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Let's Play This Game
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Three: Let's Play This Game


``Dude...what?'' Pete was staring holes in Patrick. He had come over to talk to him face to face, only to see how it went with a certain girl.

``It wasn't that big of a deal. I just let her do her job.'' Patrick shrugged and Pete's horror grew.

``You...let her...touch your hair? I NEVER would have let girl touch my hair after just meeting her, no matter how hot she was. I mean really, this girl better make Megan Fox look like dog shit if you let her do that.'' Pete sat down on the couch and Patrick sighed.

``First of all, she didn't TOUCH my hair, she WASHED it. It's her JOB. Second of all, I have a bigger problem. Way bigger.'' Pete looked up and Patrick shoved his hands in his pockets. ``I almost kissed her, I think.''

Pete raised an eyebrow and shook his head. ``Oh, God. This isn't another Christina is it?'' Patrick's eyes widened.

``Why is it you always, ALWAYS bring up her of all girls? That was centuries ago, man. God, no. Damn...'' Patrick was pink in the face and Pete raised his hands up in defense.

``Okay, okay, just makin' sure. Calm yourself. So, is this like Melissa?''

``...No, not like that. But I do like her...'' Patrick dropped down on the couch beside his friend and Pete chuckled.

``Oh...Why do you keep doing this? You know when you like them too fast it ends in disaster. Seriously, I think you're cursed.'' Pete chuckled a bit and Patrick's brows furrowed.

``Thank you, Peter. I feel so much better.'' He said monotone.

``Don't worry, there's a way to fix this. Just don't talk to her for a while. You had a good day. Give it a while then call her.'' Pete patted Patrick's back.

Patrick sighed. ``I gave her my number.''

Pete blinked. ``Oh. You're screwed.''

Patrick glared at the older man and said man laughed. ``Sorry, dude. But why did you do that? You had all the control. Now you don't. Why?''

``Because she asked me to.''

They sat in silence for a while and Pete inhaled. ``You're definitely screwed.''

Patrick sighed and rolled over. That conversation had happened about five hours ago and it was now midnight. He really was screwed. He couldn't sleep. Not out of sugar plums of love dancing in his head, no, it was too early for that, but out of worry. He had just given a complete stranger his phone number. A number that so many young girls would KILL to have. He didn't like to admit it, but there were a few girls that liked him,well, more like obsessed over him, and had crushes on him. Why, he had no idea. He wasn't exactly Hugh Jackman. That being said, if she had decided to get his number only to post it all over Twitter or Facebook...Though maybe he was just being paranoid. She seemed sincere and nice....Though he shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. He thought he could trust Katherine and look what happened.

He growled. Pete just had to bring up those other two girls. Why them of all his relationships?

The first was Christina. Oh, boy, what a can of worms that one was. Nothing really happened between them. It never went any further than a peck on the cheek. But he felt that there was more, or could have been more for them. He never really knew what had happened. Only that she turned on a dime on him and stabbed him in the back. She gave away his number to people, hence why he was so worried about that now, started rumors about him, and said to the principal that he was stalking her. Thank goodness it was only high school. And on top of all that, she took his favorite hat! Damn her! Christina was a learning experience for a young Patrick Stumph, and he had a hard time trusting after that. But he soon found his first girlfriend and yadda, yadda, yadda. That's a different story.

Next was Melissa. Now she was a complete 180. Patrick fell super hard for her in, like, a week. He tried to hold himself back but couldn't control himself. They were having sex after the third date and the heat was so intense. Mel was unlike anything he had ever felt before. She was the total opposite of him. Right down to her Australian accent. He swore he was in love with her. He really thought he was. But when the heat died and she confessed all she felt for him was animal lust, he fell out of it and let go graciously...after a round of goodbye sex.

No, he hadn't felt like that with Sam. Sam was something else. A more friendlier connection. She was simple and sweet, or so she appeared. He had hoped she was what she seemed. He didn't want another Katherine.

He sighed. Why was he thinking of her again? That one was the last one he wanted to think about. But perhaps she was the reason he was having a hard time trusting Sam. No, it WAS the reason. He knew that. He had a few rebounds that didn't mean anything and now was ready to find someone worthwhile. He sat up and looked at his phone on the side table.

No. It was midnight. He couldn't. Although technically it WAS the next day...

