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I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Phone
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter Two: I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Phone


She stood there for a few seconds, just staring at her. She looked unimpressed and unconvinced. Sam had told her the whole story. It was obvious she didn't believe her. Why should she? Oh, what, she was just gonna believe that a celebrity randomly started flirting with her little sister? Yeah, right. Stuff like that doesn't happen...unless it happens to her! She sighed and swished her hips to the side.

``If this is your way of telling me you didn't get a job...'' She started.

``But I did! He helped me! He made my boss hire me by calling my boss' daughter on the phone! It was so cool, but I think her screaming might have hurt his hearing...'' She trailed off thinking of his face when Jenny screamed numerous times.

``I've heard some loads in my time but this takes the cake. I mean, really Sammie? Gimme a break.'' She shook her head and turned around.

``Give ME a break, Bree! You know I don't lie...well...I didn't used to...'' She looked down and shuffled her feet.

``Wait.'' Bree turned back. ``What do you mean you didn't used to? You're admitting you're lying to me? In the middle of lying to me?'' Brianna looked confused.

``I meant that I lied to HIM! I lied to Patrick! When he talked to me, I pretended that I didn't know him from anything. I acted like he was just a regular guy and I was a regular girl...But he IS a regular guy...He was so normal and the whole time I wanted to scream. It's kinda silly. I mean he wasn't flashy or throwing around money, and I wanted to scream and rip off his clothes. It's so stupid. And I feel so bad. He wanted my number and he thinks I'm not a Fall Out Boy fan. I kinda told him that...'' She blushed in shame and Bree raised an eyebrow.

``Wow. I think you're telling the truth.'' She said nonchalant.

``I am.''


And then they both started screaming. ``OH, MY GOD!! OH, MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!'' Brianna screamed and jumped up and down while Sam spasmed all over the couch.

Bree jumped to Sam and they both jumped up and down. ``Okay, okay, okay. Okay, so...Okay...what was he wearing?'' Bree asked out of breath.

``A bowie shirt and a cap and glasses...normal stuff.'' Sam answered breathing hard.

And they both started screaming again.

``Wait, wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop, stop. Okay, okay...So you didn't tell him you were a fan?'' Bree asked.

``No...That's bad, huh?'' Sam looked down.

``Are you kidding me? He never would've talked to you more than five seconds if he knew you were a rabid fan girl!'' Bree shook her sister.

``I am not rabid!'' Sam pouted.

``Please! You once knocked me down to the floor trying to see them on Letterman.''

``That was because you were in my way when I was trying to record!''

Bree rolled her eyes. ``Whatever. You got it bad for them. Especially the red-head....'' She teased while poking her sister in the tummy.

``Stop it! You like them too!'' She laughed as her sister started tickling her.

``Not as much as you!'' The tickle trauma lasted a few more seconds and Brianna sighed. ``So...Did you say he wanted your number?''

``Yeah...'' Sam blushed.

``Did you give it to him?'' Bree got in her face. ``Did you? HMM?''

``....Yes....'' Sam fidgeted and thought there would be more screaming but it never came.

``So, you have to wait for him to call you? Ooh, not good. You shoulda got his number.'' Typical Bree. Now would come the guy advice. ``You see it depends on how much he likes you. If he calls tomorrow, then he REALLY likes you. If he calls in two days then he kinda likes you. Anything further than that and just forget it. He's only calling you at that point 'cause he's bored or he forgot your number and he's calling to see who it is. Guys have short attention spans when it comes to this stuff.''

``Oh, no. He's not like that--''

``Don't tell me he's not like that because he's Patrick Stump. He's a guy! All guys are the same. They only think with what they got.'' Bree had her finger up like a teacher scolding a student.

Sam sighed. ``I don't need to hear the 'no brain all dick' speech again, Bree.''

``Well, it's true. Eventually all guys show their true colors and act like pigs.'' Bree crossed her arms and Sam shook her head.

