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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Heart Song -in progress-
By Darchangel


AI is the property of 19 Entertainment and 20th Century Fox. Obviously, I don't know or own John.
Haley Felder is my chara from an original novella that I'm putting here to spare me having to make
up someone else- any Mary Sue comparisons will result in the offending party being taken out to the
woodshed for a thorough caning :)
"Leaving us tonight is...John Stevens." Mom sighed and I just groaned as Ryan read the results.
"It's not fair," I said, looking down at the floor and not wanting to see the screen.
Mom patted my shoulder. "It was the song, honey. Latin music just doesn't suit him."
I shook my head, "No, it was the backlash. Everyone's getting their revenge now."
Most, if not all, of my hometown of East Amherst had been following John since he made it past the
auditions; half of the week was heavy on conversation. I knew kids in my classes who kept scrapbooks
and video logs- this whole thing had been a big deal for us. Naturally, when the anti-John movement
started, it hurt.
Earlier in the day, the death-threat story spread after the segment on Ryan's show, with the
expected outrage. Ever since the "Three Divas" controversy the week before, things had really gone
downhill with rumors of the show being rigged. But now it was over.
"Why couldn't Elton John keep his mouth shut?" I muttered and headed to my room to finish my
"Don't you want to finish watching?" Mom asked.
I shook my head again. "Kara's been keeping tapes. I'll borrow it Friday."
As I went upstairs, I kept thinking about the results. John would most likely return home in a week
or so. Would he go back to school or want to be home-schooled? Would he want peoples' support or
prefer to be left alone? Just how would everybody treat him?
Ugh, why was I worried about everyone else? Just controlling my own reactions was worry enough for
me. I wanted to remain aloof, but- something in my heart was saying otherwise.

Chapter 1
Book bag in one hand and gym bag in the other, I went downstairs to breakfast the next morning. Mom
was looking at envelopes held in her hands.
"Anything from Dad?" I asked as I put my bags down and got out some cereal. Dad's a reporter for the
Amherst Sun and would be away for a long time every few months. The farthest he'd ever gone was
Florida, but he was currently travelling to Michigan for a political conference.
"No." I sighed and sat down in defeat, but Mom smiled. "Don't worry, Haley-honey, he'll be home in
time for prom. You know he wouldn't miss that."
"Yeah, I know," I say between mouthfuls of breakfast.
She sipped her coffee and continued, "By the way, I set the VCR for Ryan Seacrest."
I shrugged just enough so she didn't notice. "Thanks."
Eventually I heard the bus horn honk. Even though I have my license, Mom and Dad are the only ones
with cars and they need them constantly. I have to settle with saving enough for a decent little car
for now, but I still don't mind taking the bus. I grabbed my bags and rushed out the door, calling,
"Bye, Mom! Have a nice day at work!"
"You too, sweetie," she called back. It's an old joke between us.
On the bus, I took my seat next to Richard as usual. His parents are friends with my parents, and
we've known each other since the second grade. However, we just view each other as the brother and
sister we never had, and everyone in school knows that. Besides, Kara has a heavy crush on him.
"Hey, Hay," he said as I sat.
"I take it you saw Idol last night?"
"Didn't everyone?" I looked around the bus and sure enough, saw plenty of clusters of conversation.

"Oh, well," Richard sighed, "at least John doesn't have to worry about the bashers anymore."
I took a library book from my bag to read. "I'm more worried about when he comes home."
Richard continued, "Diana's OK I guess, but if Fantasia wins, I'll just eliminate the middle man and
take a spork to my brain," and mimed jabbing something in his temple. I laughed and continued
Eventually the bus pulled up outside Williamsville East High. The 'Vote for John Stevens' notice on
the outside marquee had apparently been removed last night as it was nowhere to be seen now. I saw
Kara's car pull in just as I stepped off the bus.
"Kara, yo-" I waved to her as she got out of her car- but she stomped by, her trumpet case nearly
knocking me over and her not saying a word at all. "Whatever," I rolled my eyes, threw an arm in the
air in exaggerated exasperation, and headed into the building.
I heard plenty of grumbles of conversations as I headed through the halls to my locker, but I tried
not to really listen. I tossed my gym bag inside and grabbed my books for first-period biology with
Ms. Irwin.
I wasn't surprised as I entered Room 204; there were conversations going on in there as well, some
punctuated with pretty impolite words. I sat down behind Anne. She'd moved to Amherst from New
Jersey late last year and we bonded fast. She plays basketball like I do and is one of the best I'd
"Pretty riled-up bunch, huh?" Anne asked. "Did you see Kara?"
"I almost got a face-full of her trumpet case," I said.
She laughed. "Boy, she must be mad. She's gonna hate herself when her phone bill comes."
Soon Ms. Irwin entered and tapped her desk with a ruler like she does when she wants her classes'
attention. "All right, class...we all know what's happened but there's still work to be done." Anne
briefly rolled her eyes at me and made a silent laugh, and Ms. Irwin continued, "Please take out
your question sheet from last night..."
I put my books on my desk and prepared for another day at Williamsville East High.

