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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Out There
By Emma Electric


Out There

Chapter 1

“Okay look. I don't want to take care of you guys. The only reason I took you in is because you're family. It's not my fault your father and mother weren't good parents. Don't get in my way. I'm sure you can take care of yourself.” My Aunt Carrie stated.

“No problem” I said unsurprised that Carrie didn't want to take care of us. She's only ___. She's fresh out of college. She probably wants to live her life you know? I can take care of myself anyways. I've taken care of myself since I was little.

“Okay. I can take care of myself. I think we could be good friends though I mean we're pretty close in age and we seem to be into the same kind of things.” My 17 year old suck up sister, Antonia said.

“Yeah I'm going to meet some friends later. You should come along… but um Olive… sorry your only 13… your too little. You can't come.” Carrie said

“Didn't want to go anyways.” I said. “But can you call me Trix? Everyone calls me Trix.”

“Uh sure… why?” Carrie asked.

“Trix is short for Bellatrix. Did you know there is more than one sun in outer space? Well Bellatrix is the name of one of those suns. It is about four times brighter than our sun. That's why my friend nicknamed me Trix. She always said I was brighter than the sun.” I explained. No one ever understood that story.

“Oh. Okay.” Carrie said perplexed. She probably thinks I'm crazy.

Hmm. Maybe they can be friends. I was thinking as I watched them chit chatting on the couch. But that's a good thing. Carrie seems like a good person. She eats healthy and definitely doesn't do drugs. She seems nice… Well besides the fact that she pretty much told me to leave her alone. Hanging out with Carrie might be good for Toni.

Toni always seems to get herself into trouble. Back at home there was always a heavy supply of drugs and alcohol. It wasn't hard for Toni to take some. And she almost always did. Toni was friends with all the bad kids at our school too. She was always out. That's why I had to take care of myself. Sometimes I would even have to take care of Toni.

I've never been into drugs. Or alcohol for that matter. I saw what they did to my parents. And I saw what they did to my sweet sister. That's definitely not what I want for me. Instead I focused my time in my art and my best friend Hoot.

After watching Carrie and Toni talking for quite some time I decided to explore the house. It was small. The front door opened up to the elegant living room. The couch had a pretty floral pattern and the curtains were red silk. To the left of the living room was the kitchen. The tiny kitchen had a small round table just big enough to hold three people… Maybe four if you squeezed. It was full of stainless steal appliances. The refrigerator, microwave, oven, and sink, were all in stainless steal. Then you walk up a stairwell and there is one long hallway with four doors each painted a different color. I opened the doors and peeked inside each of them. The room with the pink door was also pink. Pink everywhere in fact. There were pink walls, pink curtains, pink bed spread, and pink dresser. I checked in the closet to see if there were any clothes. It was empty. This must be either Toni's or mine. I thought. I think I'll let this be Toni's room. I then poked my head into the room with a green door. Once again everything in the room was the same color as the door. Green this time. I checked a drawer and found that there were clothes. It was Carrie's room. Then I popped my head into the blue room. Another bedroom filled with blue furniture and d?cor. Blue is my favorite color. So I decided to put my belongings on my bed. I then put a sticky note on the door stating this room has been claimed by Trix. Toni, don't steal it. I then went to find a completely yellow bathroom at the end of the hall.

After exploring around the house I began to write my best friend Hoot a letter. Carrie doesn't have a computer or a telephone. I don't have a cell phone either. So the only way for Hoot and I to communicate is by snail mail.

Dear Hoot-

It's my first day at Carrie's house. She seems pretty nice I guess. She doesn't want anything to do with me though which is kind of lame. But I understand. I mean how would you feel if all of a sudden people plopped two kids at your doorstep and said you had to take care of them? She and Toni seem to be getting along great actually.

So far I have learned a lot of things. I learned that I will have to go to private school with a bunch of snobby girls (it's an all girl's school!) I learned that N.Y.C is a lot colder than California. A LOT colder. And I learned that too much of one color gives me a headache. My entire room is blue. Toni's entire room is pink. Carrie's entire room is green and the bathroom is entirely yellow! I don't know if I can handle all this blue.

On the Brightside school ends in 4 weeks so I only have to deal with those chicks for that much before the heat rolls in, the flowers start to bloom, and school is out!

I miss you already. And it's only been 2 days. It's just really weird because usually you and me would be hanging out at The Spot right now… and we aren't. It's hard to believe that you are all the way at the other end of the country.