``I think you're wrong this time. Maybe some guys really are just nice normal guys that don't wanna bang you the first time they see you. I mean, Patrick was a complete gentleman and he didn't ogle me the whole time we talked!'' Sam smiled thinking about it.

``Well, what were you wearing?'' Bree asked.

``A sensible business suit with feminine touches. Or at least that's what the salesman told me.'' Bree dead-panned. ``What? I had an interview for a secretarial job! I had to look professional! Not all of us can walk around all day in...that.'' She pointed to Bree's short halter top and tiny skirt and Bree rolled her eyes again.

``At any case, now you're stuck waiting by the phone, hoping he calls. And if he does, play it cool.'' Bree instructed.

``No way. I'm done lying. I don't think I should answer.''

Bree's eyes widened. ``Like hell you shouldn't! He's a guy, but also famous! If he calls you it means that he's willing to show you his number! That's big for a guy like him that is so private. You definitely gotta answer.''

``I should tell him the truth.'' Sam said.

``And then he'll hang up on you and you'll lose the chance of a lifetime. C'mon, Sammie! Pull your head out! What's a little white lie? Just keep acting like you don't know him and it'll be fine. You can tell him anything else you want, except one tiny, little, meaningless detail.''

Sam shook her head. She did want so desperately to get to know him better. And this was the chance of a lifetime. She figured that he would eventually lose interest like all the other guys in her life, and what she could come away with was a knowledge that she got to be friends with her favorite musical artist. Even if it was under false pretenses. She hated lying, but she couldn't help but think that there was a reason she met him. She knew there had to be...

``Just don't tell him. Ever. And he'll never know. Also, if you talk to him and be friends with him...or maybe more...'' Bree winked and Sam turned beet red. ``...Then you would have to introduce your sister to him and his friends...'' A devious look crossed Bree's face and Sam crossed her arms.

``Brianna, you're not gonna get Pete Wentz.''

``Excuse me? I am Brianna Hughes. I can get any man I want.'' Bree flipped her hair and Sam scowled.

``He's married with a kid! There's even a rumor that Ashlee is pregnant again!'' Sam yelled.

``So? That doesn't mean anything. Married guys come on to me all the time. I could get him if I wanted.'' Bree smiled devilishly and Sam huffed.

``So, you just wanna use me to get to Pete, right?''

``No! I think Patrick would be a good guy for you...Or at least a good lay.'' She looked thoughtful and Sam growled in irritation.

``Ugh! I don't wanna talk about this kind of stuff! You know that!''

``Yeah, yeah, Miss Virgin. I get it. Whatever. If you like a guy enough, you'll spread for him. Trust me. Hell, I'd spread for Patrick even.''

``Oh, my God.'' Sam started walking away and Bree laughed.

``Like you don't wanna see what he's got!''


Two days went by without a single ring. She was starting to get depressed and figured he wasn't gonna call her. Bree kept telling her that he must have forgot and that's just the way it is. But it still hurt. Maybe he was like all other guys.

So the weekend came and went and Monday arrived with a shrill beeping of her alarm clock. She groaned and sat up. 'I really need to set this to music.' But if she did that she would fall asleep. Like she used to. Monday was always a bad day. She looked at the time and moaned. Six am. She was used to getting up a eight or so. Without a job it was easy to sleep in. That is, until Bree started purposely waking her up. 'Not all of us get to go in at five pm like me. You need to get used to waking up early!' Bree had a very...rough way of helping people. But underneath all that makeup and sexiness and control was just her big sis, trying to help her. How embarrassing to come straight out of college and move in with your sister. She knew that no matter what, Bree would always be there for her.

That being said, she HATED getting up early. Why did a hair salon need to be open at eight am?! She rubbed the crust out of her eyes and stood up. Coffee. Lot's. Of Coffee.

