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I Comb The Crowd And Pick You Out
By Just 2 Dream of You


Between The Lies

Chapter One: I Comb The Crowd And Pick You Out


She sighed and pushed that pesky strand of hair that always got in her face out of the way. This was the third try at a job and she bombed. The interview went fine, like all the others did, but she could tell based on their attitude. She wasn't getting the job. This was ludicrous. Here she was, twenty four, with a full four year degree and she couldn't get a job. Guess it was true what they say; No one can get anything anymore. The economy sucks. If she had to she could get a job at a burger joint. She heard that In an' Out Burger was hiring. Maybe she could try there? She looked down. She didn't wanna work at a fast food place. Not that she didn't respect anyone who did but...come on. She looked at her watch. 'Three twenty five.' She had an interview in one hour. Her last chance. It was at a beautician parlor and she would be the one who shampooed the hair. Not a dream job but with a lot of work she could move up to answering the phone! She groaned. Oh, well. It was better than nothing...either that or fast food.

Speaking of food, there was an absolutely wonderful scent wafting through the air. Smelled dogs! Her stomach growled and she went where her nose took her. Sure enough, around the corner was a hot dog vendor. You didn't see those much in L.A., but boy was she happy to see him! She went all the way up to him and smiled. He smiled back and waited for her order. ``One with the works, please.'' She was a dainty little thing, but could hork it down with the best of them. He quickly made one up for her and handed it out. ``Three fifty, please.''

``That's pretty cheap!'' She handed out the money and took her first bite. Odd. It didn't taste like a regular hot dog. It was good, no doubt, but it didn't taste like a hot dog should. ``Excuse me, Sir?'' The man nodded. ``Um, what kind of meat is this made of? It tastes a little funny.'' The vendor chuckled and she heard a voice behind her.

``That's because it isn't meat. It's a veggie dog.'' The vendor pointed to a sign that said 'Vegetarian Hot Dogs' and if she was an anime character she would have sweat-dropped.

``Oh. I'm stupid.''

The vendor shrugged. ``Happens to me a lot. Leave it to L.A to turn everything healthy. But a lot of people do like it, so I figured I'd try it. Plus I'm vegetarian too.''

The voice behind her chuckled and her heart skipped a beat. She had heard that laugh before...

``Oh, really? Good on ya, bro. I'll take what she ordered.'' She knew that voice. No. No, no, no. Not now, not ever. She was just imagining things. It was her stupid little mind playing tricks on her. She turned behind her and immediately regretted doing so.

He was wearing a black David Bowie tee shirt, black jeans, an open blue hoodie over his shirt, a cap that said 'McFarlene Excavating', and black framed glasses with silver around the top edges.

Patrick Vaughn Stump.

She snapped her head back and began to sweat. It was HIM. It was really him. Sideburns and all. She felt her stomach leap into her throat and everything went into freeze-frame. There was no noise except her heart pounding.

No freaking way. Fall Out Boy had been her favorite band since she was seventeen. She had a notebook with 'FOB' doodled all over the front of it. She had pictures of them in her locker. She had every album. Even 'Evening Out With Your Girlfriend'. She had 'Live in Phoenix', 'Release The Bats', 'B-side', she taped the Fuse concert 'Live From the Chicago Theater', and even made some home-made DVDs of them performing on T.V. She practically had everything. Posters and all. She was even a member of FOBROCK and joined FOE because of them. She had never been to a show because she could never afford it, and her parents would've said no, but she had always been a die hard fan.

Add on top of that, Patrick was always her favorite. No, she wasn't doodling 'Mrs. Stump' all over her notebook, but she always thought he was cute. Even more so than Pete. In fact, she always went for guys that were that type. That type in looks. Including weight. She found him more attractive when he gained it. She always thought he was too skinny anyway. And here was was, standing behind her, ordering the same veggie dog she ordered. If she wasn't paralyzed with terror, she might have squealed.

``She looks mortified. What's the matter? You don't like veggies?'' The vendor asked her receiving a chuckle from Patrick again. Oh, God, that laugh. The vendor had his dog all prepared and Patrick stepped up to get it.

He was right next to her, maybe four inches away at best. She looked at him and realized that he was the same height as her. She had always hated her height and wore heels to make herself any taller she could. Even in heels, he was the same height as her. That was the first time she was glad she was achingly short.

