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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Like A Blessing To Hell
By SteffiSevenfold


Last night wasn't horrible.

I dropped Brian's body off and Radke was a bit pissed that the body was. . . well, it wasn't exactly together.

But I wasn't full and I was still angry.

So what else to do but take out the bitch, too?

Off to her dorm, the girls hall in which boys shouldn't be at night.

I know her number. I followed her there earlier that day.

She was up and just got out of the bathroom. I snatched her from the hall and drug her to the alley where I killed my beloved Brian.

She wouldn't. . . shut up. She screamed and sobbed and choked on her sobs and cries.

Barefoot, I grabed her ankles and lifted her off the ground.

She was wearing boxer shorts and a white tank top. Kind of cute on her, even if she did still look like a crack whore.

I swung her back and forth, slowly.

Her hair swept against the floor, so pretty and blonde.

Harder swings, her hair swooshes.

Her nose came dangerously close to the wall and she was screaming uncontrollably.

I wanted her to shut up. I knew where that mouth has been, because mine's been there, too.

One last time I drew my arms back and she swung away from the wall.

Once more, she swung towards the wall.

Her face connected with the brick with a sickening crack.

Fucking finally, the bitch was unconscience.

Blood flowed so freely from her nose and her eyebrow.

I dropped her and she fell on her head before her limp body collapsed in a heap.

I stood over her and watched her shallow, barely audible breathing.

I pressed a foot to the top of her thigh and reached down to grab her ankle again.

This time I tugged up roughly and pressed down with my foot until the bone cracked and snaped.

The flesh tore and blood pooled around her body and my feet.

I tossed her leg to the ground for later and laced my fingers in her hair.

Her face was so pretty, but it was still not contorted enough.

I turned her and pressed her cheek to the bumpy concrete.

Pressing harder and tightening my fingers in her hair, I grated her face against the ground.

Each time I pulled her face down the cement, red blood and tattered flesh clung to the ground.

I did this, back and forth and back and forth, until her high cheek bone scratched the alleyway floor.

I picked her up, tossed her over my shoulder, and walked back to Ronnie with her face dripping down my torn legs.

- - - -

"Have you been listening to a word I said?"

I turn and look at Haylie, shaking my head to rid last nights events.

"Yeah. Some of your friends are going to the club."

She sighs and shakes her head in frusteration.

"No, Zacky. Some kids are going for a college trip to the beach. We want you to come."


"Yeah. Me, Aayame, Carolyn, Ash, Matt- you know Matt- and his girlfriend Val. Frankie should come, but I haven't seen her around."

"Oh. Uh. Yeah, maybe. When?"

"Today, actually."

"Oh," my voice rose when I said this. I didn't expect such short notice, even though the date doesn't matter to me.

"When are we leaving?"

I peek at my watch. 11:26 AM.

"Uh," Haylie says as she grabs my hand to pull it close to her. She looks at the time.

"In a half hour. We're meeting at the fountain."

"Oh. When are you getting back?"

"Probably not 'till late. Some people want to get back early and some want to get back tomarrow. So whenever, really. It's a free country."

I nod and shrug. "Yeah, sure, why not?"

Her smile is radiant as the sun shines on her pale skin.

"Okay, cool. I've gotta go get my stuff ready, but I'll meet you at the fountain soon. You can ride with me, okay? Shotgun."

I smile at her and nod, and look over my aviators at her.

She gets up, waves goodbye, and walks away towards the girls dorm.

And I'm left here, sitting under a big oak.

Matt walks up and waves his hand infront of my face.

I'm staring off at nothing again.

"Zee, have you seen Bri? We're supposed to go to the beach today. I think his bitch ass girlfriend is gonna be clinging to his side, too."

My breath almost catches in my throat, but I play it off cooly.

"Nah, I haven't seen him around."

He raises a brow, probably confused at how nonchalont I sound. I mean, we did just get caught macking infront of the entire campus.

"Alright. You gonna go?"

"Yeah, this bitch just invited me."

He smirks and Val walks up behind him, her pale finger pressed to her lip in a motion that says "Shut up so I can make a sneak attack like the blood sucking animal I am".

So I look back to Matt's face, his cute little dimples.

"You always have all these fu-"

And then that's that.

Val's jumped onto his broad shoulders and he stumbles around, caught off gaurd. He instantly knows it's her, though, so they excuse themselves to go get their shit together for the trip, Val still attatched to his back.

I smile at their relationship, how cute it is that in college, their still giving eachtoher piggy back rides.

I don't need anything for the trip. I don't plan on getting in the water. Might explore the woods, though.