After breakfast and her shower, she picked out her new outfit. Nothing too special for a shampoo girl. Just a sensible shirt and jeans. She was told that she could pretty much wear anything, so long as it wasn't revealing or trashy. She tied her hair back and wore natural colors in makeup. She still had on heels. Just two inch ones today. Black sandal heels with open toes. She had her toenails painted magenta last Friday and they still looked good. All in all, she looked ready for her first day on the job!

She came out of the bathroom and was greeted by her half naked sister. She was wearing a bra and panties with a sheen pink robe over her shoulders. ``Aw, you look so cute!'' Bree smiled and poked her sister in the stomach again.

``Why must you do that?'' Sam laughed as another poke hit her oh, so sensitive tummy.

``Because I know it makes you laugh. And I love to torture you.'' Bree smiled at her sis' laugh.

``Well, stop it! You're gonna make me late! SOME people have to take the bus, ya know.'' Bree sighed.

``And SOME people have to get a ride from their friend Summer. I'm sorry we don't have a car. Blame Bush.'' Sam laughed and Bree chuckled.

``Can't blame Obama just yet, huh? So, I look good?'' Sam turned around and Bree nodded.

``Yup. Just lookin' at ya makes me wanna get my hair washed.'' Bree joked.

``Bree...Come on...'' Sam blushed.

``Oh, so it's not the most glamorous job. Look what I do...'' A somber look crossed her older sister's face. ``But we gotta do what we gotta do. I'm twenty six and still stripping. Not exactly what I had planned. You have more years than I do, and can do anything with that education of yours. I have no doubt. I am so proud of you.''

This moment was brought to you by hormonal sisters sharing a tear filled hug.

After the tears were dried and the sniffling stopped, Sam was on her way out. With a final 'Good luck' from big sis and a 'Geez, Bree, get in the house before the neighbors see you dressed like that', she was at the bus stop.

It took about thirty minutes to get across town to Easy Trim. She was on time and Miss Phillips seemed to be appreciative. ``Good morning, Miss Hughes.'' She smiled.

``Hello! How's it going?'' Sam asked with a smile of her own.

``It's going great! My daughter has become a perfect angel since you know what happened. We just got the tickets yesterday. That boy must have sent them priority mail! We go a week from now. Which is perfect because that's when I start my vacation!''

``Wow. That is great.'' Her tone was less than enthused. He managed to remember Jenny and send the tickets but he didn't call her? Bree's voice rang in her head.

'They're all the same.'

Sam sighed and went to her station. She went through a brief training period since they opened in thirty minutes, and it all seemed to be easy enough. ``You don't have to cut or do anything cosmetic. You wash the hair and rinse it. That's it. This is the shampoo and this is the conditioner. Remember that or you'll end up giving a customer a greasy hair-do.''

``Okay.'' She nodded and another employee walked in the door.

``Training the newbie, Kate?'' She said as she shut the door.

``Yeah... Samantha, this is September. She's been with us for years.'' Sam looked at the twenty something Asian woman and smiled.

``Yep, since I was sixteen. What a long time doing highlights and dye jobs.'' Sam could see that she knew what she was doing. Her hair was up in a messy bun that was dyed five different colors. Blue, green, blood red, purple, and hot pink. Her nails were hella long and painted every color under the rainbow with painted designs and what looked like Chinese flowers. Her clothes were a hodge-podge of mis-matched colors. An orange tee shirt with a blue overall dress and black jeans. She had dark blue eye shadow and deep purple lips. She had tattoos on her neck of more Asian flowers and some symbols on her wrists. All in all it would seem that she enjoyed...colors.

``Nice to meet you.'' Sam shook her well manicured hand and September smiled a bit.

``Yeah, welcome aboard.'' That was all she said and she went to the back. More employees started flowing in. Another girl. She was maybe nineteen and seemed really shy. She was overweight and wore all black. Her brown hair was a simple blunt cut up the middle of her back and parted down the middle of her face. She wore thick black framed glasses and didn't speak much. Apparently she was another shampoo girl. Mary was her name and Sam was told that by Miss Phillips or Kate as everyone called her.