His sideburns were a little shaven off. Like they were growing in. She noticed that recently he kept shaving them off and growing them back. She couldn't decide whether he looked good with them on or off. He looked good always anyway. His scent was definitely Tag mixed with something else. Perhaps his shampoo? She didn't know but it was wonderful being this close to him.

He took his dog and looked at her. She raised her eyebrows and would have dropped her food if she didn't have a death grip on it. ``So, what? You like it or...?'' O. M. G. He was talking to her. He. Was talking. To HER.

'Say something, you idiot!' Her head screamed. When would she ever get this chance again?

``No, yeah.'' She stammered.

``Which is it? No or yeah?'' He asked with a small smile playing at his lips.

She swallowed. ``Yeah, I like it. It's different, but I like it.''

``Well, that's good. It is better for you than that processed stuff. No offense to those that make a living selling regular hot dogs. I used to give my business to them, but it's better for you to stay off of it.'' It sounded like he was giving advice and he seemed so...normal? That was a laugh, of course he was normal! What, all celebs are aliens or something? Well, maybe Angelina Jolie'...

``I take it this is your first one?'' He asked as he took a bite.

She blinked and shrugged. ``Yeah, it is. I'm so stupid. But whatever, I'll eat it.''

He swallowed and nodded. ``That's good 'cause so many people would kill for that thing.''

``Yeah...'' And then entered the awkward silence. Great. Just great. What now, talk about the weather?

``So, yeah, enjoy it.'' He smiled and started walking away. She felt her heart sink further and further with each step he gave. She turned around and went to go anywhere, as long as she didn't have to watch him leave.

She blew it. Once in a lifetime opportunity and she blew it. She was so bummed out. She hit a small cafe' table and sat down with her veggie dog. She looked at it and the fan girl in her just couldn't resist. She would eat this thing if only because he liked it. She felt so foolish for thinking that, but couldn't help it. She took another bite and had to admit it was pretty tasty. ``Hmm,'' was her happy moan and she felt a shadow.

``They grow on ya, huh?''

She almost spit it out at the voice and sallowed hard, scratching her throat. She looked up and there he was, smiling at her. She felt her toes curl in and swallowed again. ``Yeah, the second bite was better.''

``Usually is. Is that seat taken?'' He gestured to the other chair across from her and she shook her head. ``So...'' He paused and she swore he was turning pink. ``Could I join you?''

A myriad of things ran through her head, none of which she wanted to share with him. Before she could control it, her mouth spoke. ``Sure...''

And then he sat down. He made eye contact with her and gave her a shy smile. She gave one of her own and looked down. Aw-kward.

``So, if I'm bothering you, I can leave.'' He pointed behind him nowhere and she felt her head scream,

``No!'' Unfortunately, her mouth screamed with it.

He looked taken aback by her outburst and she cleared her throat. ``I mean, no. I was...lonely...'' Oh, man. LONELY? What the hell.

``Oh, really? Why's that?'' Dear God, he seemed to buy it. Go with it, go with it!

``Just...all alone in a big city. First time job hunting. That whole thing.''

``Oh, yeah? What'cha looking for?'' He took a bite and she shrugged nervously.

``Dunno. Anything I can get, I suppose.'' He was still chewing and she was glad he had manners and didn't talk with a full mouth. She decided instead of staring at him eat, she should take a bite too. While she was chewing he swallowed.

``I heard In an' Out Burger was hiring.'' She looked up with a glare and he laughed. ``Don't like burgers?''

She swallowed. ``Don't like grease.''

``Grease is a great movie, what are you talking about?''

She laughed and he nodded. ``Yep. My humor gets there every so often. But, yeah, I used to eat there all the time.'' She had a flash-back of his 'Tour Through L.A' video on YouTube. ``It was hard to give it up when I became all veg. They are really good.'' He sighed dramatically. ``But alas, I want to do better for my body and the planet so if missing a burger every once in a while is my payment, so be it.''

She gave him a funny look and decided to go with the humorous tone in the air. ``You're just an everyday superhero, aren't you?''

``Yup. That's me. Capitan Planet.'' She laughed hard and he chuckled with her. ``What, you can't see me in a tight painted on blue...whatever?'' She laughed some more. ``Yeah, probably not.'' He took another bite and she sighed. Was this really happening? It was and yet, it didn't feel like a dream anymore. With the laughter clearing the tension, it felt so...natural. She took another bite and noticed that he took WAY bigger bites than her. He was gonna be finished long before her.

``So, what kind of music do you like?'' And with that she choked a little. She swallowed hard, AGAIN, and looked at him.