She felt so silly. How many times was he gonna scream over this guy? The more time she spent with him the more she felt that he was just a normal dude. She was starting to feel more and more guilty as well. She was LYING to him. About the most important thing ever. He said he would ever date a fan. She knew that. Wait. DATE? Oh, no. Noooo....She could never date him. Never. Friends maybe, but that's all. No matter how much Bree pushed. She wouldn't allow this to go any further.

But...he was the man of her dreams. Not Patrick Stump per-say exactly, just...him. The way he looked and talked and...just...just...everything! He really did equal the man of her dreams. And the funny thing was, she never thought about the kind of guy she would want. It just never came to her. The only thing she ever thought of Patrick when she looked at his pictures was, 'I would really like to meet him someday.'

And she did. She did meet him, and talk to him...and wash his hair.

Holy hell, she couldn't get over that. She washed his hair?! So what if it was her job? What the crap?! A certain ring-ring jolted her from her thoughts and she looked over at her phone.

Oh shi--It was HIM. Why the H, E, double hockey sticks was he calling her at midnight? Should she answer? Oh, dear God. Answer...but what should she say? Oh, no. Her finger was going for the green button. No, stop. Don't, you idiot--

``H-hello?'' Her shaky voice answered.

'Uhm...hi. It's Patrick. Did I wake you?' He nervously replied.

``No. I couldn't sleep.'' She fumbled with her sheets.

'That makes two of us. So, what are ya up to if you're not sleeping?' She heard him rustle in the background and figured he was in bed too. She stifled a giggle at the thought of him in PJ's.

``Nothin'. You?''

'Just laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Oh look, a crack. I never noticed that.'

Sam laughed and she heard him chuckle. 'Yeah...Today is Monday, right?'

``Actually, it's Tuesday.'' She smiled when he scoffed.

'Excuse me! When is your next day off?' He asked. She head some confidence in his voice she hadn't heard before and she liked it. It was like when he asked for her number.

``My next day off is when the place is closed. Sunday.'' She yawned and it apparently was contagious through the phone because he yawned too.

'Oh, okay.'

There was yet another round of awkward silence between them and she rang her sheet through her fingers.

'Wanna do something together on Sunday?' Was the final question through the silence.

She inwardly gasped. This was it. He was asking her out on...a date. No, it couldn't be that. Could it? She looked around and could hear her sister's voice in her head. 'Duh, look at the signs, you dope! He asked for your number, he showed up at your place of work, and he's asking you out! He either likes you or is a crazy, stalker, rapist!' No, not Patrick. Though people didn't know a lot about him...'Oh, no, pull your head out of that! No way! You can trust him. You're the one lying.' She gulped and she heard him sigh.

'Ya know--'

``Sure!'' She cut him off before he could say his ``It's okay if you don't like me'' speech.

'Really? Cool! What do you wanna do?' He sounded very happy and she shook her head. It was too late now.

``Whatever you want is fine with me.'' She plopped down on her pillow and couldn't help but smile.

'How about...'

``Are you kidding me? Bowling? Oh, my God.'' Bree was pacing and Sam scoffed.

``What's so wrong with that?'' She asked as her arms crossed.

``It just screams platonic!'' Bree had her hands up in frustration.

``So? Maybe that's what I want. Platonic.'' Sam sat down on her bed and Bree approached her.

``What?! Where is this coming from? I thought you liked him!'' She got right up to Sam and the younger sister sighed heavily.

``I can't be in a relationship with him. I am LYING to him. About everything that would matter to him.''

``Well, not EVERYTHING. Just one thing.'' Bree sat down next to her sister and Sam sighed again.

``This is the most important thing I could lie to him about. I mean, it really doesn't matter whether I like his music or not but it does to him. Face it Bree, we're crazy, screaming fan girls. He doesn't deserve that...''

``Then get to know him for HIM. Don't go out with him because he's the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, go because he's a nice guy and he seems genuine. Even I have to admit he seems nice enough.'' Bree rubbed her sister's back and Sam looked at her.

``But you said that I shouldn't judge him because he's Patrick Stump, that he's a guy underneath it all and all guys think with one thing. I trust him because he's famous. For all we know he's into animal porn.'' Bree laughed hard at that and fell back on the bed. ``See what I mean? You would never think that, but we don't know him, Brianna! He's just another stranger.''

``Okay, I admit I don't trust guys easily, but look what I've been dealt! Hel-lo? Remember Carlos?''

Sam grimaced. ``Yecch...''

``Exactly. So maybe Mister Stump is a total perv who wants your ass, or maybe he's a nice guy. How would I know? How would you know unless you try? Give him a chance.'' Bree sat up and Sam smiled.