I'm sure things will get better. I just have to believe it. I think this happened for a reason. But don't think we will EVER stop being friends. You were there for me since 1st grade. I feel like this happened so I could have an adventure. I don't know.

-Love, Trix

I went to my big black suitcase and after much searching and digging pulled out all I would need for sending my letter. First I took my favorite perfume and sprayed my letter with it. I remembered the time when I had sprayed my hair with this perfume and Hoot told me my hair smelled like rainbows. Then I put the scented letter into a neon green envelope. I neatly printed out the information and put one of my favorite sparkly stamps in the right corner. Then I decorated the bright envelope in stickers with logos of our favorite bands. Owl City, Never Shout Never, Nickasaur just to name a few. After personalizing the envelope I taped it to the mirror in my new room so I wouldn't forget to mail it as soon as possible.

“Trix dinner is ready!” Toni hollered from the front room.

For dinner Carrie gave us hamburger and hotdogs. But I had a salad and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I'm a vegetarian. Carrie told me I would have to come up with (and pay for) my own vegetarian meals. I've never actually paid for my own food but Hoot's mom taught me how to prepare tofu in the past. Looks like I'm going to have to find a job… if people will even hire 13 year olds… I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be 14 but maybe they will bend the rules. I sure hope so because otherwise I'll be munching on poor helpless cows and chickens and pigs… and everything else.

Chapter 2

The next morning I sent my letter to Hoot. I don't know how long it will take for her to get it and write back. I hope its fast. I miss her so much already. I'll miss her even more tomorrow when I start prep school. Technically it will be my first day of school. I decided to get ready for it just like I do every year with Hoot. We spend the whole day picking out outfits and doing each others nails. I'll just have to do my own.

I decided to start with the most important thing, my outfit. All my clothes were nice and neat in my new closet. Everything was easy to find. It was the opposite back in California. My closet was jam packed with clothes that mostly had fallen off their hangers and my dresser seemed like it would spew my clothes out like a volcano spews out lava at any moment. I tried on a lot of clothes. I wasn't sure if I should dress nicely because surely all the rich prep kids would be dressed in designer labels and crap. After an hour and a half I decided to go with something that totally showed my personality. I chose my favorite black skinny jeans and paired it with my Mitchell Davis shirt. Mitchell Davis is a YouTube god. He makes videos under the name of livelavalive. I'm obsessed with him… he designs his own shirts and sells them online at and I bought one. My shirt is a white V-neck with a sketch of Mitchells face with his fingers making the shape of a beard around his mouth. His face this covered in what looks like purple watercolors. It's my favorite shirt. For shoes I chose my purple converse.

Next I chose my accessories. For earrings I decided to wear my big purple dino ones. For a necklace I always wear the friendship necklace Hoot got me. One of our favorite bands is Owl City. One of the friendship necklaces says owl and the other says city Hoot gave me city. My necklace has a thin silver chain with small teal charms hanging form the word city. Hoot's is the same accept it says owl on it and the charms are light blue. She customized them at a jewelry store. I decided to place my mom's ring on my right ring finger also. The ring has a skinny gold band that slopes upward in the front met in the middle with a tiny diamond. It's beautiful.

I don't like spending hours doing my hair and makeup and all that sort of thing. I don't straighten, curl, blow dry, or flat iron my hair. It's all natural wavy brown hair all the time. I don't wear makeup because I'm too lazy in the mornings. For tomorrow I'm just going to wear my hair down normal.

I painted my left hand's nails electric blue. Then I looked at my right hand. This was going to be tough. Usually Hoot would do my right hand for me. After a lot of nail polish remover I finally got my right nails pretty good.

After my nails dried I mixed up a facial thingy using a recipe me and Hoot looked up on the internet last year. I put it on my face and sat down to chill. I looked at myself in the mirror. Doing facials all by myself mad be seem just silly. It was fun when I had someone to laugh with about how dumb we looked with green faces. I was really starting to miss Hoot. I washed off my “green monster mask” even though it was supposed to be kept on for an hour.

I realized I didn't really have anything to do. Without having any friends and not knowing any fun places to go I didn't know what to do. I saw my isle and paints in the corner of my blue room. Now there's something to do! I stuffed my paper and paint into my art bag and headed to the door.

“Hey Carrie can I go paint stuff?” I asked.

“I don't care. Do whatever.” She answered, clearly distracted with her blackberry.