Chapter 2
It was pretty much the same for the rest of the day, with the teachers having to settle us down
before class could start, although I could tell by some of their expressions that they were
disappointed too. Hometown pride is a big thing around here.
After last-period gym class, I headed out to the parking lot to see Kara standing beside her car
like she was waiting for someone.
"Haley, you want a ride home?"
"Uh- sure," I shrugged and got in the passenger's seat.
As we pulled out of the parking lot, Kara said, "Look, Hay, sorry about how I've acted all day. I
"I know, I know," I waved it off, "you were just crying foul. You're not alone."
"Yeah, that and I learned next week's category is Big Band. Argh!" She briefly bared her teeth. "I
swear, they did that on purpose."
"Hmm. That *is* weird," I mused. After another moment, I asked, "How do you think it's gonna be when
John comes home?"
"Suck-up-o-rama. There's gonna be 12 year-olds falling at his feet, and the rest of grade 10 will
try to worm their way into his life. You've seen it happen with the other contestants."
"Hey, I'm not planning to do a *darn* thing!" I raised my hands and leaned back in my seat. "I mean
yeah, John's nice, but let's face it, he has his crowd of friends, and I have mine."
"Amen, sister," Kara slapped her steering wheel. "Just be neutral and let nature run its course.
Don't run with the sheep."
I laughed. "Speaking of neutral, what are you doing about junior prom?"
"Oh, man!" she paled. "You *know* I can't talk to Richard! How long are you gonna harp at me about
"I'm not asking him for you, that's for sure," I brushed a lock of hair from my face.
"You're crueler than me sometimes," she moaned, and we both had to laugh.
Mom wasn't home yet when I got in the house, but the light was flashing on the answering machine. I
hit the button:
"Leah, Haley, honeys, it's Dad. I just got to Detroit. The conference is going to be a few days- I
can't say what it's about- but I'm hoping to be home next Thursday or Friday at the latest. I'll
call back tonight. Love you."
"All right!" I skipped like a little kid across the kitchen tiles. "Dad's gonna be back before prom,
woohoo!" I pumped a fist in the air. "This calls for studying in style!" I grabbed my math books for
review, poured an ice tea, and headed for the front porch, my favorite place to study when I'm in a
good mood.

Chapter 3
The next Tuesday night, Mom was at a late meeting at the ad firm where she works. She said I could
have some friends over, so Kara, Anne, and I ordered a pizza dinner and chatted away happily on the
porch while we ate.
"Girl, you can't stop lookin' at your watch, can you?" Anne asked me eventually.
"Ah, Thursday's not getting here fast enough," I said.
"Oh, right, your dad."
"Mm-hmm. He promised we could go shopping in Buffalo this weekend for my dress."
Kara leaned in to see my watch. "Woah holy! Idol's almost on, let's move!" She grabbed her plate and
headed inside.
"Funny, last week we were under the impression you didn't care anymore." Anne said slyly as we
followed her.
"Only stopped caring about taping it," Kara waved to dismiss. "That doesn't mean I don't wanna know
who'll win. If we can't have John, I'll just vote for Jasmine."
Anne shrugged. "Yeah, she's cool."
"Too bad Big Band wasn't last week. He woulda blow them away."
"Hey, has anyone seen John's family back yet?" I asked.
"Nope," was the simultaneous answer from my friends.
We finished our pizza while watching the show, all of us playing judge and adding our own
commentaries, laughing and having fun. "Oh no Fantasia, not another high note- ahh!" Kara cried in
pretend agony and covered her ears. The rest of us howled in laughter.
"Girl, you *are* cruel!" I said.
"I don't recall you being so nice about George!" Anne piped back.
"Guilty," I giggled.
Soon there was brightness outside the living room window, like from a headlight. "That must be Mom.
I'll unlock the door," I said and got up.
When I opened the door, however, the headlight faded off down the road, with another set following
it. "Oh, my-"
"What-what-what?" I turned around to see Kara and Anne rush up behind me.
"That wasn't Mom's car, that was a couple vans. I think the Stevens' are back."
There was a moment of wide-eyed silence from my friends before Anne squealed and covered her mouth.
"Eep! Oh my God!"
"Hey-hey, what about our don't run with the sheep rule?" Kara asked slyly.
"I know, but- my God!" Anne turned to me. "Haley, what if he's back in school tomorrow? We have math
and lit with him, right?"
I shifted my eyes, remembering. "Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean-"
"Let's mosey back in, girls," Kara said as she playfully nudged our shoulders. "We don't wanna look
like crazy stalkers having a vigil."
And yet, I couldn't help looking back over my shoulder as I went back inside.

