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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Our Kind of Love
By Emily


...our kind of love...

Mark stared at the ceiling of his hotel room. For once, he just couldn't fall asleep. Sighing, he
rolled onto his stomach. After fifteen more minutes of tossing and turning, he sighed again and slid
out of the bed. He turned the television volume up louder and started flipping through the channels.
Of course there was nothing on, it was two o'clock in the morning!

Mark walked to the bathroom to get a glass of water. He filled the glass and brought it up to his
face, stopping when he saw his reflection in the mirror. He had dark circles under his eyes, and his
face was paler than usual. He noticed there was a glazed and sad shine in his eyes as well. He ran
his hands over his tired face, knowing full well what, or actually, who was causing all this
sleeplessness and anxiety.

He hadn't planned this. He didn't plan on falling for one of his bandmates. Mark had known he was
gay from about the time he was fifteen or sixteen. When Westlife had formed, he felt obligated to
tell the people he would be spending almost all day every day with, about it. The other four lads
had been very understanding, which was really great. Kian and Shane were a little more shocked,
seeing as they knew Mark best; they had never suspected! As far as he knew, they were the only ones
who knew about his homosexuality. Not even Louis, Anto, or hell, not even his parents knew! He
trusted the other four to keep it in confidence.

Unfortunately, he started developing feelings for one of them. It was very close to torture to try
and act normally around Kian. Everytime they touched, Mark felt as if a jolt of electricity had hit
his brain, causing a tingling feeling to spread throughout his whole body. He knew that Kian would
never be able to return his feelings, and it tore him up inside. As much as he wanted to get it off
his chest and tell Kian how he felt, he just couldn't pluck up the courage.

Without even realizing it, Mark had started crying. He looked in the mirror and finally noticed the
hot tears that were rolling down his cheeks. Hastily he wiped his face and made his way back to his
bed. Why can't love be simpler?! Mark thought as he pounded the pillow.


In the next room, Kian was pacing, having just as much trouble sleeping as Mark was. He ran his
hands through his hair, trying to order his thoughts. It wasn't easy with Shane snoring loudly in
his bed. Kian threw one annoyed look in Shane's direction and flopped backwards onto his bed.
Lately, he had been developing feelings that were alarming him. It had all started when Mark had
announced he was gay to the rest of Westlife. Kian could have cared less; he had a few gay friends
and it had never been a problem to him.

The problem was, as time went on, he found himself staring almost wistfully at Mark, and when Kian
was around him, he knew that his feelings were slowly starting to be deeper than those of
friendship. These thoughts scared him. He had never thought he would be gay, I mean he had dated
girls, and thought he was in love with them. But when it came down to it, he knew that the kind of
love Mark and he could have would be stronger than anything he had ever had before.

Kian knew he would have to face this problem sooner or later. He resolved to talk about it with one
of the other lads tomorrow. He would just have to be very careful how he went about doing this. Kian
rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.


"Hey, Mark!" Mark grunted and rolled over. Then he realized someone was pounding on his hotel room
door. "What?!" he yelled hoarsely. "You gotta get up, we're leaving in just under an hour!" It was
Bry, the ever-cheerful morning personality. Suddenly the door slammed open and Bryan came in, as
usual exuding the energy of a small hurricane. "C'mon, Markie boy, wakey wakey!" he yelled, ripping
the covers off Mark. "I hate cheerful people," Mark mumbled into his pillow, not moving. "Don't make
me take drastic measures!" Bryan warned. "All right, I'm up," Mark said tiredly, sitting upright.
"Thatta boy," Bryan said, slapping Mark's back, sending him face first into the mattress. Then he
paused, noticing that Mark didn't seem to be his usual self. Usually he would snap something back at
Bryan when he started joking around, but today he was silent.

"Hey Mark, what's eating you?" he asked. "Nothing." "Don't feed that bull shit to me, I know
something's wrong with you!" Bry insisted. Mark looked up and Bryan was startled to notice that his
eyes held a distant look, and he definitely had a droopy expression on his face. "Oh man, something
is wrong; you look like someone killed your dog!" "Ha ha," Mark answered, burying his face in his
hands. Instantly Bryan sat down and put his arm around Mark. "Hey, man, you know you can tell me
anything," he said. "This is serious. I'm in trouble," Mark said, slightly muffled by his hands.
"I'll tell you only if you swear that you won't tell anyone!" "Cross my heart," Bryan said, drawing
a cross over his chest for good measure. A small laugh made it's way past Mark's lips.