``I can't believe I'm hearing this from Miss All Guys Are Dicks. If he were any other guy you'd be giving me the, 'Don't forget the mace' speech.'' Sam laughed and Bree scowled.

``Ya got me there. Okay, so, yeah, I kinda trust him 'cause of the whole celeb thing. I admit it. But again, I have been around the block with guys. Too many. You went on, like, two dates in college. So maybe we just both need to put aside our emo problems and find out who he really is. Then we can judge him for real.''

``What's all this we crap? I'm the one who's going out with him!'' Bree smiled.

``Ah ha! So you admit it! This IS a date!'' Bree laughed in victory and Sam plopped down on the bed.

Was it though...?

She was lucky because she had four whole days to think about it. Four days of old ladies and kids with scissor obsessions. Four days of watching her fellow employee's lunk around. They were getting a few more customers, what with school coming up, but it was still slow.

She noticed that September and Antonio kept asking her about that cute boy and if they were dating. Mary obviously knew who Patrick was, but Sam couldn't figure out whether Mary knew she was a fan too. At any case, Mary stayed quiet. She never asked questions or pried.

Kate never asked and was still happy about going to their concert next Monday. Sam was a bit jealous. She wanted to go, but if she did she wouldn't be able to enjoy herself. After all, it would prove she was a FOB fan. So she just smiled at Tem and Tonio's questions and let it be.

After four slow, horrid, deteriorating days, Sunday finally came. Easy Trim was closed and Sam was gonna spend her day off...bowling? She did agree with Bree. That did seem a bit platonic. Add on top of that, she had no idea how to bowl. She had never been to an alley before and hadn't the slightest idea how to play. She was tearing apart her closet looking for the right outfit. What was proper to wear at a bowling alley? Jeans, a sensible skirt, a negligee--how did that get in there? Damn you Brianna and your stupid birthday gifts.

All of her clothes were on the floor and she huffed in exasperation. ``BREE!!''


``Why, for the love of me, are you taking her bowling?'' Pete asked, throwing in his usual joke.

``Because I think it's a simple place for us to get to know each other.'' An equal amount of clothes were on the floor as were at Sam's.

``Is this a date, Pattycakes?'' Pate teased.

``God dammit, stop calling me that! No, I don't think it's a...'' He gulped. `` Just two people bowling.''

``Kinda...platonic don't ya think?'' Pete giggled at yet another shirt hitting the floor.

``What should I do? Take her to a steamy night club and grind on her all night? Or how about an expensive restaurant where I pledge my undying love to her?''

``I like the first one better.''

``Oh--will you get the fuck outta here?!'' Patrick always cursed when he was angry, or sad, or nervous. Actually he cussed like a sailor but not much people knew that about him. Pete shook his head and chuckled to himself.

``Okay, okay. I want a phone call afterwards with details.'' He said walking out the door.

``Okay, girlfriend!'' Patrick shouted in an effeminate voice, which received a middle finger in the doorway before the older boy disappeared. Patrick sighed and looked around at his floor. He had all these clothes and usually didn't have a problem finding something to wear.

People always were trying to figure out his style. The fact was, he didn't have a style. Sometimes he liked to match, right down to a T. Match the cap to the watch and the shoes, or the shirt to the shoes. And sometimes he liked to un-match on purpose. A blue shirt and green cap and purple watch. Sometimes it just felt good to not match so perfectly. Pete was kinda like that too, but he just did it better. No matter what, Pete always seemed to fit his clothes together and match anything to anything. Yet another to thing to be jealous of Pete Wentz for.

He shook his head and looked down. He saw a white shirt that said ``No purpose'' on it and a little kid kicking a pineapple. That was one of his odder ones. He always did like it. Then he saw his green Clandestine hoodie with one dark green bat on the back. And his black pants. He raised his eyebrows and looked over at his rather large collection of hats and shoes. His green hat with leaves on it worked well, one of his favorites, and...hmm...white Jordan's today, to match the shirt's color. He liked white sneakers. They were a bitch to clean but worth it. And his green watch matched all of it. He felt like matching today. He smiled and put back together his closet and left his chosen outfit on the bed. Not bad. Casual. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to look good.

He just wished he could look as good as Pete sometimes...

Once he was dressed he gave himself a quick look over. He had full sideburns and contacts in and felt that he looked good enough to bowl. He was always critical of how he dressed and looked and hoped he looked good to her. He looked at himself in the mirror. Right in the eyes.