Chapter 4
Anne and Kara went home soon after Idol finished, with no further discussion on what we'd seen
outside, and Mom came home about 15 minutes later. She said she was so worn out from her meeting she
wanted to go to sleep as soon as possible.
"Can I heat up some leftovers at least?"
"That's OK, honey, I already ate on the way home." She stretched, kissed my cheek, and headed for
her and Dad's room. "Good night."
"'Night, Mom." I went to my bathroom to shower and relax before bed.
I felt the proverbial butterflies in my stomach- but why? It was easily possible for me to be wrong
about what I saw. A lot of people around here have vans, so what chance was there it was the
Stevens'? Wouldn't I look silly in the morning? Oh, well.

Mom was already in the dinette the next morning as usual when I came down.
"Morning, hon."
"Oh-" she brushed some hair away from her face- "I completely forgot to tell you last night- I was
so tired, I plenty well forgot- I got a couple calls on the way home."
"Any from Dad?" I asked as I made myself breakfast.
"Mmhmm. According to him, he was shopping on his way back from Detroit and found a handbag for
whatever gown you get."
"Really? That'll look great!" Dad isn't usually the shopping type, so that meant something to me. I
was positive I'd love whatever he got. "Who else called?"
"Mrs. Sutton- you know, Richard's mother. She said the Stevens' came back last night."
My eyes widened in half pretend-surprise and half realization. "Oh."
"Uh-huh. Honey, can you promise me if John's back in school-"
"I know," I laughed as I finished breakfast, "don't bug him. I'm smarter than that, y'know."

Compared to this week's chatter on the bus, last week's was barely a whisper. It was so loud and
constant the butterflies got going in my stomach again-
'For crying out loud, Haley, cut it out! It's just someone coming back to school; it's not as if-'
Not as if what?
I didn't think I wanted to know. I sat next to Richard, who was fortunately plugged into his
When the bus pulled up to school, I rushed into the building and to my locker quickly as I could-
nearly knocking over Anne in the process.
"Woah, girl, where's the fire?"
"You're lucky you don't take the bus," I said, out of breath from running. "My ears are just
"I can imagine." She looked around the hallway and giggled.
I sighed and leaned against my locker. I *had* to get this out of my system. "Anne, can I be honest
with you? I'm *really* nervous."
"Hay, that's cool," Anne patted my shoulder. "You're not alone. You just gotta keep your cool,
"How am I supposed to do that?" I started sputtering. "I mean, here's John getting all this
attention now, a lot of it from people who wouldn't even give him the time of day before, and even
if I just said hi I'd look like one of those shallow people!" Anne nodded as I kept spilling what
I'd been feeling all week. "But I don't wanna seem cold and distant! How am I supposed to keep
middle ground?"
She shifted her eyes down the hall and said, "I don't think turning around would be an answer now."
"Hmm?" I turned my head anyway.
John was heading down the hallway, surrounded by a small group of other guys I recognized as his
friends from choir. They seemed to be flanking him like bodyguards.
'You shouldn't keep staring, Haley, this is ridiculous. You're not some silly fluff-for-brains! Just
turn back-'
As the boys passed our lockers, John nodded, raised a hand slightly, and said, "Hi," in our
"Hey," Anne smiled and wiggled her fingers in that silly wave she does, while I was clutching my
books to my chest and unable to move.
John and his friends continued down the hall just like that.
"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" She turned to me, still smiling.
I shook my head to get out of whatever daze I was in. "Wonder where Kara is," I muttered.
"What about Kara?" Anne tilted her head.
"She's been following the show like everyone else, but she's not saying a thing about John coming
back. What's up with that?"
She patted my shoulder. "She's as giddy as everyone else, you know that. She's just a good
"What the?-" I checked my schedule in my locker. "First period- Wednesday- math! My God!"
"Well, we better get moving then, huh?" Anne only kept smiling, gently took my wrist, and led me to
room 301.