The next employee was a man in charge of cutting and styling. Antonio. He looked Hispanic and spoke with a heavy accent. He was very nice and friendly and also very gay. But Sam didn't mind. She could see that she could be easy friends with him.

That was it. How odd. There were only four including her. Easy Trim was very small, like a small town barber shop, but there should be more than four...right?

``The economy made me cut back. So I had to fire my other employee's. `` Miss Phillips explained.

``Yeah, but she kept us 'cause she loves us the most.'' Antonio joked and September nodded.

``You and Mary are newcomers. Mary has only been here a month, and she'll probably be gone when school starts again.'' September said lighting up a cigarette.

``Tem, I told you, keep that outside!'' Miss Phillips fumed and September shrugged.

``No one's here.''

``So,'' Sam started, ``Why did you hire me and Mary?'' Everyone exchanged glances and September chuckled.

``'Cause the people she let go got paid more than you two are.'' She blew out some smoke and Miss Phillips groaned.

``Thanks a lot for making me seem like a heartless Scrooge.'' She turned to Sam. ``Look. Times are tough. I had to do what I had to do. You understand?''

Sam smiled. She did. After all, Bree made her get a job when her wages were cut. ``I understand, Miss Phillips.''

``Please, call me Kate. Everyone else does.'' She waved it off.

``Except Mary.'' Antonio looked over at the large girl fixing the magazines.

``That's 'cause she never says anything.'' September blew out more smoke.

``Well, let's hope we get more than two customers today.'' Kate smiled in optimism and Sam frowned.

This was gonna be a long day.


Isn't it strange how an inanimate object can sometimes feel like it's staring at you? Well, that's how Patrick felt about his cell phone right about now. He groaned and fell back on his couch. It had been three days and he still didn't muster up the courage to dial her number. Why was he always so shy to do this kind of stuff? He felt confidant enough to ask for her number, which he hardly ever did, so why couldn't he call her?! Pete had been barraging him to call her so much that he stopped taking his calls. He sighed and kicked his feet. He didn't know why but he couldn't stop thinking about her. No, she didn't fill his every thought and desire, but he seemed to think about her when his thoughts weren't preoccupied.

His phone vibrated again, and it was Pete. AGAIN. This time he answered it. ``What.''

'Hey, dirtwad, why haven't you been answering me?' Pete seemed angry, which he didn't get too often with Patrick. Sure, he could fake a good mad at him, but underneath it he never truly got mad at him.

``'Cause you won't stop hounding me about that girl.'' Patrick answered calmly.

'There are more important things in the world besides you and your lack of a sex life, Patrick. Ash is pregnant.'

``Alright, man! I heard she might be, but you know how I feel about rumors. Congrats!'' Finally some good news to keep his mind off of...'his lack of a sex life'.

'Yeah, I hope it's a girl this time. Speaking of girls--' And Patrick hung up on him.

Ten seconds later he called back. ``Hellooo?'' Patrick answered innocently.

'Not funny, man. Seriously, have you called her yet?'

``No. I thought about calling her today...But she starts work today and is probably there, so maybe later...'' He sighed.

'Nope. You screwed up. You call her now and she'll be wondering what took you so long. Trust me, girls are never satisfied. Oh, well.' Pete sighed dramatically and Patrick scoffed.

``Not 'oh, well'! What can I do?''

'I dunno....She's at work today you say?'


It was now three pm and all they had was one woman who was older than Moses talking about how she wanted her hair to be periwinkle blue like all the old women, with her grandson who just told them to ignore her, and a five year old that got scissor happy. That was two and they closed at nine.

``I'm thinking of cutting back our open hours.'' Kate said with a sigh.

``Yeah, but then how would we waste our lives?'' September joked, lighting another cigarette and Kate shook her head.

Sam was a bit saddened by all this. Was it really all that bad? She wanted her first job to be at a place bustling with activity. Not doomed to close. Oh, well. It was money and for now it got Bree off her back. She felt bad that Bree had to, or rather CHOSE to strip and felt stuck in that life, but didn't ever want to judge her sister. She loved her all the same.