"I think I'm in love," Mark began when Bryan cut him off. "That's great, is he cute, do I know him,
where does he live?" "Jeez Bryan, you're worse than a girl," Mark chuckled. "As I was saying, well,
yes he's cute and you do know him." "Now you're winding me up; who is it?" Bry asked, excited. "It's
Kian." There was a silence following this statement. Mark looked at Bryan, who face registered shock
and surprise. "I shouldn't have told," Mark groaned. Bry regained control of his senses and quickly
said, "No, it's alright; that's cool. But does he know?" "No, I don't have the courage to tell him."
Bry frowned. "Well, Mark, you're gonna have to."

"What if he hates me? I couldn't bear for that to happen." Mark whispered. Bryan tightened his grip
on Mark. "But what if he feels the same way. Wouldn't it be worse to not tell him and never know?"
"You make a good point Bry, except for one detail; Kian isn't gay!" Mark said. "Maybe you just need
to make him realize that he could love you," Bryan pointed out, "One thing is for sure, you have to
tell him, or you'll always regret it." "I know, I know," Mark replied, "I just wish there was an
easier way to do this." "Well, too bad for you, there isn't," Bryan said, standing up, "Now get your
arse out of bed and down to the lobby; we're eating breakfast on the road." Mark stood up and
saluted. "Sir, yes, sir!" Bryan narrowed his eyes. "You'll pay for that, Feehily!" Mark rolled his
eyes, then screamed as Bryan tackled him and they went flying into the wall.


"Good grief, it sounds like a bomb just went off!" Nicky said, grinning at Shane. "Let's just hope
they don't damage any furniture this time," Shane replied, "Remember when Bry smashed that
wardrobe?" Remembering that incident still caused Nicky to dissolve in a fit of laughter. "What's so
funny?" Kian asked as he came out of the bathroom. "Bryan and his tendency to destroy hotel
furniture," Shane answered between giggles. Kian laughed as he could hear the screaming and pounding
in the room next door. Just then Mark ran past the door of their hotel room wearing just his boxers,
followed by Bryan who was emitting some kind of high-pitched war cry. As they went past, a loud
thump and a muffled curse was heard, followed by Mark skidding into their room.

"Hey guys," he said diving behind Shane, "I'm not here, OK?" Bryan stumbled in the door. "Where you
hiding him?" he asked. "He's behind Shane," Nicky said, laughing. "HEY!" Mark yelled. Kian decided
to come to Mark's rescue before Bryan put him through the wall. "Don't we have to be down in the
lobby in just under a half hour?" he asked. "Oh yeah, I gotta go shower!" Bryan yelled then bolted
back to his room. "Thanks Ki," Mark said, heaving a very dramatic sigh of relief. Kian's stomach
involuntarily did a flip-flop. "No prob," Kian replied, grinning, "But seriously we should get
ready, guys." "OK mom," Nicky giggled. "Hey now," Kian said, picking up a pillow and making a
threatening move towards Nicky.


Soon, the lads were all packed and parking their butts in the lobby. After Anto made his appearance,
they all hauled out to the tour bus; luckily only a few fans were waiting around. After they had
signed autographs, taken a few pictures, and chatted for a while, they were on the move. They picked
up some McDonalds for breakfast and were happily munching away, just wasting time. Mark kept seeing
Bryan throwing meaningful looks at him and Kian, but Mark knew this wasn't the time.

Kian was reading a magazine on his bunk when a heavy thump next to him told him someone had come for
a visit. He put the magazine down and saw Bryan sitting there. "What's up?" Kian asked. "Oh nothing
much," Bry answered, "Hey, have you noticed how weird Mark's been acting lately?" Kian almost
choked; did Bryan know? "Not really." "Oh, I just thought that you would be interested in knowing
that." Bryan said.

"Why is that?" Kian asked guardedly. Bryan shrugged. "It's just that you seem to really care about
Mark." Kian sighed and rubbed his face. "Is it that obvious?" Bryan wanted to jump up and do a
victory dance. "I knew it!" he said a little too loudly. "Knew what?" he heard Nicky ask. Boy if
looks could kill, Bry would have been pushing up daisies on the spot. "Nothing, never mind," he
yelled to Nix. Then he turned his attention back to Kian.

"So you really like Mark?" he asked. "As in, you fancy him?" Kian looked down and muttered "yes"
almost unintelligibly. Bryan grinned, "Hey, that's great, cuz I happen to know-," suddenly he caught
himself. Kian quickly looked up. "Know what?" Bryan put on his most winning smile. "Oh, nothing. But
maybe you should talk to Mark about your feelings; he might feel the same way!" "Will you be on my
back forever if I don't?" Kian asked dryly. Bryan grinned and patted Kian's shoulder. "You should
expect nothing less!" Kian lips turned up in a small smile. "All right, all right. Are we staying in
another hotel tonight?" "Yep, perfect opportunity to tell him, don't you think?" Bryan asked,
raising his eyebrows. "Fine, I get the hint. I'll tell him tonight," Kian said, smiling. But inside
he was wondering just how on earth he was going to do it.


