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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Eternal Rest
By LadyPlague


Disclaimer: this is NOT real. :) just thought I'd make
that clear.
this is my first fic on here so let me know what ya think.
warning: it's a tearjerker. so you better have a tissue ;)

Eternal Rest

I sit here. At this moment. My life. My world. Crushed. Nothing is worth living without your best
friends by your side. I have nothing left.

It was 8:46, Me and my friends had just gone out for a drink like we do near enough every Saturday
night when we're not on tour. Though this night was going to be different, we weren't gonna blackout
from the booze. We were all just having a nice beer at our favorite bar in Huntington Beach,
"Johnny's". We've been going to Johnny's bar since we were about 18, thank god for fake I.D`s huh.
Now we're 26ish, all except Johnny, poor bitch he's only 22.
"Drinks up" Little Johnny boy yelled, whilst trying to hold 5 shot glasses on a tray. which if I
may add he was doing terribly. His red hair reflected the purple light and his nose ring shined in
my bloody eyes, thought it was funny when he nearly spilt the shots down his black `Motley Crue'
shirt. We did our usual cheers and downed the shots, the burning sensation going down my throat,
that was just the first drink of the night, there were plenty more to follow.
"Hey Bri…who is that guy over there looking at us?" Zacky asked, pointing towards a guy in a
black coat with short brown hair, looking around really nervously and occasionally staring at
"I have no idea, I've never seen him before" Zacky got me wondering. who is that guy? Why haven't I
ever seen him before? Why in the world was he staring at us?
Time had passed rather quickly, one beer or shot after another, we were laughing at Johnny, playing
pool or betting on something. I was still dazing into my thoughts from time to time.
"Oi, beeytach!" Jimmy screamed at me waving his hand in front of my face, I snapped out of my dazed
"What?" I looked up to his frowning expression and his intense blue eyes with a confused look upon
my face.
"Can you help me lift up Johnny?" He asked. He pointed to outside the bar area, and I saw a small
little Johnny passed out on the floor, bottle of beer still in hand.
"He passed out in his puke"
"Nice..." My face cringed as I looked at the poor guy, sick covering his mouth with quite a bit of
it in his hair. I got off my lazy butt and went to Johnny's limp yet heavy body, grabbing his left
"Ok, on three, we lift him up and drag his body though the door." Jimmy ordered grabbing the other
arm. "Ready, one...two...three" and with that we lifted Johnny up and quickly yet carefully got his
body through the door then placed him on a chair in the corner of the lounge and left him there to
sober up.
Me and Jimmy went up to the bar to order some drinks when all of a sudden we heard a loud thud,
followed by a smash of glass or something coming from the bathroom. We turned round to see that
mysterious guy come out of the bathrooms like nothing had happened. His eyes still shifting as he
ran a hand through his hair as he quickly walked away. We slowly made our ways to the bathrooms
unaware of what we were going to see. Jimmy slowly pushed the door open and we couldn't believe our