He blinked. ``What kinda music do you like?''

What was this? A test? Did he always ask this? It made sense if he did. He was in a very popular rock band, which was getting more popular by the day, and it made sense for him to ask people. Of course if the person didn't know him, he would come off as a douche saying, 'You like Fall Out Boy?'

This was it. Should she tell him? This whole time she had been acting like she didn't know him. Should she tell him now?

'Yeah, I like music. Particularly YOURS!' That would go over well. She swallowed again, just spit this time, and took in a breath. ``I like, rock, pop, and R&B. I don't like country or rap.'' That was at least somewhat honest.

``Cool. I like...R&B...Pop is okay, depends on who it is, like, 80's pop was better, old school rap, some country is okay, emo, punk. Just all kinds I suppose. I've always liked jazz and been a big dork about it.'' That would explain Folie' a Deux. ``I also like show tunes!'' He said with a geeky smile and tone. Was he always this talkative and open with strangers? That's when it hit her. She wasn't a stranger. She was a woman. She felt her face get red hot.

He looked around and sighed. ``Yeah, I ask you something?'' He was fidgeting a bit and she smiled.

``Go ahead.'' 'Here it comes. Keep your cool.' She told herself.

``Do you know a band called Fall Out Boy?'' His tone was shyer than what he had previously shown and he seemed embarrassed.

``Uh, like, what do you mean?'' She asked, really not wanting to have this conversation.

``I mean, have you heard of them, do you like them...?'' He trailed off like he wanted her to fill in the blanks.

``They're okay...'' Now it's gone too far. She was basically lying now.

``So, what do you know of them?'' He wasn't asking her outright if she was a fan, which meant he figured she wasn't. If she was she probably would have screamed or asked for an autograph right at the hot dog stand. She thought that's what he thought.

``They have funny lyrics?'' Technically that wasn't a lie. Everyone said that about them and it wasn't her saying she didn't know anything.

He chuckled and shrugged. ``So, you don't know them very well?'' And there was the outright question. If she wanted to keep this up, she had to lie now.

``Not...really...'' She hated lying, but as soon as she said that he seemed relieved.

``Okay, just checking. I'm in that band.'' He said that so blase' and cool, like he was telling her that he was a gas station attendant.

``Oh, really? What are you, the drummer?'' As soon as that came out of her mouth, she regretted it. That was a joke on her part, but if she was playing it like she didn't know anything, that was pretty obvious. She knew, as do a lot of people, that Patrick always wanted to be a drummer, not lead singer/guitarist. She was in deep shit now.

Instead he laughed. ``That's funny that you say that! I always wanted to be a drummer, ever since I was little.'' He bought it? She smiled and he continued. ``Naw, I'm the beat guitarist and lead singer.'' He blushed a bit and she smiled more.

``That's cool. You a good singer?'' Why not?

``Ah...'' He shrugged again and she raised an eyebrow.

``What, you suck?''

He giggled and shook his head. ``I dunno. I've been told I'm good. Excellent has been thrown around a few times...'' Was he bragging? And in such a shy way. How cute. ``But as far as I'm concerned, I could always improve.'' How modest. ``So, yeah. What do you do for a living?'' He asked with a snappy nervousness.

``I told you I was job hunting--Oh, my God!'' She looked at her watch. It was four fifteen. She had fifteen minutes to get to her interview. ``I'm gonna be late for my interview! This is my last chance!'' She stood up and she saw his eyes looking at her with concern.

``Did I make you late? Oh, jeez, I'm sorry!'' He got up and stood beside her.

``It's okay! I just need to hail a cab and get there.'' She looked around and he shook his head.

``You'll never catch a cab at rush hour. I could drive you.''

Her heart thumped again. ``Y-you?'' She asked, turning to him.

``Yeah, I parked my car at that building and saw that stand so I walked over. It's right over there.'' He pointed to a building about fifty feet from them and she frowned.

``Do you know where you parked? I hate parking garages.''

``I ALWAYS know where I leave my baby. Where do you need to go?''

``To sixty third and Flum.'' She sighed.

``That's not too far. If you'll let me, I can drive you there.'' He smiled politely and she smiled. If he was anyone else she would have said hell no. But this was Patrick Stump. What, she was gonna get in his car and learn he was an ax murderer?

``Okay. Sure. If it's not too much trouble...''

``Nope! Happy to help a pretty lady out!'' He started walking and her mind was spinning. Did he just call her a 'pretty lady'? He thinks she's PRETTY?? Oh, Lord...