I check my watch. Ten more minutes until the nightmare begins.

I look up and there's a shit ton of kids walking around in flip flops and sandals, board shorts and bikini bottoms and show off-y tops.

Sunglasses on, hair tied up loosely, boys carrying their girl's bags, the girls with towels draped over their shoulder.

I guess more kids are coming then I thought there would be.

- - - - - -

"What the fuck!?"

A high pitched squeak of a scream.

Obnoxious. Absurd. Disruptive.

A boy grins at the now soaked blonde.

Her tan is so fake that she looks orange. Her hair is so dyed that it looks yellow, though her grown in roots are dark brown.

She glares at the boy and he apologizes and stalks into the water after his wet girlfriend.

I look away and to the fire pit.

Some kids are trying to start a fire to no prevaile.

It's been fifteen minutes and I'm tired of these sappy attempts at fire starting.

I have seven Zippos, only two on me, though.

I grab one out of my messenger bag and stand up.

I grab a stick from a stupid kid with a buzz cut and toss it to the floor.

I shove a bunch of paper and dry leaves and grass into the wood and flick my Zippo open.

It's plain and smooth, but I have another plain one at home.

I flick at the flint until a flame sparks, then I toss my Zippo into the wood and papers and walk back to my spot on a wood bench made of logs.

Kids stare at me and I shrug back at them. The flames are already roaring.

A pop that almost resembles the blast of a firework sparks in the fire and I know my lighter just burst.

I'm suprised it didn't kill anybody. Not that it would be a first.

Everybody around the fire has their mouths gaping and their eyes staring at me.

"What?," I say. "It got the fire going, didn't it?"

A little sass in my voice and everybody turned away. Even I knew I had a point.

I tug the aviators from my face and peek slightly up at the afternoon sunlight.

When my gaze drifts back down, I meet a pair of beautiful honey brown eyes, framed in black squares.

That Brendon kid. So cute. So inviting, if not for the venomous glare me shoots me.

I look back at the fire and soon become consumed and engrossed in it.

I think it's beautiful and I can stay here for days and nights just staring at it.

I love the way a kid drops a sheet of wood in the flames and its hazel brown grains darken from heat.

And soon enough, blackness is engulfing the wood, the flames quick behind the black like a deadly game.

I peer beside the wood and into the fire.

Charcoal burns embers of red.

They pulse like a heart, red, orange, red, orange.

Then the ashey remaints pulse, too, the heat just far too much for it to bare.

White, black, white, black.

"Hey, Zack?"

I look up and my eyes burn from the sun.

When I focuse on the face, I smile.

"S'up, Haylie?"

She sits down next to me so I can look her steadily in the eye.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure. What's bugging you?"

"Yesterday, at the fountain. That boy and you were. . kissing."

She pauses and my head tilts to the side.


"Are you, youknow, with him?"

I sigh and turn to her to explain mine and Brian's relationship for the first time.

It's not like she'll be alive for much longer to tell anybody anyways.

She looks at me with these sad eyes. I think her lower lip trembles, but she bites it just in time for me to be sure.

I take her hand hesitantly, as if to test my boundries.

"Our relationship was complicated," I start off simply, hoping she catches the past tenses.

"We used to be the best of friends, and then, I donno, it just grew. A few years ago we started hooking up at parties and all this stuff, but we were really secretive about it. It's so hard for me to let people into my life like I let him into it. I mean. . . I was falling for him. Actually, I fell for him. And he promised me he loved me and all this junk. I found out he's been cheating on me with this bimbo for what I can guess was quite some time."

Haylie's face contorts, like she's taking it all in slowly.

"Jeesh, Zacky, that's horrible."

I shrug and pull my aviators back onto the bridge of my nose.

Her dainty hand grabs my wrist when it comes back down. She stares into the black glasses.

"Why do you wear these all the time? Like, always. Your eyes are so gorgeous."

I shrug again and turn towards the flames.

- - - -

Lame end, but WHATEVER.

Trying to get back intot he gist of things, reading and reviewing.

I don't like some of the newer authors to the Avenged section.

I just don't think they give Sevenfold a good rep.

But no names. Why would I want to ruin somebodys dreams?


Frankie, you're a creep and I absolutely love it/love your questions.

But, unfortunately, I don't think carrots and peas are being served tonight.

So thank you very much for the reviews!:

Haylie Jaed (I'm glad you don't feel weird reading about yourself. haha, I'll have to write about myself sometime to get the feeling.)-

Shadzlove6661- CutieMcVengeace(YAYAY!NewR&Rer)- Synical Doors- Frankie Cooper(You leave the most amazing reviews and I adore them.)


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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