You ever feel that moment when you look in the mirror and you ask yourself, ``Who are you''? Patrick did that a lot with himself. But he quickly looked away and adjusted his hat. He looked at his watch and swallowed. It was time to go get her.

The drive felt so freaking long. She had texted her address to him, in fact they had been texting for a while these four days. They had spoken a few times on the phone but texting always felt easier. That was something Patrick didn't mind. He was anti-Twitter and anti-Facebook but he loved to text.

He was soon at her apartment building and walked up to the third floor to room 361B. He fumbled with his hoodie and hat again and rang the bell. He heard some muffled female voices, that seemed rushed, and then a quick running to the door. There was silence as he assumed that someone was looking through the peep-hole. After a few seconds of whispering the door opened.

There stood a five foot five, in stiletto heels, platinum blond, silicon Barbie California doll. She was hot, no doubt, but her hotness was all made by doctors and creams and dyes and...just fake stuff. She wasn't natural like Sam. She was wearing a light pink peasant shirt with a blue jean skirt. Her eyes widened and she quickly smiled.

``Hey, there.'' Her tone was low and seductive.

``Uh...hi.'' He fidgeted and she leaned against the door frame.

``You must be Patrick. I'm Brianna.'' He sighed inwardly. Thank goodness he was at the right address.

``Oh, hey. Sam told me about you.'' She raised an eyebrow.

``All good I hope?'' She asked with a flirtatious nature.

``Yeah, she beams about you.'' He assured and he saw her smile grow and her eyes sparkle.

``I'm surprised. Well, come on in. She's still getting perfect.'' They shared a laugh and he stepped in.

The apartment was decked out with some furniture that looked like a dorm. Maybe it was from a dorm. The colors were eclectic and didn't match. Anything and everything was in that place and he chuckled. Two different sisters mixing their different stuff. It fit.

A door opened in the hallway and out stepped Sam. When she locked eyes with him she looked a bit fearful but hid it with a smile. It was then that he noticed that he liked her smile. She was wearing jeans and a flower print shirt. Her hair was simply parted off to the left side and she had natural makeup on again. Simple and easygoing. Exactly how he liked.

He smiled and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Damn nervous twitch! He swayed back and forth on his heels and she walked up to him.

``Hi.'' She messed with her shirt in a nervous twitch of her own and Bree broke the silence.

``So, where you two kids off to?'' She asked like a parent.

Patrick smiled and looked at the older sister. ``Oh, ya know Coleman's? I'm taking her there.'' He blushed a bit and Bree smiled.

``Bowling, huh?'' She asked a little less than excited.

``Well...yeah, I mean--''

``I think it sounds fun. I've never been bowling before and I always wanted to try.'' Sam defended him against her sister. It felt nice to NOT lie for once.

``Really? Never? I could teach you.'' Sam blushed at his offer and Bree smiled wide.

``I bet you could teach her a lot.'' Sam turned beet red and glared at Bree. Patrick looked confused and Bree chuckled. ``Well, I'd love to keep this stimulating conversation going, the best I've had in ages, but you two need to get goin'. Wouldn't want to miss those half-off nachos at eight!'' Patrick gave her a look of...well, distaste and Sam sighed gruffly.

``Thank you, Brianna.''

``Goodbye, Samantha. Have fun and I want details!'' She pushed her sister out the door and it was then Patrick realized what Bree was.

She was a female version of Pete.

He chuckled a little under his breath and walked to the door. ``Nice meeting you, Bree.''

``You too. Take good care of her.'' She winked and threw Sam's purse at her. ``Buh-bye!'' Patrick was out the door as it closed and Sam growled in irritation.

``Ugh, Brianna!'' Patrick giggled and she turned to him.

``Sorry, she just reminds me of one of my friends. I think she means well.'' Sam rolled her eyes and sighed.

``Yes, she does, but she could go about it IN A NICER WAY!'' She shouted at the door and received a raspberry on the other side.

``C'mon let's go.'' Patrick gestured to leave and she nodded.

``Kay. Do they really have half-off nachos at eight?''


``Oh, God. How do I do this? No, no, no. Help!'' She squealed as she picked up the rather heavy ball. Patrick laughed at her attempt to hold it, failing miserably as she bent over dropping the ball between her feet.