``C'mon!'' He waved her on and she followed him across the street.

By the time they got to the garage it was four twenty. 'Oh, no,' she thought. 'That's what I get for lying to this poor guy.' They walked in about thirty feet to a blue Honda Civic. There it was. The same one from The YouTube video. She would have screamed in joy if she wasn't panicking.

``There's my baby. Hop in!'' He unlocked the whole thing and she had a surreal moment when she reached for the handle. How many times did she imagine being in his car? ``It's open!'' His muffled voice rang from the inside and she opened it up and got in.

His scent was throughout the entire car. Every car smells like their owner in some way and this one definitely smelled like him. She smiled in brief joy at being in his car, that is, until she saw the time on the display. Four twenty five. ``We'll never make it!'' There was a cry in her voice and he looked sympathetic.

``I'll try my best, okay?'' He backed out and peeled out of the garage.

They got on the street and she was freaking out. ``Bree is gonna be so pissed!'' She said aloud.

He looked at her and she sighed hard. ``I live with my sister and she pays for everything! I need this job to prove I can help! If I don't I'll have to hear about it for...forever!''

``I see. I'm sure she'll understand.'' He assured.

``She said, and I quote, 'Come back with a job. I don't care if it's trash pickup.'''

``Oh? And what does she do that's so great?'' He asked. She fidgeted. She didn't want to tell him that.

``She's...a...dancer.'' She half-lied this time.

``She makes good money then? Don't let her judge you. And don't just rush out and get a horrible job. Find the one that's right for you. Of course you're looking at a guy that's never had a real job...'' He trailed off with a laugh.

``Really?'' Now THAT was something she didn't know.

``Nope. Just singer in a rock band. Sigh.'' He said 'sigh' and she laughed. She had forgot the time and saw it switch to four thirty. Oh, well. She had just met the man of her dreams and who cares what Bree had to say? As soon as she would tell her she would flip her lip. Being that her sister was a huge FOB fan as well.

``Okay, where do I go? I'm at the street.''

She sighed. ``Do you know 'Easy Trim'? That's where we're going.''

``Easy Trim...Easy Trim...'' He thought aloud and she just couldn't help to smile at his cuteness. Screw the job. She was with Patrick freaking Stump in his freaking Honda Civic. And here she was wanting to get there quicker? Had she lost her mind?! She could have spent more time talking to him at the table instead of going insane. But then she wouldn't have gotten in his car...Six a one a half a dozen. Ke sera.

``Found it!'' He got in the lane and drove up to it. ``Hope it goes well for you.'' She looked at the clock. It was four thirty seven and she hoped they were lenient.

``Yeah, thank you so much.'' They shared a smile and she opened the door.

``Wait!'' He stopped her. She turned around. ``What's your name?'' She laughed at the fact that they hadn't exchanged names. She didn't think to since she already knew his.

``Samantha. Or Sam.'' He smiled.

``It was nice meeting you, Sam. I'm Patrick.'' She had to bite her tongue from saying 'I know' and took his hand that was extended to shake.

``Nice meeting you too.'' THAT was not a lie.

Just when they parted hands she saw the woman that was supposed to interview her.

``Oh, Miss Phillips! I'm sorry I'm late but--''

``But what?'' Miss Phillips cut her off. ``The traffic? The dog? The boyfriend? I don't want excuses I want you to be on-time. If you can't be on-time for an interview, how can I expect you to be on-time for work?'' Samantha stumbled and stuttered. ``Sorry. I don't like tardiness.''

It was then a certain red-head stepped out of his car. ``Miss? It was all my fault.'' Apparently he had heard the whole thing. ``You see, I made her late, and well, I don't know what else to say. Please don't take it out on her.''

Miss Phillips did not seem to be listening because her eyes were as large as saucers. ``Do...I know you?'' She asked a bit shaky. Patrick blinked and took a somewhat guarded stance.

``You might? Where do you think you know me from?''

``Well...I'm pretty sure your pictures are all over my daughter's walls.'' And with that he smiled.

``Are they now? Fall Out Boy?''

``That's it! Fall Out Boy! I knew it was falling something! She can't stop talking about you boys! I hear it all day long! She keeps begging me to take her to a show. But she's only twelve. I wasn't sure...but oh, my God she would kill me if she knew I met you!''

Patrick chuckled and shrugged. ``Well, um. Thank you? Eh, but yeah, I made her late.'' He pointed to Samantha and Miss Phillips looked shaken.