Two of our best friends. Their bodies covered in each others blood. The mirrors smashed to a
thousand tiny pieces scattered everywhere. Blood dripping from the pure white sink. The walls which
were once a shade of blue, now a shade of dark red. Their bodies as pale as a piece of paper.
Motionless. A million little droplets of blood upon the bathroom floor. Mine and Jimmy's souls.
Crushed like ice. Along with our childhood dreams. I turned to Jimmy, who was just staring at the
two motionless bodies, faintly I could see his steel blue eyes filling with water and him silently
sobbing to himself.
I put my arm around him and rested my head on my shoulder to comfort him. A few moments later Johnny
had finally awoken from his drunken slumber and came over to us to find out what's going on. As he
noticed the two bodies, I could see in his face as his jaw dropped and light tears leaking from his
eyes, that his heart and soul had shattered along with ours.
Ten minutes had passed, the ambulance and police were here checking the scene and removing the blood
drenched corpses in the black bags. Johnny, Jimmy and I were now sat on the lounge chairs. I had my
head in my hands, Johnny was sat on Jimmy's lap crying into Jimmy's shoulder leaving tear stains on
his black silk shirt, Jimmy lightly rubbing Johnny`s back. I ran my fingers though my long spiked
black hair. Sighing. I've just lost two people so close to me. I just wanted to cry... but I
couldn't. Questions ran through my mind. How did this happen? Who killed them? why? My mind was
breaking down on me. I couldn't take it. I look at my watch it was only 10:27. We'd usually still be
drinking our heads off.
I walked outside the bar, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Smoking can help me calm down at times,
hoping it would help now, I was sat outside with my cigarette in one hand, a cup of coffee that
Jimmy bought me in the other. I was sat down on the curb just watching the cars go past, when Jimmy
came and sat down next to me.
"Don't worry Bri, hopefully everything will be ok." Jimmy said comfortingly as he wrapped his lanky
arms round my shoulder. It was peaceful. It was quiet.
"Hey guys be right back, going to the garage further up" Johnny announced as he walked passed.
"Ok short ass, be safe." I yelled as he stuck his middle finger up at me. Smiling to myself, he
never minded us taking the piss out of him, coz well he deserved it sometimes.
"I will" Johnny shouts back. The road was quiet, no cars around. Johnny took a few steps into the
road THUD! Johnny's body flew 8 feet in the air as a car hit him. That car must have been going
about 60 mph to have caused a collision like that. Me and Jimmy were just gob smacked. We sat there
in astonishment as we watched Johnny's body hit the floor whilst the car sped off. We rushed to
Johnny's aid but I doubt there was anything that the paramedics could do. His skull had been cracked
in multiple places blood was pouring from his ears and head. Blood now starting to seep out of his
mouth and bruises forming on his cheeks.
We knelt down to him. Picked up his lifeless hand and I whispered "Don't worry Johnny boy. We'll
find the person who did this to you. I promise." I placed his hand over his chest holding it close
and lightly ran my hand over his damaged face. Streams of tears falling from my eyes, leaving my
face drenched. I felt Jimmy place his hand on my shoulder. I just broke down into nothing. We ran
indoors to get the paramedic, we sat down again, I focused my eyes towards the ground, feeling so
confused. So lost.
"Hey Bri, look a park. Come on you need somewhere peaceful to sit for a while". Jimmy said lifting
me up off the floor. We walked over to the park and we sat on the swings. There was a light cold
eerie breeze that night, but for me, it was kind of soothing. We were just lightly swinging now. So
peacefully. We noticed a car pulled up to the curb, It looks quite familiar . It was a reddish
brown, beaten down and rusted car, black leather interior, full of junk. It looked just like the car
that hit Johnny. Wait. It was.
Suddenly a guy came out of the car. It was that weird guy, the one that kept staring at us. He
started walking over to us, I was unsure to trust him but he shouted "Aren't you two friends of that
kid with the red hair?" I looked at Jimmy, who just shrugged his shoulders.
I carefully replied "Yeah".
"Oh, thank god. I came to apologize for that. I felt so bad. It was a pure accident, I just felt so
guilty, I had to apologize" The guy confessed shaking our hands. I wanted to punch
and shout at this guy but I thought I'd let him talk his side first.
He sat there explaining his side of the accident, when he suddenly remembered. "Hold on. Aren't you
two friends with the two lads who were killed in the bathrooms?" Mine and Jimmy's ears perked up.
Unknowing wanting information.
"Yeah" Jimmy silently responded, looking at his feet as he spoke