``Here, lemme help you.'' He came up beside her and smiled at her red face from blood going to her head. ``I used to have a hell of a time picking these things up. It's kinda tough for us short people, huh?'' She giggled and he smiled at the sound. ``Okay. Pick it up from the knees, not the back. Ever heard that? Lift with the legs not the back? Well, it works. Watch.'' He crouched at the knees and picked it up. He looked kinda silly, but he got the ball in his hands and was standing so she knew that it worked well. He went up to the alley and looked behind him to her. ``I just went, you want me to go again?''

She shrugged and he nodded his head to say 'come here'. She came over to him and he got beside her. ``I'm gonna give you the ball. Don't worry, I'll still hold on to it.'' He handed the ball over and she took it. He removed his fingers and she slipped hers in. Then he got behind her.

You know that cheesy moment in a romance movie where the guy gets behind the girl and helps her throw the ball and it's all touching and glances?

At first it seemed that way. His hands went to her hands and she went to throw the ball. As she did his hands moved to her ribcage and tickled her.

``AGH!'' She screamed and tossed the ball down the gutter with a loud ``KER-BANG!''

The ball rolled down the gutter while he laughed his ass off. ``What the hell was that?!'' She yelled.

``Sorry...'' ``He choked between laughs. ``But I like winning.''

``Like I could beat you! You have three strikes! I couldn't even hit one pin even without your 'help'.''

She crossed her arms and he wiped his eye. ``Well, look at it this way, if this was baseball I'd be on the bench!'' He laughed some more and she growled.

Looking at him laughing that, oh so adorable laugh we all know and love, she couldn't help but smile. Her supposed anger melted away and she laughed a little as well. He smiled and looked back at their seats.

``Hungry?'' He asked.

``Yeah.'' She sighed.

``So, what, two veggie dogs then?'' He grinned and she crossed her arms.

``Very funny.'' She walked back to the seat and he giggled.

``I thought it was.'' He joined her in the booth and smiled. ``I'll go get anything you want. They got pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos obviously, and some other stuff you wouldn't expect.''

``What? Quiche?'' He laughed at her joke and shook his head.

``You got a good sense of humor. I like that.'' He smiled gently at her and she felt her face get hot.

Now the shy flirting would begin.

``So...what sounds good to you?'' She felt his leg vibrate under the table nervously and she looked around.

``Ya know, I would actually like to try those nachos.'' She giggled and he chuckled.

``I figured. I might as well eat 'em too. They are good. I'll go get them.''

``You don't have to--'' She started and he put his hand up politely.

``I brought you here, it's only right that I bring the food. Be right back.'' She sighed and watched him leave.

This was seeming more and more like a date and less platonic. She thought about what she was REALLY doing. What was all this for? From the moment she met him she felt as if there was a reason for it. But was she supposed him or whatever? She looked around and swished her feet. Damn it all. There was a reason they met, she knew that, and she would find out. She would go along with this. No use stopping an avalanche when all you have is a spoon.

Soon he was back with two plates of nachos. They were awfully small portions and she could only blame the economy.

``Thanks, but you really didn't have to.'' He shrugged and sat down.

``It's not a problem. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that when a guy asks a girl out, he should pay for the stuff they do.''

She blinked. ``Is that what this is? You 'asking me out'?''

He faltered and looked at her. ``What did you think it was?''

``I don't know...'' She looked at her plate and she heard him sigh.

``Me neither. Can I be honest with you?'' He asked.

``Yeah...'' She shuffled her butt in her seat.

``I...'' He stopped and fumbled with his food. ``Look, I don't do this very often. The guys always tease me about how I can be so flirty but when the chips are down I run like a wimp. I dunno. I do know that I like you for some reason. Whether or not it's a 'like' like or not, I don't know. So maybe this is a date. Maybe it's not. Maybe we could figure it out together? If you want?'' He was facing her now and she couldn't help but smile.

``Sure. I can do that.''

He nodded and looked at his plate. ``All veg on mine and I didn't know what you wanted so you got the regular with...'' He shuddered dramatically. ``Meeeeeat.'' She gasped in fake horror and failed her arm back.

``Oh, God, no! Not MEEEEEAT!'' They laughed together and he took a nacho and bit into it.

``Don't need meat. Veggie good.'' He said in a caveman like fashion.

She took a bite of her chip and nodded. It wasn't magnificent but it was pretty okay. They ate a few more chips until a girl was standing beside their table.

Patrick looked up and Sam saw that the young girl was about fourteen at most. The girl smiled and was only looking at Patrick.

'Oh, no.' Sam thought.

``Hi there.'' Patrick said friendly and the girl giggled in slight hysterics. ``Hi...'' She giggled some more.