Chapter 5
I find it a miracle I was able to get through the morning classes. In math and lit, John fortunately
sits some rows away from me- however, he's also a few seats in front of me. I'm sure every teenager,
at one point or another, has tried to keep their eyes on the board and off the back of someone's
head. Of course, I had to kick myself everytime I lingered in the latter direction.
'Why can't you keep yourself in check, Felder? You said it yourself; two different worlds! Why are
you so damn fascinated now, anyway?'
If it's one thing I hate, it's arguing with myself.
At lunch, I took my usual spot outside, a secluded area overlooking the soccer field. I'm as social
as a person can be, but unless it's unavoidable, I can't stand eating in front of other people-
probably a girl thing with me. Overlooking the field, I can relax under the biggest oak tree on the
block, eat in peace, maybe do last-minute notes, and just generally clear my mind to prepare for the
I wasn't counting on this particular afternoon, though.
I hear light tapping on the tree I was leaning against. "Knock, knock," said a familiar voice.
Too familiar.
I turned my head and rolled my eyes to find myself taking in the whole six-foot-one figure of John,
right down to the smallest crease in his shirt. Compared to most other boys in the grade, he dressed
very neatly-
'My God- mouth dry- eyes fixed- can't think- system overload, system overload-'
"Mind if I sit here?" he asked, holding a drink and wrapped sandwich at his side.
"Oh, uh- no, it's OK, go ahead!" I said and quickly turned my eyes away. 'Niiiice, Haley. Smooth
like sandpaper.'
"Thanks." He sat a foot or so away from me with his back to the same tree and unwrapped his
sandwich. "I didn't think there'd be anyone else out here, it's a pretty secluded spot."
I blush and stare out at the field. "Yeah. I must be the only one who remembers it's out here. It
makes for a peaceful lunch."
"Good to know," John said and took a bite. "I didn't want to risk the cafeteria. I can't even get
near it without being hassled."
"That's gotta stink," I said and meant it. Quickly putting a hand to my cheek, I found I wasn't as
warm as a minute ago. I wasn't stammering, my stomach was't in knots- what was with me?
"You're Haley, right? I've seen you on the basketball team."
Back again was the blushing, but I wasn't tonguetied as I looked back at John and answered, "Yeah."

"You're really good. I'm lucky I can get average marks with gym," he laughed, his smile wide.
I laughed back. "You just described me and lit to a T. There's kids who can analyse stories like no
one's business but I can't write a poem to save me!"
John smiled again and took a sip from his drink. "I've got a lot of classes to catch up on, but I
think I'll manage. It's good to be back home, anyway."
"Mmhmm," I turned back to him, managing a smile of my own. All the nerves I'd been feeling before
seemed to have left my system, and you know what? I couldn't've been happier. "Welcome back."

Normally lunch break is a mundane, average, solitary 45 minutes for me, but this was one I'd keep
with me forever. My fears of not being able to hold a normal conversation with John when we hadn't
talked much to each other before had flown away. How that exactly happened I don't think I'll ever
know, but I was grateful. I filled him in on the daily dramas and events that went on at
Williamsville during his absence, and he talked about the place and people he'd seen in California.
There was little mention of Idol, but in all honesty, I couldn't've cared less. As long as I could
remember, I had a hard time talking to any guy except Richard. It didn;t matter who John was, he had
in interesting, refreshing point of view, and I was grateful.
All too soon the five-minute warning bell rand and we both stood. "I gotta get to gym," I said,
wadding my lunch packaging into a ball for until I could find the nearest trash bin.
"Yeah, and I've got biology," John did the same with the same with his lunch packaging. As I
gathered my bags and headed for the gymnasium, he asked, "Hey, Haley, do you always have lunch out
I looked back over my shoulder. "Pretty much. Why?"
His smile became lopsided- like he was embarassed, maybe? "Would it be OK if I ate out here too- you
know, until the heat cools off?"
I shrugged and answered, "It's no problem. I won't tell."
"Thanks." He ran ahead of me to the school building and gave a little wave. "See you tomorrow!"
For about a minute I stood transfixed, clutching my bags to my chest, then headed for the gym with
the biggest smile on my face.

(tbc eventually ^^;)


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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