It was then that the door jingled and when Sam looked up that oh, so familiar heart thump returned.

He gingerly walked in and was wearing a green tee shirt with an upside down tree on it, blue jean jacket, blue jeans, and a gray cap. He was apparently wearing contacts and had let his sideburns grow in full again. Sam felt her heart sore. He didn't call her, but here he was. There was no other reason why he would be here.

``Oh, hello there!'' Kate jumped up and smiled big at her new favorite boy. ``What brings you here?''

``Just checkin' on my friend and how she's doing.'' He looked at Sam and smiled shyly. ``Hey.'' He said softly and Sam felt her face get hot.

``Hey.'' It was quiet after that until Mary came out the back with supply's, and after seeing Patrick, swiftly dropped them with a squeak.

``Mary, you're so clumsy!'' September scolded and Sam rushed to the teen.

``Fall Out Boy fan?'' She asked.

Mary blushed and nodded. ``I like Panic! At The Disco better, but yeah...'' Sam smiled. It was the first time she had talked.

``Huh?'' Antonio asked and looked back at Patrick. ``Who's he from?''

``I dunno, I only listen to New Age.'' September blew out more smoke and Sam helped Mary up.

``So...'' Patrick swished nervously. ``I just wanted to check up on her and all...but if you're busy...''

``Honey, look around. Do we seem busy?'' September asked him and he did look around.

Kate scowled at her employee and walked up to Patrick. ``We usually get busy at night. This is our lull period.'' She lied to hide her shame and Patrick believed her.

``Okay, well, I'll leave if you want me to.'' He turned slightly and seemed to want to leave. Sam's heart fell. Why did he show up if he was gonna run away?

``So, you don't need a trim?'' Antonio asked. He was eying the the boy and Sam giggled.

``Well, um...maybe...'' He blushed hard and Kate clapped.

``Great, and as an extra thanks you don't have to pay.'' She said as everyone else gave her a 'WTF' look.

``Now that I draw the line. I'm just like everyone else. I pay like everybody.'' He seemed a little offended and slightly angry but hid it with a polite smile. Sam knew then that he wanted to be treated like a normal guy and not a celebrity.

``Okay, do you want a wash and a trim, or just a trim?'' Kate asked.

``Hmm...'' Patrick seemed more nervous and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He looked at Sam and she smiled. ``What do you do?'' He asked her.

``Oh, she's a shampoo girl. Her and Mary both.'' September pointed to Mary and Patrick made eye contact with the teen. She then looked away and turned red.

``Oh, I see...Then a wash and a trim?'' He said a little shaky and everyone smiled. Those cost more than just a trim. Sam wondered if he wanted a wash just because she would be the one doing it...

He sat down where the washing would take place and Kate turned to the shampoo girls. ``Which one of you wants him?''

Both ended up looking like they had just died and turned red.

Kate turned to Sam. ``He's your friend and the reason I hired you. You want the honors?'' Sam blushed and stepped up.

``Sure...'' She blushed when Patrick looked at her.

``Then get to it.'' Kate ordered.

Sam walked up to Patrick's chair and they exchanged smiles. ``Hi. sure about this?''

``I've gotten haircuts before and I'd have to be crazy to turn down having my hair washed by a pretty lady.'' He smiled cheeky and she giggled. Boy, could he turn on the charm when he wanted to.

``You might wanna take off your jacket so it doesn't get wet.'' He stood up and took it off, draping it around another chair. She looked around and everyone was watching. ``Haven't you anything else better to do?'' She asked with her hands on her hips.

``What? You're gonna hump him when we aren't looking? This is our JOB. Although, I don't need to be here...unless you want highlights.'' September asked.

``Nope.'' Patrick smiled and sat down and September shrugged.

``Whatev. I think you would look good as a full blond.'' She walked outside and finished her cigarette.