Sam sighed. 'Yep. Obvious.'

``You're Fall Out Boy.'' The girl said in between her giggles.

Patrick raised his eyebrows. ``As flattering as that is to be called ALL of Fall Out Boy, I'm just the lead singer.'' He smiled and the girl giggled some more.

``Can I have your autograph?'' She asked wringing her hands.

He smiled and nodded. ``Sure.''

Sam looked at this and realized something. No, the girl wasn't screaming, or ripping off his clothes, but here he was, at a public place, trying to enjoy his evening...maybe a date but that was a different subject, and he was being bothered by this fan. Yes, he was nice and polite and kind to the girl, but it was still a bother. It was then and there that Sam decided that she did the right thing in not telling him. He simply would have blown her off and never would have gotten to know her for her. He would have judged her based on the fact that she was a fan. It was the same for her to him. She was judging him based on his fame. She decided that she would never tell him the truth and that she would erase the slate and get to know HIM because of him, not Fall Out Boy. Just like Bree said. Ugh, she could hear her voice now. 'I'm always right, Sammie.'

``Um...c-could I have a hug?'' The girl was tearing up and Patrick smiled.

``Of course!'' The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and he hugged her back. Sam couldn't help the twinge of jealousy at this girl for receiving a hug from him. He pulled away and smiled at her.

``Thank you so much! You have a wonderful voice, don't ever stop! If you guys broke up I would die!'' Patrick laughed and shook his head.

``Don't believe all you hear. If we end, trust me, you'll know from us. Pete in particular.'' The girl nodded and another female voice called.

``Katrina, what are you doing?'' The female was older, obviously the mother of this child.

``Mother! I was talking to someone! Gawd!'' She huffed and crossed her arms at her mother embarrassing her.

``We have to go. Stop flirting with older guys.'' The mother walked away and Katrina stomped her foot.

``Oh, my gawd, Mom!'' She turned to Patrick. ``Sorry...Thanks again.''

``No prob.'' He smiled and Katrina walked away, continuing an argument with her mother.

Patrick sat back down and looked sheepishly at Sam. ``Sorry 'bout that. Kinda happens sometimes.'' Sam looked down and Patrick looked worried. One of the problems with some of his previous girlfriends was this very thing.

``Does that bother you?'' She asked.

He sighed heavily. ``Sometimes it does, but it's what I have to put up with to make music. I'm not a big attention guy, I'm basically your everyday geek. But the fact that I get to make music never ceases to amaze me. I can't believe I'm that lucky. I get to It just blows my mind. I can understand the whole fan thing in a way. There are people right now listening to our stuff as I speak. Yeah, it's hard. Yeah, it can get kinda lonely, but I think it's worth it in the long run. I got to make my mark on the world. That will never change. Even if we fall into obscurity, and I doubt a hundred years from now people will be listening to Sugar, but we did it. I got to be a part of something most people only dream of. And that's huge.''

It was in that moment she saw part of who he really was. A simple down to Earth guy that got the lucky break of a lifetime. She knew right there. It was so over. She couldn't turn back now. No matter what. Even if she never talked to him again, or cut ties with him with some lame excuse of 'I just wasn't feeling it', it was too late.

Right there she fell for him.


``Well, here we are. Hope I didn't bore you too much.'' He smiled and she grinned.

``Not at all. I had fun. The most I've had in a while. Thank you.''

``Maybe we could do it again sometime?'' He asked and she smiled. She never was very brave, but recent events had forced her to be so. She leaned in and graced his cheek with her lips. When she pulled away he was turning red.

``It's a date.'' He smiled and a shy giggle escaped him and she opened the car door. One last glance back to him and he nodded and waved goodbye. She smiled and shut the door, beginning to walk to her building.

As he watched her leave he could still feel her kiss on his cheek. He smiled and looked at his eyes in the rear view mirror. This was how it always was. Get addicted to love and it ends. Sometimes he cares and sometimes he doesn't. But he didn't want the same old cycle anymore. But he also didn't want another Katherine. He looked at his eyes again.

It was just a chance he would have to take.

``Details, details, details! Did he kiss you? Was there fireworks? What, tell me!'' Bree was chomping at the bit and Sam sighed dreamily.

``We just hung out. Nothing much.'' She plopped down on the couch and Bree gasped.

``Nothing much?'' Bree asked.

``No...'' She sighed dreamily again.

``Oh, crap. You're in love.''



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