"I didn't catch all of what happened but I saw the guy who killed em, I would of stayed and told the
police, but I had to leave. I couldn't stay there" The guy told them.
"What !?, you saw who did it?...who?" I questioned, I was so intrigued, I couldn't give him time to
"I have no idea of his name but he had black spiked hair, I couldn't see his body pass the thick
trench coat but he had green eyes and I'm positive his hair had red tips.''
"red tips??" Jimmy pondered. then it snapped, I knew who it was.
"James!...James Hart"
"yeah" Jimmy agreed with my accusation clicking his fingers. In the shadows we heard a clapping
followed by a chuckle.
"well done." the voice said. He came forward into the light, it was James. "well done Brian, you
finally figured it out" he continued with a evil smirk upon his white face.
"Why though. why James?" I asked. I just can't explain what's going through my mind at this moment.
I thought James was our friend? Why does he want to kill us? what the hell is going on? is this a
dream or a twisted nightmare?
"Look Brian , I only wanted to kill Matt, for sleeping with my wife whilst I was at the studio all
day, I snapped. Leaving my wife with a few harsh words and punches, struggling to cope. It ruined my
life. Zacky was a witness to our encounter so I killed him as well" James explained this to us. I
could see a glint of water in his eyes, he wanted to cry but that all changed with a snare in his
upper lip, showing some his pearly white teeth. "and now. You three are witness to this unwanted and
corrupted event" James pulled out a gun and instantly shot this other guy. Me and Jimmy were left
standing there in shock as the guys body collapsed to the ground. Our pair of eyes wider than a deer
caught in headlights. We were frozen. I could feel my heart in my throat. I was so scared.
"Now that he's gone" He pulled back the latch. his finger slowly going towards the trigger. He
wasn't the same guy I've known for nearly 9 years. He'd changed and I could see it. "I'm sorry you
two but I have to do this" He had only two bullets left. One for me. One for Jimmy. He pointed the
silver machine of death towards me first. His ice cold lips parted as he whispered to us "I'm sorry
guys" I blinked looked around then I looked down to see Jimmy's pale dying body on the floor.
Coughing up blood. I could hear police sirens coming closer. This looked like the end of my rock and
roll life. I turned to James who had the gun to his head, his green eyes shut.
"James!!" I screamed, hoping he wouldn't kill himself, he may of killed my best friends but he was
still my good friend.
"There's no way out for me Brian, it's either life in prison, treated like nothing, my actions
rotting my head or this." He once again pulled the latch. "or this'' he took a deep breath ``Goodbye
Brian'' and with those words he pulled the trigger. His Brains splattered like a broken glass. His
once innocent life. Gone. I got on my knees and lifted Jimmy's head in my arms. He was still
alive...but just barely. My eyes were starting to water, I was crying for the 3rd time
that night. Soon there would be no more tears for me to cry.
"Brian?" Jimmy whispered with a light voice, his eyes struggling to stay open.
"Yes Jimmy?" I replied, holding him close to me. My heart breaking as I look into his eyes. My best
and closest friend fading away as he spoke.
"I'll never forget you, you'll always be my best friend. forever." And with that Jimmy's eyes shut
and his body became limp and useless. I placed a sweet kiss on his forehead just as the paramedics
came up behind me and released him from my grasp, putting him into the ambulance as I sat there
letting everything happen I seized up. Jimmy's last words ringing in my head. I went with him to the
hospital and I stayed by his side at all times, praying for a little ray of hope.
Jimmy died not long after we got to the hospital. He couldn't be revived.
A few days later, I visited the graves to pay my respects. Wearing my nice black suit with my fedora
upon my head. They were my band mates. My best friends ...and most of all the most important thing
in my life.
Their graves were all placed next to each other in a line. Flowers coving the gravestones, each card
reading a nice little eulogy about their tender souls. I put an individual red rose on each grave
and as tears started to fall from my eyes and brush down my distinctive cheekbones, I whispered
"I'll never forget you guys. I'll miss you" I sighed and worked on my way home, the memories of us
playing in my head.

Brian Haner died two days after visiting the graves. Reports shown that it was suicide caused
by loneliness. With him was a note reading:
I sit here. At this moment. My life. My world. Crushed. Nothing is worth living without your best
friends by your side. I have nothing left.
The band that saved many teenage lives. Are now in Eternal Rest.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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