Mark sighed as he flopped down on his bed. Another city, another hotel, another performance. It
never changed. Bryan had assaulted him as soon as he got off the bus, insisting that tonight he
should tell Kian. He kept up a steady verbal bombardment until Mark had agreed. Now he was in it
deep. He knew that Bry would check and keep making sure that Mark would do it.

"Well, why not now then, huh?" Mark said to himself. He stood and up and walked to the door. But as
he was reaching for the handle, there was a sudden knock. He jumped about a foot in the air before
opening the door slowly. He almost passed out when he saw it was Kian. "Hey, can I come in?" Kian
asked, softly. Mark stepped back and nodded. "What brings you here?" he asked lamely. "I need to
talk to you," Kian said slowly. Mark's heart started beating faster than normal. He gestured to the
sofa and Kian took a seat. "Well, go ahead then," he added as he sat down, making sure to put some
distance between himself and Kian.

"Mark, this is really hard for me to say, but lately, I've been having weird feelings." "Like what
kind of weird feelings?" Mark asked. "Like, um, oh man, I-I," Kian stuttered. "Well, I better just
say it; I fancy you like hell, Mark." Mark wasn't sure what he had just heard. His head started
swimming as he tried to take it all in. "I knew this was a bad idea," Kian muttered, standing up.
Mark hurriedly grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to the sofa.

"Kian, can you repeat what you just said," Mark said hoarsely. "I fancy you?" Kian asked, curious to
what Mark was doing. "Oh Kian, I feel the same way!" Mark almost shouted. Kian felt like his heart
was racing a thousand miles an hour. Without waiting any longer, Mark leaned down and captured
Kian's mouth with his own. The rush of emotions that glided through Kian when Mark kissed him was
unlike anything he had ever felt before. He felt light-headed when suddenly he felt Mark's tongue
probing his lips, seeking permission to enter. Kian opened his mouth willingly, enjoying the feeling
of Mark's tongue exploring unknown depths.

Mark's hands started a journey of exploration as well. First he ran his hands through Kian's hair,
then they started downwards across his chest, coming closer and closer to Kian's crotch. Suddenly
Kian broke the kiss. "Hey, what's wrong?" Mark asked. Kian looked down as if embarrassed. "This is
the first time I've even kissed a man. If we start a relationship, I want to take things slowly."
"Oh, of course that's all right. I'm sorry, I didn't even think how it must have felt for you!" Mark
said, hastily apologizing. Kian looked up and smiled. "I really like you Mark, and I want to start a
relationship. I just don't think I can move into the physical side of things just yet." "That's
perfectly all right," Mark said, "I'm just happy that I can finally be with you." Mark reached out
and gathered Kian into his arms, starting to cry. Kian looked up and saw this, so he quickly kissed
the tears away.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "I, it's, I just dreamed of holding you for months now, and I'm just
so happy that I finally can!" "You're a true romantic, you know that Feehily!" Kian grinned.
Suddenly his face changed. "Are you planning on telling anyone about this?" "Well I think we should
tell the other lads; it might make things easier," Mark said, stroking Kian's back. Kian shivered at
his touch. "You're probably right, but when?" "As soon as you want to, maybe tomorrow?" Mark asked
hopefully. He didn't want to keep this relationship a secret; he wanted to shout to the world that
he was in love! "I suppose we can," Kian said slowly. "Great!" Mark said, kissing the top of Kian's


After a few hours of watching the television, Kian stood up and stretched. "Well, I'd better get
back to my room." Mark stood up too. "Why don't you stay the night here?" he asked, quickly. Kian's
face took on a guarded expression, but he melted when Mark gave him his puppy-dog eyed look. "Ok,
but I need to get some stuff from my room." "Sure, I'm just gonna go shower then," Mark said, giving
Kian a quick kiss and disappeared into the bathroom. Kian touched his lips where Mark had kissed
him, letting a sigh of contentment escape his lips. He quickly walked back to his room, and grabbed
a few things he'd need, then decided to get a shower of his own in quickly.

By the time got back to Mark's room, Mark was already in bed, reading a book quietly. Kian sat
gazing at the expression on his boyfriend's face as he concentrated on the book. His boyfriend. Kian
smiled; he liked the way that sounded! Suddenly Mark looked up. "Well, are you just planning on
standing in the doorway in your underwear all night?" he asked, smiling. Kian laughed and walked
over towards his boyfriend, glad that Bryan had persuaded him to follow his heart.

...the end...


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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