Sam sighed and looked back at Patrick. ``, you're gonna have to take off your hat too.'' There was a brief moment where he looked like he didn't want to do that but he swiftly took it off and held it in his lap. She knew why he would be shy, as do a lot of Stump fan girls. And sure enough, when she got to the back she saw it. It was the same size as it was in Bedussy and she smiled. She thought she was the only one who thought this and was kinda crazy for it, but she didn't care; That bald spot was cute.

She remembered when she saw someone on a website say: 'Short, fat and bald, this guy has it all!' And the responses were not pleasant. However one held her cool with a simple, 'Those things just make him cuter.' And Sam agreed.

``Lean back.'' She asked and he did what he was told. Her life seemed to flash before her as the terror of the situation came to her head. She was gonna wash Patrick Stump's hair. Holy freaking canole'.

She wet his hair with the water and he didn't react. The temperature must have been right, she figured. She got it soaked and went for the shampoo--wait that was the conditioner. Put that back. She now grabbed the shampoo, scolding herself that she almost made Patrick's hair look like he belonged in the 50's, and put some in her hand.

She took in a shaky breath and slowly applied the soap to his hair. She saw his foot shake back and forth in a nervous twitch and he was continuously fingering his hat. She wondered why he was so nervous. As far as he was concerned, she was just another normal shampoo girl washing his hair at a salon. She heard him sigh as she got his hair covered and rubbed his scalp. After a few minutes she figured she was done and told him to close his eyes. She rinsed him off thoroughly and dried him off a little with a towel. She was relieved she had managed to keep him dry everywhere else.

She sighed heavily and looked back at him. His hair was messy and wet and she couldn't help the smile. He was so blasted cute!

``Thanks.'' He giggled smoothing out his hair. ``I'm sure it was easy for you, seeing as how there isn't much back there.'' He meant that as a joke because he laughed afterwards but she felt her heart plummet to her stomach. She HATED that. She never liked it when people put themselves down, and really didn't like him doing that.

``Oh, please. It looks great.'' She assured and he just shrugged.

``If you say so.''

``Can I cut him now?'' Antonio asked with his thick accent. By now September was back inside and she laughed in a high pitched shreal.

``You sound like a gang member on CSI!'' She continued laughing.

``And you sound like every other Asian chick in a hair parlor.'' September stopped laughing and Antonio huffed.

``Are you ready for my genius?'' He asked Patrick with a cheesy smile.

``Uh...As long as it doesn't spill on my shirt. It's my favorite.'' He joked and Antonio did not seem amused. ``Yeah, I bomb a lot.''

Mary giggled in the background and Sam smiled.

``So, what. When was the last time you had a trim?'' Antonio asked.

``Uhm, about four or five months ago. My hair grows like weeds, which is ironic for me.'' Another bald joke at his own expense. Sam wondered if he always did that.

``Uh huh. Do you want a trim or something better?'' Antonio asked acting like he was Michaelangelo.

``Haha. Just a trim, okay. I like my hair the way it is right now.''

``Okay...'' Antonio sighed, disappointed, and gave Patrick a basic trim. Nothing too much. When it was over he dried him with a hair dryer and clasped his hands together. ``Ta da!'' He flashed his cheesy grin again and Patrick gasped with his hands up to his face all dramatic.

``It's beautiful! Oh, thank you!'' He fake sobbed and Antonio held him.

``It was my pleasure. How you ever walked out in public with that last hair style and not die from embarrassment, I'll never know.''

``I'll never let myself go like that again!'' They laughed together and Patrick stood up. ``Seriously, thanks, man.'' He shook Antonio's hand.

``No problem.''

Everyone seemed to be in a better mood and another customer walked in. It was a mother with six children and she looked exhausted. Kate's eyes widened and she smiled. ``Oh, boy. Sextuplets.''


It was hours later and Patrick had stayed for the whole thing. He watched as Sam washed all the children's hair and interacted with them so naturally. He thought how she would make a good mother with an attitude towards children like that.