I walked out into the world. It was sort of chilly to me. Probably because I was used to the burning hot California air. It was 74 degrees out. That's about how warm fall is at home. I have no idea where I'm going. I thought to myself. I decided I would just follow the side walks. I knew the address so I could just ask for direction if I needed them to find my way back. I wandered around inhaling the city air for about 30 minutes before finding a nice looking park with a spectacular willow tree. I positioned myself under the willow and began to paint the view from under the giant tree. I was careful to get the full effect of each bending branch. The bright blue sky contrasted perfectly with the dark branches.

After an hour or so, when I was almost done, the sky started quickly turning dark with puffy gray clouds. They looked like storm clouds so I made my way back to the house. Lucky for me I found my way back quickly because right as the colorfully roomed house came into sight, the cold rain started to bombard the pavement. I ran home the rest of the way for the fear that rain would ruin my awesome new painting.

By the time I made it into the warm house my clothes were heavy with water and my hair was dripping. I went straight into my new room. I changed into dry clothes and wrapped a towel around my long brown hair. Looking out my window I could see the rain drops explode as they pounded into the ground and began to race down the hill. I grabbed my camera and its waterproof cover. Then I pushed open the heavy window and the screen. I leaned out my second story window and snapped a picture of the exploding raindrops as the refreshing raindrops covered my face.

“Wow. Hoot would love this picture.” I told myself as I reviewed the picture. I decided to use my camera-picture-printer-thingy to print out the picture. I decided I would send it to Hoot in my next letter. Then I took a picture of my new weeping willow painting and printed that out too. I wanted to get Hoot's opinion on it.

“Hoot would love to experience New York City.” I was talking to myself. Was I going insane? I never talked to myself before I left. “I must be lonely” I told myself, and then slapped my hand over my mouth when I realized I said that out loud also. That's when it dawned on me. I have my camera. I can take pictures of all over New York and send them to Hoot! She can see all of the things the way I see them.

Yet again I was left with nothing to do. No T.V. No computer. It was getting dark out so I couldn't go outside. I noticed the book Twilight on my night stand. I've read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 2 times already. But I love it so much I could probably read it 10 times in a row without getting tired of it. I picked up my much loved book and began to read it for the third time. I quickly found myself deep inside the love story between a fragile human and a vampire. With one hell of a fight scene!!!

Hours later I tore my eyes away from page 107 to look at the navy blue clock on the teal walls. It was midnight already!!! Plus I had school the next day. I closed my book and put it back on my table. Then I buried myself in my bed's blue blankets and clapped twice to turn off the lights. Now I was feeling the first day of school nerves kick in. I pulled out my IPod and played songs by Owl City to slow my racing heart.

Chapter 3

I woke up to Toni jumping on my bed. “Hey Trix get up!” she yelled.

I looked at the clock. Was I seeing it wrong? The clock on my wall read 4:00am. “Why did you wake me up? It's only four!” I am definitely not a morning person. I'm like a vampire. The nighttime is my safest and most comfortable time.

“I know. I'm sorry but I'm just so sick of being in an all pink room so I came in here. But then I thought it was kind of sketchy being in there while you sleep so I decided to wake you up.” Toni explained her messed up logic.

“Oh I see. Yeah I guess I get it. I'm pretty sick of blue all the time too. But couldn't you have waited to hang out in my blue room oh I don't know… at a time when I'm… you know NOT sleeping?” I asked grumpily. I don't like to be woken up in early hours of the day, especially for a really dumb reason.

“No I can't wait. I'm just SO sick of it. I think I might throw up if I go back in there.” She answered dramatically.

“Fine. I'll sleep in your room. Okay?” I reasoned


I heaved myself out of bed and trudged across the hall and opened the powder pink door. Pink flooded into my eyes. I'm not a very big fan of pink. I mean sure a little pink here and there isn't bad but too much pink really does bother me.

I discovered this when my old school decided to have Pink Day. On Pink Day everyone wore pink. By the end of the day I never wanted to see something pink again! But this time, it was actually refreshing seeing pink instead of blue.

I dragged my feet across the fluffy pink carpet. I plopped myself onto the ridiculously bouncy bed, flipped off the light and buried myself into the magenta comforter where I found myself asleep and dreaming in no time.