``He made you late?'' She asked.

``Uhh...'' Sam looked at Patrick and his eyes said 'yes'. ``Yes?''

``Oh, my.'' Miss Phillips looked so confused. ``Could I ask a favor?'' She asked Patrick.

``Anything. As long as you hire my friend here.'' Sam's mouth went agape and Miss Phillips nodded furiously.

``Of course. You're hired.'' She shook Samantha's hand and Sam looked back at a grinning Patrick Stump.

``Please, please...I need something to give my little girl...I don't know what though...maybe a picture of you with me? Oh, no. She wouldn't want that...who wants a picture of their favorite rock star with their MOTHER?'' Patrick seemed to blush at 'rock star' and shrugged.

``I have an idea. Do you have a cell?'' He asked.

``Of course!'' She chirped.

``Is your daughter home?''

``She should be.''

``Okay. Call her up and lemme talk to her.''

Sam at this point was in another surreal moment. Was this really happening? And that poor twelve year old girl was gonna lose three years off her life.

``That's a great idea! But how will we show her it's you?'' Miss Phillips asked.

``This a camera phone?''

``It's an everything phone. It could wipe your ass if they made an AP for it.'' She said handing out her i-phone.

Patrick laughed. ``What's her name?''

``Janecia.'' Sam raised her eyebrows at the name. Patrick did nothing. ``Jenny.''

``Okay. Dial it for me, please?'' He was so polite.

``Already did. I hope she answers...''

He held it up as it was ringing. He chuckled at the ring-back. It was Dance Dance. A young feminine voice answered. 'Yeah?'

``Um...Hello. Is this Jenny?'' He asked.

'Yeah...who's this?'

``This is...well, Jenny, you're not gonna believe this but this is Patrick Stump.''

Silence was on the other end and he looked a little nervous.

'No way.' Was the answer.


'Prove it.'

``I thought you might say that.'' He put the phone down. ``Take a picture of us and send it to her.'' He whispered to Miss Phillips.

Miss Phillips nodded and took a quick picture of her and Patrick. It looked like a normal Meet & Greet photo and it made Sam laugh. Miss Phillips sent it to her daughter's phone and gave the phone back to Patrick. ``Well, Jenny, you should be getting a picture soon.''

A few seconds went by before total high pitched, blood curdling screaming was heard through the phone. Patrick had to hold the phone away from his ear and Miss Phillips was tearing up at her daughter's happiness. Sam was happy too. Another fan got her dream come true. She sighed. Now the guilt was staring to set in. But would it had been better if she had reacted like Jenny? Perhaps not...

``I assume you got the pic?'' He asked a little away from the phone since she was still screaming.

'Ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd! How did you--? Ohmygawd!!' She was shrill and Patrick winced a bit.

``I just met your mom and she seems nice. She helped one of my friends out so I am helping you.''

'R-really?! H-h-how?!'

``How would you like tickets to our next show in L.A?''

Another round of screaming. Patrick winced again and chuckled through it all. ``Okay, I'll get you those tickets. I gotta go okay?''


``Love you too, Jenny.'' He handed the screaming i-phone back to Miss Phillips and she spoke to her daughter.

``I suppose you'll be cleaning your room tonight?'' She asked nonchalant.

'Whatever you want, Mama!! Oh, my God, I love you!'

``I love you too, baby. I'll see you tonight.'' They said goodbye and she smiled at the red-head. ``You made my baby so happy! Thank you, but the tickets?''

``I'll take care of it. If you'll give me your number then I can call you to send them to you.''

``How about I just give your our address now?''

``Well, if you're comfortable with that?'' He asked with a smile.

``Please, like you're a serial killer?'' Sam chuckled to herself. He did look SO dangerous.

``Haha, don't tell anybody.'' He joked. Miss Phillips gave him her address and they said their goodbyes. She went back in the parlor and looked at Sam.

``You start on Monday.'' She went back inside with a skip in her step and Sam smiled at Patrick.

``'' Was all she said.

`` of the benefits I get from being a 'rock star'.'' He said making quotes with his fingers.

``You got me a job and then made that girl's wish come''

He shrugged shyly and Sam walked near him with new confidence. ``Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't know how to repay you.''

``You could start by giving me your number.''

Now THAT threw her for a loop. ``What?''

``I don't usually ask but...I dunno...If you don't want to I understand.'' Sam said nothing and he smiled. ``Yeah, it was a joke. Don't worry about it.'' He turned around and she grabbed his arm.