He must have been crazy. He didn't even know this girl and he just showed up and, like, let her wash his hair. Although that was her job. It was Pete's idea for him to show up and he thought it was a horrible idea.

``Great way to say, 'hey I'm a stalker', Pete.'' He had said. But she seemed happy that he had showed up and didn't mind at all.

The teen was definitely a FOB fan but never said a word. He could go talk to her but he didn't want to scare her. September was cool and Antonio was easy-going. Kate just seemed grateful and he knew she was kissing his ass for what he did for Jenny. Not only were they front row seats, they were meet and greet tickets. Way to go all out for a stranger. And not Jenny. Sam.

He was outside when the family left and Sam soon followed. ``Hey there. Why did you stay all this time?'' She asked.

``I could leave if I'm bothering you.'' She smiled and shook her head.

``No. Not at all. I have this job because of you.'' His heart sank a little.

``Oh, is that why you like me?'' He swore he saw her face contract into...something he couldn't pin-point but she quickly smiled again.

``Who says I like you?'' She teased.

``Oh...'' he chuckled. 'Gonna play hard to get. Okay, I'll bite.' ``I say you do, otherwise you would have yelled at me for showing up.''

``Oh, yeah, I'll yell at a potential customer, and the reason my boss likes me, and then get fired. Yeah, okay.'' She rolled her eyes and he chuckled.

``Well, at any case, It don't matter. Sorry I didn't call you, by the way. I was...busy.''

``It's okay--'' She started.

``Actually, that's bull. I was busy alright. Busy being a chickenshit. I...just didn't know what to say, ya know? 'Hey, remember me, that random guy that gave you a ride? Yeah, that was fun, huh?' Seriously...I suck at that stuff.''

``I would have remembered you.'' She smiled to herself and it felt like she was holding something back. He shrugged it off and walked up to her.

``So, you forgive me then?'' He gave her puppy dog eyes and she laughed.

``Uh...sure?'' She giggled.

``Swell! What now?'' He asked like a little kid.

She laughed and shook her head. ``I get off at eight. But I need to go home and...stuff...''

He was slightly disappointed and nodded. ``I understand. So, I WILL call you later. How about...tomorrow after you get off work?'' She seemed to be deep in thought and swallowed.

``Actually, it's not fair that you have my number and all the power. How about you give me your number too?'' She had more confidence and he liked that.

``Fair enough.'' He gave her his number and she smiled wide.

``And a pic? I wanna show my sis the guy that got me a job.'' He sighed.

``That IS the only reason you like me!'' He fake sobbed again and she laughed. He stopped and smiled. ``Yeah, okay.'' They took a picture with her cell and she saved it.

``So, you can call me too now, huh?'' He asked, turning pink.

``Yeah...I can...But you can still call me tomorrow.'' She turned pink as well.

``Do you want me to?'' He asked getting closer.

``Yeah...'' She fidgeted.

He inhaled and stepped back. ``Okay! Well, uhm. God damn. I gotta go, if I don't get to that place I need to be at the world will end!'' She laughed again and he chuckled. ``Just...yeah. See ya around.'' He got back into his lovely Honda Civic and drove away, the image of her waving burned in his brain.

What. The. Flaming. Fuck. He was gonna KISS her! What the hell, Patrick? What the hell?! He shook his head as he was driving. This was insanely bad. Usually when he fell for girls this fast, it ended horribly. He shook his head again. No. No bad omens. She seemed to like him. Maybe it wouldn't end in disaster. That is, if he manged to get her. He could only hope...

When she got home Bree was waiting for her since it was her day off. ``Well, how was your first day?''

``Great...'' She seemed like she was in a dream state.

``Did he call you?''


``Three days and he still hasn't called you? Geez, Sammie. You screwed up.'' She sighed and Sam smiled.

``Oh? What about this?'' She showed Bree the picture of them outside the Easy Trim. ``And I got HIS number.'' She bragged and Bree raised her eyebrows.

And they both started screaming.



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