set and saw a shadow get up on it. She could see movement. She looked at the microphone in the center. She was roughly twenty feet from it. If that's where Patrick was gonna be it would be the perfect view. Too bad she didn't have a camera. Jenny was tweeting on her cell phone every five seconds and Sam hoped she'd put that thing down when the show started.

Speaking of...

The, oh, so familiar drum beat started and everyone screamed. After a few passes everyone was shouting, ``Detox just to retox!'' Sam looked at Bree and Bree gave her a look.

This kinda sucked. They couldn't join in because they guys would see them and know something was up. The whole night they would have to act like Kate.

But still...when would they get this chance again? Sam shook her head. Get over it! How many people don't get to go, and probably never will? Just enjoy the night. The chanting continued and the guitar started up. As soon as it did the lights came on.

She could see him in the back and he looked so full of energy. The song continued as he made his way to the microphone. Gone were the glasses, and he had changed his hat from a black beaner to a gray cap. He had changed his whole outfit and so had the rest of them. She couldn't help the squeak that escaped her. Good thing no one could hear it.

``Fell outta bed, butterfly bandage. But don't worry. You'll never remember your head is far too blurry.''

His voice sounded amazing, better than the recording, if possible and she smiled so wide she felt her lips would split across her face.

After that came Thriller, then Pete talked to the audience. Little quips back and forth between him and Patrick. How odd. She thought he was shy and didn't do that. What changed?

Sixteen Candles, Sugar, Grand Theft Autumn, I'm Like A Lawyer, (Coffee's For Closers), Tell That Mick, then out of nowhere Patrick sat down on a stool with an acoustic guitar and sang Lullaby.

That was when the camera flashes began. People all around her were taking pictures of him. Jenny snapped a few with her phone.

``It's just the sweet weather and the peacock feathers, in the morning it will all be better.''

Now she felt the tears. He was so beautiful. And yet just a normal guy. More and more she realized he was just a human being like the rest of us. And that's what made her like him more. That's what made her appreciate him more. That's why she felt that she could make this work. She could do this. She already made up her mind that she would. But now she was confidant.

She wanted him.

I Don't Care was next along with the flashing guitars and that song rocked. Everyone was jumping on that one and she couldn't help but jump a little too. She hoped Patrick didn't notice.

After that Pete came back to the microphone. ``This is a love song. Told from the perspective of the hips.''

And Headfirst Slide began. Aw, man. This was her favorite! How many times did she hit repeat on this one? And she couldn't sing along? Rats!

Halfway through she noticed Kate was bopping her head. If Kate, a mom who didn't know nothing about FOB could bob to the music, so could she!

So she did. When Patrick saw that he smiled a little and continued. ``Does he know the way to worship our love?''

After that was Donnie, then She's My Winona, The Take Over The Breaks Over, America's Suitehearts, Arms Race, Beat It, Thnks fr th mmrs, and Dance Dance.

She knew what was coming now. ``Thanks for letting us hang out. You guys rock.'' A cheer. ``We always end with this for some reason, so why break tradition?'' The whole crowd screamed and Patrick vocalized in the microphone, teasing the audience while the guitars played that funny melody.

He inhaled and in a split second it started. ``I'm good to go, and I'm goin' nowhere fast. It could be worse, I could be takin' you there with me. I'm good to go, but it looks like I'm still on my own.''

Everyone went insane. People were jumping around and Sam got pushed a little. She heard Bree shout and saw that some guy had groped her. He received a cold drink on his head for that from his girlfriend. Sam laughed and bopped a little. She held herself back from jumping around too much.

When Pete threw his bass and started screaming his part, it got more insane. It got up to the end and he went up to the side of the stage and let people touch him.

Bree wondered why he didn't come over to them.

The song ended and Pete said good night. They left the stage after Andy threw some drum sticks into the crowd.

All in all, they fucking rocked the shit.


After about thirty minutes they were escorted backstage. The guys had taken their showers and and Patrick was the last one still in the shower.

``Whatd'ya think?'' Joe asked.

``Not bad.'' Bree answered coolly.

``Yeah, I liked it.'' Sam said with a smile.

``Yeah, we gotta do a meet and greet tomorrow. That's when we meet that little girl.'' He smiled and Sam nodded.

``Jenny? Oh, tomorrow?''

``Yup.'' Pete took a drink of his soda and Patrick came out from the back. His hair was a bit wet and he had his black beaner and glasses on again. He smiled wide at Sam and walked up to her.

``Did you like it?'' He asked eagerly.

``Yeah, you guys were great.'' Sam complimented. Patrick seemed to like that and turned to the guys.

Everyone started to disperse and Bree saw this as a golden opportunity to get them alone so she just walked on out. She hoped someone would follow her.

Someone did.

``Hey.'' He said.


``Did you really think it was cool? It's okay if you didn't.''

``No, you guys were good. I've heard worse.'' He laughed and she played with her hips.

Why was Andy talking to her?

``So you really liked it?'' He asked one more time.

``Yes, Patrick. I thought you guys were great.'' She laughed when he rolled his eyes. He sat down and motioned her to do the same. She felt brave and sat right next to him.

``I don't like it when a girl is a fan of my music, but then it's really hard to get them to go to a show, and even harder for them to like it. So, I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too, huh? Though it looks like I do.'' He chuckled and she sighed heavily.

``Don't do that.'' She said darkly.

``Do what?'' He was concerned at her tone.

``Don't put yourself down like that. I hate it when people do that.'' She looked away and she felt him shift on the couch.

``Well...'' He didn't say anything after that.

``I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you.'' She apologized.

``You didn't and it's okay. I should stop doing that. It's just...force of habit I guess. I was so used to people making fun of me that I started doing it to myself. Even after it stopped I just kept going. Guess I figure if I can beat 'em to the punch they can't hurt me.'' She was shocked that he was opening up to her like this.

She sighed. ``But why? There's nothing about you to make fun of.'' He let out a grunt like he didn't believe her and she scooted closer. She touched his hand and smiled. ``Nothing that I can see.''

He chuckled and bit his bottom lip. ``What if I told you that I wanted to kiss you right now?''

She blinked. ``What do you mean?''

``Would you be offended?''

She gulped. ``No. Do you wanna kiss me?'' She felt her heart pound. This wasn't happening. No, no, no. just...No! But was.

He let out a few breaths and leaned in a little. ``Yes. Is that okay?''

She took in a shaky breath and opened her mouth. ``Yes.''

He leaned in all the way and when she felt his lips touch hers, she swore the Earth disappeared. All sound was gone. All she felt was flesh on flesh, and his was soft. Those pouty lips she knew would be good and, oh, they were. He leaned in more and pushed his lips harder on hers.

Before she knew it, mouths were open and taste became involved. She wasn't that great of a kisser but she had some experience. She knew how to make out she just hadn't done it every often. She hoped she wasn't as bad as she was thinking.

His hand crept up to her neck and she made a noise that made him stop. He pulled away and she sighed.

``Too fast?'' He asked.

``No...'' She said breathlessly.


``I haven't had too many guys giving me attention. I just don't...know.''

He looked at her. ``How come?'' He leaned in. ``Why would any man not give you attention?'' He was so close to her when he asked that and his breath on her lips made her shiver.


Damn you, Peter. Damn you to Hell.

``So, getting to know each other better, I see?''



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