``I didn't say no.'' She smiled and he smiled wider.

``So I can have those digits?'' He asked eagerly.

``Um...okay. Sure!''

``...57. Okay. Got it. Sam, right?''


``Alright, well, maybe I'll give you a call sometime.''


``Okay.'' They looked at each other and he shrugged nervously, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. ``So, I'll see you around maybe.'' He touched the back of his cap, which she noticed he did a lot on stage. Like, after every song he did that. It seemed to be a nervous twitch.

``Okay.'' Was all she could say. What else could she say?

``Okay. Um...bye.'' He gave a shy chuckle and and got back in his car. She watched as he pulled away and waved back at him when he waved goodbye to her.

As soon as he was gone she started screaming.

And Miss Phillips came out. ``Just hit ya, did it?''


This was a productive day. He had just cranked out a new song for Cobra and now was leaving with a girl's number in his phone. He didn't know why he went up to her to talk to her. Just...something about her. Maybe it was that she accidentally got a veggie dog and he found that funny. He just looked behind himself and saw her walking away. He ended up following her to that cafe' table and was SO glad he did. ``Man...'' He sighed as he entered his L.A home. He did miss Chicago terribly but had work to do in California. Now he was happy he did.

He plopped down on the couch and put his head back. His phone rang and vibrated and he jumped up. Wait. He got HER number. Not the other way around. He looked at who was calling and smiled. 'Right on time.'


'Hey man. How did it go with Cobra?' Pete's voice rang on the other side.

``It went well, they had great sound. But, dude, that's not all I did today. Guess what?''

'Dude, what? You sound like a little kid.' He laughed.

Patrick shook his head. ``I met someone.''

'...As in a female someone?' Asked Pete.

``Yup. Met her at a veggie hot dog stand. Funny huh?''

'Cool, she's a veggie lover.'

``Well, not really. She was there by accident. She thought it was a regular hot dog stand.''

'Now THAT'S funny. Did she ask why the meat tasted weird?' Pete was laughing and Patrick giggled.

``Yeah, she did.'' They both laughed and Pete sighed.

'So...looks, man. What she look like?'

``Oh, man...'' Patrick sighed, picturing this new girl he just met. ``Like, I dunno. She was wearing heels so I think she's shorter than me. Like five feet.''

'Awesome. And?'

``And...'' He sighed again.

'Dude, hair color, style, sizes, eye color, freckles, you know the drill.'

Patrick laughed at his best friend's eagerness. ``Dirty blond hair, kinda wavy slash curly, brown eyes, maybe some freckles...Um...''

'Sizes, dude. SIZES.'

``Heh heh. Like, oh, man...Small, thin...c-cups...''

'Good, good. Sounds cute. But I wouldn't know anymore. I'm married.' He laughed and Patrick chuckled.

``Don't let Ashlee hear you, man.''

'She's not home. Photo shoot. So you get her number?' How he knew him all too well.


'CALL. HER. But wait like...a day.'

``Oh, c'mon...''

'Seriously. Maybe two. Just call her. Kay? Oh--hold on, wifey's calling.'

``Yeah, I should go anyway. I gotta take a shower.''

'Alright, man. Call her? Got it?'

``Yeah, yeah. Bye, Wentz.''

'Bye, Patty.' And with that he hung up. He only said that name to mess with him. He hated that one out of all of them. He shook his head. He took off his cap and ran his hand through his hair.

``When SHOULD I call her?''

She was pacing the room and hated it when she was late. ``Dammit, Brianna, get home already!'' Sam had gotten home by cab and it was now midnight. ``You get off at eleven thirty! UGH!'' The locks in the door moved, and in stepped said sister.

``FINALLY!! I have so much to tell you!'' Sam nearly jumped at the door.

``Yeah, did you get a job?'' She asked tiredly.

``Yeah, but that's not important right now! I have to tell you-''

``You're damn straight it's important. I'm tired of having those greedy bastards with their hands all over me to pay ALL the rent. You gotta pay too.'' She put down her bag and sighed gruffly. ``And tomorrow's Saturday. I hate the weekends...''

``Speaking of Saturday...'' Sam started.

``Look, as long as you got a job I don't give a crap. Just get paid. I gotta shower. This glitter shit don't come off easily.'' Bree went down the hall when Sam shouted.

``I met Patrick Stump!!''

Brianna turned around. ``WHAT.''

~To Be Continued


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