Hours later I was woken up again by Toni. My alarm had gone off in my room so she came in and jumped on me. Gee thanks. My nerves kicked in again. I still couldn't believe I wasn't in California anymore. I didn't want to go to school without knowing anyone. Toni won't even be there because she is in the high school.

After taking a shower, brushing my hair and my teeth, I got dressed in my favorite outfit. After checking my outfit out in the blue tinted full length mirror I went downstairs for breakfast. Carrie had made bacon for me and Toni. It was a nice gesture. But she forgot I was vegetarian. I thanked her anyways and made myself a bowl of Fruit Loops. Not that I could really eat them considering how nervous I was.

After breakfast I grabbed my book bag and went to a bench 10ft. away from the house where I was told the bus comes. Toni's school doesn't start until later. So I was sitting there all alone.

Then huge mustard yellow bus rounded the corner too soon for my nerves to settle. Do buses always move that fast? It felt like the bus was moving one thousand light years per minute. As it got closer and closer speeding down the long narrow road I honestly considered running away. But I erased the thought out of my mind when I thought of how pissed off Carrie would be if I ditched school. When the bus rolled to a stop in front of me it took a second for me to move my shaky legs. Why was I so nervous? I wished Hoot was there.

When I got into the big metal vehicle of doom I noticed that it was practically deserted. There were only four students, now five, sitting in the fake leather seats of the huge bus. This was good. There definitely is room for me on the bus. Plus now I only have four people staring at me, the new girl, instead of an entire bus full of girls. But I was the last stop. So why was no one on the bus? I quickly and carefully (so I wouldn't trip) made my way to the very back of the bus where there was the single seat. The bus ride wasn't long. Why did this bus move so fast?! And before I knew it were pulled up to the huge school.

I've never seen a school that big before. It was probably the size of one and a half football fields. Plus it was taller than two of Carrie's 3 story houses stacked on top of each other. How is it possible that only 6th, 7th, and 8th grade is here? Why can't they fit the high school too? There was no doubt I would get lost here. The outside of the huge building was covered by red bricks. There was an immense swarm of girls on the front lawn of the learning institute. They were all in uniforms. I wasn't told about any uniforms. Kill me. No don't. It's not that bad. Maybe.

Now that I was out of the bus I had no choice but immerse myself into the sea of girls. A lot of heads turned and a lot more fingers pointed from the girls. I could hear “Who is THAT” and “What is she wearing!?” being “whispered” way too loud. Just look ahead and make your way to the main office Trix. Ignore them. Don't trip!!! I told myself. Once inside the nearly empty school I found a map posted on one of the bulletin boards. Yes, the school is big enough to post a map in every floor. I used the map to locate the main office. Once inside the office the nice receptionist gave me the books I needed and a miniature map that could fit inside my binder. She told me my uniform should arrive tomorrow morning.

School didn't start for 15 more minutes but the receptionist lady said I could go ahead and find my homeroom now, before the other girls mobbed in. 258 ah where's room number 258?! I thought to myself as I ran through the hall checking the numbers posted outside each classroom. Then I remembered the map. I was on the wrong floor. Wow. That makes sense. After taking one of EIGHT abnormally large elevators, (no stairs?) I found my homeroom. Mr. Merrick was the teacher. He was really nice. He gave me my schedule. He also wrote down the names of my other teachers and their room numbers. He was also my math teacher. I looked at my map and the numbers of each classroom. Oh great. All the 7th grade classrooms are mixed with the other grades. Why must they make it so difficult? I thought.

I glanced at the huge clock. 4 minutes left before the rest of the students plow into the empty halls. Tick, tick, tick the clock seemed louder now. It was almost as if there was a huge drum playing along with each movement of the second hand.

“Hmm, livelavalive? Do you mind me asking what that means?” Mr. Merrick asked me after reading my shirt.

“Oh well there's this kid on YouTube who makes all kinds of random, hilarious videos and some cool artsy videos too. His YouTube name is livelavalive. He's amazing.” I told him.

“Wicked. I'll have to look him up sometime.” Since when do teachers say wicked? Mr. Merrick seems pretty cool.

It was then that the bell rang making me jump. Here we go. No turning back now. I could hear the noise of girls getting louder and louder as they made their way all around the room. I made my way to sit in one of the desks in the back, took a deep breath, and braced myself for my first day of prep school.

Authors Note:

Soooooo how do you like it so far? I finally decided to break the story up into chapters because I felt like it would be easier for my readers. If I have any readers… Are you out there? I would love to get a review(:


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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